Death's Office Day

Death was bored to...well, death. The day started out just fine, and then she got out of bed and discovered her coffee pot had died. It was new. The extended warranty card was still sitting on top of the machine. She hit the coffee machine as many times as she could in rapid succession.

It just refused to work.

She checked the water, coffee grounds, even the plug; all were exactly as the instructions said they should be. But no coffee was to be had in the foreseeable future. Time, her husband, happily strolled into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and pulled out a soda.

"Good morning, Beautiful!" he proclaimed."You promised you would stop wearing those dirty, old cork-wood sandals inside the house," Death didn't feel like being cheerful. She was doomed. It was an office day. She didn't have coffee. Time was in a good mood. "I just cleaned the floors last night."Time looked at his feet, "As you did. But these are new and have yet to be worn outside.

Therefore they are not dirty.

Problem solved.

" He rocked back on his feet smiling broadly at his own cleverness. He was leaving little black scuffs on the floor.Death took Time's soda and drank it. She handed the empty can back to Time. She went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day.

She allowed the hot water to soak her to the bones. She stretched her long, black wings out and felt the water cascade down them. Death finished her shower, dried, and folded her wings around her, making her cloak.

She looked in the mirror as she brushed her hair and teeth, but not with the same brush. She could put it off no longer. She needed to go to work.Death kissed Time good-bye, which only added a silver touch to her long, black hair. Time would only look younger; he always did.

"Time, darling, could you give me a touch bit more time to stop by the coffee shop?""You stole my soda," Time teased. "Of course I will. You have never been late yet.""I know, but I hoped to be once." Death closed the front door thinking it was good to have Time on her side. She walked across her front porch and passed the rose bushes in full bloom, taking in their aroma.

She walked down the cobblestone walk which was no small feat with her high-heeled boots. She wandered through her manicured garden waving at any rouge bunny rabbit peeking out of the bushes. Her yard consistently won the neighborhood's 'Beautiful Garden' contest.

She accredited her success to the type of compost she used. (She has yet to share what type of compost she uses. No one wants to ask.)Death closed her front rod iron gate and locked it.

She took a step folding space and time landing her directly in the coffee house. It is a perk to be able to 'step' and be someplace. Death found it was easier than driving, since her driver's license was revoked.

Insurance companies would cry as soon as she would walk in to file another claim.At the counter was a young man who would make a skeleton think of going on a diet. His hair was pure grease, and his ears were lined with earrings.

On his exposed skin, he supported a tattoo up one arm which stated, 'Pink Ponies Rock'. On the other arm he supported tattoos of coffee beans. The young man who didn't look more than in his twenties, smiled broadly as he watched Death approach the counter, "Are you here for me, or just the black coffee and chocolate-chocolate-chip-chocolate-fudge-icing-of-death muffin with whip cream and a cherry on top, again?"Death smiled, today was looking better.

The tray was already on the counter waiting for her. Death paid for her food and left. She sat on a park bench and listened to the Heavenly Angels sing in jealousy. When she could put it off no longer, Death went to work.

It didn't matter how long she put it off. It was inevitable she would be at work. She was never late, no matter how hard she tried.It was Wednesday, so Death rode the elevator to the thirteenth floor of the twelve story office building she worked in.

Normally she would have taken the stairs. All the fitness magazines said she had to take the stairs, but she could skip one day a week for rest. Time wouldn't let her skip over the whole day, so she simply rode the elevator.

Death sat staring at her computer screen.

Her reflection was faint in the blue backdrop of the screensaver. Her eyes would drift to her own reflection as one of the orange goldfish swam by. She looked at her long, black hair streaming down the sides of her face and she briefly considered a new hair style.

Maybe a pixie cut... The silver streak down the left side of her face was cheery. She sighed knowing it would be gone tomorrow. Her attention was pulled to a computerized image of a man in a three-piece suit wearing concrete shoes plummeting to the bottom of the screen.

As he landed, computerized sand 'poofed' from the bottom of the screen, the man waved. Death waved back with a sigh.Office days were the worst. Paperwork never seemed to end. Oh, it was electronic now, but she would be happier when she didn't have to use gloves to type on her computer. If she didn't wear gloves IT would be online with her computer in minutes trying to repair the damage she unintentionally inflicted.

Two of the zombies in IT had standing vacation days planned on all of Death's scheduled office days for the foreseeable future. With her computer down it gave her the opportunity to play her favorite game on her phone. She could play 'Dinosaur Baseball' all day.

She aspired to have all of her bases loaded with Velociraptors. The rumors in the office were they would eat the pitcher to end the game. Death just didn't want to give up batting with the Tyrannosaurus.

His short arms holding a bat still brings a happy tear to her eye.Not all paperwork was electronic. The 'Special Cases Department' Death managed still utilized paper files. With all the computer problems Death experienced and the number of IT zombies jumping off the top floor of the building, paper seemed the best option.

(The IT zombies only jump for effect.

Then they get up, dust themselves off, and get back to work. They are professionals after all.) Death was always thankful the sloths, which delivered the high-priority cases, were given skateboards with squeaky wheels so she was warned when they were close. Sloths, being natural bureaucrats, were quickly (it only took a few centuries) inducted into the corporate structure.

If she didn't pay attention closely, then she might step carelessly down on one which had fallen asleep mid-journey. This would ruin everyone's day, except for those weirdos in property management. The sloths spend most of their time eating all their meeting paperwork.

Also, the 'poop pole' is located in the center of the property management department. (Important note: sloths have been crediting for potty training mankind. Sloths prefer to go to the bathroom once a week and at the same spot.

They are still working with mankind on the timing of the bathroom policies since mankind keeps going to the bathroom all the time!)The intercom crackled, "Attention please, the Reapers who all contributed to Marty, our senior mail-zombie's gift for his hospital visit, you might want to know we raised over a hundred dollars. He was able to find a new left foot to replace the extra spare right foot he has been forced to wear since the office dance party. We wish Marty good luck with the bottle of super glue later this afternoon as he tries to attach his new left foot.

By the way, anyone who wants to witness the procedure report to the mail room at three. For all those who have a standing bet on where the foot actually is glued to, come at four. Thank you for listening." A cheer rose around the office cubes.Death checked her cell phone. The show was not for another six hours. She needed to focus on the training program she was supposed to be working on.

It took her only one hour to get the computer on, and two calls to IT. Now her screensaver was hiding her slide presentation. The last she had seen, the slide was being torn in two by one of the new computer viruses attacking her computer.

Her instant message box popped up.

In the corner of her screen, the IT worker by the handle pleasenotdeathagain1, sent a short message, 'now try it.'Death checked her gloves and carefully pressed the space bar. The screensaver faded away. Death's training presentation slide #42 appeared on the screen showing an image of a man with his arms held over his head running as fast as he could across the screen.

The next image was of a cloaked figure running halfway across the screen stopping midway to catch his breath. The first man ran in a state of full panic, passing by the cloaked figure, lapping him. The words, 'don't let this happen to you' bounced onto the screen.

The letters stopped bouncing on the running figure, squashing him. In no small way, this made Death happy.Clicking on the instant message box, Death typed her thanks and sent the message. 'pleasenotdeathagain1' quickly signed off leaving Death staring at the cloaked figure rushing after the running man again.

Death changed the direction of the bouncing lettering several times to see which way looked better.Death pulled up the next slide in the presentation and groaned. Bullet point text... Why did every slide have to have bullet point text? No animation, nothing, just text.

Death groaned as she began to read, "A Reaper must be prepared for the unexpected at..." Death's eyes began to cross.Coffee...she needed coffee. The 'Heart Attack Department' made the best coffee for a century in a row, according to the office coffee contests. They didn't worry about decaf. They doubled up the grounds and added whisky to the creamer.

The office floor was smoke free (building codes) but the 'Heart Attack Department' placed their ash trays under the 'do not smoke' signs.Death stepped out of her cube, and jumped back as an 'IEEEE' screech echoed down the hall. She looked down and a three-toed grey sloth covered his eyes as he slowly rolled on a skateboard ten feet away, slowly towards her.

"So sorry Hank, I will try not wake you so abruptly," Death apologized.The sloth nodded his appreciation as he scooted. The squeaking of the skateboard wheel sounded down the hall as he steadily scooted along.

Death went the other direction with her black skull-and-crossbones coffee mug in hand. She started in the direction of the smoke billowing from the center of the building. As she passed the water cooler of the 'Sports Accidents and Twenty-Seven Club Department,' two Reapers were discussing whether or not Marty would use the right type of glue.

(The Twenty-Seven Club was added to this department because famous young stars reaped at the age of twenty-seven would be splashed all over the media. This department was already equipped with a good public relations representative. So, in the 1950's the department was expanded.

The Reaper who dealt with the twenty-seven year old stars could be identified because he dressed as a movie agent, gold necklace included.) Death realized this is where the new office pool would start as the two Reapers mentioned the potential betting spread. She quickly walked past not wanting to be sucked into the conversation.

Although she disagreed when she overheard one Reaper say, "You know... ten-to-one odds on wood glue. It takes longer to set up, but when it is..."After five minutes, and a detour through the 'Death by Chocolate Department,' where all the Heavenly Angels tend to hang out, Death made it to the coffee pot. It was empty. The bottom of the pot was burned black, and the office sprinklers turned on.

Death checked her cell phone.

She should have known.

Nine-thirty was the mandatory wash-down of the department putting out the majority of the old cigar butts. She walked two departments over to the 'Old Timer Department'. Their coffee was not as strong, but it was reliable enough to make sure she was going to be awake.

She just needed to make sure she didn't make eye contact with any of the old men sitting around the tables. They spent half of their time checking obituary notices, commenting on the sloppy way the young Reapers worked today. The old lady Reapers just complained about how the young female Reapers dressed.

On her way back to her office, Death stopped by the 'Religious Fanatic Department' to check in. She was in charge of overseeing the new employees of this department and being a mentor. She sometimes filled in. All the Reapers were buried under piles of paperwork, each with a mandatory coffee pot on their desk.

One Reaper had new files shot through a vacuum tube at him. His computer was issuing smoke as his email alert chime was constantly sounding. His phone continued to ring in the background.

He finally gave it up as a hopeless case and ran for it. The tube turned to its next victim, a young looking Reaper who Death just finished training. The Reaper must have paid attention on the second day of classes, 'Delegation and You'.

She pulled out a tennis racket and was batting the cases to other Reapers sitting nearby. Death made note this department still uses paper files for her training deck. She moved on.The intercom cracked to life, "Attention please, Marty's new left foot has made a break for it.

IF anyone sees it scurrying by, please notify the mail room. Thank you for listening."Death watched as several heads peered up over the cube walls and then quickly ducked back inside.Seeing there was nothing else to do, Death headed back to her cube.

She was in the middle of her coffee when she groaned looking over the rim of her mug. The 'Accidental Traffic Fatalities Department,' head rushed up to her, waving a file folder over his head. The man was short and skinny, his cloak dragging the ground under him seeming three sizes too big.

"Death... Oh, Death! I have the updates for the training..." He tripped, bouncing and rolling to Death's feet. "I told you I would have these to you..." Marty's mail cart crashed down the aisle and hit the man. The cart pinched him to the floor leaving his arms and legs to stick up like Death's favorite cartoon characters.

"Thank You.

" Death took the file from the man's outstretched hand. "I will send you an email later to check on you.""So kind..." was all the man grunted out as Marty's escaped left foot started to kick the downed Reaper.

"I knew he would come back to haunt me.

Do a friend a favor...ouch!" Death walked away as the Reaper attempted to defend himself with a bundle of sales brochures.Death made it back to her cube. Hank just passed her door and was looking rather pleased. Death pressed the approved space bar turning off the screensaver.

Bullet points were still present.

There was the word 'that' used again.

Death sighed as she clicked away on her mouse.The mouse died. No matter how hard she hit the plastic mouse on her desk, it just wouldn't work. Death picked up the phone. "Hello, Mr. Bell, would you send up a new mouse?" There was a pause as Death listened, "No, for my computer.

" There was another pause, "Yes, I know it is the fourth this week, it is not my fault you send me wireless mice all the time." There was another pause, "I don't think it is funny, the plural form of mouse is mice...Oh just send me a new damn mouse." Death hung up the phone. It wasn't her fault Mr. Alexander Bell didn't use proper English language.

A roving vacuum tube stopped over Death's cube. A small white mouse was shot onto the desk top, and started to scurry to Death's computer. Just as a mouse reached the mouse pad, a cat from the 'Ancient Egyptian Department' jumped down off the top of her cube wall.

It purred as it walked off with only the mouse's tail hanging out of its mouth. Death groaned as she realized she was going to have to call Mr. Bell back. Death fumed to herself there was even an 'Ancient Egyptian Department.

' In her opinion they should have been downsized. The general philosophy of management was there is no reason to dissolve a department in case 'they all' decide to come back. Besides, everyone knows the 'Ancient Egyptian Department' was in charge of making the yearly calendars and no one wanted to take over the responsibility.

The intercom cracked again, "The 'South Bound Direct Deposit Department' would like to invite everyone to join them in the family wiener roast next Tuesday night. Bring your own utensils and side dish to share. Also, it is raining outside." Death stood and peeked over the top of her cube wall.

Several others joined her.

She cursed herself for looking.

There were no windows on her side of the building."Are you going?" the voice on the other side of the cube wall called out."No, are you?" Death answered back."I haven't decided. There is a girl in the department..." his voice trailed off.

Death looked up from the slide she just finished, "Not the red-head, again?""Well," Death could almost feel the man blush on the other side of the wall. "It isn't like we work in the same department.""You know she was kicked out of the..." Death started her friendly warning.

"I know, it is part of the appeal," the Reaper chimed cutting her off. "How is the training slide deck coming?" She could hear the desperation in his voice to change the subject."Horrible, who uses a pie graph to show the passage of time? Just because it looks like a clock, doesn't mean it works like a clock.

I would like to reap the person who came up with this. I have lost count of the number of 'that's' and wrong versions of 'since'. Oh, and the snarky language..." Death groaned.

There was a long pause, "Rough, huh? Wasn't it a slide deck we bought? Or did you set this deck up?""Lower Management bought it," Death corrected. "I was on vacation. If I remember correctly, you were supposed to take my place at the meeting. Now do you see why I have Jack, my substitute, who I can trust when I take vacations?""Oh, by the way thanks for proofreading my last new article.

It was very nice of you to rewrite it for me. I like the joke you added in the second paragraph, it brought the whole article together," the voice coughed slightly on the other side of the wall. "When are you going on vacation again? Jack is usually good for a late night poker game.

Jack doesn't sleep much, does he?""No worries. I don't know. Jack is rather attached to his wife. He needs to fill in the time somehow while they are apart," Death clicked away on her new mouse. This mouse was wired to her computer. She loved it. The first few clicks it still squeaked since the transformation was not complete, but now it worked perfectly.

"Wait, I just got back from vacation.

It will be awhile before I am eligible again. Thanks for making me feel so important."The intercom crackled again, "As a part of the efforts to lower insurance costs, we are going to establish a wellness program. We, the Management, encourage all employees to sign up.

There is also a website for your convenience. Please report to the 'Heavenly Conference Room One' at one today for more information. Donuts and soda will be served afterwards in "Hell's Lounge" at one thirty.

Lucy said it is BYOB.

" A cheer roared through the office.

"Trinity said she will turn all alcohol to water, for your own health benefit." The cheers were less energetic as the speakers crackled, signing off."Oh, I hope they have those Devil Food cream-filled donuts, again.

" The voice on the other side of the cube wall said happily. "Last time they had cake! I you think...""No, I doubt they have cake if they served cake last time. By the way, Jack has his other job to do.

The last I heard he was behind on his investigations. I doubt very highly he has time for a poker game right now. Anyways, I thought you were on a diet?" Death groaned as her cell phone vibrated across her desk.

"I am," the voice responded.

"What investigations does Jack have to do? What's up with your phone?""Time. He wants to know what we are going to have for dinner. I haven't even had lunch. How in the hell..." Death felt a good tirade building.

"Do you have a man-crush on Jack or something?"The voice on the other side of the cube wall changed the subject, "Don't you have a meeting in five? It says so on your calendar. Yes, there it is right after a large block labeled, 'Don't disturb me, working on training slide deck'. Boy, you're cranky today."Death looked at the wall. The kitten calendar looked adorable, but there was nothing written down.

"I don't think so.

""Stop checking the wall calendar.

It has the wrong month up anyways.

Also, I noticed your calendar is five years behind... Your email calendar has this time blocked off for a meeting. You were invited to go to property management's project on office layouts. You better get cracking. Remember what happened the last time you blew off one of their meetings? We ended up back here.

They were pretty upset with you when you told them to bugger off." The voice on the other side of the wall said as the distinct sound of plastic wrappers opened."I thought they were inviting me to have my old office back.

You know, to apologize for such a lousy floor plan. Maybe they want to do it in public. I would have been happy for just an email and a note saying when I could move back into my office," Death saved what she was working on. "Where is this blessed meeting?""The Resurrection Room," was mumbled through a mouthful of food.

"I wouldn't expect an apology.

They have 'Big E' on it.

She hasn't liked you ever since you corrected her spelling."Death grabbed her notebook and headed off. The thoughts of her old office still haunted her.

She had two windows, two! They were big windows with a view. She had a door with a lock on it. She always locked it. It was a good lock. She loved the way it would click when she locked her door. She didn't even have a door now. She had a hole and not a very good hole either.

Every time Marty the senior mail-zombie would push his cart into it, the wall would move. In her old office she had walls, and they didn't move. Beautiful walls, with light wood trimming and a place for each of her twelve scythes.

Now, she has limited space.

She could only keep one in her cube.

She didn't have anything against 'Big E' as everyone called the lady behind her back. Her real name was something like Edina, but Death wasn't sure about this. 'Big E' or Edina was a Reaper who once reported to the 'Morbidly Obese Department.

' She was pulled out of the field when she went for lunch, and didn't report back to work for five days. When they found her, she was threatening to reap an entire restaurant if they didn't make her chicken properly. (Oh, and where in the hell are my mashed potatoes and small diet soda!)The head of the 'Infant Mortality Department' and 'Reincarnation Department' were walking to the same room chatting happily away.

They were comparing and sharing their weekends off. Death followed close enough to listen to the 'Reincarnation Department' head brag about the next meeting 'How ghosts are people too' could be skipped because it didn't affect his department. He rounded on Death, "I know what you are going to say, but I am not changing my slides for your training class.

I don't care if the slides are old.

My clients have a routine that works, why change it?""You used 'that' again. The slides have two typos," Death sighed."So, who is going to read them? The last time I was out in the field my client was upset I was only ten minutes early.

She had all of her paperwork filled out, and I will be damned if she didn't have it typed," the head of 'Reincarnation Department' nodded his balding head rapidly. "I bet you don't have THAT..." he smiled broadly as he stressed the word 'that' and accented it with a short pause, " your department.""The new Reapers, we are challenged to train, might not understand this with your slides.

Stone tablets do not work very well in the projector. I would hate it if the new recruits accidentally ruin your perfect system," Death said easily.The man considered this and huffed, "Well, you have a point.

The clients usually have their paperwork filled out by the time we get there, so...I'll risk it." He walked into the office room humming to drown out Death's protests. "Besides, our newest recruit was brought into the department before paper was invented.

We didn't see the need to change then, nor do we now. It works."The 'Infant Mortality Department' head smiled, "Did you get my updates? I added more colors, bold bright colors. I thought they should be cheery slides. We have all agreed the Teddy Bears we have sewn on our cloaks don't have to have bow ties.

I was outvoted.

Just like the last decade when I wanted to change the cloak to a fuzzy bear outfit. Oh well, I will win one of these times, you wait and see." The head of the 'Reincarnation Department' stepped silently away.

"I thought those slides were from the 'Clown Collection Department'. It was the big red shoes..." Death paused to check her notes. "Damn, it is right here. I'll get it corrected. Sorry. The clowns are mad someone found potential feather fossils on dinosaurs.

In reality it was just eaten clown remains since we all remember how the dinosaurs didn't have a sense of humor. Well, a paleontologist assumed all dinosaurs had feathers and the academic community is all abuzz about it. The 'Clown Collection Department' is logging a formal protest to Upper Management because Lower Management found it so funny.

They, the clowns, want the record set straight. They refuse to turn in their updates until this is addressed.""I understand they do get touchy. It is hard to take them seriously with them all crammed into one car driving the halls all the time.

The horns too...I don't know if I could reap a clown," the man with a purple tie-dyed teddy bear wearing a pink polka-dot bow tie, sewn to the Reaper's chest, leaned closer to Death, "It is rather creepy, don't you think?" He walked off saving Death from having to reply.Death took her seat at the half-mooned conference table. The 'Atheist Department' head had his arms folded in front of him as he declared, "We would like to announce we don't believe this is really necessary.

Nor do we believe we are actually sitting here right now. The fact we are, only signifies the power of our minds." He wouldn't talk like this with Edina in the room.

He was scared of her and the fact she might be real."I don't know, it could be fun," announced the head of 'Accidental Causality by Fun Department'. It was a new department Death was sponsoring.

Death figured with all the new 'extreme sports' it only made sense to keep up with the times. The head of the department continued as she took off her hot pink helmet, red safety goggles, and beat up knee and elbow pads, "The cube walls has us so isolated, I don't feel like we are able to collaborate properly."Death sighed, "Yes, isn't it wonderful. There is a time and place for collaboration.

There is a time and place to be left alone to work. Mixing them only makes more noise and less productivity."Any response due to come to Death was lost as a hassled woman entered the room.

The doorway buckled as she entered.

She rolled a black laptop bag behind her as she bounced into the room. She slammed down the books she was carrying and blew a red curl of hair out of her face. Death thought the woman's pug nose made her look more piggy than the last time she saw her.

She pulled out her laptop and started shoving random cords into it. It was a show in-and-of-itself to watch the woman's short, chubby fingers grasp and shove the short cords. She powered the computer on, and rushed out of the room.

Within seconds she was laboring back into the room drinking deeply from a coffee pot. (No mug, just the pot.) The woman plopped down into a roll chair and slowly drifted backwards as she was busy typing on her phone. When she placed her phone down, everyone in the room's cell phones chimed.

Death pulled hers up to see the text, 'Please turn these things off for the next hour.' A soft thud echoed through the room as Edina's chair hit the back wall.As Death happily powered down her phone, several of the other heads of departments became nervous.

The head of the IT department looked at his bag phone and unplugged it from the wall. As the whining of the charger faded, the phone stopped humming. It died with a hissing noise. The head of the 'Information Age' department looked hesitantly at his cell phone.

He raised his hand, "As a matter of fact, I don't think I can turn mine off."Edina huffed as she struggled to move her great girth and the chair forward at the same time to her laptop. "Why?" she groaned."It's the information age. I was told by my department it can't be turned off.

We just reap what is out of date and I'll be hanged if we can keep up. I don't even know if my phone has a power button." The man placed his phone on the table so it was out for everyone to see.

It was the newest and fanciest cell phone in the room. Several of the other heads of department looked at its smooth lines longingly. The IT manager started to cry as he struggled to lift his bag phone to the floor.

The woman looked over her horn-rimmed glasses, "Right then, please hand your phone to Death.""Do I have to?" the man looked sadly at his phone. "It's new." Then all department heads gave him a moment of silence.

"Yes," Edina pointed to her chair as two of the closest Reapers jumped up to push her forward. They groaned with effort as the wheels protested movement.The 'Information Age' department head handed his phone to Death as she took off her gloves.

As she touched it, a great cheer erupted deep in the building. The phone smoked slightly and popped to its last second. Death smiled apologetically as she handed it back.

The man looked at his phone, and sighed as the "IT Department" head struggled to push his bag phone to Death looking hopefully at her.The slide show began. Hundreds of open, bright floor plans flashed on the screen rapidly. The only body part physically fit on Edina was the woman's right thumb.

By the speed the slides were passing by, she was there to show off its strength. Some of the department heads cheered when they saw different break areas, with TV's and couches. One break area even had an image of a mandatory nap chamber complete with shower and coffee pot.

The "IT Department" head cried longingly when he saw different slides of other "IT Department" layouts. He pointed with a shaky hand at the image of computer servers which didn't house large spools of film. There were no slots for the paper punch cards to be entered or to be printed off on.

All the lights worked and the buttons look new and shiny. The monitors were large flat screens. His monitor in his cube was held together by a combination of sticky notes, heavy packing tape and a stack of books to hold it up. In the corner of his cube he kept extra car batteries for his bag phone.


She tried not to, but the bullet points and repeated slides with endless text assaulted her ability to care and won.Edina ended the slide deck and turned the lights back on. The projector was smoking as well as the clicker Edina was using.

Death snorted herself back awake.

Of course, the fact the 'IT Department' head was trying to force Death's hand onto the bag phone might have helped. "Do you have any questions?" called Edina."Yes, when do I get my office back?" Death looked around the room in surprise as everyone looked at her open-mouthed.

"What? I loved my office.

""We are here to discuss the need to collaborate and improve our ability to reap. We have been tasked to seek out all the opportunities and to overcome all foreseen paths to possible failures. We feel we can fix all the possible failures with a better floor plan design.

I figured the 'head of training' would see the importance of Reapers working together and sharing ideas." The woman's chubby cheeks fluffed in and out as she spoke."Yes, you are correct, for them. I loved my office," Death protested. "Besides, in 'Special Cases Department' we have a need for secrecy and confidentiality.

We have been tasked with finding opportunities to remove any waste of time like..."The intercom broke in, "Someone left a box of cookies for all to share in the break room. Please fill free to help..."The noise of everyone else in the office running to the break room drowned out the sounds of the intercom. Edina looked hungrily at the door. Death finished, "...I had a lock and everything, a rack for twelve scythes all sharp with different shapes depending on need.

What better place could I teach, collaborate, and perfect my professional development than in the blessed solitude of my own office?""Anyplace," was the response. "Also, if you plan of 'retiring me' like you did the last ten of my predecessors... Trinity said you will need to go back to sensitivity training, political correctness, and yoga classes for a month, while on desk duty.""Will I get an office for this time period?" Death asked reasonably.

"No," Edina attempted to cross her arms over her chest. The best she could accomplish was loosely lace her fingers together.Death crossed her arms in a huff, "Fine.""Now, before we meet again next week, I need a list of all the obstacles we need to overcome.

Also, we need to work on the assigned roles of this project. Death, I am looking forward to yours most of all. It should prove my point why collaboration works better.

I imagine with your trepidation you will struggle to do this project." The woman tried to glare at Death, but the fat of the eyebrows ruined the effect. They slowly sagged over her eyes."I don't know, Death, well, she pretty much runs everything.

If she puts her mind to it..." The 'Information Age Department' head protested as Edina waved him off.Death smiled as she pulled four sheets of paper off of her notepad. "Here you go... this is just off the top of my head.

The spelling, grammar, and punctuation are all correct, unlike your slide deck. They are listed in the order of importance, unlike your presentation. Page three has the typos and suggestions to improve your slide show, taking out my desire for an office.

Page four added the reasons why your slide show didn't work. You didn't sell me on the importance, because I miss my office. If I remember right you ran the last floor change as well.

You might want to consider the sloths need more room. They do better in trees, like before. This would move the sloths out of 'Property Management's' and 'Personnel Offices.' Of course, if you want to collaborate, take page one.

You could consider how nice and relaxing trees would be for us all to sit under."There was a round of applause for trees, as well as for the sloths. (Some of the new Reapers have adopted the policy of carrying a baby sloth in their pockets.

When they are feeling stress, they pull it out and the baby sloth snuggles in and snores.) Edina flipped through the pages, "We got rid of the trees because of the mess. How nice... you color coded...Besides, the smell of the sloth poop is very overwhelming.

Who cares about the sloths need for trees?""Only because your office is the poop tree, and they do. It wouldn't have been your office if you had thought through this floor plan. It is not my fault jelly doughnut smears on the blueprints threw off the design team.

The Creator likes sloths, calling them the perfect bedtime pal. So, I would be careful of your dislike or you will have worse than sensitivity training. Besides, I don't have any more room on my cube wall for another certificate of completion.

I would in my old office.

" Death left the room as she heard all but one cell phone chiming to life.Death sat down in her cube, and powered on her phone. An alert sounded she needed to be in the 'Ghosts are People Too' meeting.

Death looked around her cube, sighed, and marched back down the hall. She strolled into the 'Stiffs Abound' meeting room. It was one of Lower Management's.The room was filled with most of the other department heads.

Death found an available seat at the end table. The slide deck erupted to life projecting onto the wall. The presenter was a ghost. He struggled to keep his tie in place as it would slowly drift to the floor.

He elegantly talked about how ghosts have the right to stay behind as long as they adhere to some very set rules. The slides matched what he was saying. His slide show only had one idea to a slide. The animation and pictures were the best Death witnessed in a long time.

The charts and graphs were colorful and thought out. Death wept for joy. No typos either! With the presentation was over, and the slide was showing the ghost's contact information, 'Edger Poe, Local Light House, New Salem, MA 01355' his email was listed but hard to make out since the light projected through him. Death made it a point to go and shake his hand.

As she did, a light shone on him.

He was taken away with his arms crossed over his chest. He glared at Death. Death was handed the paperwork to fill out by the head of 'Ghost Allocations and Permits Department'. The woman laughed as she walked out of the room, "We have been trying to get him for years, the little bugger.

You are the best...I don't know how you do it."Death sighed, it was becoming a habit.Her phone showed five texts from Time. He was sending pictures of himself, again. At least these he was wearing clothing. His posing like a runway model was ridiculous.

His lips pursed in his best duck face with his head on his shoulder... Back in her office, Death's screensaver showed one mobster with water wing floats struggling against the pull of the concrete shoes. Death felt his pain. This office day just wouldn't end.She focused on her slide deck. It was a week long presentation. She was still waiting on five departments to send her updates. Four of the departments were easy enough, but the last department was always the roughest.

The dreaded 'Mass Extinction and Testing Department' was always last in everything. They deemed themselves the 'rock stars' of the organization. (They had loads of private jokes.) In truth they just rehashed scary ideas they picked up from Friday night 'B' movies.

They constantly played old 'B' movies in the corner of their computer screens looking for new ways not previously considered. There last contribution was an invasion of yodeling frogs. Death assumed they were joking until they produced brochures and 'how-to-prepare' propaganda ready for distribution.

The training drills sent more Reapers to the hospital than Death had seen in centuries. (She soundly refused to do leapfrog on the stairs while yodeling.)For the necessity of time, she started working on her favorite section of the presentation, the 'what not to do's'.

She loved the fact her substitute, Jack, was responsible for all the new policies she covered in her presentation. Her favorite picture was of a man wearing a fish bowl on his head and a vacuum strapped to his back. (This was inspired by Jack's idea of costume enhancement while reaping strange alien abduction cults.

) He was rolling on the ground in laughter. St. Peter, in the background, was arguing with a long line of people all dressed in sweat suits and matching haircuts. It was followed closely by Jack playing poker with an angel and a demon (nothing stands in the way of Friday night poker) while a group of souls were waiting to be reaped.

They were in a local bar.

His excuse was he didn't want anyone to be bored while they played. The loser of the game would have to do the paperwork, so the stakes were high. Death loved Jack for his ability to shake up things in the office.

Her favorite was when he filled the water cooler with prune juice.The Misfiled Paperwork slides were added in this section. Jack always did his paperwork wrong. Misspelled words, the wrong form of 'to', the coffee stains, and the doughnut and food grease were just to name a few.

Death's favorite was documents backdated because the Reaper wasn't able to get to the newly dead until after they finished watching a football game. The deceased had tickets and an extra one for the Reaper if he wanted it...Death flipped through the slides as the intercom cracked to life again, "Attention please, Marty's new left foot has run off with Marty. If anyone sees Marty, please check to see where the foot is located for the office pool.

Also, mail has not been delivered yet.

Thank you for your patience.

"Death checked her phone.

It was getting close to time to go home.

In a text, she asked if Time had suggestions for supper. Time threatened to roll back time to his original text. Death felt hungry. She had missed her lunch time and a sloth was resting comfortably in her lunch bag.

The salad she had brought was fluffed around the fuzzy creature while he slept. The sloth purred contently. Death sent a text back to Time, 'Let's just eat out.'Time answered her text, 'OK, sounds good.

How is your day?"Deaths flipped through her slide show admiring the majority of the slides were fixed. 'Boring, nothing much going on. Worked on a slide deck,' Marty was drug slowly by her cube as she sent the message.Marty grunted a greeting as the left foot glued to the zombies head struggling to break free.

Death noted she just won the office pool again. She gave him the thumbs up gesture as his shoulders bounced past her cube. Death considered the day wasn't going to get any better than this, and went home.


Which LCD/led TV repairing institute is good for the students?

Chiptroniks is one of the most renowned and top notch training institute that provides LED TV repairing course, laptop repairing course, data recovery course, printer repairing course and many other professional course etc.At our LED TV repairing institute in Delhi offers world class training in order to get expertise in LED TV repairing. With the arrival of LCD/LED TV in the market, the IT industry has gone sharper and advanced as thus there is need of some of the brilliant minds to resolve the issue that occurs in LED/LCD TV while functioning.

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Coffee but No Coffee Pot?
steep in some vodka for a couple of weeks then add some sugar for liquor or add it into cakes or puddings for flavour... put it into cookies.... mix it into vanilla icecream and refreeze it... endless possibilities!!1. COFFEE POT cleaning TIP for this single guy?Run a pot of Vinegar by using, then 2 pots of water. I try this as quickly as a month to my coffeemaker and it runs large, and this cleans it properly! Vinegar will dissolve the calcium and sophisticated Water construct -up that motives tine scratches on the outdoors of the glass, that motives the stains to hold on the glass2. The coffee pot at work was left on all night..?ice and salt3. Mold in a coffee pot? How do I disinfect it?For as little as you may drink coffee, I would invest in a new pot for under $20.00. not worth the time and effort and the thoughts that will always be associated with mold in your coffee4. Would you like a proper cup of coffee from a copper coffee pot or a proper cut of pot in a cup?neither - ty for asking!!!5. I have a Gevalia silver coffee pot and need to know how to program it to make coffee before I wake up?1.Set the correct time 2. Set the timer for 10 minutes before your alarm goes off. 3. Alarm goes off - and coffee is ready.6. how do u clean the back tank part of a bunn coffee pot, we were given a used one from my mom and it has all?I would try using vinegar, which works well for other parts as well7. how do you mend a broken coffee pot with a crack on the bottom?u cant believe me i know!! i work at dunkin donuts and ive cracked numerous ots with out knowing and just picking them up can cause them to shatter ouch!!!8. where can i find a replacement coffee pot for my espresso machine?you are able to make coffee at homestead affordably with a range applicable coffee maker besides the shown fact that it wo not flavor the comparable as one you purchase at a coffee shop. There are prompt espressos on the marketplace, only upload warm water and it foams or something like that ... no remark on what could be in them, I even have never regarded. in case you are keen to shell out approximately $3 hundred you will get a stable homestead coffee device (Starbucks are incredibly stable in the event that they nevertheless sell them) or bypass to a eating place nutrients kit shop that focuses on them yet once you are no longer keen to spend money i might only shop going out for coffee extremely than do it affordably at homestead9. Broken Coffee Pot Help??thermocouple is bad,toss it and buy another current prices,they are not worth fixing10. Do you set your coffee pot to go off automatically or do you turn it on when you get up?Nah, I make it fresh and turn it on, then hit the shower and it's ready and waiting when I am done. . This only works for guy showers. I do not have to put on my face and all that, just the basic triple S.11. Is There Such a Thing as a Coffee Pot That Does Not Dribble All Over??I use to have one, then it died. Now, I get the same problem you have. I think they changed something on the way they are made just to irritate the world! If I am anything to go by, they are doing a damn good job of it!12. How do I get coffee and tea stains out of mugs?Fill the mug with warm water & drop in an Efferdent Tablet (denture cleanser) It works very well. I used to own a Manufacturing company, the guys coffee mugs & coffee pot always were a mess, but about 5 minutes with the tablet, clean as a whistle. Wash them afterwards13. MY COFFEE POT BROKE!?pickpocket anyone who looks rich enough to have ten dollars cash on them and buy another one my man
Best Saeco Espresso Machines Reviews 2021 by AI Consumer Report - ProductUpdates
For some new customers, even for some who are experienced, finding the best Saeco espresso machines is not an easy job as you should consider numerous factors. If you are also confused about how to choose the most suitable one for your house, our best Saeco espresso machines reviews can provide some useful information and facilitate you to make the most sensible choice.As usual, the budget is one of the first things you consider when buying something new. Saeco offers various products at various prices. Normally, products with higher costs have extra features. But if you can not afford exorbitant Saeco espresso machines, a more affordable one is more suitable.So, before making final decisions, set a solid number for your ideal budget. Saeco is a famous brand in espresso machines; therefore, you do not need to worry about the quality of their products.To keep your best Saeco espresso machines look new and work efficiently, cleaning is an indispensable process. Unfortunately, some users find it super involved and it takes much of your time and effort.Several modern espresso machines have automatic cleaning functions, so you can prevent any undesirable issues when taking the machine apart or removing the buildups. Meanwhile, for some other espresso machines, you have to clean on your own.Almost all coffee aficionados believe that coffee grinders are one of the most vital things to make a perfect cup of coffee. Besides coffee grinders, coffee servers such as thermos, cup-and-saucer sets, coffee pot, etc. are also decisive factors.It came as no surprise that coffee beans are an important factor to create an incredible taste of your espresso cup. When you have the best Saeco espresso machines, definitely you, like everyone, do not want to ruin your espresso by choosing the wrong beans.Here are the best Saeco espresso machines, based on the reviews and ratings from ProductUpdates users and experts.This espresso machine lets you program everything, from milk and espresso volume to dose, temperature, and texture so that you can personalize your beverages depending on your style preferences. And more interesting, once you program, you can save them to your dedicated profile for easy access later, which can save much time for you in the morning or whenever you are in a rush. That's why this coffee maker always receives good ratings in our best Saeco espresso machines reviews.• Can control the quality and quantity of coffee shots• Hygiesteam system provides up to 6 profiles for milk frother• Easy to use and cleanFor a more affordable option, we have the PicoBaristo version from Saeco. This one looks attractive with a stainless steel design, which is promised to boost up your kitchen space. It still has excellent features as the previous model such as up to 15 customs settings, patented water filter, touchscreen display, and hygiesteam function.This is an upgraded version of the PicoBaristo model with an automatic milk frother. Now you can freely create your own coffee drinks and easily prepare lattes or cappuccino at one touch. You can add the frothed milk to the one-touch coffees for even more variety.• Easy to use and cleanIf you are a fan of coffee makers, you cannot ignore the appealing and elegant look of Incanto, one of the best Saeco espresso machines. This product is integrated with the AquaClean filter, just like other Saeco coffee makers, allowing you to enjoy up to 5000 cups of coffee without descaling, and you can also replace the filter regularly to guarantee the high-quality of coffee every day. In particular, this one has a classic milk frother for those who love to become a local barista.• A self-cleaning function that reduces work for youhow do you clean stained coffee pots?The standard for cleaning any type of glass is Bon Ami cleanser. It's made of talc, which is mildly abrasive but so much softer than glass that it wo not scratch. It's good for cleaning auto windshields, by the way. If you ever want to put something like Rain-X on, clean the glass with Bon Ami first. It's good for cleaning any glass. Shower doors, too. That's how they got the slogan, "Has not scratched yet."What are the essentials?You need a mattress and boxspring, and at least a metal frame ($40 or less with the mattress). I am sure your wife would not want to sleep on the floor. Lol. At least one comforter set and two sets of sheets. A couple of pillows ($5 a piece a WalMart is nice). A lamp is nice if there's no light in there, and if you have a TV you will need a stand. Plan out what bed frame you want, even if you can not afford it today. You can plan the dresser/side table and TV stand around it. Plain black is easily accessorized. You will need something to sit on. Even if it's a cheap loveseat from the paper for now, it works all the same. You can even throw down $50 for a cover and nobody will ever be the wiser if it looks like grandma's rumpus room. A coffee table and TV stand are optional, but if you get a plain color it will pull together later. You will want a computer stand or desk too, depending on where you put it. Kitchen needs appliances and pans. A set of pots and pans from WalMart, while not the best, will only run $20-40. And they have a special now with a three piece for $20 that includes a toaster, coffee pot, and iron. Why the iron? I do not know. You will need a fridge and microwave if it's not already there, dishes which can be bought around the same price from WalMart as the pans, and a can opener of course. The office will come together later. Just have a computer desk and a couple of surge protectors to get you going for now.
What's the Best Way to Remove Coffee Stain From My Glass Coffee Pot?
Put just a tad of dish soap and some crushed ice and just swish it around til it come clean thats how I clean mine and it works1. Can you use apple cider vinegar to clean your coffee pot?Apple Cider Vinegar contains Tannins. It is NOT recommended for the cleaning of Coffee pots, as the Tannins can attach themselves and leave an ugly/unfamiliar taste for later consumption. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but best have it before you make a mistake. Pure white vinegar should be your only goal to use in this process.2. Who knows how to clean burnt glass coffee pot?Burnt Coffee Pot3. I just can't wake up today..can I take the coffee pot at work and pour it on my face? then sue the company?That sounds like a reason to sue to me.....Just leave it as black coffee4. How do you clean your coffee pot?You are supposed to clean them?5. Can I use a coffee mug as a coffee pot?I was having the similar question last week. in trying to search the answer I stumbled upon a way to get a free Folgers Gormet Selections sample of all their ground coffees from! my free Folgers samples is scheduled for delivery any days now and I can not wait! Enjoy the new iphone6. How to clean a coffee pot/tea maker?Brew a pot of plain white vinegar. You fill the glass pot or container with vinegar, pour into the water chamber and brew it. No filter necessary of course. Chances are you will need to do this a couple of times. Then brew plain water to rinse. You should be able to taste the difference in the coffee. Make sure to clean all parts of the coffee maker that can be taken out, the carafe, the filter basket, wipe off the hot plate bottom and outside, clean the inside of the coffee maker lid. Works well, removes hard water build up7. If you have a coffee pot that uses 1000 watts and you leave it on for one hour, it uses 1 kwh, right?that is correct, a kilowatt is a thousand watts8. What's the best filter using coffee pot, in your opinion?I would buy a percolator. It brews the coffee, lasts forever, and never needs additional purchases like filters. With a drip maker you get coffee tea9. Poll: Should i buy a new coffee-pot?You should buy a maid10. Do I have to use vinegar the first time I clean my coffee pot?for a new pot I do it with water and filter in filter .. do it twice.. then I make a half pot then rinse it out get it ready for the morning.. I use vinegar cleaning after 3 weeks the each week pot gets a good cleaning in dishwasher.11. how do you clean a instant drip coffee pot so it drips faster, seams to be clogged?Run a pot of white vinegar through it. Then a couple of pots of water12. What household items can be used to clean a coffee pot?White Vinegar. Run it through a cycle, then empty and run clear water through several cycles. I do it about 3 times to remove any vinegar residue. Works great. But I also wash the glass pot out with hot soapy water and also the coffee grounds holder. Rinse well.13. How long should you keep coffee in the pot before you stop drinking it?1-2 hours then i throw it out unless it is kept heated, then drink it until it's gone14. What is the bestt way to clean a coffee pot?Vinegar is about the best but there are specially made products to clean it. I've seen them in the grocery stores in the cleaning aisle15. Who should turn the office coffee pot off?Resolve the entire issue by buying a pot that has an auto shut off after two hours. It is ridiculous to expect that everyone should try to figure out who's left or last. Almost all coffee makers have auto shut off. The lady who feels she does not have to shut off the pot because she does not drink coffee is stupid. Maybe she does not turn off the lights because she does not pay the bill either. Very skewed reasoning....and very lazy
What's the Best Filter Using Coffee Pot, in Your Opinion?
Greetings, I have done quite a bit of personal research over the years on coffee pots.Being that I am a HEAVY coffee drinker, I have use every type and brand imaginable, I have compiled a check list/questionnaire for when it comes time for me to replace the last one that had quit working for what ever reason. I hope that this will serve you well in your search for the perfect coffee maker. 1. Price, make sure that you set a limit for how much you want to or are wiling to spend biased on your budget. 2. Function, what do you want it to do? Just make coffee, or would you like it to make espresso too? Or better yet, would you like a machine that will grind the coffee, filter the water and then brew the coffee with an espresso option? 3. Size, the basic "footprint" of the machine may make all the difference if you just do not have the space on your counter for it. 4. Brand, as I have come to know after years and years of making coffee, there are many brands of coffee makers out there. But reliability is an issue for me, I like to make sure that the one I decide to purchase is reliable, meaning it will last me for at least 12 months or longer. Most "reliable" brands sell their new machines with warranties. I highly recommend making sure that your machine comes with one, at least a 12 month warranty. In my personal opinion I prefer Bosch coffee makers. For me they do what I want, for the price I am willing to pay and look nice and every one of their machines come with a warranty, water filter and great users manual. I've linked the site I have used to compare several brands. I hope this help you.1. Unique German Figure Coffee Pot/Server Information?My advice would be to take it to an antiques dealer or a pawn shop2. How much vinegar do I use to clean the coffee pot?dont know but make sure you WHITE vinegar and NOT apple vinegar!!!!!!!!!!!3. How can I fix my coffee pot?new one is under $10. Break down and buy something from an actual store....damn hipsters4. what kind of coffee pot do you use?i have an cusinart and its the best. love the fresh coffee smell and taste5. how do you get a coffee pot to not "leak"?Hold a parfait spoon or swizzle stick upright in the middle of the container into which you are pouring. Position the lip of the container of liquid against the spoon, still holding the spoon in one hand. Pour so that the liquid runs straight down the spoon6. Who should turn the office coffee pot off?If that's supposed to be part of the routine, it needs to be specified ON A LIST. Otherwise a non-coffee drinker naturally would not even think of it. I personally think it's something the coffee drinkers should settle between themselves, because it does not pertain to everybody.7. Why does it take water forever to get hot on the stove top but it takes less than a minute in the coffee pot?The coffee pot has a flash heater in it8. Do you set your coffee pot to go off automatically or do you turn it on when you get up?I start it when I get up. Morning.9. Is There Such a Thing as a Coffee Pot That Does Not Dribble All Over??lol. I do not think so Marge. Either that or you and I are just "dribblers". :)10. What is the best chemical to put in the coffee pot at work?Bleach or Drano.Your point will be made11. how do you clean a instant drip coffee pot so it drips faster, seams to be clogged?Do not use straight vinegar. Cut it half and half with water12. what is the best thing to clean/get stains out of my glass coffee pot?CLR. put some in, mix with water n let it sit for a while. it will be as good as new!13. How can you get the plastic taste out of a coffee pot?Bella Coffee Pot
Whats Boiling in the (coffee)pot
Hey everybody,first of all we would like to thank everybody for the support in voting us. Getting a forging position on ARK is a big boost in our motivation.Today we would like to quickly share an update with the community on what we are working on. As per our mission, we decided to start our integration within the ecosystem by bringing to ARK our portfolio of tools that we previously developed for other projects.Our first tool that we would like to introduce is ARKPaper, an offline paper wallet generator desktop application, which enables to quickly create paper wallets to be distributed at events, meetups, friends and loved ones. Every paper wallet is ready to be printed in a nice design and includes a set of instructions in order to make the receiver a quick getting started with the ARK Ecosystem. Here are some samples of paper wallets that are being developed.We are planning to release the base templates assets in order to allow anybody to create new designs for ARKPaper and add them into the ARKPaper app via a PR on Github.We are halfway through and once ARKPaper will be released it will be capable of running online and offline on Windows, OSX and Linux. What will boil in the pot in the future?We are planning to release a tool at the time. Currently in our Labs we are developing ARKPaper, but our plan is to then proceed to the development of a new Telegram/Slack/SMS/Webhooks ARK's node management bot.Exciting times ahead, stay tuned!If you enjoy what we are doing, feel free to vote for espresso or leave a tip on the ARK blockchain to this address AdcYHQUiQsCK1tV6u3rbtgmQZigpP3nHF6.Ever break one of the office coffee pots?yes... and I blamed it on someone else, and that other person believed they had broken it, so she bought another one SCORE!Cleaning out coffee pots and thermosesIn my experience, any strongly alkaline cleaning agent will dissolve coffee gunk nicely.You can buy fancy cleaning products specifically made and marketed for that purpose, like your "coffee pot cleaner powder", but just plain old sodium hydroxide (soda lye, caustic soda, NaOH) or sodium carbonate (washing soda, Na2CO3) solution with a bit of dishwashing detergent mixed in will do the job just as well. Or you can just use dishwasher detergent, most of which are highly alkaline. After dissolving the coffee stains with the alkaline cleaning solution and draining it, you will want to rinse your pot with a mildly acidic solution to neutralize any alkaline residues. This will get rid of the soapy taste you complained about.Dilute citric acid or acetic acid (clear vinegar) should work fine, as will any descaling agent suitable for use with cooking utensils. Just rinse the pot thoroughly with the acidic solution, and then once more with water only, and let it dry.The acidic rinse will also help dissolve any limescale that might have accumulated in your pot alongside the coffee residue. In fact, if you live in an area with hard water, you might even want to consider a three-step wash: first acid to remove limescale, then alkaline to wash off the coffee residue, and finally mild acid again to neutralize any leftover alkaline cleaning solution. I have not tested that myself, since the water around here is pretty soft, and so limescale is rarely an issue. But I suspect it might be worth trying.Also, where possible, simple mechanical scrubbing with a sponge, with or without any chemical cleaning agents, will help a lot in removing persistent coffee stains. (Do make sure to put on rubber gloves before sticking your hands in the caustic soda solution, though!) In fact, for things like coffee cups and spoons, I've found that a good scrubbing with a rough sponge and some dishwashing soap does the job quite nicely. The chemical methods are really only needed in extreme cases, or for hard-to-reach spots e.g. in thermoses where mechanical cleaning would be difficultHelp! There is a funny film in my coffee pot. I clean before each use. What is wrong?Fill your coffee maker with Vinegar and brew that up. Rinse with another cycle of brewing plain water. This will clean your maker and remove any deposits. Depending on use and your hard water. Once a month should do the job.
Empty the Mind and Think Out Loud
One of my favorite ways to empty the mind is to do the Coffee Pot drill. Visualize a coffee pot inside your head. You can visualize a Mr. Coffee pot or any kind of container with a handle. Visualize this pot filling up with mental chatter, the chaotic thoughts rambling around in your head. Visualize emptying this pot into the chest. There is a pot in the chest, too. Visualize this pot filling up with fear, pounding heart, Empty the pot into the belly where yet another pot fills up with anxiety, a zillion churning butterflies. Empty this pot into the pelvic bowl and gently put a lid on it. Visualize the simmering energy in the pelvic bowl as ready action. Tap it whenever you need it.Visualizing pots filling and emptying is a soothing experience, much like a garden water fountain that flows downward from basin to basin. For that brief second when the mental chatter is emptied, before the pot fills up again, the relief is immense. A fleeting moment of empty mind, calm and ready.Then there's pounding heart. Raw, palpable, frightening and intriguing all at once. When this pot empties, the calm deepens. The anxious butterflies beat their wings, fill the belly with lurking dread. When this empties, and the lid is placed on top of the pelvic bowl, the calm spreads, surrounds, and the simmer at your core is something you know you can trust.But, before you can sink into this trust, the mental chatter tumbles into the mind, static y jumbled story snippets and tangled threads. Unless you are a monk, you will not be able to devote the entire day to emptying the pots. If you could, they become programmed to automatically empty on their own. Eventually you can upgrade to taking the drill one step further. Visualizing the emptying process as more of an all body action. I favor five gallon buckets. I'm fond of these buckets, a leftover from my house painting days. I expand the inside of the head, see myself in there with my five gallon bucket, flexing my lat muscles as I bend over to grasp the handle in one hand, give it a heft, then slide my other hand underneath. The mental chatter is heavy. I lift the bucket in one fluid movement, using my legs for thrust. I dump the sliding mess over one shoulder, scoop up more mental chatter, dump it over the other shoulder.Those days when I'm stressed out, and my mind won't stop running, I dump those buckets as fast as I can, find a rhythm. Gets you a good workout, that's for sure.Dumping fearful heart is harder work but more rewarding. The fear is toxic, must be handled carefully, and this focus unites the muscles of the body in a gallant act of courage. On the other hand, trying to dump butterflies is like herding cats. Gotta be super quick and join in the dance.If you are not a monk, however, and you don't have time to do the drill hours at end, try another drill: Think Out Loud. People who study thought patterns say we have 4-5 thoughts a second, 70,000 thoughts a day. Each one of those thoughts tells a brief story, signals the body to assume differing positions of action. If you are thinking fun, upbeat thoughts, your body relaxes, but if you are stressed out, self doubting or afraid, your body assumes positions of protection, exhibits body language of fight, flee or freeze. If you are not aware of the toxic thoughts, it's likely you won't know to what extent these thoughts are training your body to strengthen tense and disengaged body shapes.You are most likely not aware of all the judgments that burst onto your mind screen every second. Each judgment seems so small, insignificant, but they form a language of separation. You judge others, yourself, for being super smart or not smart enough, lovable ordespicable, a loser or a winner. Each thought assigns a role to everything in your life, forms a rigid picture that you must fit into and abide by. It's not enough to keep emptying them. They need to be listened to.This is a bigger challenge than you might think. No one wants to be a negative person, a whiner, a blamer, a boaster. It's natural to cover up these thoughts . You won't see yourself as blaming someone for something, you will think they are in the wrong and you are in the right. The thought is justified. Their behavior needs to be corrected. You are a good guy, stepping up to point out mistakes. Except they are your thoughts. You assign the thoughts to someone else, therefore separating yourself from yourself.What's underneath the blame thoughts? Certainly some form of insecurity and self doubt. Conversely, you can assign someone else with being smart, thereby separating yourself from the idea that you are smart. You envy them, think they are better than you, thereby keeping yourself down. Every thought is a signal to the body: cling to the positive, shun the negative.When you slow down and really listen to your thoughts, you have to dump judgment. Back to the pots and buckets. Some thoughts aren't good, some bad. They are thoughts and they tell a story. If you can hear the story you are telling yourself every second of the day, if you can get in shape dumping buckets of judgment, you will hear your body responding. Tension, disengagement, tight neck and shoulders bracing against the blow about to come. Allow yourself to feel the body shape of this story instead of covering it up and pretending you don't tell those stories. Hang out in this place for thirty seconds and do the Coffee Pot drill. Not only will you dump the mental chatter, fear and anxiety, but the underlying structure of thoughts you didn't even realize you had. When you don't listen to yourself, you are lost. When you listen to yourself you are found·RELATED QUESTIONIs Amazon's Great Indian Sale a scam?I decided to figure it out because amazon's 2019 great Indian sale has just started today (Sep 29th - Oct 4th) and if it is a scam, amazon must have already increased prices 'exorbitantly'. Because I've a deals &price history tracking websiteI regularly keep track of millions of amazon product prices, so lets see how the price changed in last 20 days for these most popular products:1) Philips QT 4011: The highest selling trimmer in India. Price is never below Rs.2099 during normal days. Price dropped to Rs.1749 today.2) JBL GO Wireless Speaker: The most top rated & top selling wireless speaker on amazon. Price dropped by 17%.3) Mi 32″ LED TV: The most popular budget smart tv right now. Price dropped by 12%.4) Haier Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine: The top selling affordable washing machine. Price dropped by 16%.5) Canon 1500D DSLR: The successor of the hugely popular 1300D & best selling DSLR right now. An impressive 18% price cut.6) F Gear Luxur Backpack: The super popular & top rated backpack on amazon. Got 17% price cut.7) WD My Passport 2 TB Hard Drive: The #1 selling external hard disk on Amazon. Got 8% price cut.8) Mattel Hot Wheels Car Set: The World's single most popular toy set earning billions of dollars revenue for Mattel. Got 31% price cut.9) Black & Decker Drill: The budget alternative to Bosch drill set offering almost similar quality. Got a very impressive 27% price cut.10) Steelbird Full face Helmet: The top selling budget helmet from otherwise expensive Steelbird. 24% price cut.And of-course, Amazon's own brands including echo, solimo etc will always always get impressive price cuts during every great Indian sale.Not just these, today I observed last 30 days price trend of numerous popular amazon products & I can honestly conclude "There is no such practice as price alteration by amazon India before big sales"."There may be NO deals, Bad deals, Great deals, Good deals, Not so good deals.....But NO scam deals"All the data and price history's are from my website Amazon's Best Deals, Price History, Product Rankings
Coffee Pot?
Any pot will keep it hot, but it will only stay fresh for a couple hours before it goes bad. It gets stronger as the water evaporates. There's no getting around that. Sorry! lol1. Camping and Coffee ....I have an old fashioned percolator type coffee pot that is used for camping out ?A percolater is the WORST way possible to make coffee. Buy a French press you can get them for fairly cheap. You will need to buy rougher ground beans though.2. How do you clean a coffee pot? Like Mr Coffee?A mixture of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water is the best way to clean a drip coffee maker. Mix a full pot of the vinegar and water mixture, pour it in your water reservoir and turn the coffee maker on. Once the mixture has run completely through, turn the drip coffee maker off and let it cool for 15 to 20 minutes. Pour the vinegar and water mixture down the drain. If you are cleaning a coffee maker that has not been cleaned regularly, repeat this step again with a fresh vinegar and water mixture. Next, rinse the pot out thoroughly with warm, plain water. Then, fill the water reservoir again with clean water and turn the coffee maker on to start the rinsing process. To make sure all of the vinegar and water solution is completely gone repeat the rinsing process one more time after letting the pot cool for 15 to 20 minutes. This is how to clean a coffee maker the right way. Cleaning your drip coffee maker on a monthly basis will make it last longer and keep your coffee tasting the best it can possibly be.3. Who should turn the office coffee pot off?I am also not a coffee drinker, and I certainly do not consider it my job to clean up after the coffee drinkers in my office. If an office has a rule on that sort of thing, so be it, but I do not even care for the smell of coffee, so I would just as soon stay away from the coffee maker. (I also do not make coffee for clients - same reason.) Rules solve all problems. Pick a rule and follow it. It really does not matter what the rule is.4. How to Remove Stains From Coffee Cups and Tea Mugs —Links in this post may be affiliate links. Removing old tea and coffee stains from your favorite mugs is easier than you think! You can clean stained coffee cups in just a couple minutes with a little bit of baking soda. Baking soda is a super inexpensive alternative to cleaning products, and -another plus- it does not contain any harsh chemicals or toxins. I got an awesome cat coffee cup for Christmas and used it a few times a week at work for a year or so. One morning I made black tea instead of coffee, drank a couple sips and then forgot about it. The next morning when I went to clean my mug, I discovered (much to my dismay) that the tea had stained my formerly white coffee cup's interior to a sad yellow-brown. I ran this stained mug through the dishwasher numerous times. I scrubbed at it by hand with bristle brushes and sponges. I tried hot, hot water on its seemingly permanently dyed surface, but the pure white that used to be there never returned. A friend asked me if I had tried baking soda yet. I had not . He said he had a novelty mug he had used as a cigarette ashtray for months on his patio, and that baking soda did the trick on cleaning all the ashy blotches and blemishes out of it. I figured if he could get those cigarette stains out, I could get the interior of my coffee cup to look good as new- afterall, I had only made tea in it once! We keep a container of baking soda in our fridge to keep odors neutralized (baking soda is basic, most food odors are acidic). I got a bit of baking soda out and decided to try this stain removal method out on a couple cups and our coffee pot. It worked; and was ridiculously easy! Just rinse out the inside of the cup, carafe or coffee pot you are cleaning with water, add in a tablespoon of baking powder to the wet interior if it is a cup, use 2-3 tablespoons if the vessel is large like a tea or coffee pot, and scrub the dampened baking soda around the inside surface using your fingers or a paper towel. It should be a paste consistency, add more baking soda if it is too runny, or add more water if it is not damp enough. Next I tried to get coffee residue off glass, rather than ceramic. I have put a ton of elbow grease into our coffee pot and cafe-style mugs, but could never get them crystal clear. The dishwasher could not either. Baking soda did the trick though, and the dingy, dirty surfaces are totally clear again! Check them out! These cleaning photos are super satisfying. I cannot believe I had tea and coffee tinted cups and mugs for so long when the solution to making them look great again is this simple and cheap! This cleaning traick also works on stained Yeti cups and their similar counterparts. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a salt. It is somewhat abrasive, and like most soaps is a base, not an acid. However, unlike soaps, baking soda does not contain oils or fats, it cleans surfaces thanks to its slight abrasive quality which allows baking soda to dislocate and remove seemingly stuck on particles and grime from surfaces. Do you have any tea-tinted or coffee stained mugs? Baking soda can help you clean them in a matter or minutes!
I Have a Gevalia Silver Coffee Pot and Need to Know How to Program It to Make Coffee Before I Wake U
Gevalia coffee rules!1. how to make coffee without a coffeemaker and coffee filter?Boil water and fill a paper towel with the coffe grounds and if you can still put the paper towel in the old coffee maker and pour the boiling water into it and let it brew into the caraffe (coffee pot) or maybe try using the coffee grounds in paper towel like a giant tea bag...but be careful as the paper towel may start to fall apart depending on how cheap they are... OR....invest $10 at Target or Walmart for a new coffee maker...or ask for one from Santa!2. Is there a home remedy to clean your coffee pot?Soap and water?3. How can I fix my coffee pot?new one is under $10. Break down and buy something from an actual store....damn hipsters4. How do you clean a coffee pot? Like Mr Coffee?How To Clean Mr Coffee5. Why does my coffee get oily when I brew it in my coffee pot? Is there a way to prevent the scummy residue?I will assume that you have a reusable filter, so if thats the case try running it through your dishwasher. Also clean out you water container on your coffee maker with vinegar and water mixed about 3 times. Mine does the same exact thing and this seems to work for me.6. I have a silver coffee pot set. The bottom says Silvercraft 1820. has EPNS, made in NY. How much is it worth?silver coffee pot set bottom silvercraft 1820 epns ny worth7. Is it safe to keep a coffee pot in the bathroom?As long as the cord is intact and relatively short, it should be fine. Just do not try it if the cord is frayed or has any bare patches. And be careful where you store your coffee and filters.8. What are some of the uses for distilled white vinegar? (Except to clean a coffee pot)?I sometimes dilute it with water to hand scrub my floors9. Whats the proper way to clean out a coffee pot?Vinegar and water, I believe10. Why when you pour water from the coffee pot into the maker water spills down the side?Maybe your not careful enough11. How often do you run your coffee pot & coffee ground tray thingy through the dishwasher?I will have to ask my maid but its her day off. Oh, Hell, I will have to fire her now since she was not around to ask that question. Your fault, not mine.12. How to make Kopi at home (3 easy brew methods)Sometimes, all we need is a strong cup of hot kopi to kickstart the day. We share how to make kopi at home in this article. A question we often get when we run our Traditional Kopi catering service in Singapore is: Yes, you can most definitely can! P.S. We are selling Singapore Traditional Kopi Powder. This is the same blend we use at our traditional kopi live stations. And yes, you can use these recipes with your Ya Kun coffee powder too. Here, we share 3 ways you can make kopi at home: Traditional kopi using Mug and Coffee Sock - Serves 3 (8oz cups)[skip to section] We've written out the recipe and added some of our notes below. But first, here's the video that walks you through the Singapore kopi brewing methods: It's enjoyable to brew kopi for one, it's even more enjoyable to brew for family and friends. This recipe allows you to scale up your kopi brewing and to cater for more. It's really simple, all you need to do is to immerse the kopi powder in hot water for about 3 mins to get a kopi concentrate. Then, remove the kopi grounds, dilute and serve! The brew ratio we use when brewing at home is: Some notes about this recipe: This recipe makes a kopi concentrate which gives you the flexibility to adjust the strength and thickness of your cuppa. For a start, we recommend a dilution of 1 part water to 3 parts kopi concentrate. If you like your kopi gao (or strong), skip the dilution. Vis versa for those who like their kopi po (or weak), add more water to the concentrate. And oh, we've replaced the usual coffee pot with a mug because, not everyone owns (or want to own) a traditional kopi pot! As for the coffee sock, you should be able to find it at the hardware or utility stores in your neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can get one from our store. How to make kopi with Coffee Pot and Sock Here's what you will need for this recipe: 500ml water just off the boil Add 100g of kopi powder to a large mug or heat safe container, Make sure all kopi powder are wet, Dilute to taste (for a start, add 1 part water to 3 parts kopi concentrate), Get your kopi brewing kit here This method makes a single serving of kopi in a 5oz cup, pretty similar in volume to these: The only equipment you will need for this is the Vietnamese Coffee Brewer, also known as a Phin: For more information or answers to frequently asked question, read our Phin / Vietnamese Coffee Brewer Guide here. How to make kopi using Vietnamese Coffee Pot Here's what you will need for this recipe: Add 158ml of hot water (just off the boil), Wait for coffee to drip (will take about 3 minutes) P.S. adding more kopi powder tend to result in a longer steeping time and a more bitter coffee. Get your kopi brewing kit & phin here If you do not have any equipment, here's a no-frills alternative for you! Here's what you will need for this recipe: 200ml water just off the boil Recipe for 1 cup of kopi using coffee bag: Fill with water just off the boil, Wait 5 mins (make sure bag is completely submerged, use a spoon to hold down the bag), Adjust the dosage depending on how strong you would like your kopi! We've shared three easy ways you can brew kopi at home. Try the recipes and let us know what you think about them. Or, if you have any questions, just leave a comment below or text us using that chat box on the right of your screen! P.S. We are retailing the traditional kopi powder, click here for more information! Since we published this guide, we've received questions on brewing kopi at home. Here are some of the common ones: Got more questions? Drop us a message on whatsapp (see bottom left of screen).
I Am Dying for a Cup of Coffee RIGHT NOW, but My Coffee Pot Is Broken. I Don't Have Instant Coffee.
-Take a filter or paper towel if you do not have one -Place it in a strainer -Add several scoops of coffee -hold or rest over mug -pour boiled water through it Basically, do a homemade filter coffee.1. How do you make coffee with a regular coffee pot?do not make it yourself. Just go to Starbucks2. Coffee pot?Mr Coffee makes a pot with a carafe that is great for keeping coffee fresh.It really works,but is hard to find.the carafe is beige and it holds 12 cups.Make it in the morning and it will stay hot til afternoon.just close the top and it works.hope you can find one3. Waiting for the coffee pot?I set my pot for auto brew at 4:15am, so when I get up at 4:30, there is no waiting! Waiting is pure torture for me. My son laughed when he came to the kitchen one morning and found me talking to the coffee maker, begging it to hurry4. is it cheaper to have a keurig over a coffee pot?Well; If you use the pods it's a lot more expensive per cup than standard coffee machine. But if you are a premium take out coffee drinker, a 75 cent pod is a lot cheaper than a 2.50 cup of coffee from a coffee shop. If you buy the adapter that lets you use regular coffee in the pod compartment, it's about the same price.5. Electric coffee pot stains?Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders!6. Help me settle an argument. Is it ok to wash your coffee pot with dish soap and water?the is right the best way to clean the pot is to use salt and ice in the pot slosh it a round and rinse it out vinegar can leave a funny ta st in the coffee7. Does anyone know where I can find a coffee pot made by solar sturges manufacturing company?ebay would probably be your only option8. Who knows how to clean burnt glass coffee pot?dish soap, water, and let it soak overnight9. HOW DOES A COFFEE POT KEEP COFFEE HOT ?There is a little dragon that sits in the coffee pot and continuously blows fire on the coffee to warm it up! It can even breath in coffee. It is an invisable dragon though10. is it safe to use a bialetti coffee pot?I guess all metals in one way or another might harm the body. But as the other poser has highlighted, it is food grade. And with the close monitoring by FDA, I do not think it is likely that they would missed things like that. Just to assure you, I was reading the other day on the number of new food or drug by FDA was like in the hundreds compared to Asian countries, i.e. China in the ten of thousands. So, this should highlight how close monitoring FDA is watching...:)11. How do I clean the heater part of my coffee pot?read the manual or call the 800# under your machine. every machine has different way of cleaning. mine is automatic, you pour. water then press clean.12. Office Coffee MachinesWhen it comes to coffee, offices have a variety of challenges. One of the first questions that should be addressed to overcome those challenges are: Which coffee maker should your office invest in? There's no one right or wrong answer to that question. While some offices may have an abundance of tea drinkers who knock back box after box of herbal, green, and black varietals, most offices boast a sizeable contingent of coffee fiends who consume it faster than it can be brewed. For those offices soaking up coffee, this one's for you! Here are some of our best picks for office coffee machines for 2019. Some of these are modern takes tried and true brewing favorites, while others are not quite your mother's office coffee machine. Let's take a look at some office coffee machine options, breaking out our picks by office size to find a machine that works for you and your crew. Those with a small office are blessed with choices for the best office coffee machines-an overwhelming number of them, in fact. Here are just a few: If you have a tight-knit office - ranging from five to 10 people - consider the small-yet-mighty French press. Though it's common to imagine the single-serve French press pots served up at restaurants and coffee shops, there are actually a number of large-batch pots. For a small, five-person office, you will probably fine with a 34-ounce press. However, a 51-ounce-among the largest of the French press sizes-is the safest bet and a worthwhile investment. One of the most consistent brands for this type of maker is Bodum. When shopping for a French press coffee machine for your office, keep in mind that although some brands look prettier than others, most will get the same job done. Even the filter portion of the maker is technically more for ease-of-use and aesthetics than actual function. Multi-tasking is a sign of our times. And multi-purpose coffee makers are no different. Some coffee brands are now combining grinders and drip coffee makers like laptops with tablets. These two-in-one coffee machines are usually small- to medium-size coffee pots that make just a couple of cups, but are ergonomic and come with all the usual frills of today's drip coffee makers, like coffee strength settings. Newer models of two-in-one coffee machines even upgraded from blade grinders to burr grinders - the latter being the preference between the two for quality. Consider this a well-rounded selection among small office coffee machines, for offices that do not drink a ton of coffee, but has occasional one-on-one meetings with visitors-making a two-cup coffee maker a welcome addition. Think of the Clever as the utility knife of manual pour coffee machines. This little brother of the hourglass-shaped Chemex or Hario pour-over pots (which could also be recommended for greater output if you enjoy brewing and have extra picky coffee drinkers) is one of many single-serve office coffee machines. The Clever rests atop a single cup, has an exceptional drainage design compared to many other pour-over devices, and - the best part - is easy to clean. Its paper filters are even decidedly smaller and lighter. It might be worth keeping two of these in the office for desk-side brewing. There's never been a better time to shop around for large office coffee machines. Some require a bit of a learning curve to use, some are at the pricier end of the pool, and others recall that trusty Mr. Coffee pot from years prior. There are good reasons single serve coffee pod devices have caught on: they are convenient, versatile, and maybe among the fastest-improving coffee makers. Models offer larger cup-size options than ever. Some versions even have larger carafes for bigger coffee batches-and adjustable heights for the drip. The appeal of a single serve coffee machine is precisely what you would imagine: every person in the office can decide for themselves what coffee they want to drink in a low-commitment way. Many pod coffee offerings, subscription or otherwise, offer variety packs. In addition to making brewing a snap, cleaning and maintenance on a single serve machine is a snap, too. Simply run a cleaning solution (or a water-and-vinegar mixture) through it on a regular basis and you have fresh, delicious coffee with no muss or fuss. When you think of an in-office coffee brewer, this option may instantly spring to mind. Commercial coffee machines can come in varieties that offer as many as three burners with plumbed-in water, eliminating half the hassle. Renting the equipment also tends to come alongside a hot pot for keeping the coffee warm without resting on the burner and making your coffee more bitter. Among the more premium commercial office coffee machines are smaller-scale options that drip right into a carafe rather than the usual glass pot and know when to shut off. Some more impressive models will stop brewing when you remove the carafe, meaning the impatient coffee drinker who is late for a meeting can grab a cup mid-brew and simply put it back, resuming the drip. Once you get the process down for making cold brew-the ratio, brew time, and every other finicky detail-this is a surprisingly effective way to keep office workers caffeinated inexpensively and in large quantities. This is because cold brew has the same chocolatey, velvet-mouthfeel quality to it no matter what coffee you use, thanks to the extraction process involved with cold-brewing. It's a cost-effective way to keep coffee in the fridge at all hours of the workday. (And for a solid length of time, as cold brew can keep for several days.) You will need a cloth filter or net for big batches of cold brew coffee, as well as a dedicated container for this express purpose or a repurposed container. You will also need to carve out some valuable refrigerator real estate. Try assigning cold-brew-making duties to different employees from week to week if this is a challenge your coffee-craving office finds to be worth the time and effort. No matter what office coffee brewer you choose, Victor Allen's Coffee can supply all the coffee needs through its flexible subscription service. In addition to satisfying pre-ground and whole bean coffee, you will also find that we offer a variety of pod-based options, featuring variety packs that will perk up any coffee-eager office worker.
Im Moving into My First Apartment...? has a ton of stuff. You need a vaccuum cleaner, coffee pot, microwave, telephone, and alarm clock. I assume you have on your list: stereo, tv, couch, end table, beds, and stuff like that. The first month you will find so many things that you need like utensils and spices and whatnot. Just go to Target and walk up the isles and start picking up things like countertop cleaner, toilet brush, aspirin, toothpaste, sheets, blankets, pens, paper, towels, and so on. Good luck1. keurig coffee pot problems?attempt basically letiing it sit down for somewhat I actually have a keurig and do not have that difficulty it may be certainly one of those espresso you are using to boot and it takes a sec for you style buds to regulate2. How do I clean coffer stains from my glass coffee pot?put a few ice cubes in it and shake and swirl those ice cubes around. really, it works... and it's free3. How do you make a slow coffee pot make coffee faster?maybe calcium deposits in the brewing system. clean the system by using vinegar and water. i think it's 50/50 mix. other than that there is nothing more that can be done to speed up the process.4. How do I clean my coffee pot?Powder based dish soap - two tablespoons and boiling water. Stir it up, let it sit for about 10 minutes. Pour out the soapy water and rinse clean. Should clean up nicely and not have a remnants of vinegar.5. how many ounces of water does a standard coffee pot hold?Mine (a GE) holds 12 cups, idk what it is in oz, I think that's standard. But it should say on the side, or on the box, or if online in the specs6. Cleaning a Farberware Percolator coffee pot?I CAN'T FIND DIP IT FOR PERCOLATERS IN THE STORE ONLY FOR OTHER ONES7. What are some of the uses for distilled white vinegar? (Except to clean a coffee pot)?by rinsing your hair in vinegar while in the shower, it helps to take away the buildup that is caused by shampoos, gels, etc. it is also added to the food color dye caplets that come with easter egg coloring kits8. how do i fix a glass coffee pot! please help quick?Oh dear. You would be better off getting a new carafe. Good luck!9. My hotel room has a coffee pot?lmao sure go ahead -bf jb nm10. What's the best way to remove coffee stain from my glass coffee pot?Baking soda on a sponge moistened with the juice of a lemon11. Why does it take water forever to get hot on the stove top but it takes less than a minute in the coffee pot?Well, I am just guessing that you use a tea kettle, and the kettle has a whole, while the coffee pot has no heat being released, resulting in a faster time of getting the water hot12. How do you clean a coffee pot stain?Put some table salt and a little water in the bottom of the pot, let sit for an hour or so, and then wash out with warm soapy water13. Do you set your coffee pot to go off automatically or do you turn it on when you get up?mine dose not have a timer, so i have to make it in the morning14. what is best coffee pot cleaner?Vinegar or Ajax15. what can i use to clean my whole coffee pot, inside and out and not have the taste of it?I like to use white vinegar. Also there is a coffee pot cleaning solution you can buy from the store.16. How can I know if my Bialetti stainless steel coffee pot is made in India or Italy?maybe u can check the official web or either call the local supplier to verify. but in my point of view, does it really harm where it was made? is not how the cup really meant to you more important than where it was really produced. =)17. Coffee pot with mold in it, safe to drink out of?It's good. That's happened to me a couple times, and I just washed it out well
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