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- Neither one of them knows when the next notification may pop up.But when it does, they're always prepared.The Twitter duel between (@Bmarch63) and (@ToreyKrug) dates back over five years - with the occasional back-and-forth jabs - but of late the feud has escalated. And it doesn't appear that it will be slowing down any time soon."I've got a couple other ones that are sitting up my sleeve for the next time we start firing off," said Marchand, who debuted his new Instagram (also @Bmarch63) on Friday morning. "It's escalating and people are having a lot of fun with it. We're having some fun with it, too, and we're always excited to see what each other's gonna come up with next and how we're gonna respond. It's been a lot of fun."Most of the time, the principal point of conflict is each other's height, with the 5-foot-9 Marchand and the 5-foot-9 Krug battling it out over every millimeter."I don't remember exactly how it started, but it definitely started over height," said Marchand. "We kind of went back and forth over that. I don't know who fired the first shot, but it's been an ongoing battle that we kind of get into now and again."We didn't conspire or anything like that. It just kind of came about. Someone took the first shot and it kind of went from there.": "It might have been a lot of years back when Marchy posted something from his son's bathroom and that might have been how it started. But he's always been a great sport. I've known that it's always been allowed. He can take it with the best of them because he can dish it with the best of them.": "I had just started fishing and caught a pretty big sized striper…thought that I might never catch that size again. Just thought it would be funny to relate his size to Marchy. It's always fun to jab back and forth at each other's size.": "That's a good one. It's not always easy to fire back to. Sometimes he gets a good shot in. There was one that he took at me earlier in the year that I didn't have a comeback to. He won that battle.": "There are so many opportunities to kind of take shots at one another with something like that. Any time you're kind of in a posed position it's automatic; there's things that can be said.": "There's some subtle ones in there. I think he was looking for any opportunity to take a shot. Obviously he saw that, he saw the tweet and looked back and saw Bergy was right behind me, so he felt like he needed to say something. He was sitting right beside me at the time. It's funny how they kind of fired back from one another.": "We had a good time with that one, just being in the hotel trying to pass some time. Decided to mention that he needed some stairs to get up into his bed because it was a little bit high for him. He did a great job responding.": "I was looking to fire back immediately. You kind of bounce around your room and look for whatever you can, looking for very small things that insinuate a small person. Those are what we came up with. He asked me if he could come over for a sleepover, so I brought a bed up for him…just making sure that it was big enough for him. I think that's a king size bed for him on the floor, so it was a good size.": "Torey kind of fired the first shot there…he got me. I was pretty excited about that one. It was good. But I was pretty disappointed that he let everyone know my secret.": "I actually had deleted the Twitter app on my phone and somehow caught wind that after the game the previous night Brad had chirped me on Twitter. Just kind of took the night to think about it and came to the rink the next day and just came up with something. Obviously had to print the label out and put it to work. It came together nicely.": "I was searching all day…had a couple different ideas. The Honey I Shrunk the Kids one, that kind of popped up. I was looking for different ways to put that on display. And then I came across that picture.": "It was good. I know he didn't know if he could pull it off, but he ended up doing a great job. It was pretty funny.": "I wasn't overly pleased about that one. You can take it pretty far. I'm OK with a lot of things, but once you start bringing Bergy in the mix, then that's when you're kind of crossing the line. Next one's gonna have to be a pretty good one when I come back at him.": "I was actually just kind of trying to give Bergy some press with the Bergy MVP hashtag. But it just came across it on my phone and thought it was funny. I was saving it for the right time, but I had to use it."

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What Is the Biggest King Size Bed?
What Is the Biggest King Size Bed?
A king is wider and a California King is longer standard measurements are: King 76" x 80" Also known as Eastern King California King 72" x 84" I have a Cal King and finding good comfy sheets and bedding if often harder to find and more expensive than standard King size. We like having the big bed and we are currently shopping for a standard King size instead of buying another Cal King1. how would you set up a bedroom to look romantic with no furniture but a king size bed?Warm colored paints and soft padded carpet with soft ambient lighting. What ever you decide on, be fire safe. The definition of romantic differs depending on your sexual preference. Guys do not care much for all the frilly stuff and rose pedals.2. Can anyone tell me the average height of a king size bed?I got about 56 inches off the ground... but, I do not know if that's the average. I also checked out some sites! Maybe you can continue to search there. :]3. Hey, king size bed or futon?Do you have room to add a comfy chair in the room if you keep the queen? You could consider using gaming chairs or floor pillows when your friends come over. Or, maybe you can get a loft bed. IKEA has great inexpensive loft beds. This way you can keep your mattress, and add a futon or couch under the lofted bed. You could also take the loft with you when you get old enough to go to college! IKEA's furniture can be assembled/disassembled & flatpacked for easy traveling to college. You could also place a king, queen, or twin mattress against the wall with the side of the mattress facing the wall. Add big, fluffy pillows to make the mattress seem couchlike. This is actually how I currently have my bed, because I have roomm-ates, and I do not always want to leave my room to sit to watch TV. Of course, you could go totally old skool and get a murphy bed lol4. King Size Bed - Most Comfortable Size Pillows?Well you need to buy some king size for looks if nothing else. You just need to test some pillows out for firmness and figure out what you like. I also like European pillows on the bed (oversized square ones, good for propped up tv watching). I now use a small temperpedic pillow which is not visible when the bed's made. Before that I just slept on the king size.5. What can i use for support for my king size bed if i don't have boxsprings?Plywood For King Size Bed6. king size bed in a 315sq ft studio?Get a cool headboard, sheets and ****, and then decorate the room based on the bed :)7. King Size Bed - Twin Mattresses?You would need a twin extra long mattress because a king is bigger than 2 twins. Measure your bed because it does not say where you live and kings come in 2 sizes Eastern Standard King and California King. ESK is 6 feet 6 inches wide and 80 inches long and a Cal King is 6 feet wide and 80 inches long, Regular twins is only 75 inches long so you need the extra long twin, if you have an eastern standard king.8. What's the difference between a King Size bed and a California King Size bed?Ca king is 4 inches longer9. Will a king size bed fit in a 10-foot U-Haul truck?Easily. The 10 feet refers to the length of the box. A king-sized bed is 80 inches long by 76 inches wide (72 in California). You'll have 40 inches left over10. Can a hotel put 3 adults into a king size bed?If that is all that is available. You decide if you want it11. i want to buy a king size bed even though im single and sleep alone is that unusual?No, let's face it a king sized bed is luxury12. I'm 14, and I'm moving into the upstairs bedroom! How to re-decorate?ikea has ready made wardrobes that can be put in the room, you can probably get a queen or king size bed, wardrobe, armoire and buy a small couch set to put in the corner. I dont know what the weather is like where you live but there are electric fireplaces that are fully built to look like real ones you can put that on a wall somewhere. When getting paintings get large ones, not a bunch of small ones the place will look clutters. Since its a big space you can pretty much use any color paint on the walls, buy lots of track lighting or lamps if the room is too dark
Would Reagan Support Same-sex Marriage? Daughter Says Yes
President Reagan's daughter Patti Davis says she believes her father would have supported same-sex marriage."I don't think he would stand in the way of two people wanting to make a commitment to one another," Davis said during an interview with public relations expert Howard Bragman. "He told me when I was very young that some men love other men, some women love other women." Bragman appeared on Jansing & Co . Thursday to talk about the interview he conducted with Davis Wednesday."She also told the great story about when her parents would go out of town, they had this lesbian couple-which she called them aunt so-and-so and aunt so-and-so and she knew they were a couple-and her parents would go out of town and they would stay and babysit her and her brother Ron and sleep in her parents king size bed." Davis made this political point during the interview about her father: "I also think because he wanted government out of people's lives, that he would not understand the intrusion of government banning such a thing. This is not what he would have thought government should be doing." A new Quinnipiac University poll out Thursday shows 50% of American voters support marriage equality while 41% oppose it.Some conservatives are rejecting Davis' characterization of what she believes her father would have supported."Of course, Reagan did associate with all the Hollywood crowd, and chances are he probably knew a number of gays," conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly said . "I could understand that he might not have wanted to bar them from a job but that would not mean he would want them to get a marriage license." Davis' half-brother Michael Reagan responded to his half-sister's comments in the Washington Post saying people should not make assumptions about what their father's position might be on same-sex marriage if he were alive today."You'd have to ask him," Reagan said. "I think my father gets dragged into too many things." Michael Reagan grabbed headlines earlier this week for his op-ed against same-sex marriage, slamming the Republican Party for not doing enough to fight same-sex marriage because members are "too busy cat-fighting with each other." Davis told Bragman she would not "get into a family feud" with her half-brother."It's stirring a lot of discussion which is the best part about it," Bragman told msnbc's Chris Jansing. "People who remember a different Republican party, one that didn't use social issues to drive us apart to divide and conquer, remember a Republican party that was, as [Davis] described, that liked to stay out of people's lives and out of people's bedrooms."
Is a King Size Bed for You? - King Size Bed Dimensions
There is a common space-related concern regarding king beds. Even if your bedroom is large enough, how will you get it up the stairs and through your hallways? Fortunately, buying a bed in a box solves this problem: the mattress is compacted for shipping, so when your mattress arrives, you can simply move the box into your bedroom, set it out, and then let it expand to its full size.how much can a full sized pick up truck hold?A long-bed pickup truck can probably haul your stuff. Some of the items will need to be stackedWhats a good, full sized .45 ACP?I would say for the money and reliability, either get a glock 21, 30, or 36 (however, I would recommend a glock 21. It's reliable, well built and in the middle of you price range- $547) trust me, glocks are very good, very high quality guns. - there worth EVER pennyhow tall does a young man need to be for a full sized bicycle??If you are 5'1", he will need to grow about an inch. Or, if his inseam is 27" and yours is 26" give him the bike now. Or, if he is 25 years old (young to me) and to small for the bike, keep telling him he is going to grow up one day and you are saving the bike for him - it's fun to mess with short people, and people who ask how long a piece of string is.what materials would be used to make a full size car cast?it would be a lot easier to use a real car--just call a wrecking company and say you need a non-running car with all of the fluids drained. Preferably have them remove the gas tank. If you get a car without an engine, put sandbags in the engine compartment to weigh it down or the front will sit too high and it will look stupid.Why Do The Make Women Play On Full-Sized Football Pitches?Having to lay out different sized pitches would not be practical. You might have a point with goal size though. That would be easy enough to rig.Can a full sized computer keyboard be used on your lap?I do not see why not...as long as its usb you should be able to use itJunior or full-sized road bike?1st off, 14 yo and 5 feet tall. Sounds like you will grow over the next few years. 5 feet is tall enough for an adult bike. Some women at your height like to use 650c instead of 700c wheels. That's OK but wheels, tires and tubes are harder to find. But if you think you will be several inches taller in the next couple years just go with a 700 wheeled road bike. You do not necessarily need a women's fit bike, but certainly try 'em. Also, the bike you posted a link to is OK, I think you could get that level bike a little cheaper. But that basic type is not bad at all. You may want to look at sloped top tube designs like the Giant OCR model bikes. They are popular with shorter riders.Please suggest a good full size stroller for 7 month old.?i have a graco stroller and i love it. i prefer graco over any other company. i bought my car seat and stroller as a set for $200. i had a 20% off coupon and an additional 30% off for opening a store card so i saved over $80 on the travel system. i bought mine at babiesrus. but you can check online on babiesrus or walmart or target and compare prices.Where can I find a full sized image of this photo?Sweet picture Pysch! Do not know where you can find it, but hope you do...if so let me know! lolHow do I convince my mom to let me get a full size bed?Beg like a dog, and just kiiding try to be nic eor somethingCan I put full sized liquids in my checked bags?Yes, you can carry full sized liquids in your checked baggage. However, it is heavy so if possible, purchase it at your destination so it does not take up as much of your weight allowance (checked baggage is usually 50 pounds). I would remove the caps of each, cover with saran wrap, and then replace the caps. I would also wrap them in grocery bags. This will prevent them from ruining everything in your luggage if pressure changes or the jostling causes them to leak or explode.
Everything We Know About Cardi B and Offset's Top-Secret Wedding
The "Bodak Yellow" MC revealed they tied the knot in September 2017, one month before Offset publicly proposed at a concert in Philadelphia."I appreciate and love my husband so much for still wanting for me have that special moment that every girl dreams of when he got down on his knee and put a ring on my finger and he did that for me!!"Cardi also shared.How the Couple Contacted the Officiant: Guess toldE! News that someone from Cardi's team reached out with a request to marry "celebrity clients." She recalled it being described as a "private matter" and was not asked to sign a NDA.Setting the Scene:The bride dressed casually in a pair of fitted pants and a basic top, while the groom wore jeans and a T-shirt, Guess shared. She pronounced them husband and wife in their bedroom, which she said was decked out with a king size bed, two side chairs and a chest. "It wasn't decorated too much," Guess said, "but it was beautiful." Cardi's cousin was also present.All About the Ceremony:Cardi and Offset exchanged traditional vows provided by Guess, who shared, "It was so much love. They were definitely excited and I could tell they were a little nervous, too. You can tell there is so much love between them." At the moment, they did not have rings to exchange.The Big Finale: Guess said no tears were shed, but explained, "It was just kissing and hugs... They were both just so excited. It was just a happy moment."In just a matter of time, Cardi is set to give birth to their first child. Last night, the lovebirds gathered their closest family and friends for a baby shower in Atlanta.Congratulations!-Reporting by Taylor Bryant
I'm Being Forced to Choose Between My Boyfriend and My Family..?
are you sure were not related ? my family treats me exactly the same...but ive just learned to do my own thing and shrugg off the rest a perfect example if you compare my brother and I his room has a 42 inch led plasma , king size bed, mac,and some other **** i dont care about .my room nothing i just have a matress and a few pillows and a laptop, but hell i dont care as long as i get fed and have a house thats all my concerns are. but maybe you could move in with your bf ? or stay with a relative ? or even one of your good friends just as a temporary thing, show your family the kinda of disrespect theyve shown you all of your life1. How to Choose Batting for your Bed Quilt —Much time, effort and resources go into making a bed quilt of any size, but especially a big bed quilt for a queen or king size bed. You've carefully selected fabrics and a patchwork style. Have you given batting the same thoughtful consideration? Your batting choice will make a huge impact on how your quilts feels and washes. Batting can make a quilt feel puffy or flat, heavy or light, warm or just barely-there. What kind of quilt do you want? Here are some general batting categories and how they will effect your quilt. Take the time to choose the best quilt batting for your bed quilt. This is the batting style most popular with modern quilters. It's also most similar to vintage quilts because, being cotton, it shrinks and causes the quilt to crinkle. Expect shrinkage of about 3%. Low loft cotton is a thin batting which does not provide much warmth. It's nice for a light covering, all-weather quilt. You will need to use with several blankets to stay warm in the winter! Examples: Cotton Select by Quilter's Dream and Warm 100 by The Warm Company Want to minimize shrinkage? Some quilters prefer an 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend over 100% cotton because this type of batting will have low to zero shrinkage. When making a bed quilt size really matters! If you did not factor in shrinkage to your bed size, 80/20 batting may be the solution. Due to the polyester content, this type of batting is slightly warmer than 100% cotton batting. It's just as low loft and easy care. The touch of polyester also reduces wrinkles in the finished quilt. If you would like a warmer quilt, look beyond low loft battings. Loft automatically builds warmth by trapping heat. Even if you stick with cotton, your quilt will be significantly warmer. Mid loft cotton battings are also heavier and may be subject to increased shrinkage. My husband prefers weightier bedding. He recently made a wholecloth blanket for our bed, to be used under our main low loft quilt. He used Quilter's Dream Cotton Supreme, which is twice as heavy as the same size batting in the Cotton Select weight. I measured the blanket after quilting (102" x 109.5") and then again after machine washing and drying (91" x 105"). It shrank by 9" in one direction and 4.5" in the other. That's shrinkage of 4-9%. Important to keep in mind! We are very happy with our new blanket, though. We have had a couple low loft quilts on our bed that just do not provide enough warmth in the winter. With this more substantial quilt, we are finally feeling cozy! To really crank up the warmth, look to a lofty batting such as polyester or wool. Both fibers are much lighter than cotton, so they provide insulation without adding weight. Lofty battings also provide more stitch definition, causing quilting to really pop. Here's an example of a wool batted quilt, we recently quilted in our longarm studio. Polyester is an affordable fiber that can be easily machine washed and dried. 100% polyester battings will experience minimal to zero shrinkage. They are very wrinkle-resistant. Wool batting is more expensive, but more breathable. Ultimately, it makes a more comfortable year-round quilt than polyester. However, most wool battings cannot be machine dried warm. Read care instructions carefully. Plan to air dry your wool batted quilt. Examples: Dream Puff by Quilter's Dream and Dream Wool by Quilters Dream.2. What is the Biggest King Size Bed?A king is wider and a California King is longer standard measurements are: King 76" x 80" Also known as Eastern King California King 72" x 84" I have a Cal King and finding good comfy sheets and bedding if often harder to find and more expensive than standard King size. We like having the big bed and we are currently shopping for a standard King size instead of buying another Cal King3. how would you set up a bedroom to look romantic with no furniture but a king size bed?drape some fancy material from corner to corner, hang candle holders on the wall and use them. rose petals everywhere, or glitter. have a supply of stuff on hand like lotions, chocolate syrup, marichino cherries, toys, porn, etc. Play dress up/costumed, role play. You are only limited by your imagination.
House Beautiful: Pretty Patio Faces the Street
Leah and Bruce McDiarmid wanted to build a front deck on their home, but the municipality didn't see their plan as being feasible. So, with the help of their friend Kara Wouters, they opted for a clever and more discreet approach that transformed the front of their home and served an important need.On a side street close to Oak Bay Village, a surprising, cosy little sitting space that embodies wilderness and whimsy hides behind some tall pampas grasses. The couple enjoy sitting out after work to catch some late afternoon sun in their quiet new neighbourhood."We have met so many of our neighbours while sitting here," Leah says.Sitting outside in front of a house is not common in most of Victoria, but Bruce and Leah, who have spent more than a decade raising their children in the comparatively small community of Tofino, are appreciating the opportunities to reach out.Bruce especially appreciates the local array of city activities available to their boys who play soccer and rugby. "We wanted to come back to Victoria so that our two teenage sons could experience the vitality of life in a larger community," he says.At the time of the house tour, the basement is off-limits as it is full of horizontal teenage boys still sleeping soundly at 10 a.m. on a summer morning."The basement is wonderful for teenage boys," says Leah, "they need a little extra space where they can bring their friends." After looking for about a year, the couple bought in 2008 when they decided they could operate their 12-year-old Tofino Vacation Rentals business from Victoria."When we moved in everything was minty green - walls, carpet, everything," Leah says. "But we felt like the house was just waiting for us. It is not a large home but we loved the location and we could see that we would not have to do major renovations. Before we left Tofino, we lived in a 1,200-square-foot home with the boys. It was tight, but it worked. You just have to be organized," she says.Their new home is larger, at 2,000 square feet. And it holds a lot of evidence of Leah's year of studying technical aspects of interior design at the local Pacific Design Academy.Her choice of clear glass doors makes the rooms feel larger. Coved ceilings and arched doorways are accentuated with lots of art. One of the things the McDiarmids especially appreciate about living in Victoria is the opportunity to see the work of so many talented artists.Leah designed the kitchen, filled with daylong light and backing onto a deck that offers a view of what seems like a thousand trees. The privacy is surprising when you consider they are in the heart of Oak Bay. Three kitchen doors slide open and you feel as though you are surrounded by parkland. The joy of their new eating space features prominently in regular family barbecues.The gas stove is a critical kitchen feature for a West Coast family that has experienced plenty of power failures in their wilderness background. The problem is less likely to plague them in their city dwelling, but the couple weren't willing to take the risk.Both Leah and Bruce enjoy growing vegetables as well as flowers they can cut for the house. Bruce has a flair for creating old-fashioned flower arrangements. "I always did that in Tofino," he says, "We like fresh flowers in our house." The couple set up their office in what was once a guest bedroom. "We decided it was a waste of space and would make more sense to fully use it rather than have it sit empty most of the time," Bruce says.Dingy metal furnace vents and an oldfashioned brass fireplace insert were given new life after a visit to Victoria Plating Ltd. to have them recoated. The copper glow of the fireplace insert resurfaced as a vibrant focal point in the living room.A bowl made by master carver Henry Nola sits in the middle of the TV room. Bruce's parents commissioned Henry to make a bowl for each of their children. Bruce treasures the thoughtful gift from his father, who died a year ago.Bruce and Leah's 16-year-old son has a big, beautiful telescope aimed from a perfectly positioned window in the family room. One of the early influences in his life was an uncle with a keen interest in astronomy.The upstairs bathroom has the nicest view of the house - a vista of evergreens and tall cottonwoods that have housed some resident eagles. And although the house is old, there's room in the master bedroom for a king size bed. "It amazes me that a house that was built in 1937 would still be so functional," says Leah.Bruce's family owns the world-renowned Wickaninnish Inn near Tofino, where Bruce grew up as a result of his father's adventurous decision to move from Saskatchewan to Tofino when he was a young country doctor."My father always dreamed of building a high-end inn that would profile the rugged coastal beauty to a worldy audience," says Bruce. "He wanted to re-create the magic of the original Wickaninnish Inn; and he succeeded better than any of us could have imagined." "Our business is in Tofino, so we will always stay connected," says Leah, "but we love Oak Bay and our house and are very happy to be here. Victoria is such a fantastic city." The whimsy and transformation of the house-front is finished nicely with custom doors on the garage. "The last owner was proud of the clever mechanism he built to create the carriage doors, and we just built these beautiful doors over his invention," Bruce says.CREDITS Landscape design: Pacific Organic Landscaping, Kara Wouters Kitchen and interior design: Leah McDiarmid Custom carriage house doors: Tedford Overhead Doors Ltd.Kitchen reno and installation: Brad Jones Contracting Custom deck doors: Aurora Woodwork Interior and exterior painting: White Knight Painting Artists: Herbert Siebner, Jack Wilkinson, Irma Soltonovich, Marion Evamy and Glenn Romasanta
The Full Horrifying List of Creepy Sex for Rent Adverts We Found on Craigslist in Just a Few Hours
A HORRIFYING list of sex for rent adverts posted by creepy landlords on Craigslist can be revealed by Sun Online.In the space of just a few hours, we discovered dozens of murky adverts on the classified site boasting of free rooms for a "fun exchange".It comes after a Sun Online undercover reporter was told she could have a free room in one sleazy landlord's luxury London flat if she shared a bed with him for "cuddling" While trying to meet with a letter for our investigation, we found sickening ads targeting vulnerable girls struggling for a place to live in the Capital.One landlord calling himself a "male City executive in his 50s" was offering a room for free in his "5* flat" in Canary Wharf that includes a gym, pool, sauna and jacuzzi.But the catch was becoming his second "kajira" - a female sex slave under the Gorean lifestyle, which comes from John Norman's Chronicles of Counter-Earth book series.The greedy landlord, who already has one kajira aged in her early 50s, said: "No rent is expected but in return you will be expected to be available for daily housekeeper duties such as cooking dinner etc."Essential is someone who understands and is accepting of a Gorean lifestyle and will be happy being a second kajira. If you don't know what that is, it is probable that this arrangement is not for you."If you Google it and you like it, then we'd love to hear from you." Another landlord living in Harlow was simply offering to rent out his room "for sex", adding bluntly: "Stay in my room for the night as long as you're willing to suck/. The details we will discuss beforehand." Another advertising a "free rent for females" in Clapham, South West London, said: "You do not have to pay any rent for your stay with me in exchange for some mutual fun times together ;)" Discussing his own traits, the poster said: "I'm clean, don't smoke or do drugs. I'm into books, philosophy, meditation, fitness, stand up comedy, jazz/classical music and salsa/bachata dancing." While one living in Hayes said: "Any females looking for a place to stay for a night or a week let me know I have a king size bed and it's exchange for obey my rules".Our investigation discovered sick landlords are taking advantage of spiralling rents in London by exploiting vulnerable tenants.Our reporter caught one landlord on camera offering arent-free one bedroom flat in Canary Wharf - if she shared a bed with him twice a week.He said: "Obviously we'll have to share the bed. So we'll sleep together maybe."Well maybe cuddling. We'll see what happens." The law states a crime is committed when a person causes or incites someone to become a prostitute under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.But there are no known prosecutions over "sex for rent" in the UK because it is such a new phenomenon.
What Size Is King Size Bed
Mattress Sizes.Twin.--39 x 75 inches (or 99 x 190 cm).X-Long Twin.--39 x 80 inches (99 x 203 cm).Full.--54 x 75 inches (137 x 190 cm).Queen.--60 x 80 inches (or 153 x 203 cm).King.--76 x 80 inches (or 198 x 203 cm).California King.--72 x 84 inches (or 182 x 213 cm).Fitted Sheet Sizes.Twin.--39 x 75 inches (or 99 x 190 cm).X-Long Twin.--39 x 80 inches (99 x 203 cm).Full.--54 x 75 inches (137 x 190 cm).Queen.--60 x 80 inches (or 153 x 203 cm).King.--76 x 80 inches (or 198 x 203 cm).California King.--72 x 84 inches (or 182 x 213 cm).Flat Sheet Sizes.Twin.--66 x 96 inches (or 167 x 243 cm).X-Long Twin.--66 x 102 inches (or 167 x 259 cm).Full.--81 x 96 inches (or 205 x 243 cm).Queen.--90 x 102 inches (or 228 x 259 cm).King/California King.--108 x 102 inches (or 274 x 259 cm).Comforter Sizes.Twin.--68 x 86 inches (or 173 x 218 cm).Full/Queen.--86 x 86 inches (or 218 x 218 cm).King/California King.--100 x 90 inches (or 254 x 229 cm)• You May Also Want to KnowHotel secrets reveal why you should always ask for a DOUBLE room - and not a king size onenow and never miss the top Royal stories again. Sign up fornow and never miss the top Royal stories again. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Sometimes they will include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time. Hotel secrets have revealed some horrifying things over the years regarding cleanliness and safety. From dirty hotel room glasses and kettles to peephole cameras, it is a wonder that people still choose to stay in them. Another shocking secret has revealed why asking for a double room is often the better choice than a king size one. It all comes down to the size of the room. Zeev Sharon explained on Quora that the allure of a king size room may not be all as it seems. She wrote: "Rooms with double beds are usually larger than rooms with king beds." This could be due to double rooms sometimes being a would ouble-double', meaning two double beds, whilst king size rooms rarely have more than one king-sized bed. Guests trying to decide on whether they want more room space or a bigger bed should take note when next requesting a room. Hotel secrets: Guests could find themselves with more room size Zeev also explains why the bathroom reveals more about the quality of the room than anything else. She continued: "The quality of a guest room is often measured by the number of fixtures in the bathroom (the bathroom is by far the most expensive room to build). " The fixtures include the toilet, sink, shower and bath; the more the fixtures, the higher quality. Zeev explained that a standard has just three fixtures whilst some may have up to five with "two sinks, a bath, stand-alone shower and a toilet".how do I get rid of the king size mattress hump?Get a king sized box spring, or get a king size platform. This is a common problem. Most furniture stores sell 2 single bed box springs with a king size bed because its cheaper. You don't really need a “box spring“ to support your mattress, you just need something high enough for it to be comfortable to get into and out of. Walmart sells platforms. My daughter uses one on her queen bed, but it would be a little low for me. Just take your mattress off the box springs and put it flat down on the floor- try that for a couple nights. If you sleep well, then look for a platform that is high enough for you.King size bed size - How big is a king size mattress?A standard king size bed size measure approx 150cm in width and 200cm in length (approx 5′ x 6'6″). These measurements however only apply to the mattress and most divan bases. King size mattresses are one of the most popular bed/mattress sizes in the UK. This is due to them offering more space than a double for two people without dominating a room like a super kingsize. Bed frames or bedsteads tend to be a little bigger due to their headends, foot ends, corner posts and side rails. All of these need to be considered as they surround the mattress. The extra width and length of these types of bed are usually between 50-150mm (4-10″). There are however some frames which are much bigger than this due to curved or thick posts, head ends or foot ends, a good example of this would be a traditional sleigh bed. If your mattress has been bought from another country or from a European based store be sure to check the size. Many mattresses from these types of stores differ from the standard UK sizes. As mentioned this is not usually the case with king size divan beds. Divan bases tend to be the same dimensions as the mattress. The only problems you may find here could be down to finishing touches such as drawer handles, piping or padding. The depth of kingsize mattresses can vary dramatically. The components inside the mattress and its design can all have a big effect on how deep they are. This is especially true in a pocket spring mattress that uses layers of springs or layers of springs and foam If you would like information on a king size bed size, call our bed experts on 01254 681 082. We offer interest-free credit and free delivery. We also aim to beat any deal you have seen elsewhere.Do any couples regret their king size bed?king size beds are great especially if your old lady has a king size butt, however........... I highly recommend the king size bed for sure if your chick is cool enough two play twister with you for a couple hours a night to well..........unwind.Are Feelex king size mattresses comfortable?Yes of course. I have been using one since last 4 years and it was super comfortable. Although I had a Bliss king size mattress made of PEF technology, all other mattresses from Feelex ensure that you get an optimum level of comfort while sleeping. Feelex, a leading mattress brand in India is the first Indian mattress brand to use of PEF technology. PEF provides superior support to every sleeping posture. Ortho mattresses provide relief for orthopedic-related pains. Feelex is the best king size mattress brand for both PEF and Ortho mattresses. Are Feelex king size mattresses comfortable?How large are flannel sheets for a king sized bedFlannel sheets for a king size bed measure 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. These measurements are for a standard king size bed. A .California. king size bed measures 108 inches wide by 102 inches wide.best king size bed and most comfortable?I suppose it's what you can afford. The more gadgets on it the higher the cost. The choosier you are the more money you better have. If you're a big person maybe like 200 or more pounds then you'd need a king size bed, maybe if you're big then you're also tall so sure choose a king size bed, if you have a spouse and want to share the bed and you're both adults then sure you might want a king size bed. Know though that when you buy king sized beds that the sheets and comforters and blankets and such all are super expensive to match your taste. Some people have back problems and strangely enough those people will iether choose something flat and hard like the floor while others with the identical problem will choose lots of pillows and a bed that has a lot of give. It's weird that they can't agree. I'd say to just go to a mattress place and talk with a few salesmen asking what's new and available.What are the dimensions of king size bed sheets?What are the dimensions of king size bed sheets? We've all been there. Every time you go to buy your bed sheets, you are puzzled as to what size to buy. Are double bed sheets the same as king size bed sheets? If you buy bed sheets online, will you be sure to get the right size? Different brands mention different dimensions of double bed sheets online. So what should you go for? Here's the list of bed sheets, both flat sheets and fitted sheets in single size, queen size and king size. Also consider that sizes of bed sheets will differ according to countries. Here are the sizes for bed sheet sets in India: 2. Double Bed Sheet or Queen Size Bed Sheet - 90 x 100 inch with 2 pillow covers 18 x 28 inch or in some cases 90 x 104 inch with 2 pillow covers 3. King Size Bed Sheets also known as Super King Size Bed Sheets - 2. Double Fitted Bed Sheet or Queen Size Fitted Bed Sheet - 78 x 60 x 10 inch or 72 x 60 x 10 inch. The depth varies from 10 inch to 15 inches. Amouve can customize sheets for its customers. 78 x 72 x 10 inch with 2 pillow covers 18 x 28 inch or in some cases 90 x 104 inch with 2 pillow coversWhere can one purchase super king size duvetAll good specialists bedding stores should stock king size duvets. In the lead up to winter, generally a wider range of duvets are stocked. Some department stores also stock king size duvets, but not as many styles when compared to other sizes.Can i put my king size pillows in the washer and then dryer?I do it all of the time. But, I have 4 king sized pillows and even in my heavy duty huge capacity washer, I have to do each one in a load by themselves. I first fill the drum with water to the highest capacity, add detergent and a cup of borax (great for getting rid of smells). I submerge the pillows by hand until they do not bubble up. I leave mine on a soaker load and agitate now and again for about an hour, then I set the machine on heavy duty agitation for the longest cycle and 2 rinses to make certain all of the soap rinses out. Two king sized pillows can be dried in my dryer and I use the highest heat setting (cotton) for the longest time and add clean, new tennis balls to keep them fluffy and from bunchingcan I get king size anime sheets?They don't come in king size. Sheets are made generally for the average [otaku] anime fan's bed which is a twin, maybe a full size. The average bed size is 43 inches on the short size so that's somewhere between a full and twin for us. You can definitely find regular twin size sheets because that's universal--twin size beds were originally military size.Anyway, housing in Japan is small so King size beds are rare. It's commonplace in the US to have King size beds but in Japan that's reeeeaaally uncommon. Along with the fact that most people who like would have anime bed sheets are otaku in Japan and they wouldn't dish out the big bucks for a king size bed just for themselves. (yes, in all honesty many don't have significant others to share the bed so there's no need to get one that big.)How much do king size box springs cost?In the United States, king size mattresses share the following dimensions: King Size Bed Dimensions and Facts. Measures 76 x 80 inches - 16 inches wider than a queen-size mattress; Same size as two twin XL mattresses pushed together.Go online to a mattress store website and price the two piece box spring for a king sized bed. Tis ddd.
9 Interesting and Amazing Ways to Arrange Pillows on a King Size Bed
Achieving a pull together bedroom begins with a beautiful king size bed. They are the units which not only act as a focal point in the space but also provides a style to space. King size bed available online have the aura about them which makes the user feel like he/she is sleeping like a king. They are the pieces which give more freedom of movement and works well with other bedroom furniture. King size bed with storage or without when decorated with different size decorative pillows makes them as an absolute piece of furniture that serves a function.Here we have listed some wonderful ways to arrange bed pillows to provide the king size beds with an alluring and inviting look.1. Stacked Pillows: Arranging pillows in a stacked way on the bed provides the furniture with a beatific and comfortable look. Place at least two stacked pillow on the king size bed and have an orderly, sleek, no fuss and simple bedroom.2. Standing Pillows: Decorate the bed with 5 or more pillows in standing position on the end of the king size bed that you have purchased online. This setup will provide the bed with a statement. You can arrange rows of largest pillows in the back with smallest in the front. You can mix standard pillows, euro shams with some decorative pillows.3. Combination of stacked and standing: For an appealing and cosier look, lay stacked pillows flat behind the standing decorative pillows. This setup will provide a great look and if needed sleeping pillows can be hidden a bit. You can also add a lumbar support on the front to give the whole setup a ravishing look.4. Rolled Pillows: Rolled pillows on the king size bed provide the room with an interesting look. You can add short or long rolled pillows in the front or back. They also work well with other shapes pillows.5. Messy and mixed: If you like pillows but don't mind setting your bed with sheets, blankets, throws, and other bedding accessories then follow this idea. Layer your bed with different style and sizes accessories and enhance the look and feel of the space.6. Neat and clean: For a simple yet elegant look, layer your king size bed with less than five pillows, white sheet, comforters and other accessories. They will make a statement and will provide an orderly and neat look.7. Never fail five pillow combination: Place 3 euro shams in the back, then two king standard size pillows in shams in the next row and one decorative pillow in a small size at the front. This will always provide a great and stylish look. You can also include lumbar pillow if needed for an extra comfort and decoration.8. Single Piece: You can also add a single decorative pillow big at the centre of the king size bed to give the bedroom a stylish and amazing feel.9.Throws: These add an attractive and comforting appeal to the room. Throws also add a layer to the king size bed design and act as a weapon to protect against the cold weather. They are cosy and soft.So whether you love the pillows on the king size bed or hate them, you can't ignore the impact and feel provided by them. King size bed decorated with beautiful pillows, throws and other bedding accessories makes the bedroom a great eye-catcher and provide the space with a dreamy, divine and defined the look.
It Just Blu Me Away
A GIRLS' weekend away was on the cards for months. Time for me (and a willing buddy) to ditch the husbands and the childers, hit the motorway, fork out for the tolls and head to the big smoke. Our check list: shoe shopping, a concert in the O2, plenty of pubs and lots of lie ins. Dublin, here we come.FIRST IMPRESSIONS We couldn't find it. How provincial are we We had to ring the hotel to ask for directions. Once we got there, thanks to a very patient Adam on the other end of the line, it was all good. The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is an excellent example of how sleek lines and muted colours can merge with luxury to ensure a memorable night's stay.Located in the heart of Dublin city centre, at the crossroads of Golden Lane and Chancery Lane, near St Stephen's Green, the Temple Bar and St Patrick's Cathedral, it is within walking distance of Merrion Square, Dame Street, and Dublin City Hall. After getting a wee bit misplaced, we parked at the hotel's secure car park with indoor parking spots. On arrival at reception we were greeted by smiling, friendly staff, it makes such a nice first impression. Efficient check-in, and we requested a deferred check-out which was approved (score). The lobby of this contemporary property on the south side of the River Liffey is impressive - the décor is cool and modern and with floor to ceiling windows, we felt it was a suitably dramatic backdrop for our girlie break.THE ROOM Our room had the usual offers what you'd expect from a four star - complimentary internet access, 24 hour room service, mini bar, Pay TV, iron/ironing board, trouser press and express laundry service. If you're lucky enough to get a junior suite (smiley face moi) expect a flat screen TV, muted tones, lit up wardrobe, king size bed, well-lit bathroom with mammoth mirrors and a rainforest walk-in shower. You can wind down in the large bath while watching the built-in bathroom TV. Child-free, this is total decadence. But the Nespresso coffee machine was my favourite touch. THE FOOD Verres En Vers, a traditional-style French Brasserie, lived up to its name with fresh food using local ingredients with a French twist. The Vintage Room nestles under a marble staircase where we chilled out a bit, an impressive drinks menu offered vintage whiskeys, French wines, Champagnes, aperitifs and digestives. But we were feeling a Carrie Bradshaw vibe so tucked into two Cosmos. A zesty must for any young(ish) go-getters out on the town. One was enough though. From the décor, to the food, it's the type of place you'd seek out any night of the week. There wasn't much of a buzz there, atmosphere-wise, but I put that down to our early booking than anything else. I opted for Tempura of Sole as my starter, which was a delectable pepper and chilli jam with crispy vegetables, and my main - Occitan-style prawn hot pot - reminding me of Betty from Coronation Street's famous hot pot - was exceptional with red rice and pickled walnuts. The crusty bread with a roasted head of garlic was wonderfully simple. Verres En Vers head chef, Maria Czerwinska, deserves her Radisson Blu Chef of the Year crown.If we ever get more of a gang to come up, The O Bar would be ideal for a private party and reminded me of the inside of a whiskey cask with a black mosaic floor and bee hive lighting, adding a secretive glow to this intimate hideaway. Breakfast was great, freshly cooked to order with a relaxing ambience and served until 11:30am. Which helped with the lie-in part of our check list. WHAT TO DO Taxis are usually out the front, if not, reception staff are more than happy to call one for you, (Thank you, Adam). The O2 is less than a tenner fare away in a cab and we walked back easy enough, high heels and all. Additional points of interest include Dublin Tourism Centre (www.visitdublin.com) and The Convention Centre, Dublin (www.theccd.ie). If you're more of a culture vulture, you can reach Trinity College (www.tcd.ie) and Dublin Castle (www.dublincastle.ie) on foot from the Radisson Blu. We were in need of retail therapy and where else would we be going only Grafton Street. Everything you'd want but if you fancy even more of a blast of labels, head to the Powerscourt Centre.The hotel is surrounded by a wide range of attractions, including Guinness Storehouse (www.guinness-storehouse.com), Temple Bar and Christchurch Cathedral (www.christchurchdublin.ie). Lunch at Brasserie Sixty6, on South Great Georges Street is recommended (www.brasseriesixty6.com). We ambled in there for Sunday brunch, there was jazz in the corner and Designist next door for browsing after. The food was fabulous. THE BOTTOM LINE The Radisson Blu offers a standard room from €140 and a junior suite from €220 B&B. Starter and main course in the restaurant are €20 - well worth it. www.radissonblu.ie or 01-898 2900 for more info. ANYTHING TO ADD We had a nose around and, as well as a large ballroom, the landscaped roof top terrace with features modestly resembling The Burren is an ideal setting for a BBQ.One can dream. There's also an executive meeting room and bar with wrap around balconies on the 7th floor boasting panoramic views of Dublin city. Gym fanatics be warned - there's nowhere to work up a sweat here, but guests do have free access to a local gym a short walk away.
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