Essentials for a Teen Girls Wardrobe????

a few pairs of jeans, basic tops which you can layer and accesories for variety, i nice blazer coat, a winter coat, a hooded top, a cardigan, vest tops, some trainers and some pumps. then you can build on that in the future with rock t shirts etc....

1. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe question?

if i remember it correctly after they win the war they get crowned and life in narnia until they are much older. then one day as they are riding a horse they find something familiar and wind up back in the wardrobe

2. What Should I add to my wardrobe?

Get some Christian loboutins and herve legger dresses

3. Fall wardrobe for school aged children?

My kids are in privite school with uniforms. I do not have a real list of what I buy, I just replace what is out grown, worn out as needed. As far as jeans, etc that are worn out of school, I also just by as needed. The only things I buy new at the beginning of school is underwear, socks and sometimes shoes. Edit: The weather sounds like ours.. Hot for August and part of September, then cold and snow by Halloween. lol

4. Is it cheaper to buy new clothing/wardrobe in the US or in Japan?

buy basic staples in the U.S. and extravenous fun items like kimonos, dresses, and slipper flats in Japan. just remember that it's much more expensive in most parts of Japan, so do not buy too much here and have little to bring for spending on clothes there

5. wardrobe help?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!? ill choose bestt answer!!?

Ya i guess you have more than usual but so do I. We kind of have to look good right!! Your fine and you need those clothes. Hope you have a good Halloween

6. What are wardrobe and makeup staples for a preppy girl?

prep=skirts prep=no black mak-up and prep also=charming pink lipstick lol hope i helped some

7. How to build a wardrobe for under $200?

Do you have a Ross,Marshall's, TJMax, Burlington Coat Factory, etc around you? Otherwise, sign up on line for all the stores around you, then get their coupons. Shop, shop, shop! Go to the back of the stores and go through their racks. You will find the clearance items there and your coupons will save you even more!.

8. Losing weight and changing wardrobe?

None really, if you are continuing to lose weight, other than safety pins and a good belt

9. How many of these do you have in your wardrobe?

Pairs of Jeans 0 Tee Shirts 4 Tank Top 4 Tunics ? Long Sleeved Tees 0 Capri Pants 0 Cardigans 0 Hoodie 1 Dresses 3 Skirts 0 Sweatpants 0

10. Wardrobe is occupied by a strange guy.?

Where are your parents?! Do you do drugs? How is the even possible? If you locked this guy in the wardrobe how could he talk to you in the kitchen? How exactly does he look like? The cops might think you're delusional and do not want to get involved...are the guys eyes black...dark? How is his voice? Ask him what his purpose is...(not in his presence, away, for safety) ask him what his name is.

11. New Wardrobe or nice rolex?

truthfully, that's surprisingly mediocre. you must not be unhappy with it, yet maximum of it form of feels old-formed and infantile (Uggs, Juicy hoodies, tees, and so forth). i might circulate by means of and sparkling it out, then upload some extra tops, extra shoe suggestions (ballet residences, flat boots, and so forth), extra outfits, some trenches, some peacoats, a lot extra sweaters and cardigans, and extra rings. wish this facilitates!.

12. So , do you have a ''wardrobe'' thing ?

I wear about everything, but I dress up a lot and its usually a brighter color shirt and dark wash jeans or a darker shirt and light wash jeans. But I mix it up and have fun! :)

13. How can I improve my wardrobe?

Pretty nice! Try getting some dressier things too. Here are some suggestions: leather jacket skirt plaid button down sleek leather boot pumps trench coat cardigan scarf pullover sweater slim polo slim striped tees sneakers--Onitsuka Tiger, Adidas Originals blazer parka with furry hood pea coat beanie/bert

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