Car Making Funny Noises After Recharging the Air Conditioning System?

There is your problem, your dad filled it with freon! You do not put Freon in a 97 car! Go to AUTOZONE and get a R134 refill kit and make sure it has a gage with it. You can overfill it with R134 and the compressor will start growling! You need a gage to check the pressure

1. Air conditioning problems in an older car: search for & repair leak, or just add refrigerant?

If you are still running R-12 in the system than look out that stuff is running about 125.00 a pound, and you will need about 1 pound and a half. Now if you go to pep boys they sell a kit that you can put in yourself and it's about 40 bucks. It's the new R-134 but you have no choice but to use it. They also have a dye that you put in to check for leaks

2. Air Conditioning Refrigerant Exploded In My Car?

The refrigerant evaporated immediately after the explosion. There is no long lasting effect from the gas. Most cans have some oil in them along with the gas. The oil can stain your seats or carpet, but can be cleaned out easily

3. Air conditioning on a 560 Carver Voyager problem?

1 of your units has a leak The freon is low Pressure.Get it check for a leak

4. Air Conditioning for Home & Car...from the SUN?

Air conditioning requires huge power which if you want to take from solar energy it will require, at the present technological state, huge panels which will be impracticable. Also there is a problem of night when there will not be any sun light when the AC has to be run from batteries which again are to be charged. All of them are uneconomical and impractical with the present date solar panels.

5. what controls the cooling temperature of the air conditioning?

> when i decrease or increase the temperature of the air conditioning through my remote > what happens inside the AC???? Almost nothing happens inside the AC. The thermostat, which is either external to the AC, or right at the room air intake, knows the room air temperature and the temperature you want. When those two are equal, the thermostat will turn the cooling part of the AC "off". (The fan may or may not continue running, depending on the AC.) The thermostat will turn the cooling system back "on", when the room temperature rises above your desired temperature.

6. Is there Air conditioning which is enviromentally friendly? I.E. Doesnt heat the enviroment...?

There is a new idea called geothermal cooling and heating. Extremely deep holes are drilled around the home and or office. Tubes are then inserted into the holes and are run through the building. The heat from the earth keeps the building at a year-round temperature of about 68 degrees.This is still a pretty expensive alternative to a/c though. However, many scientists are saying that our CO2 emissions are not contributing to global warming as much as previously thought, but if its not CO2 i do not know what else it could be.

7. central air conditioning?

The up side of replacing the a.c. unit is that the new units use alot less electricity than the old ones do

8. How do you fix poor home air conditioning circulation?

House Air Circulation

9. College student needs some urgent advice on Air Conditioning unit? :(?

I totally feel your pain. I've had similar issues with my suite-mates about that damn thermostat. If you can manage to secure a blanket or towel or, hell, a couple of washcloths over the vent, then try that. Of course, you could tell him to open a window and invest in a few fans or something. Since you are getting sick from the cold, I think he should deal with finding a way to cool himself off. Your health is more important.

10. How do I get rid of foul odor in vehicle air conditioning?

One way temporarily is to take it to your dealership so they can flush out the airconditioner system, it may cost you but not over $30. A quick fix is to take out the little covers on top of the airconditioner vents on your dash and spray it with Febreeze or a fabric freshener. That always works for me

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A Hundred Flowers Bloom in the Field of Fresh Air Conditioning, and TCL Air Conditioning Has Taken t
According to the data of the national home appliance industry information center, the retail volume and retail volume of fresh air conditioners in China increased by 252.1% and 117.3% year-on-year respectively in the first 14 weeks of 2020. In the past year, the expansion of fresh air conditioning market capacity mainly stems from the surge in consumer demand. Due to the baptism of the epidemic, the majority of users' health awarenessIt has reached an unprecedented height, and the attention and demand for health appliances have also increased.According to the survey data of Aowei cloud network, 92% of consumers pay special attention to health functions when purchasing household appliances, among which the awareness of health air conditioning is the highest, reaching 74.9%. On the demand side, among the health products purchased by consumers from January to September, healthy air conditioners accounted for 31.5%. The concept of health appliances has fully penetrated into consumers' consumption consciousness and become a new consumption demand.Ge Fengliang, vice president of China Household Appliances Research Institute, once said that under the general trend of the decline of the overall air conditioning market, fresh air conditioning is on the "fast lane" of development. On the one hand, this is due to the increasing attention of consumers to fresh air conditioning since this year. On the other hand, it is also due to the fact that air conditioning enterprises have accelerated the research and development of fresh air conditioning, and new technologies and products emerge one after another in the market.From the current layout of mainstream air-conditioning brands in the fresh air-conditioning market, Midea, Gree, TCL air-conditioning, Hisense and other major manufacturers have an obvious trend to work in the field of fresh air-conditioning. It can be said that all major enterprises have come up with their own skills. From the technical point of view, TCL air conditioner is a bright spot among many major air conditioning brands. The author personally believes that the fresh air technology of TCL air conditioner also understands users better and fits users' needs better.TCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner is the flagship product of TCL air conditioner launched in March this year. The author summarizes that this product has four technical highlights, which are worthy of our careful taste and experience.Highlight 1: constant temperature fresh air technologyTCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner is not only satisfied with delivering clean fresh air and improving indoor air quality, but also wants to bring extremely comfortable temperature on this basis. Therefore, it has developed this constant temperature fresh air technology.That is, when the outdoor air enters the room, the air conditioner will conduct intelligent constant temperature treatment on it. After heating or cooling, mix the newly entered air flow with the main air flow to maintain a consistent temperature. This can not only improve the indoor air quality, but also keep the indoor temperature constant, bid farewell to the discomfort of heat and cold, and further improve the comfort.Highlight 2: raise the little blue wing, and the house is full of fresh airTCL air conditioner has made a technical breakthrough in the air outlet design of fresh air conditioner. We know that generally, the air outlet of fresh air conditioner will be set above the air conditioner. In fact, this will bring disadvantages that are easy to be ignored by two users. The first air outlet is exposed for a long time, which is easy to accumulate dust and difficult to take care of, affecting the cleanliness of fresh air; Second, fresh air blows against the ceiling, which not only compresses the air supply distance, but also damages the ceiling wall.Therefore, TCL air conditioner does not adopt this conventional air outlet design, but uses the lifting small blue wing new air outlet instead. Under normal mode, the fresh air outlet is closed and dust will not accumulate; When the fresh air mode is opened independently, the small blue wing new air outlet rises slowly, and the incoming fresh air is sucked into the air conditioning cycle by the high negative pressure device of the air conditioner through the function of the small blue wing new air outlet, which not only increases the air supply distance, but also reduces the damage to the ceiling.At the same time, as a new generation of explicit technology IP of TCL air conditioner, xiaolanyi is easier to deepen users' cognition. As long as you see that xiaolanyi rises slowly, fresh air will slowly blow all over the house.It is understood that in the future, TCL air conditioner will upgrade the technology IP of "little blue wing", which will be equipped with a variety of intelligent experiences. For example, it can intelligently monitor the indoor carbon dioxide content and automatically start the smart fresh air health technology module; Intelligently identify the air cleanliness, monitor the indoor PM2.5 content, and automatically start the intelligent clean wind intelligent health technology module; Intelligently perceive the user distance, automatically start the smart soft wind smart health technology module, etc., so that more users can easily enjoy healthier air.Highlight 3: smart soft wind technology version 2.0For a long time, TCL air conditioner gives users the impression of high comfort, so "extreme comfort" has now become the brand gene of TCL air conditioner. On TCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner, TCL air conditioner once again upgraded its housekeeping skill - Smart soft wind technology.The original single soft wind has become richer and more diverse. Under the refrigeration mode, four soft wind non direct blowing modes, such as soft wind, carpet wind, bath wind and surround wind, can be realized, so that users can choose the air supply mode according to the actual use scenario and demand, and can enjoy the comfortable experience brought by the cold wind non direct blowing in any scenario, This is really the ultimate user comfort experience.Highlight 4: it is installed in the original hole position without secondary drillingIn addition to the technical aspect, the installation of TCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner is also full of details. At present, fresh air conditioners on the market need to be reamed or re reamed when they are installed, which often leads to problems such as "destruction of wall structure", "noise pollution" and "dust everywhere and unsightly". However, TCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner skillfully combines fresh air pipeline and refrigeration pipeline. Users can use the original hole position for installation without secondary drilling, which is simple, fast and in place in one step.To sum up, fresh air conditioning must be the wind vane for the future development of the air conditioning market. With the entry of more and more technology giants, the market competition will become more and more fierce. In this competitive market situation, whoever takes the lead in strategic layout and has technical advantages will have the right to speak in the market. Obviously, TCL air conditioning has made full preparations. The author also believes that with the technical reserves and strength of TCL air conditioning, fresh air conditioning is a new position, and TCL air conditioning has enough confidence and ability to occupy a high position.
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