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DSD (dear stepdaughter) is 8 and currently has a twin bed in her room. Her room is really small and moving her to a different room or all of us to a different house isn't an option. She's really tall for her age and is close to outgrowing her twin bed already. She has a queen bed at her mom's house, so I feel like she's gotta be uncomfortable going back and forth between queen and twin. She complains about the bed and will occasionally have a "camp out" on the floor instead. I think this has more to do with wanting to sprawl out, cuz that's what she does on the floor.I want to get her a double bed, but I think I'd have to remove just about everything in her room (she doesn't have a much, a desk, dresser and small bookcase) to get a full size bed in there.So, I wanted to consider a loft bed. We have tall ceilings so I think it would work out well, but I know that I personally wouldn't want to sleep in a loft bed. Anyone have experience with these? Got kids around this age who have these types of beds? Is this a terrible idea that will lead to a broken neck for DSD? She's adventurous and athletic - I think this would be something she would like, at least for a few years until we can move somewhere that we could get her a bigger bedroom.

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