Align Table Horizontally - Rescale

You were right about having to resize the tabulars to fit side by side

1. Android Table Will Not Turn On!?

Have you tried rubbing mayo on it?

2. Update table with greatest value from itself and another table

I would update with a join to a derived table. This would likely perform better than your subselect as well as be more intuitive to read (in my opinion, at least)

3. Curved arrow on top of table

TikZ is not the only easy solutions: you can also do it with pstricks:

4. wedding table number alternatives?

My wedding took place on a lake. I wanted to incorporate a beach theme. For the favors, I used 'message in a bottle' placing the guest table name inside the bottle, then I slit the cork and placed the guest's name on a place card. On each table, the centerpieces were cakes with shells with rose petals around it. The favors were small metal tins, filled with sand and candles with a shell with "thank you" glued to it. As for the table names, I named each table a lake. Our families are from Michigan and Minnesota so I made sure that each lake coincided with a lake the guest lived on, by, or enjoyed visiting. All of the guests really enjoyed the personal touch the table names gave the wedding and made for a great event. Good luck!.

5. Help with coffee table wear?

Howards Restore a Finish will remove white rings & is available in different wood tones

6. getting paid under the table?

he cant sue a minor, tell him he better pay up or the labor board will be paying him a visit

7. Pivot table in Excel?

confusing issue. look into in search engines like google. that will help!

8. Table - number of columns

In the following code, I have removed the superflouous that prevented the code from compiling. I have also removed the bold in the table, as it might be too distracting. Additionally, I have added the siunitx packages for consistant representation of units. Lastly, I have used addlinespace to add more vertical white space around the table entries instrad of the pulrad command.However, please note, that your table is too wide to fit onto the page

9. Picnic table or a blanket on the ground?

Big blanket on the ground.That's a real picnic

10. Dining Table Etiquette Question?

Definitely not. Who wants to have to protect their food from stray snot?

11. periodic table elements?

thats a nerdy question but the answer is yes

12. Table Management for Dummies

If you want to convince your boss to start using LaTeX, you can show him/her Excel-to-LaTeX or an online version to exports the current selection of tables in Excel to LaTeX. I do not think migrating from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Excel would cause any trouble for someone who has used Microsoft for a long time

13. DHCP table in Debian

My home debian server uses dnsmasq which stores it's leases in /var/lib/dnsmasq/dnsmasq.leases

14. Periodic Table: What are the new elements of periodic table discovered recently?

In December, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry officially named the last four elements Nihorium (Nh), Moscovium (Mc), Tennessee (Ts) (it's supposed to end with "ine" instead of "ee"...can not make it stop "correcting") and Oganesson (Og)

15. Is there CAD table on pokerstars?

No they currently do not , here is their answer

16. Paste a range into a filtered table

If you use Office 2013 and above there is a much elegant solution: It is the Flash Fill (ctrlE) - (Ribbon Home- Editing - Fill -Flash Fill ) But Flash Fill is tricky, -not as simple as CtrlV- because you should give at least one example in the destination for make it work! So how it works.We love Flash Fill for data pasted to filtered destination.

17. ideas for a kids table?

all that matters is serious supervision because otherwise they will be rioting in five minutes. You would be better having a separate playroom for them as they will never stay at a table

18. How To Clean A Marble Table

1. Clean the marble surface with a natural, natural soap (without colour) and water. The fat helps to close the pores of the stone. 3. Dry thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth or towel. TIPS TO PREVENT YOUR MARBLE FROM STAINS: Use underlay/coaster to all glass and hot porcelain . Do not use acidic cleaners. Avoid acidic liquids, such as wine, vinegar, fruit juice, lemon, coffee etc. directly on the marble. Immediately wipe /clean up spilled liquids. For a sustainable protection use something like "spray Wax" for marbles to give some extra treatment to your marble. Never cut anything directly on the marble For a sustainable protection use marble oil/marble impregnation or a spray wax for marble. Wipe off and polish the surface. Usually enough with 1-2 a year. Good luck!

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Inflatable Heating Pad Sale  Types, Design and Benefits
Inflatable Heating Pad Sale Types, Design and Benefits
What is heating pad sale?All you need to do is know what is heating pad sale and what is it used for? You can use any kind of material that is appropriate for your project. It is also important to understand what kind of heat pad sale is used for. A good seller will have all the necessary information about what type of heat pad sale is used for. The price of the item will be based on the product description, but you can check out the information in the link below. When you buy a product, you should have a complete description of what it is used for.It is important to note that there are many types of heating pads, but we can only find one type of heating pad that we know of. The problem with all of these types of heating pads is that they do not make it easy to get started. They also have an unusual lifespan, so if you have a hot day then you need to start using them as soon as possible. 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In order to keep our home comfortable and healthy, we need to buy the right products for the needs of our lives. There are many products that are made in China and some are known as quality plastic bags. These bags are cheaper than plastic bags and they can be recycled.The information in this blog can be improved by increasing the awareness of the subject matter. All you need to do is go through the links and ask for help. We will provide more information about how to use the internet to make sure that we get the most out of the information. This blog is going to teach you how to make sure that you are getting the most out of the information in this blog. The article will help you decide what kind of information to share.If you are looking for a good deal on a product then the following articles are a great place to start looking. They can be found at pads are still very common in places. 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How Do I Get the White Stain From Water Off of My Wood Dining Table?
How Do I Get the White Stain From Water Off of My Wood Dining Table?
If this is a genuine wood taple top, and not a laminate, then the 'stain' is actually excess moisture in the finish... and its pretty easy to take care of... Just take a hair dryer, and on low heat setting, gently wave it back and forth over the 'stain'. The heat will cause the excess moisture in the finish to evaporate. Do not let the blow dryer remain blowing at one area too long, or it will soften the finish. There are chemicals you could use to work on this stain, but Ive found the hair dryer to work pretty well... I can normally have a stain like this out, in a matter of minutes. Hehhe... just be careful not to touch the surface til after it has cooled! Good Luck!1. Should I get rid of dining table?So where would you sit to eat? I say keep the table and chairs or you can send them to us since we have a dining room but no table and chairs. Just kidding. Keep it2. ideas for centerpiece for dining table? what's on yours?I opt for candles in cool modern holders3. Do you eat regularly at your dining table anymore, or just eat in front of the TV?When i got married. My wife and i ate in front of the tv. When we had our first born child. From that day onwards we sit at the dinner table every night.4. Building a large dining table and wondering if my design is strong/structurally sound enoughThe main thing that I can see (apart from the bracing being a bit overkill) is that you probably want some small braces at the top of the legs where they meet the apron / top, in order to stop sideways wobble.A bridle (not bridal) joint for the legs is probably a good choice of joint, but if you want this table to last for years and years then some side bracing of the legs would not go amiss5. What would make a nice dining table centerpiece?Not sure how long they keep, but an attractive glass bowl can be filled with lemons, to look nice and smell terrific. Good luck!6. How do I train my cat to not get on the dining table?there kittens theyll do that till the older7. How can I go about making a simple dining table?The white rings are damage to the varnish. You could try stripping the varnish, and either waxing the table and leaving it unvarnished, or re-varnishing. Polish is a suface treatment. Modern polishes often contain silicone to give that slick, "clean" feeling and a very brilliant shine. Wax has to be applied to the untreated surface and worked in to give a deep glow to the wood itself. Stain is what it says: a permanent colour. You can take a cheap pine or deal table and apply a dark "walnut" stain to make the wood look like something it's not. But stain by itself wo not shine. Varnish seals the surface, giving a glassy finish and protecting the wood somewhat. But it wo not defend the wood from scratches, abuse (now called "distress") or heat. Putting a hot container on a varnished surface "shocks" the varnish and causes the white marks--like when you get a blister from a burn and the skin turns white.8. What do you have as a center piece on your dining table?A large cream colored candle sitting on top of a square mirror... very pretty when lit9. i just bought a brand new solid oak dining table from a reputable, european family owned business....?That condition you describe sounds very much like the wood is swelling from moisture. Has anyone spilled something that was not wiped up and seeped into the surface? Do you live in a place with high humidity? Try placing a heavy item on the raised place for a few days and see if it will flatten out. If the company is reputable, you were not ripped off. If the wood has warped, it is because of the conditions in your home. Best wishes10. What would be a Good Centrepiece for a Dining Table?depends on the season, what you are cooking and if it's for a special occasion. I've always liked a fat, short bouquet of flowers that are bright, colourful and that you can actually see over
Basic Table Setting for Gold China Dinnerware Sets
Basic Table Setting for Gold China Dinnerware Sets
Despite the fact that most of the gold fine china dinnerware sets are heirlooms that parents passed on to their next of kin, sad to say that the proper table setting has been completely neglected for several years now. There are a lot of households that owns a set of elegant china table wares but are totally oblivious of the proper set-up. Further, most of them are not even equipped of the various plate sizes and its purpose. Let alone the different silverwares that are supposed to be part of fine dining.The art of table setting is timeless and it should go with your fine china sets at home. Setting up a table is relevant even when you are just enjoying a casual or fine dining with family and friends. It shows how important and special they are to you.Henceforth, learning the basic rules of table setting is a must especially to those who enjoy using china dinner sets. Here's how:1. The dinner plates should be placed right-side-up at the center of each guest's dining space and about 2 inches away from the edge of the table. You may sit on the chair to imagine the perfect center spot of that particular seat. In this way it is easier for you to determine the correct spacing.2. Place the glassware, cup and saucer at the upper right of the plate within the space of each person. The cup and saucer is located before the glassware from the edge of the table. The glasses should be arranged diagonally to the right.3. As a rule of thumb, the silverware are arrange from the outside to the inside meaning the first utensils to be used should be located at the outermost. The forks are placed at the left side of the plate. Therefore, the dinner fork is placed closest to the plate, then the salad fork, and lastly the appetizer fork at the outer most side.4. The knives are located at the right side with its sharp edge facing towards the plate followed by the spoons. Usage is from the outside towards the inside being the outer silverware to be used first.5. When serving a more formal dining which includes seafood, the seafood fork will also go to the right.6. The bread and butter plate will be placed at the upper left. Salad forks, butter fork is also located at the left side of the center plate with the first one to be used set nearest the dinnerware going outward. Do not forget the table napkins, it is placed at the last utility towards the left.7. Be mindful that the glasses are directly place on the tip of the knife and on the right side of the dinner plate.After learning these basic steps of table setting, apply these rules to your next dinner event the way it should be making your dining experience similar to that of a 5-star hotel. Be gratified with your gold fine china dinnerware sets in a fine dining table-set up served together with a delectable set of menus.Dinner sets may be purchased online for those who want to add more tableware to their fine china collection.
Placement Distance From the Sofa to a Coffee Table
Placement Distance From the Sofa to a Coffee Table
A coffee table does double duty in your living room -- as a decorative accent in front of the sofa, and as a functional space where you can set drinks, the TV remote and a magazine or two. Figuring out exactly where to put the table in relation to the sofa may seem tricky at first. If it's too far away, you will need to lean or stand up to reach it from the sofa; too close, and you wo not be able to squeeze between the table and sofa to sit down. A general distance from sofa to coffee table is 16 to 18 inches. This provides ample leg room for those attempting to sit on the sofa, while still being close enough to be a useful surface for setting beverages or a bowl of popcorn during family movie night. Providing at least that much space around all sides of the table creates a comfortable environment for guests. The 18-inch guideline is not set in stone, but generally provides maximum comfort and functionality for the sofa and coffee table combination. This measurement may vary if the table and sofa heights vary. In general, the height of sofa seats and the coffee table should be within 4 inches of one another, otherwise the arrangement may feel awkward or uncomfortable. If the table is shorter than the sofa, the kids may be able to reach it more easily if the table was pulled in another inch or two. For a small, round table, sit on the sofa to determine a comfortable distance; you may want to pull it in as close as 12 inches from the sofa so everyone seated can reach it.1. Fix a steam mark on coffee table?Get a linen napkin , like they have at a restaurant, or blue jean material,and put it over the white mark and then use a hot Iron and iron the napkin. Check as you go until it's gone2. I am moving into an apartment, what do I need?!?How fun for you and your roomie! So... you will need bedding as you mentioned-sheets, pillowcases, comforters- -things for the wash: laundry detergent, dryer sheets -some things for your clothes: hangers, some sort of drawers/storage for socks/undies -things for the bathroom: shower curtain, rod, and rings-storage (makeup/cleaning stuff) if it is not built in, toilet paper, towels -things to clean: vacuum, paper towels, Clorox wipes, Windex, dishwashing detergent -things for kitchen: pots and pans, dishes, silverware, glasses/cups, mugs, coffee maker -things for living room: furniture (couch, chairs, coffee table), tv That's all I can think of for now. I first moved into my very own place when I was 21, and that's what I remember getting. Hope that helps!3. what other furniture are needed in the living room apart from the usual sofas and coffee table?You say needed, but it is up to you , you can have anything you like in your room,4. How do I redecorate my room in this way?If it is a large room easier to pull off. Stick to black and white Black furry rug center of room or under coffee table. Coffee table black metal glass top also end tables if fit one or two .White walls . Black framed pictures of movie stars. Pics. in black and white . Keep everything in room plain and stream line. So penguins don5. How do you remove nail polish from a wooden coffee table?If it's an old coffee table - paint over it If it's a plastic cardboard table - Does it matter? If it's an anique, you are screwed.6. Can I spray paint an already finished coffee table?Use sand paper and sand all area to be painted7. What is on your coffee table right now?tomorrow's work8. I recently stained a wood coffee table with a red mahogany stain and need a water proof clear varathane ?Any oil based finish will not be clear but rather have an amber tint. Only water based finishes are actually clear
Teach You to Create a Small and Precise Super Comfortable Intelligent Massage Chair
Teach You to Create a Small and Precise Super Comfortable Intelligent Massage Chair
Health industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century. In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, health care has gradually become a concept of social life. Due to the progress of new materials and electronic technology, the massage ball device has realized miniaturization and accurate control, greatly improved the comfort of massage equipment, and massage equipment is more and more favored by consumers. As a sub product of massage equipment, massage chair is attracting the attention of many investors. With the continuous influx of many enterprises, the massage chair industry has developed rapidly and showed a rapid growth trend.So, what is the working principle of the intelligent massage chair? The control system first completes the initialization of hardware and software, then scans the input of keyboard, and completes various functions according to the module interface set by key code. The software sets the continuous operation time of each motor. The DC motor is driven by PWM. The speed regulation of the motor is realized by changing the PWM pulse width.Figure 1: internal structure diagram of massage chairAccording to figure 1, the main components and functions of the massage chair can be divided into:Mainboard: the carrier used to control the operation of massage chair program, power supply and pneumatic valve motor;Movement: the movement of the massage chair is matched with the manipulator and the device to control the motor of the manipulator;Guide rail: the guide rail is the main body of the massage chair, matched with the movement manipulator and most of the internal main parts;Manipulator: the manipulator of massage chair can realize a variety of real-life massage techniques through program design;Motor: commonly known as motor, its main function is to generate driving torque as the power source of electrical appliances or various machinery.For massage chair control, rl78 / G13 MCU of Renesas electronics represented by Shiqiang can realize the main control function of massage chair. Rl78 is a new generation microcontroller series of Renesas electronics, which integrates the advanced characteristics of 78k and R8C series, so as to realize low power consumption and high performance. Specifically for ultra-low power applications, allowing users to build small, energy-efficient systems at a lower cost.Figure 2: working principle block diagram of massage chairAmong them, rl78 / G13 has excellent CPU performance, more than 1.27dmips/mhz, and integrates a variety of peripheral devices, which can reduce the circuit board area and reduce the overall cost; It is fully pin to pin compatible with products of the same series and supports peripheral I / O redirection (pior): some pins can redefine functions; Convenient layout and ultra-low power consumption will help you create a small, energy-efficient intelligent massage chair.
Is It Very Uncomfortable to Put a Blanket on a Wet Horse?
Is It Very Uncomfortable to Put a Blanket on a Wet Horse?
Is it very uncomfortable to put a blanket on a wet horse?If that happens to us we usally stall the horses then come back later to brush dry them to not get rain rot. also you really dont want to put a blanket on them while wet due to mildew from the dampness and heat from the horse including the dirt from the horse. In time the dirt and mildew can grow germs that can infect your horses health. kinda like mildew hay stored in a warm building wet— — — — — —how big should i make this blanket?Depends on the fabric and on the blanket construction technique and the amount of overhang you want on the bed. Standard polyester fleece is usually 58-60" wide; 2 1/4 yards would give you a blanket 58x6 ft 9".— — — — — —Using the knifty knitter round looms can you make a blanket?hi, I crochet, knit by hand, knit on the knitting gadget and knit on the looms. to ask that is far less complicated to study so a lengthy way as knitting is going is difficult to assert. each and each is diverse. you eventually end up with a smoother finer product with the gadget knit or hand knitting. yet when you are in simple terms desirous to make scarves and hats the loom must be superb. To make a blanket with a loom is more effective cumbersome because you are having to shift and manage the large loom and with 2 strands of yarn plus the product popping out of it. Twisting, turning and shifting. the finest to study is scarves and hats on the loom. yet once you've the prefer to make blankets than provide crocheting a shot. basically one needle (hook) one strand of yarn. also once you've the prefer to make blankets you will choose diverse length looms. this would run into some money in itself— — — — — —Poll/Survey: Do you find it hard to sleep without a blanket covering you?Yeah, If there's not a blanket, I will cover up with my winter jacket— — — — — —Western Exemption - Blanket OrderA number of registration exemptions are being maintained in certain jurisdictions - particularly in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon Territory. These jurisdictions have indicated that they will each pass a blanket order exempting individuals and firms from the EMD registration requirement created in NI 31-103. Alberta has set their blanket order for 31-505. Presently the Blanket Order would provide an exemption to a firm or person that trades in securities (subject to meeting all of the conditions of the Blanket Order) under one of the following capital-raising exemptions in National Instrument 45-106 - Prospectus and Registration Exemptions: accredited investor; family, friends and business associates; offering memorandum; or CAD$150,000 minimum purchase.— — — — — —why do they call michael jaksons youngest son blanket?Because he put a blanket over the ************'s head. Cha'mone.— — — — — —when do you let your child sleep w/ a blanket?I gave my daughter a blanket once she learned how to grip stuff tight enought so it wouldnt fall. But dont let them keep it too long or they will get older always wanting it— — — — — —Poll: Can you sleep without a blanket at night?No. Without a blanket, I feel like something is going to crawl on me. Weird, I know. :)— — — — — —How can I make a Blanket for my Boyfriend?go to a fabric store and buy a big piece of what ever fabric you like make sure its big enough for a blanket. then pick a matching four inch wide ribbon type thing that comes in a roll. and sew it around the whole blanket folded over the edge so its like two inches on each side and covering the ends. . easy.— — — — — —When did you start giving your baby a blanket?You mean in bed or to carry around? We have been using a blanket with Sean for about a month or so now. We put it on him after he falls asleep. He does not hold one yet, but we have one for him with different feels to it-one side is silky, the other fuzzy— — — — — —Type of cotton blanket, looks like it's been embossed...?It's not a blanket. It's a method of weaving: Jacquard— — — — — —Did I need to be covered with a blanket?Regardless of whether you "needed" to be covered with a blanket or not, she did that as a way of taking care of you and trying to help you feel better
A Single Table Buried in One Students 1976 Dissertation Makes a Powerful Case for Automatic Voter Re
A Single Table Buried in One Students 1976 Dissertation Makes a Powerful Case for Automatic Voter Re
In the last few months, there have been several developments that have made widespread automatic voter registration (AVR) in the United States a real possibility. Liz Kennedy, my colleague at Demos, argues that the core feature of AVR is to shift the burden of registration from individuals to the government. Because registration is a key impediment to voting, such a shift has the potential to dramatically shift American politics.Some have questioned whether an automatic system of registration would dramatically change turnout. However, the idea that individuals (not the government) are responsible for registration is an idea that took hold in the 19th century, largely to depress turnout among immigrants and workers.When registration requirements were taking hold, regimes for registration were in flux. In most early systems, counties had registration systems resembling automatic voter registration, in that town and county officials, not voters, were responsible for maintaining the registration lists.Interestingly, this creates a natural experiment that was the subject of a 1976 Ph.D. political science dissertation by Richard John Carlson. He explores differences in turnout between 1912 and 1924 across counties with no registration, non-personal registration (a proto-AVR system) and personal registration (the dominant system today). The results, show below, offer an important lesson: turnout is indeed dramatically lower when comparing counties with registration to those that do not require registration. But, more interestingly for today, the counties with non-personal registration have higher turnout than those with personal registration.This gap between proto-AVR counties and personal registration counties averages 4.8 points in the four elections studied. Carlson also finds large gaps within states between proto-AVR counties and personal registration counties.Combined with the other evidence that automatic voter registration bolsters turnout and the powerful effect higher turnout would have on policy in this country, this makes a strong case for AVR being a progressive priority.·RELATED QUESTIONFilling Table Automatic with Dates and Daynames closedA starting point could be by defining a small macro and a loop along with advdate and datetime packages as in This spit-outs more than 10 pages, hence, I wouldn't dare to post a screenshot of them ;)Open-issue: Breaking the page based on the end of month. I don't yet know how to achieve it.However, on the other hand, the OP can break the table manually by defining the SetDate and fooo counter for every month followed by a newpage command (which, might make life simpler, imho).
Foldable Table: a Smart Solution for Dining in Small Spaces
Foldable Table: a Smart Solution for Dining in Small Spaces
Foldable tables are the ultimate functional tool for a small home. Residing in a small space forces you to be frugal and this situation births novel decor ideas that save space and also make the apartment look well-kept and smartly managed. If your home lacks a specific space for dining, it is only fitting that you go for a foldable table that can be used for multiple functions across the house. A foldable table will also utilize unused nooks and corners in your home and leave breathing space for other activities. Here are few smart foldable tables you can go for- Wooden Drop Leaf Dining Table Image source: www.asianarts.inMinimal and classic in its construction, this sleek Sheesham wood table would be a perfect addition in an Indian home. The rustic wood is elevated with a black metal legs making this table resemble a modern artefact that is inspired from history. With its foldable features, this table can be used both a study table and a dining table. Place this foldable table next to wall to maximize space usage. Wall-mounted drop-leaf table Image source: mounted tables are a perfect solution for cramped apartments. This white drop-leaf table in white is would function as a table as well as shelf while also enhancing the decor of your home. Just find an ideal wall to mount this foldable table and use it for a multiple activities-be it having meal with your partner or using it as a work table as you work from home. 3 to 6 folding dining table Image source: www.urbanladder.comFor a family of 4 to 6, a wall mounted table would be insufficient. Hence, a large table that seats 6 people and can reduce to half its size when not required would be perfect. This cleverly crafted wooden dining table will adapt itself based on your requirements and can also be folded down to be stashed away when not in use or in case of moving. This foldable dining table is made in high quality Sheesham wood and is finished off with a mahogany finish. 3 Seater Folding Dining Table Set Image source: www.urbanladder.comPerfect for a compact space, this dining table set has panels that can be lifted to create a table for six people to dine on. The same panels can be retracted to make a work station for one or two people. Veneer and MDF panels in this dining table make it extremely lightweight yet extremely durable. The gate-leg design of this foldable table will also allow you to tuck the entire table away to leave more room in your living area. The foldable table also comes with complementary comfortable chairs. White and natural drop leaf wood dining table Image source: two-tone pine wood table with turned legs would be a very beautiful addition to any room. The drop leaf detail will allow individuals to play with its placement in the entire house. The contrasting colours of this folding table gives it a mid-century feel, making it a furniture piece that combines functionality and good looks. Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table Image source: tables that fold towards the wall are a great idea for studio apartments that may not designated rooms like a dining room or a study room. This sleek wall-mounted table can be used in a bathroom as a vanity rack or in a kitchen as a counter top where you eat and prep for meals. This white foldable table is perfect for bachelors living alone. Read about how to choose the best dining table for you and your family here.
Four Common Use Cases Suitable for Development on Low Code Platform
Four Common Use Cases Suitable for Development on Low Code Platform
Nowadays, low code may no longer be a strange term for many people. The innovative low code development platform realizes the abstraction of low-level coding and the automation of manual process. Low code shortens the delivery time of customized network and mobile applications through visual development tools and reusable components, solves the inefficiency of traditional development and operation through a complete set of tools, provides support for rapid and iterative development cycle, and simplifies the whole application life cycle.Based on the cooperation experience with hundreds of enterprise customers, mendix believes that the low code platform is very suitable for developing the following four types of common use cases:• innovative applications• customer interaction• efficiency improvement• legacy system migrationLet's explore how to apply these four types of development to your business.According to Gartner's pace layered model, the enterprise application environment is composed of three layers with different change speeds. The rate of change depends on the uniqueness of the solution and the specificity of the requirements.The bottom layer of the model is the recording system, which is the basis of business. The recording system has stable structure, slow change speed and clear requirements. The middle layer of the model is the differentiation system, which focuses on cultivating the external and internal, customer-centered thinking, accelerating the speed of change and developing unique methods to maintain differentiation. The top layer of the model is the innovation system, which can provide new ideas for enterprises, so the demand is fuzzy and the change speed is fast.As shown in the figure above, we put these four use cases into the speed layered model. The top-level innovation application and innovation system are obviously parallel. The middle tier focuses on how enterprises realize differentiation through unique business processes and how to serve customers. The bottom legacy system migration does not replace the whole recording system, but indicates that these applications are often closer to the recording system in terms of requirements definition and supporting established processes. Not all applications are applicable to only one use case. For example, you have an innovative application that can not only use emerging technologies such as the Internet of things to improve operation efficiency, but also solve process defects through legacy system migration projects, so as to improve operation efficiency.Innovative applicationInnovative applications come from new digital business models, products and channels, which can help enterprises grow and achieve differentiation. Usually, these applications will use emerging technologies such as Internet of things, AI and machine learning to tap new sources of value. Since innovative applications begin with creativity, their needs are often loose, vague and often change. Therefore, the whole development process of innovative applications needs the high participation of enterprises.Among mendix's customers, anttail's medical tracking application, Solomon group's RFID wristband activity access application, Royal Dutch Airlines' Internet of things device tracking application and heijman's Internet of things intelligent building management application are good rapid innovation application cases.Mendix low code platform enables enterprises to innovate through testing and learning, and quickly explore new ideas at low cost. Business users can build functional prototypes and work seamlessly with the development team to expand applications with complex logic and integration, so that enterprises can obtain the best results through iteration and quickly promote them after the idea is verified.Customer interactive applicationCustomer interaction applications enable customers and partners to interact or trade with enterprises. Customer interaction applications can improve customer satisfaction, customer retention and increase revenue. Enterprise organizations have clear ideas about such applications, but the development team needs to adjust according to the unknown factors in the development process. Users often have high expectations for the availability, seamless and multi-channel access of such applications. In order to support user oriented processes, it is often necessary to improve the underlying operations. In order to support the experience layer and existing processes, it needs to be integrated with the recording system. Customer interaction applications include agent / broker portal, customer portal, self-service policy management application, claim management application, university student service application, etc.In view of the lack of sufficient user experience resources in many enterprises, mendix low code platform includes a UI framework with out of the box components and basic modules, so that individuals without user experience background can easily build multi-channel applications with high availability. At the same time, the cloud native architecture is the key to obtain a large user base through elastic expansion and ensure the continuous operation of key B2C applications or portals through automatic failover.Efficiency improvement applicationEfficiency improvement applications are applications for employees or partners that reduce costs by reducing or automating manual / paper processes. Operational efficiency applications can support departmental, cross departmental or company wide processes and are usually based on compliance requirements (i.e. avoiding cost penalties), especially in regulated industries. Almost all such applications are integrated with the core system. The closer the distance between the application and the enterprise core system, the more critical the robustness of the operation. Operational efficiency applications include claim processing, supply chain management, invoice processing, equipment tracking, university enrollment and order management applications.The low code platform enables enterprises to realize the iterative design and development of operational efficiency applications by using the knowledge of domain experts in the whole application life cycle. In addition, the platform usually includes out of the box connectors or allows developers to build their own connectors and provide them through a dedicated application store, so as to facilitate integration with the recording system.Legacy system migration applicationsMost legacy system migration projects are business driven transformation plans. In other words, these new applications do not simply improve and transfer existing functions, but will replace legacy applications that cannot support new processes or provide appropriate user experience. Therefore, they should not only have new functions, but also support the current process.Legacy system migration application cases supported by mendix include legacy system migration of lotus notes, Microsoft Access, SharePoint or excel applications.Mendix low code platform enables enterprises to put users first when replacing legacy systems, adding new functions and improving the overall user experience. In order to ensure that they will not become legacy systems in the future, mendix low code platform supports modern microservice architecture and adds various built-in functions to solve the quality and maintenance problems at each stage of the software life cycle.In order to keep up with the pace of business innovation and change, the market demand for it solutions is increasing year by year. According to Forrester's data, mendix's low code platform can bring a net benefit of more than $20 million to enterprises in three years, help enterprises save the cost of application development process and create operation efficiency, and generate revenue for enterprises by improving customer participation and accelerating the time to market of new products and services.Download the recent Forrester wave report to learn more about the value of low code platforms:backgroundSubject to the impact of the epidemic on the world, software has become a new lifeline in our daily life and connecting the global economy. However, traditional software development takes too long, and often can not meet business needs and provide users with high-quality experience. Even before the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of personnel with professional software development capacity could not meet the global demand for software. The global epidemic has exacerbated the software and business crisis. In the era of low code software development, mendix provides a powerful enterprise level visual development method through low code, so that ordinary and professional developers can improve the speed of cloud native applications on networks and mobile devices by more than 10 times only through an intuitive graphical user interface and with the help of drag and drop components and model logic.Editor: Lyn
Coffee Table Books- How to Make a Cheap Coffee Table
Coffee Table Books- How to Make a Cheap Coffee Table
Get the most out of your space without using most of your spaceI am by no means an expert or certified consultant on all things home design and styling. I just admire the craft, fond creatively thinking outside of the box, and enjoy looking at minimalistic apartments at my own leisure. When I lived in a 340 sq. ft. studio apartment I definitely had to develop a "minimalist mindset" (which was pretty laughable to me knowing that I am quick and eager to buy the latest trends, gadgets, softwares, etc. ) Thankfully, with time, I've become stagnant in my spending habits — since every purchase that I made I had to immediately factor in how much space would be accompanied for it (like a "queen sized bed").1. INDOOR HAMMOCK (FOR BED USE)The biggest space eating item in my studio apartment was my bed. Everything about my queen just made the living room area of my studio feel so cluttered, as if I was in an Antique Store. So I forgo my queen and slept in an airbed for a rough couple months until I randomly made a purchase on a hammock via Amazon, unknowingly did I think it was the answer to my solution. It was. And it even made the studio look more aesthetically pleasing too. A couple months later, I helped my filmmaker friend named Keemal move, declutter, and organize items in his 300 sq. ft studio in Chelsea, New York. I also suggested to him how he felt about forfeiting his California king for a hammock. At first he was put off by the idea but eventually came around once he came to terms with the reality and sacrifices of living small. I helped him measure and install hooks on the wall for attaching an XL hammock and he was appalled at how much space he had saved without his bed. He also mentioned that having the hammock gives a "traveler's vibe" to his apartment, which has become the theme he's been working towards.So if you do not mind sleeping like a you are in a cocoon and waking up blossoming into a beautiful butterfly, then get you a hammock!2. PET STAIRS (FOR HIDDEN STORAGE AND STOOL USAGE)As humans there's always the basic want, need, and *secrecy* for having a drawer. One day I randomly google-imaged "staircase drawers" after envisioning it in my head as a future DIY architecture project. I came across what might have probably been the correct term… "pet stairs" (helps your cats and dogs come onto your bed with ease). Some of them had pull out or top off drawers designed for hidden storage which was exactly what I wanted. I mostly used it in my studio for:Bras, underwear, and socks storageStool stepper for reaching things, hanging things on the wall and getting in and out of my hammock sometimesWhen I shared this idea with Keemal he laughed (of course he did), since he thought it was sort of silly given it's original purpose for it is to help animals. But later he figured it was something that would be beneficial to his space saving endeavors. Not very "traveler's vibe-ish" but I am sure it will attract pets if decides to have one. Oh wait, he has no bed. Lol! xD3. PERSONALIZED WINE BOX (FOR SHOE STORAGE OR ROLLED JEANS)I have had on and off battles when it came to saving space with my shoes in my studio. I am partially guilty of it though since most of it was due to personal taste (hehe). I have tried "over the door shoe holders" (which looked tacky to me after a while), "shoe racks", (they can take up some space as well) and simply calling it a day by placing all of my footwear in a canned shaped laundry basket (then I have to take out two or three pairs of shoes just to find the shoes that I want to wear, *sigh*). When I stumbled upon this specific wine crate on Pinterest my mind exploded with ideas and all hope was restored. I can easily fit about 9-12 pairs of shoes which consists of TOMS, Keds, Converse, flats, slip-ons, and sandals. Ideally this storage concept works best for sneakers that are not bulky. For Boots, you can display two of them on top of one single crate.Knowing Keemal has predominately bulky Basketball sneakers I proposed this idea to him with the option of using jeans (*rolled up*) instead.4. DIY CABLE WIRE SPOOL SHELF (FOR BOOKS AND NIGHTSTAND USE)Whether you are an avid reader or admire having a trail of books in your place for show I am sure we all know that books can unknowingly be the root of all evil when it comes to clutter. It is nice to have our own personal library out of the comfort of our home but living small with a volume of books might not provide the best comfort unless your Slender Man. Thankfully, there is a way to have your books and treat it too and that is with this DIY Cable Wire Spool shelf. What I love about this up cycling idea is that the possibilities can be endless! Book storage, nightstand use, coffee table, even dinning table (if you dare to be different). Though I do not live in a studio apt anymore I still keep my spool-turned-bookshelf for my books and it is the first thing that attracts my friends whenever they come over.5. CORNER TABLE (FOR DESK USE)I did not use this idea since I admire having a wider table desk but thought this was another simple way of saving space. It may challenge your workstation decisions in terms of comfortability, storage and decoration (i. e. displaying framed photos, plants, accessible supplies, etc.) It probably would not be the best workstation for someone such as a "Designer" who may need all of their deliverables available to them while working from home. Regardless, this item still has it's useful possibility perks for sure! I am thinking without the hairpin table legs and multiple triangular wood stacked a few feet from each other and it would make a great shelf semblance. What are you thinking?.Paint has come off of coffee table...Help?buy paint that matches and paint it over
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