Does It Cost More to Turn Off Your Air Conditioner When It Is Cool Outside, Or to Turn Up the Air??

It depends on if you are talking about a window unit or central air conditioning. Window units should be turned off when no one is in the room or you are gone for the day. For central AC leave the power on and set the thermostat to a temperature you and your roommate can agree to. However to save energy and costs set up the temperature 2 to 3 degrees higher when you leave the house. The act of shutting off the power makes no difference (Mom is right) since the thermostat controls the unit based on the temperature you set

1. Is there some sort of air conditioner that can be 100% inside a room, that doesn't need to be half outside?

starman is right.................although, you can send it some where else

2. how much does it cost to operate a 12000 btu air conditioner portable in dollars per hour an estimate even?..?

I would think it would depend on the settings, If you have it on the coolest and high settings, it could be pretty costly, that's if you run it a lot . We have one in a rental house of ours, and the occupants are complaining about their electric bill. They say they are only using it during the evening, and one or two ceiling fans, their bill is around 200.00 dollars. I do know that ceiling fans being used on a fast setting are also costly. hope this helps

3. How do I fix my air conditioner vent?

That is condensation that has drained off the evaporator coil. What you need to do is call a HVAC tech out there and tell him to plumb the condensate drain outside or into existing DWV (drain/waste/vent) plumbing

4. If you hose down your air conditioner unit, will it cool better?

If you spray it to remove dirt and debris from the coils that will help. You need to be careful because that units are made to sit outdoors but they are not water tight and you may force water into some of the electrical components. You do not want to spray the condenser coils on a continuous basis because that can lead to a mineral build up on the coils from the calcium and other chemicals in the water.

5. Help, it is 5AM, and it's around 90°F in my room! Without an Air Conditioner!?

sounds like more then you can handle it call A/C tech

6. The Fan on my Central Heat and Air conditioner keeps running, to stop I have to unplug the unit. Help?

Here you go, I hope this helps. Check the trouble code on the board, which newer furnaces have. Check thermostat and make sure the fan switch is in auto. Otherwise it would be a limit switch in your furnace (around the combustion chamber could be 3 and on the blower). Limits will often default to fan on continous when they are tripped. Fan/limits will do the same. If you reset one of the limits and it trips again post limit tripping)

7. Where can I find a portable, free standing air conditioner?

Ha, im with hex.Good luck on finding something like that, best bet might be to get a fan. A/C's have to be vented like he stated

8. anyone that has had their window air conditioner professionally cleaned?

You can clean it yourself. You do not need to pay someone $100 to do it for you

9. How can I tell which air conditioner uses the least electricity?

I would say, first calculate the BTU's you really need. Looks like you have that narrowed down. Then, just look for lowest kWh per year rating, which should be on the yellow tag. That reflects how much energy the A/C will actually use to cool your room. The winner will be an EnergyStar unit. Ignore volts and amps, except to get the voltage that you need. Watts are somewhat helpful, but a low-wattage unit could be running all day and night, while a higher-wattage unit, because of efficiency, could only need a short spurt to do the same job.

10. why can i hear stuff through my speakers in my car such as transmisson, engine, ecspecially air conditioner?

It might just be nosie interference from your altenator. The change in your motor RPM would change the pitch on your ALT. Check your wiring especially speaker wires over power wires. Disconnect the bad speaker. Try revving your car in park and see if the same thing happens

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