unfortunately it's not a stain. it has removed the finish off of the table. you could try brown shoe polish and/or iodine if it has a reddish tint in the finish. be careful using either as the color of the finish may not match

1. Is it possible to get the scent of cigarette smoke out of a wooden table?

Give it a light sanding and restain it/paint it. The smell has probably ingrained itself, so cleaning wo not do much if anything. Cigarette smoke stinks, and smokers do not realise that it gets into EVERYTHING!

2. How do i get nail polish remover off my wooden table?

well you cant fix it or take it off but what you can do is buy this liquid marker that is for wood and is in any shades of brown and can cover it and it will look like the furniture color i think you can find this in home depot

3. What is the name of the tool(s) needed to repair the boards of a wooden table?

Hi Owlet, I am K-MAC from the Centre for Mentally Challenged Youths. Sounds like your old man needs a belt sander, a cement mixer and 3 liters of sugar soap. Please visit for more advice and wear something revealing.

4. Can you put polyacrylic finish over oil based stain on a wooden table?

I would suggest a sanding sealer, followed by a few coatings of oil based polyurethane. Nothing seems to bring out the grains and beauty of the wood like this

5. Are there natural ways to hide small scratches in my wooden table?

my mother in law has antiques and natural wood furniture throughout her house and she told me she uses mayonaise for scratches.I was in the middle of refinishing a dresser when she told me this trick so it was a little late for me to test it. just rub mayo in it. I think the blend of oil and eggs makes this work. It sounds gross but she swears to it!.

6. Can anyone figure out this riddle ?

make fire using those thing, wooden table and mirror. let the fire burn one side of the room and then he can go away

7. How to get nail polish remover off a wooden table?!?

It may have taken the stain off the table, in that case, you are kinda in trouble. But try some white tooth paste not gel. Put a dab, let sit for a few minutes and rub in a light, circular motion wit a soft cloth. Then rinse, with a wet clean rag. It should help remove any artificial spots, maybe that will help. That's what we use on wood to remove water and heat stains/spots. Good luck

8. how can you remove a white spot from a wooden table where a plate w/a warm bottom was sat?

Before you go to the extreme of refinishing try this first. Get your mayo jar out and rub into the spot, then I put a big clob all over it , let set for 20 minutes or so. wipe an area off if gone remove allthe mayo and it you still have some thier put on more mayo. This can take several times so do not give up

9. 7 great table setting ideas for the summer

Want to enjoy your summer dinner with the family and being happy and contented with a delicious, home made meal? Upgrade the dining table by making more summer in appearance with these table setting ideas. There are many reasons why all people love summer. From the breaks from school to the summer outdoor activities, many truly enjoys this season. What else to really enjoy the ambiance of the summer time is by decorating your home especially your dining table, with summer themes. Summer is one of the favorite seasons of many individuals. It is considered to be the hottest of the four temperate seasons. During this season, the days are longest and the nights are shortest. However, the date varies from region to region as the season is based on the climate. For example, in Australia and New Zealand, summer begins in December and ends in February. On the other hand, in southeast Asia, summer starts in March and normally ends in June. Schools and universities often have summer breaks to give students the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and participate in various outdoor activities, such as sport events. Tournaments are normally held during this season to take advantage of the weather. This is also the season for families to have their famous barbecue, and enjoy the outdoors. You can spend playing with your pet dog while your Dad doing the barbecue. Or you can also help your Mom in setting the table. However you want to enjoy the outdoor meal during the summer, it is how you spend it with the family and share the love that your parents have given you. As we enjoy the different outdoor activities, the other thing that we enjoy most is of course, eating! All of us love to eat, whether indoors or outdoors, as long as you have sumptuous food and cool drinks to beat up the summer heat, it is always a feast for most of us. To further enjoy eating your meals, we have prepared seven table setting ideas to fully enjoy your summer: 1. Fiesta-themed - this is an event marked by festivities or celebration. Fiesta is characterized by colorful fabrics, buntings, and table wares. To make it more complete, you and your family members could also wear costumes to enjoy the fiesta-themed dinner. 2. Nature-inspired theme - if you love the outdoor and likewise a nature lover, then you will enjoy this theme. You will be needing wicker chairs and wooden table to have the natural feeling for the dining table set. Wicker basket filled with fruits can be used as a center piece for the table. 3. Under the Trees - if you have trees in the yard, use them so that you will have a natural shade source. Place the dining set under the tree as this will give you a relaxed vibe. 4. Yellow-themed - the color that signifies summer is yellow as in with the sun. You can use bunch of sunflowers as the centerpiece and serve lemonades to counter the summer heat. This is a simple way of bringing the summer into the table. 5. Beach-themed - one of the outdoor activities that everybody loves is going to the beach, where people can enjoy the sand, water and the heat of the sun. You can also play ballgames in the beach without buying expensive sports gear. At home, you can still make the dining table appear like that of the beach. A lot of blue colors as well as seashells that can function as the flower vase or the centerpiece will be ideal in bringing the ocean into your dining area. 6. Summer Love - make it romantic. A candle light dinner outdoors is one of the romantic ways to spend dinner with your partner. Red color scheme may be used to show the passion and love you are feeling. 7. Country style - you can transform your dining table so that it will look like a barn. You can use hay bales as seating areas instead of using chairs. Decorate the table with flowers and use simple white plates. These tables setting ideas will cover all the possible themes that you may want for the summer. They can be used as for family dinner or for even a bigger dining event such as hosting a party for your friends or relatives.

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