Ergonomic: Understanding the Office Furniture of the Future

Although it may sound like a boring topic at first, office furniture is actually a huge part of creating a successful office. Choosing the right furniture is more than just going shopping and picking out something that looks nice-it is about finding the best prices, finding something functional for your type of office, measuring your office to get the right sizes, and worrying about employee comfort. After all, office furniture is going to be a major purchase for any startup company. In other words, you can't buy office furniture and then realize it doesn't work. Once you buy, you're committed. Buying the right office furniture can help make a difference in your office in several ways: •

Office furniture helps dictate whether or not your office is conducive to collaboration or better for individual work.•

It creates the vibe for your office. Certain furniture will cater toward creative employees, but other furniture might produce stricter and more to-the-book type employees. •

Comfort has a lot to do with office furniture. If your employees are not comfortable, it will be hard to be as productive. •

How you setup your office furniture will determine how many employees will fit in your office.Because office furniture is such an important part of creating a successful business, there are tons of different options for business owners. Not only are their different styles to choose from, but there are different avenues one can take to purchase office furniture. Choosing the Right Office Furniture in Three Easy StepsA big part of office furniture is up to the owner, but there are a few steps an owner can follow to make sure he/she thinks of everything before making such a large purchase. Consider below steps that will help:

Step #1: Consider office culture, preference, and measuring

Your first step is to think about the type of office culture you want to create for your new business. Ask yourself whether you want an open layout for a lot of collaboration or closed layout for a lot of individual work. Many companies will have a combination of both, so consider the noise level and where you want these two types furniture to be located. You also want to make sure that your furniture sets the tone for the type of company you want to run. If you're a design firm and really want to foster creativity, get creative with different styles and colors. If you're a law firm that often has clients visit the office, go with something more neutral and traditional.

Step #2: Consider whether you want to buy new or used office furniture.

New and used furniture vary in price, selection, and warranties. Going with new furniture means that you will have a large selection of colors and sizes, be able to choose from some of the latest trends, and you can usually order any replacement parts necessary. However, new furniture is about 25-35% more expensive than used. Although used furniture may be less expensive, you have a smaller selection of choices and there can be hidden damages. It is up to the business owner to decide what works for the company, but most recommend buying new furniture if you are planning on staying in an office for at least 3 years. In the long run, it will be worth the money.

Step #3: If you're going to buy used furniture, consider whether you want to work with a dealer or a broker.

You can buy used furniture either through a dealer or through a broker. A dealer is typically an established business that has a showroom for you to test out the furniture. There is usually a good selection of choices and the dealer is there to answer your questions. However, if you're really looking to save money, you may want to consider going with a furniture broker. A furniture broker is usually all online and works exclusively buying and selling furniture. Although you can't see the furniture, this can be a great option for a small company. It is also a good idea to talk with your staff before making your decision. Once again, office furniture will have a direct effect on your employees, so you might be surprised at just how many people want to offer up an opinion. While the decision is ultimately yours, it's important to really put thought into the furniture-get past just the way it looks and think about functionality.

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Associating the Use of Ergonomic Office Chairs with ...
Associating the Use of Ergonomic Office Chairs with ...
Ergonomics come from the terms ergon and nomoi, which in Greek means work and natural laws, respectively. In general, the science of ergonomics is aimed to fit the work to the worker rather than trying to fit the worker to the work. This discipline studies the interaction between man and other environmental factors that can affect his ability to perform efficiently the task at hand.It is the task of an ergonomist to apply this principle in developing new job plans and designing or improving existing work systems that can fully utilize a person's capabilities. They also analyze the tasks that results to products and the system in general, then make recommendations on how to improve these factors to suit the requirements and boundaries of the worker. One such application of ergonomics principle is the design of office furniture, specifically the office chairs. When a job requires that a worker be confined to a chair most of the time, it would be best if that chair can provide the comfort and support that the body needs. In cases like this, the best solution is to use comfortable and functional chairs for the staff. Providing the workers with this necessary work place comfort not only benefits the worker but also the productivity of the company as well. To maintain the air of professionalism, chairs used in the office must be comfortable enough without straying away from being conformist. Ergonomic office chairs come in various designs but not all can offer comfort and functionality at once , therefore the following guide should be ample enough to aid in choosing the best chair for every kind of people in the office:
Office Interiors Need Not Be Boring
Office Interiors Need Not Be Boring
Just when you were thinking art and office furniture belong to different worlds, Steelcase brings into the market their inspirational designs that combine these worlds for the Gen-Y workers.India-Steelcase, global leaders in the office furniture industry, marked the renovation of its showroom Steelcase WorkLife Bangalore, with a preview of its furnishing systems Manifesto and Lexicon, which are both specifically designed for the Gen-Y workers. The opening also witnessed "art meets chair" a concept by Think Art which featured the work of leading designers and artists in India.Manifesto, an innovation from Steelcase, supports 3-dimensional space management, to enable the creation of complete workspaces, which facilitate team work as well as individual work in a variety of settings. It applies five key design principles to make optimum use of space with the aim of helping people work the way they like.Lexicon, another innovatively designed chair, defines a new dimension in the work-life balance. The Lexicon makes it easy to create various workplace applications for both collaborative and individual work, with a simple solution for every requirement from benches to desks, panel configurations and tables etc. It also takes care of a person's cabling needs making managing cables easier and neater.Steelcase invited the designers, photographers, architects and artists to step out of their usual realm and express their individuality through an interpretation of their award winning 'Think chair'. The Think chair was Steelcase's innovation that made work life more fun and creative. It is a blend of aesthetics and functionality; and it takes care of your posture especially the upper as well as lower back. Another speciality of the think chair is that it is made out of materials that can be easily recycled, i.e. it is 100% recyclable. Uli Gwinner, president of Steelcase Asia Pacific, said, "We are delighted to be able to provide a platform to foster India's design and talent and at the same time meet the growing needs of the nations next generation of workers."The designs on display were a barbed wire chair, a robot chair, a chair that depicted Lord Krishna and a fun design made out of wood, nuts and bolts.Apart from India, Steelcase also conducted Think Art in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo.
Office Furniture, Cost Effective Solution for Setting Up Your Office
While setting up an office, you need furniture. Without office stuff, it is not possible to set up a workplace whether it is a home office or the regular large office.Every owner wants to buy the office equipment that is economical to save money. For this, they have to take the following steps.First of all, it is the most important step to plan your workplace. You have to figure out the office stuff that is required. This is very important for running the business. You have to decide the essential items that are needed in the workplace. In this way you can save your money by buying the essential items that you truly need and avoiding the extra ones. If you have the budget then you can buy the items that are not essential.The next important step is to make a sketch of your workplace so that you can easily decide where you will put every piece of the furniture. Planning is very important if you want to save money. If any store is offering the office stuff at discount, you have to make sure whether the furniture present at the store fulfills your requirements. This approach will not only save your money but it will also help you save your time and you will be able to focus on the other stuffs.Now after knowing your budget and having a clear idea of the amount that you can spend, you can make a better decision about buying the office furniture. If you have tight budget, you can pick the option of leasing.Functionality has more importance than the appearance. The office furniture should be purchased according to the functionality as compared to the looks. It will also help in saving money.Just check which office furniture items you already have. It is more important when you have home furniture. If you already have some well designed items of office furniture, you must not buy it again. You should use those existing items for your office in order to save money.You should have to be creative with your requirements especially if you have a home workplace. You should find out the ways to fulfill your needs with your creative ideas.There is one more option for you to save money on your office furniture. The option is that you can swap it with anyone else. There may be some person who wants to exchange his office furniture, so you can buy from him.You can also buy the office furniture from different places like auction houses or may check classified ads for the old furniture. You have the option of buy used office furniture from estate sales, garage sale and government sales. Some hotels redecorate their guest rooms after some years so you can buy the old furniture from them. The old furniture is sold at lower price so you can save your money if you buy used furniture.
Advantages of Modular Office Furniture
In today's business world, flexibility is one of the greatest keys to success, particularly in the case of small and mid-size businesses. A large business may have enough sheer power and leverage to make it on a few core services, but smaller businesses almost always need to be able to diversify in order to survive. In order to allow the necessarily level of flexibility for the company as a whole, you will need to reflect that flexibility in each separate area of your business, not only including the abilities of your employees, but also the very layout of your offices.This sort of all around flexibility will allow your business to adapt in whatever sorts of ways your current situation might dictate. One of the best ways to accomplish this degree of flexibility in your office space is through the use of modular office furniture. Of course, this may seem a bit odd to those who are not familiar with this type of furniture, but the truth is that modular office furniture is often the key to a flexible and productive office.So just what is so special about this particular type of furniture, you might ask? In essence, it is just as advertised. Modular office furniture is, well, modular, which essentially just means that it is made from pieces which are designed to fit back together in any number of different combinations. In the case of office furniture, modular essentially means that if you need to have an l-shaped desk, you would not have to go out and find such a desk, in the proper measurements. Rather, you might 'build' the desk out of two or more modular desk pieces, and perhaps a piece to join them together better.This means that you can reconfigure your office space entirely, pretty much at will. Perhaps one layout of the office worked well at some point, maybe at a time when you had fewer employees, or somewhat different tasks to accomplish, but now you are left with an outdated layout. With the use of modular office furniture, you can quickly and easily take apart such an outdated design, and rework it into a layout that is more beneficial to the specific sort of job you will be doing. Similarly, you can add on pieces as necessary, such as bookcases, and the like, as necessary in order to best facilitate your tasks.Another excellent feature of modular furniture is the ability to simply rearrange things just because you can. There have been studies that suggest that essentially any change in a previously static workplace environment can inspire an increase in productivity amongst workers. As such, if you periodically rework the layouts of your offices, you may be able to give your business' productivity the boost it needs. The trick with this method is not to rearrange your modular office furniture too often, to keep your staff from feeling lost or confused all the time, but to change it just often enough to get a real sense of difference.Copyright Jared Winston, 2007. All Rights Reserved.
Formaspace Office, Custom Furniture Manufacturer ...
As the world's architects, interior designers, and office planners convene at the annual NeoCon expo in Chicago to discover the newest commercial design trends, Austin-based Formaspace Office will exhibit six client-driven projects that showcase its unique "Co-Creation" furniture manufacturing process.NeoCon attendees are invited to learn firsthand how they can create their own unique office furniture designs -manufactured by one of America's leading custom furniture companies - by meeting the Formaspace Office executives and the engineering & design team in person at NeoCon booth #7-7062 on June 10, 11, and 12th. Attendees are also cordially invited to attend a special "Co-Creation Cocktail Hour" held at the booth on June 10 (3 - 5 pm) and June 11 (2 - 5 pm)."Since we launched the Formaspace Office brand at NeoCon in Chicago two years ago, it's helped us grow our overall business by 60%, making Formaspace one of the fastest growing manufacturing companies in America," says Formaspace CEO Jeff Turk. "Our strategy is simple: as a custom office furniture manufacturer, we can build whatever you can imagine - in large or small quantities - by working in direct partnership with YOU as part of our unique 4D (Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver) Co-Creation manufacturing process.""It's simple: no two companies are the same, no two clients are the same, and very few physical locations are the same. That's why it's difficult to create a modern, flexible office design with standard off-the-shelf solutions, you need an element of custom solutions for each project," explains Frank Bucher, Formaspace EVP of Sales. "And to get to a custom solution, you need a special partnership with a custom manufacturer - that's why we've developed the 4D Co-Creation process. It's become a key to our success, helping to make Formaspace Office furniture a favorite choice of many leading Silicon Valley-based high-tech firms. These companies understand the power that custom furniture design brings to the office environment and how it helps them convey an authentic, visually coherent brand message.""What can we build for you?" asks Bucher. "By Co-Creating with Formaspace Office, you can take complete control over the development of a coherent visual design and branding message for your entire office. And you can simplify your project management workload by working with a single furniture manufacturer that delivers exactly what you want, when you need it - from project management to production to professional on-site installation. Be sure to visit the Formaspace Office booth #7-7062 to see our custom manufacturing capabilities first hand and to meet our engineering and design team."Visit the Co-Creation Projects On Display at Formaspace Office's NeoCon Booth #7-7062 June 10 - 12, 2019 at Chicago's Merchandise MartNeoCon visitors are encouraged to visit the Formaspace Office booth #7-7062 located on the 7th floor of Chicago's Merchandise Mart from June 10 through June 12, 2019. Architects, designers, space planners and more can meet the company's engineering and design team in person to learn more about the company's custom manufacturing capabilities and tour the Co-Creation projects on display, including the following:Collaboration Zone: When it's time to get down to business, the Collaboration Zone provides a dedicated space for the hands-on project and brainstorming sessions, with built-in whiteboards, video screens, and more.Flex Office: Fast-growing companies know the challenge of keeping up with ever-changing employee workspace needs. These mobile Weldmarx work desks, originally developed for the fintech division of major finance company, allow employees to take back control and "hack" their own layout configurations.Outdoor Lounge: Today's employees want to take their work with them wherever they to go, including the great outdoors. The Outdoor Lounge offers a durable work environment built to withstand exterior conditions while maintaining a coherent visual look that connects the exterior and indoor design elements together into a unified design.Team Zone: Encourage collaboration by adding a Team Zone to new construction or to an existing office space. The custom vintage-looking table on display at NeoCon is a prime example of Formaspace Office's 4D Co-Creation process; it was designed in partnership with (and manufactured for) a major West Coast media company.Huddle Zone: When the conference room is too big and too far away, it's time to move to the Huddle Zone for a quick conversation between colleagues. Huddle Zones with bar stools and cocktail height tables can also serve as hospitality areas for casual office meetings and receptions.Lounge Zone: Employees looking to move around during the workday are attracted to casual environments that blend the best characteristics of residential, commercial, and hospitality design. The Lounge Zone serves as an alternative work area that offers the opportunity for more spontaneous interaction between employees, helping to break down departmental "silos" at work.Lucky NeoCon visitors can also win a fun 2-day trip for two to Austin, Texas - home of Formaspace Office - by posting a photo of their favorite Formaspace Office furniture from booth #7-7062 on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.About Formaspace OfficeYou imagine it. We build it. Formaspace Office fosters the spirit of discovery and creation through the design and manufacture of unique, made-in-America furniture solutions, from discovery to delivery. To learn more about our large-scale, custom manufacturing capabilities and our unique furniture systems for large and small conference rooms, private offices, co-working spaces, makerspaces, cafes, lounges, laboratories, industrial environments, K-12, Universities, and beyond, please visit
Trump Stands by EPA Chief As Probes into His Conduct Expand
WASHINGTON - Scott Pruitt is facing new and expanded ethics investigations for his handling of taxpayer dollars and possible perks he's gotten as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.Staff for the Republican-led House Oversight committee confirmed Monday that it has expanded its review of Pruitt's travel spending to now include ethical questions surrounding his bargain $50-a-night rental of a Capitol Hill condo tied to a fossil fuels lobbyist.The Office of Government Ethics also has issued a letter to EPA demanding documents related to the condo rental. And it reports that at least five agency officials faced retaliation after questioning Pruitt's outsized spending for travel, unprecedented security precautions and pricey office furniture.In a letter dated Friday, Acting Government Ethics Director David Apol called media reports of Pruitt's actions "extremely concerning." "The success of our government depends on maintaining the trust of the people we serve," Apol wrote. "The American public needs to have confidence that ethics violations, as well as the appearance of ethics violations, are investigated and properly addressed." President Donald Trump defended Pruitt in a tweet Saturday night, saying the EPA chief is "doing a great job" and downplaying the ethical questions swirling around Pruitt. He called Pruitt's security spending "somewhat more" than Pruitt's predecessor and said Pruitt had received death threats "because of his bold actions at EPA." Pruitt was at the White House on Monday for a cabinet meeting and was seated at the far end of the table from Trump. The president did not acknowledge Pruitt while reporters were present or address the ethical cloud swirling around his EPA chief.At the daily White House briefing, spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked if Trump's Saturday night tweet meant the president approved of his cabinet secretaries flying first-class and tripling the size of their security details."We are reviewing the specifics of each of those components," Sanders replied. "I know there was a much larger number of security issues surrounding the EPA administrator than in the past." EPA Inspector General Arthur Elkins is now conducting at least five investigative audits related to Pruitt, including a previously undisclosed probe into questionable spending by his swollen security detail. The Associated Press reported Friday that the 20-member team tasked with providing day-and-night protection for Pruitt had racked up salary, overtime and travel expenses approaching $3 million.
Used Office Furniture at Lower Prices in San Diego, CA
Cubicle Liquidators has a huge assortment of used office furniture in San Diego including desks, chairs, cubicles and more. Since 2002, we have been a leading supplier of new and used office furniture San Diego with an emphasis on complete customer satisfaction.We are full service dealer of used and new cubicles IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY. We have a real showroom with real displays and real in-stock inventories that we guarantee the condition of and warranty the parts and power. Actually see the cubicles on display in the condition they will be in when delivered and installed in your facility.Cubicle Liquidators is your full-service, San Diego used office furniture dealer. Beware of brokers and cubicles that are not in San Diego and purchasing from pictures instead of the real thing!Our San Diego liquidation specialists have 15 years of experience servicing the largest San Diego businesses. Our experts will make your company's exit clean and on time, leaving your office in a pre-leased condition. You can save 75% on used cubicles in San Diego, including Herman Miller cubicles, all steel cubicles, Steelcase, Haworth and Teknion. We also sell used conference tables, training tables and office tables to help you save. We have several options for you, so please check out our inventory.CUBICLE LIQUIDATORS SAN DIEGO OFFERINGS:Lateral File CabinetsRefurbished WorkstationsUsed Office CubiclesConference Room FurnitureOffice File CabinetsOffice DesksUsed Office FurnitureOffice ChairsOffice Interior Design ServicesRefurbished CubiclesOffice FurnitureUsed CubiclesMy Other Blog Links : Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr, Quora, Apsense.Anyone live in San Francisco CA?hope you have massive amount of money in the bank and have no problem living like a sardine. Its cold. the water is cold. Did I menchen its cold. no bikini on the beach. more like the Michelin man on the beach. do not really get why people live thereAdult basketball league, Bay Area CA?I dnt know personally, but you should go to yahoo directory and type in bay area adult basketball.I did it myself and found it helpfulSan Diego, Ca Airport- HELP?First look up until you find the name of the airline you are flying on. Then go and stand in line so they can take your luggage. They will ask to see your ID and your flight ticket. They will then put your luggage on a conveyor belt. Then ask what terminal your flight leaves from. The will usually point out the sign to the terminal. Head that way and when you get to a certain place, they will have a security check. take off your shoes, and any coat or sweater. Put your carry on, purse, shoes in the bin provided. You will then go under a thing that checks you for anything you should not have. Do not bring bottled anything with you, including water. Now after that put back on your shoes and stuff, grab your carry on and continue to walk to your flight terminal. They have signs there telling you which flight is yours. Just wait then until they tell you and all the others to board. That's it. DO NOT feel silly if you have to ask anybody for help. People do it all the time and there is nothing to be embarrassed aboutvacation spots in CA that kids love?Disneyland Universal Studios Legoland Sea World Knott's Berry Farm Wild Rivers Any SoCal BeachQuestion about a CA-125 test?If you've had any major body trauma, your CA-125 can be elevated. You always have some level of this marker. CA-125 is not a definite test for ovarian cancer - you can have OC & have normal CA-125 levels, you can have high CA-125 & not have OC - that's why OC is so nasty, there's no single definitive test. An ultrasound will often guide the surgeon in conjunction with other tests. With a family history of OC, taken no chances.Should I quit CA after 7 attempts of CA final?It is always your decision what to do, and what not to do.Quitting at final stage become more painfulIf you want to quit , you must have strong reason. In which age should not matterI am also giving attempt to CA final. But now passing CA is not necessity for me. Because I am now applying my knowledge in my business and in my investment.We are the people who know most of the business skill, knowledge of different business laws, taxation of any kind, financial market than any normal guy but still we remain confused just because of a paper of certificateI suggest some line for you which I suggest to my 2 year ago and that is: "an examiner may can decide about whether I am eligible to pass or fail but he can not decide whether I am going to successful or not in my life "Person ,making 50k buck a month, sitting some where else check and judge my answers hit, will not decide whether I am able to make 1000k buck a month or not!!.
Executive Office Furniture for Staff
Undoubtedly, the office furniture for the staff should be of high quality and comfortable. However, furniture for management - it is quite another matter. And the cost and appearance items of furniture for the head should look "at a high level." Today, the office management of any enterprise is not just a room in which to solve important problems, this place have a big impact, both on the development of the entire company as a whole, and future specific people in particular.Because of this responsible role, indoors head typical items of office furniture will look out of place, the situation here should be not only convenient, it must characterize a certain image, which in the future will be associated with the company as the customers and the partners. Basically the room environment for the head is performed in strict classical style, but recently very often it is performed in the style of hi-tech or avant-garde. But it is not so important as the style of study, how well in tune interior items with each other.Next features have office desks that are installed in the office of the head. These pieces of furniture are very different from the tables of the staff, as the functionality and dimensions. The presence of a massive, large table will talk about the seriousness and prospects of the company, and it is a definite plus in long-term cooperation. In general, these tables are presented for the office set out the main elements and several additional, which are designed for visitors and staff.The chair in which management holds a significant part of working time should be convenient. This element of the interior has to be perfect, both technologically and aesthetically, it has to stand out from the whole situation. Today, the office chair equipped with gas lift, which allows you to change the height of the seat and adjust the backrest tilt. The chairs are made with springs rolling, so neither can change the angle of the backrest These pieces of furniture, like an office chair and table are necessary, but in the office of the head may be present, and soft furnishings. Its mission - is the ability to create a relaxed atmosphere, and it is important to communicate with partners or clients, and is often a very effective solution.Whatever the situation, the pieces of furniture in the office of the head must be made of expensive and high-quality materials. Mainly used for covering the skin and for cabinet furniture precious woods and expensive hardware components.
Used Office Furniture 4 Sale in San Fernando, Pampanga
BIGGEST JAPAN SURPLUS OFFICE FURNITURE SUPPLIER CHAIN in the Philippines is MEGAOFFICE SURPLUS. We offer top of the line used office furniture items at super low prices. Save as much as 70% compared to mall shops. Items include : Office table, chair, locker, mobile pedestal, book shelf, gang chair, high chair, steel filing cabinet, white board, welding machine, mountain bike & even resto table & chair. BRAND NEW FURNITURE NOW AVAILABLE> Check us out in Facebook "Megaoffice Surplus" or at #megaoffice #megaofficesurplus #officefurniture #japansurplus #usedofficefurniture #furnituresale #savepamore #philippines.·RELATED QUESTIONWho are the best modern furniture suppliers?Who are the best modern furniture suppliers?It depends on who is buying, and how much.As you see, I work in the furniture field since - errr, forever - so I am quite into the distribution business as well.And one of the main issues of the furniture business regarding distribution is that nowadays it is an enormous mess.With the development of online distribution, as for Amazon, along with the fact that it has happened during the Big Recession, most of the furniture companies around the world have experienced severe problems.The reasons are many: but the main issue is that to fully understand what you are buuying, you need to try the items you want to buy. You need to sit on them, examine how they are made, understand the coverings available and the finishings.And this is hardly possible on a computer screen.Add to this situation the fact that most of the fiurniture you buy needs some complicate assembly and installation, and you end up with a very tricky situation where the quality and the design of the piece you want to buy plays just a little part in the whole equation.And also, the distribution model has changed, and is changing constantly. The latest innovations come from the big groups. From Amazon, which is developing its own line of furniture, and has launched some models recevtly, and IKEA, which is offering a lease option to the public.So, in a situation like this, the consumer is left rightfully wondering what the best option would be - and I can say only one thing:There is no magic formula in buying furniture: each buyer has his own preferences.I have known people who would merrily buy everything online without skipping a beat, even the most costly pieces, and others which would require to try personally even the fabric of a single pillow - so, as you can see, there is no universal way to buy furniture.If you are a professional retailer, the situation changes drastically.In this case, there is only one way to buy furniture professionally - and it is, if you want to avoid surprises, to go straight to the source of the items. That is, to the place where they are presented and made available.And I am talking about the furniture fairs.Before the internet, before the computers, furniture was made and sold through furniture fairs, and natworks of brick and mortar stores in the different nations. But to meet the source of supply, for economic reasons, the best bet was to visit a trade fair.The best ones are the usual suspects: Milan Salone del Mobile, Cologne IMM Cologne, Paris Maison & Objet, London 100% Design - just to stay in Europe (but Milan is the most important fair in the world, design-wise).If you are living in the USA, I would mention also the ICFF in New York and the famous High Point Market exhibition.But for the majority of the world market, and not just for the most select styles (which play a smallish part of the whiole market), you have to turn East.That is, to China.The Chinese fairs are sort of amazing, and growing steadily year by year, both for affluence and the quality of the products. And one of them actually is picking up speed amazingly, which is CIFF.The China International Furniture Fairis one of the most established in the business, and is organized twice a year, in March and in September, respectively in Guangzhou and in Shanghai.The next edition of the CIFF will is scheduled for March 18-21, 2019 in Guangzhou - the city is what Westerners used to call Canton. The 43rd edition of CIFF will take place at in Hongqiao district of Guangzhou over two phases, a solution which is necessary to accommodate the whole field of the furniture business: the 1st, from 18 to 21 March 2019, is dedicated to home furnishings, outdoor and leisure furniture, home décor and home textiles; the 2nd, from 28 to 31 March, will instead be focused in office furniture, hotel furnishings, accessories, metal furniture, and furnishings for public spaces and reception areas. It will also sport a space dedicated to materials and machinery for the furniture industry.The results of the fair are very clear. CIFF Guangzhou had an enormous success, with a 36% more affluence of the past edition, and will host over 4,100 exhibitors in the premises of the fair, extending over 760,000 square metres, around 50% more than the last edition.The quality of the products have improved substantially. Most of the recent Chinese furniture production is stylishly made and offers a very good quality, up on a par with comparable Western furniture of the same level and niche. Forget your preconceptions about flimsy products and dangerous materials - it is not going to happen anymore.And apart from the quality of the products and strategic alliances that the Fair has secured, the same participating companies are proceeding at the fastest pace to serve their customers worldwide, many of them offering a nononsense complete service to manage easily the import/export practices from China to everywhere esle in the world.So, if you are a professional furniture retailer, visiting CIFF would be a smart idea. More, CIFF is held concurrently to another very good furniture fair, which is Furniture China, so you could visit both (and well, there are many of the bigger companies which exhibit in both fairs.As a note to my readers, I mostly write about high-end and luxury objects, like watches, furniture and design: so if you are interested in those fields, be sure to check my other answers and follow me. And a nice upvote is always welcome!I am writing professionally on behalf of the company detailed in the link above. If you are a Facebook or Instagram user and like watches, please "like" The Watchonomicon. You will find links on articles, and other interesting stuff there - together with some special offers on very special watches for sale.If you think my answers are worthwhile, please nominate them here: Publish This: Quora's Publishing Nominations Blog
Spice Up the Sitting Area in Your Office with Waiting Room Chair
There is no point to get confused with the waiting room chairs and regular office furniture. For the regular office furniture for your staffs, you can simply choose some of the simple and plain furn... There is no point to get confused with the waiting room chairs and regular office furniture. For the regular office furniture for your staffs, you can simply choose some of the simple and plain furniture which are durable and comfortable enough for your staff to sit and work throughout the day. But you have to take extra care when it comes to waiting room chair . A perfect waiting room can make a good impression on your customers or potentials clients who visits your office regularly and waits for their turn. A nice and neat seating arrangement with nicest waiting room chair contributes largely in making an impact on your potential clients and can make or break any deal. There are several points that you should keep in mind while going for a redesigning of the seating area in your office. There are some important things that one must remember when buying waiting room chair for the corporate guests and customers. Few things that you should always take into consideration before stepping in to the furniture market: Here we have given you a rough guideline on how you should prepare to buy for the waiting room chair within your budget. You can hire professional designers for your help to make the waiting area look really stunning and comfortable.
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