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1. What items are on your coffee table right now?

A pile of books. A 15 pound cat. An antique carburetor. My husbands feet. We do not use the table to display anything . the cats would only knock it to the floor

2. Is the ottoman taking the place of the original coffee table?

I work in a Contemporary Interior Design store and no they are not replacing them. They are optional. They do make ottomans that have reversible hard surfaces. The top is cushion for a foot rest and when you flip it over it has a tray (with for sides). Some of these ottomans are chests as well, so they are really a good buy, with three purposes. Most people purchase sectionals with ottomans & end tables. You can get the sectional and skip the ottomans and get a coffee table instead or yes, if the ottoman is big enough get trays.

3. What colour is a coffee table with a dark grey couch?

The wooden coffee table in a brown colour can go well with the grey couch the wooden couch should be in a lighter shade. Coffee tables are one such centerpiece that looks super cool in the living room. The living room has to be one of the best decorate areas of your home. Buy furniture online to look for some of the amazing coffee tables option so that you can match it with the grey couch

4. What paint and primer should I use to spray paint a coffee table maroon?

go for oil paints

5. what is the standard size of a coffee table? lenght, width, height?

height is about 40cm .75 inches] the rest of size is to your liking. I've also seen some custom ones that are several different heights in same table ... pretty interesting if you are into modern designs.

6. How much space do you need around a coffee table?

It is the space needed to move the chair (if chair is present) and place your legs. If the table has chairs you need approx 75-90 cm of space around. If the table is near soft furniture it might be as low as 15 cm around the table. Approx 30 cm is comfortable and usually in a good composition of the furniture.How much space do you need around a coffee table?

7. My couch is plum colored. What color should I paint my coffee table?

This is very easy to answer. But, it really comes down to your taste in colors. I suggested you look at RED and or BLACK depending on the rest of the colors in the room

8. Can I get my husband in trouble for leaving weed all over the coffee table?

Get on the phone to legal aid right away. You need to do this a certain way to keep your kids and stay out of legal trouble. You will most likely have to file for divorce and all that. If you just press charges, they will include you because you stayed together. Good luck.

9. 15. Sally has a circular coffee table has a diameter of 4.2 feet,?

Material that is sold by the foot ($6.25 per feet (sic)) comes in a specified width. You have given us bad information about the material ! Are you sure it is not: $6.25 per square foot ? To calculate the area of the coffee table top, use A = r^2 where r is the radius of the table. You know how to get the radius from the diameter, right ? you can use whatever approximation for your teacher gave you. Take a deep breath, go back to the problem and repost with proper information. QED

10. how do i get scratches out of a cherry wooden coffee table?

Coffee Table Cherry Wood

11. i have a coffee table fish tank aqurium,can any1 help?

Condensation is the natural result of evaporation, and there's no way to stop that. There's nothing you can do

12. My daughter poured nail polish remover on our brand new coffee table this morning. Help!!!?

TRY rubbing with turpin oil

13. My son just ran black sharpie all over our dark cherry coffee table - how do I get it out!!!?

Best thing to try is the magic eraser. They have gotten out ink and permanent marker for me on wood. Does not work quite as well on paint but it should work for you

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Placement Distance From the Sofa to a Coffee Table
Placement Distance From the Sofa to a Coffee Table
A coffee table does double duty in your living room -- as a decorative accent in front of the sofa, and as a functional space where you can set drinks, the TV remote and a magazine or two. Figuring out exactly where to put the table in relation to the sofa may seem tricky at first. If it's too far away, you will need to lean or stand up to reach it from the sofa; too close, and you wo not be able to squeeze between the table and sofa to sit down. A general distance from sofa to coffee table is 16 to 18 inches. This provides ample leg room for those attempting to sit on the sofa, while still being close enough to be a useful surface for setting beverages or a bowl of popcorn during family movie night. Providing at least that much space around all sides of the table creates a comfortable environment for guests. The 18-inch guideline is not set in stone, but generally provides maximum comfort and functionality for the sofa and coffee table combination. This measurement may vary if the table and sofa heights vary. In general, the height of sofa seats and the coffee table should be within 4 inches of one another, otherwise the arrangement may feel awkward or uncomfortable. If the table is shorter than the sofa, the kids may be able to reach it more easily if the table was pulled in another inch or two. For a small, round table, sit on the sofa to determine a comfortable distance; you may want to pull it in as close as 12 inches from the sofa so everyone seated can reach it.1. Fix a steam mark on coffee table?Get a linen napkin , like they have at a restaurant, or blue jean material,and put it over the white mark and then use a hot Iron and iron the napkin. Check as you go until it's gone2. I am moving into an apartment, what do I need?!?How fun for you and your roomie! So... you will need bedding as you mentioned-sheets, pillowcases, comforters- -things for the wash: laundry detergent, dryer sheets -some things for your clothes: hangers, some sort of drawers/storage for socks/undies -things for the bathroom: shower curtain, rod, and rings-storage (makeup/cleaning stuff) if it is not built in, toilet paper, towels -things to clean: vacuum, paper towels, Clorox wipes, Windex, dishwashing detergent -things for kitchen: pots and pans, dishes, silverware, glasses/cups, mugs, coffee maker -things for living room: furniture (couch, chairs, coffee table), tv That's all I can think of for now. I first moved into my very own place when I was 21, and that's what I remember getting. Hope that helps!3. what other furniture are needed in the living room apart from the usual sofas and coffee table?You say needed, but it is up to you , you can have anything you like in your room,4. How do I redecorate my room in this way?If it is a large room easier to pull off. Stick to black and white Black furry rug center of room or under coffee table. Coffee table black metal glass top also end tables if fit one or two .White walls . Black framed pictures of movie stars. Pics. in black and white . Keep everything in room plain and stream line. So penguins don5. How do you remove nail polish from a wooden coffee table?If it's an old coffee table - paint over it If it's a plastic cardboard table - Does it matter? If it's an anique, you are screwed.6. Can I spray paint an already finished coffee table?Use sand paper and sand all area to be painted7. What is on your coffee table right now?tomorrow's work8. I recently stained a wood coffee table with a red mahogany stain and need a water proof clear varathane ?Any oil based finish will not be clear but rather have an amber tint. Only water based finishes are actually clear
Coffee Table Books- How to Make a Cheap Coffee Table
Coffee Table Books- How to Make a Cheap Coffee Table
Get the most out of your space without using most of your spaceI am by no means an expert or certified consultant on all things home design and styling. I just admire the craft, fond creatively thinking outside of the box, and enjoy looking at minimalistic apartments at my own leisure. When I lived in a 340 sq. ft. studio apartment I definitely had to develop a "minimalist mindset" (which was pretty laughable to me knowing that I am quick and eager to buy the latest trends, gadgets, softwares, etc. ) Thankfully, with time, I've become stagnant in my spending habits — since every purchase that I made I had to immediately factor in how much space would be accompanied for it (like a "queen sized bed").1. INDOOR HAMMOCK (FOR BED USE)The biggest space eating item in my studio apartment was my bed. Everything about my queen just made the living room area of my studio feel so cluttered, as if I was in an Antique Store. So I forgo my queen and slept in an airbed for a rough couple months until I randomly made a purchase on a hammock via Amazon, unknowingly did I think it was the answer to my solution. It was. And it even made the studio look more aesthetically pleasing too. A couple months later, I helped my filmmaker friend named Keemal move, declutter, and organize items in his 300 sq. ft studio in Chelsea, New York. I also suggested to him how he felt about forfeiting his California king for a hammock. At first he was put off by the idea but eventually came around once he came to terms with the reality and sacrifices of living small. I helped him measure and install hooks on the wall for attaching an XL hammock and he was appalled at how much space he had saved without his bed. He also mentioned that having the hammock gives a "traveler's vibe" to his apartment, which has become the theme he's been working towards.So if you do not mind sleeping like a you are in a cocoon and waking up blossoming into a beautiful butterfly, then get you a hammock!2. PET STAIRS (FOR HIDDEN STORAGE AND STOOL USAGE)As humans there's always the basic want, need, and *secrecy* for having a drawer. One day I randomly google-imaged "staircase drawers" after envisioning it in my head as a future DIY architecture project. I came across what might have probably been the correct term… "pet stairs" (helps your cats and dogs come onto your bed with ease). Some of them had pull out or top off drawers designed for hidden storage which was exactly what I wanted. I mostly used it in my studio for:Bras, underwear, and socks storageStool stepper for reaching things, hanging things on the wall and getting in and out of my hammock sometimesWhen I shared this idea with Keemal he laughed (of course he did), since he thought it was sort of silly given it's original purpose for it is to help animals. But later he figured it was something that would be beneficial to his space saving endeavors. Not very "traveler's vibe-ish" but I am sure it will attract pets if decides to have one. Oh wait, he has no bed. Lol! xD3. PERSONALIZED WINE BOX (FOR SHOE STORAGE OR ROLLED JEANS)I have had on and off battles when it came to saving space with my shoes in my studio. I am partially guilty of it though since most of it was due to personal taste (hehe). I have tried "over the door shoe holders" (which looked tacky to me after a while), "shoe racks", (they can take up some space as well) and simply calling it a day by placing all of my footwear in a canned shaped laundry basket (then I have to take out two or three pairs of shoes just to find the shoes that I want to wear, *sigh*). When I stumbled upon this specific wine crate on Pinterest my mind exploded with ideas and all hope was restored. I can easily fit about 9-12 pairs of shoes which consists of TOMS, Keds, Converse, flats, slip-ons, and sandals. Ideally this storage concept works best for sneakers that are not bulky. For Boots, you can display two of them on top of one single crate.Knowing Keemal has predominately bulky Basketball sneakers I proposed this idea to him with the option of using jeans (*rolled up*) instead.4. DIY CABLE WIRE SPOOL SHELF (FOR BOOKS AND NIGHTSTAND USE)Whether you are an avid reader or admire having a trail of books in your place for show I am sure we all know that books can unknowingly be the root of all evil when it comes to clutter. It is nice to have our own personal library out of the comfort of our home but living small with a volume of books might not provide the best comfort unless your Slender Man. Thankfully, there is a way to have your books and treat it too and that is with this DIY Cable Wire Spool shelf. What I love about this up cycling idea is that the possibilities can be endless! Book storage, nightstand use, coffee table, even dinning table (if you dare to be different). Though I do not live in a studio apt anymore I still keep my spool-turned-bookshelf for my books and it is the first thing that attracts my friends whenever they come over.5. CORNER TABLE (FOR DESK USE)I did not use this idea since I admire having a wider table desk but thought this was another simple way of saving space. It may challenge your workstation decisions in terms of comfortability, storage and decoration (i. e. displaying framed photos, plants, accessible supplies, etc.) It probably would not be the best workstation for someone such as a "Designer" who may need all of their deliverables available to them while working from home. Regardless, this item still has it's useful possibility perks for sure! I am thinking without the hairpin table legs and multiple triangular wood stacked a few feet from each other and it would make a great shelf semblance. What are you thinking?.Paint has come off of coffee table...Help?buy paint that matches and paint it over
C-Suite Coffee Table
C-Suite Coffee Table
Try another brand or size, its that simple! I am 8 inches and some condoms are not comfortable either. Its up to you guys to find one that works. But trust me, even if it "hurts", he can tolerate it. If he can not then he can please you orally, but do not let it be an excuse to go unprotected if your not ready for it! I've dealt with suction, trust me!1. Suction cup blinds for a glass door?There are no suction cups that will hold well enough to withstand the pulling of the cord. The common solution is door panels. They involve 4 very small nails, and 2 tiny curtain rods.2. Would a suction cup work on this dent? And how would I go about fixing the paint job? Or would it be best to leave it up to a mechanic?HaHa - bulldozer is not gonna pop that out.........it needs at least a new door skin, maybe complete door assembly3. how do you get the suction cup accessories for the bathtub to stay?Make the inside of the suction wet and them push realllllllly hard for them to stick :)4. If I ignore my doctor's advice about wearing shoes with arch supports, will I end up with suction cup feet?Your feet will start slapping the floor like a duck. 5. Are there any handheld showers that have a suction cup for the holder?Try ZOE Industries The Sell Mariner Hand Held Showers and All the attachment's6. how could mating flies fly while they are still in each other?the flies have suction cup on the feet. the male gripped on the female then take off!7. Would a suction cup work on this dent? And how would I go about fixing the paint job? Or would it be best to leave it up to a mechanic?A suction cup would do nothing for this amount of damage. The door will have to be replaced, or at least re-skinned8. Fish tank suction cup mark?You could probably just scratch it off. I have in countered this before and a rough sponge would work well9. Where can i find a suction cup dent puller?Without seeing the dent its hard to say it will or wont work... More than likely if its causing the door to not open properly then it would not work... A dent puller would but you would have holes to deal with. .. I have a friend that does body damage massaging and it is amazing what they can do with dents and such! Have a good day and good luck :)10. How can I get the suction cup of my Sirius satellite radio to stay on my windshield?clean the windows and the suction. dip the suction into a little water try again while suction is wet.11. What are those suction cup things they put on your body during medical tests?That's an EKG. I do not really know why they call it an "EKG" because it is short for electrocardiogram. It monitors you heart beat, rhythm, etc. Any anomaly in those should turn up on an EKG. Edit: Oh, they are not suction cups. They are round, flat and have some serious "glue" on them. They are a pain in the *** to get off! Edit #2...Thanks, John. :)12. I was playing with a suction cup and now I have a hickey?Judgement time13. how do i get mold out of the inside of a breast pump. the suction cup part?Please for the sake of your childs health and your own peace of mind throw it away and buy a new one14. Looking for a suction cup for taking out a dent in my car?This is a bad idea. Those suction cup pullers almost never work and sometimes result in you pulling paint off the body. Your best bet is to find a paintless dent repair guy and have him tell you whether or not he can take out the dent. They usually charge something like $25 to $50 to do a minor ding. Barring that, find an independent body shop and ask them how much to repair and refinish a single panel. Dealership body shops only want to deal with insurance companies, but independent shops will fix a panel for cash. I usually get about $150 a panel if the repair is minor. Stay away from anyone that wants to use an aerosol can on your car, I charge a bit more to fix one once a butcher has had hold of it
Coffee Tables, Stools, Andatio the Best Types for Your Room
Coffee Tables, Stools, Andatio the Best Types for Your Room
Viva Enrico BergaminiAs Enrico has written in his recipe one:If you ever tried to pivot a table containing non-numeric values, you have surely been struggling with any spreadsheet app to do it easily.He has proposed a recipe to do it, using Python pandas and pivot_table function.In my recipe I will use pandas unstack. It "pivot a level of the (necessarily hierarchical) index labels, returning a DataFrame having a new level of column labels whose inner-most level consists of the pivoted index labels". The goal of Enrico is to change the original table as the image below:The code to do all is the one below:from pandas import *dataFrame=read_csv('enri.csv')dataFrame.set_index(['id','key'],inplace=True)df=dataFrame.unstack()df.reset_index(inplace=True)And yon can see all in action in the below gist. It's only a reshape matter!.• You May Also Want to KnowBest Selection Dining Tables in Ga | Horizon Home | Outlet PricesThe criss cross design has a fitting walnut finish with it's 54″round Glass top this Lattice Dining Table will fit well with any Dining Chair of your choice The criss cross design has a fitting walnut finish with it's 54″round Glass top this Lattice Dining Table will fit well with any Dining Chair of your choice This Horizon Home Hand Crafted Live Edge Dining Table will provide an original statement piece for any Home. Horizon Home Furniture is well know for our Hand Crafted Live Edge Furniture including Tables of all kinds, Benches and Beds. This Horizon Home Hand Crafted Live Edge Dining Table will provide an original statement piece for any Home. Horizon Home Furniture is well know for our Hand Crafted Live Edge Furniture including Tables of all kinds, Benches and Beds. Dining tables set the tone for your dining experience, so you want to take care in selecting just the right tables and chairs to enhance your experience. We currently have one our larest selections of dining furniture. Horizon Home Furniture in Westside Atlanta offers a lovely collection of distinctive and custom items. Whether you are searching for dining tables or sets, we can help make sure you make the statement you desire. You will love our designs, as well as our quality and prices. We buy right so you can too, so come visit us in our 40,000 square foot showroom and warehouse today. See our wide assortment of unique furnishings including market samples and one-of-a-kind designs, and get your design fix. When you need a dining and living room table, round end kitchen table, end table, or coffee table, Horizon Home is the premier source for your furnishing needs. Our inventory caters to all different tastes and preferences, making it easy for customers to locate the pieces they want. We routinely stock aesthetically appealing and sturdy tables - furniture that's guaranteed to exceed your quality expectations and standards. Whether you need a table and chair set for your dining room or a coffee table for a lounge/waiting room, trust our experience and expansive inventory for satisfying results. We've helped numerous home and business owners boost the appeal of their living and workspace at manageable rates. There are numerous furniture suppliers in and around Atlanta, GA; however, we own and manage a 40,000 sq. foot display room that showcases our unique blend of products. In accordance with tables and dining sets, we also carry accessories and accent furniture for living rooms and dining rooms, such as bars, stools, and rugs. Regardless of what you choose, our 24 hour delivery service will ensure that receive your item(s) swiftly.HomepageSome of the best moments of the day are around the dining table, perhaps that's why we like eating out and finding new places. In 2011, we were the first to put a small free multi-platform guide out. It's grown a lot since then; an ultimate where-to-dine, championing destinations coveted by Michelin, AA and Les Grandes Tables Du Monde alongside new arrivals, pop-up's and the critically acclaimed, in one stylish showcase. Welcome to the Luxury Restaurant Guide. For like-minded foodies, we stream exclusive privileges from top restaurants. Offers to maximise your joy when dining, as well as your spend - that's what the Luxury Restaurant Club brings to life.YEZIJIN Hot Sale Womens Fashion Casual Wedge Crystal Outdoors Floral Elastic Band Shoes Sandals Slipper Heels Platform Flats Shoes for Women Ladies Girl Indoor Outdoor Clearance 2019 Best Drafting Tables Office ProductsYEZIJIN Hot Sale! Women's Fashion Casual Wedge Crystal Outdoors Floral Elastic Band Shoes Sandals Slipper Heels Platform Flats Shoes for Women Ladies Girl Indoor Outdoor Clearance 2019 Best: Toys & Games. Buy YEZIJIN Hot Sale! Women's Fashion Casual Wedge Crystal Outdoors Floral Elastic Band Shoes Sandals Slipper Heels Platform Flats Shoes for Women Ladies Girl Indoor Outdoor Clearance 2019 Best: Platforms & Wedges - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Material :PU . 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Product Description Leather bag gloves characterised by the pre-curved design to anatomy Perfect, Hand made lovely penguin needle felting.Minimum Wire Bending Radii and Conduit FittingsSomething as simple as installing conduit bodies (such as LBs) should require little thought as far as sizing goes, especially in cases where there are no splices involved. Surprisingly enough, this is one area of the NEC that is often violated. The issue is the minimum bending radius required for the conductors. Let's run through an example to explain this situation. Say we have a ¾-in. rigid metal conduit (RMC). We installed 20 ft of conduit, including a couple of ¾-in. LB conduit bodies along the way. Inside the conduit we've installed one, 600V, 7/C, 12 AWG, Type TC-ER cable. The individual conductors are type XHHW-2. We looked up the manufacturer's data on the cable and find the O.D. is 0.59 in. Just to be sure that we've sized the conduit adequately, let's check the conduit size. We are allowed a 53% fill maximum as per NEC Chapter 9, Table 1, and Notes to Tables [Note (9)]. We are going to use a cable that has an actual O.D. of 0.59 in. (area = 0.273 in2) in accordance with Note (5). Looking at Chapter 9, Table for Art. 344, we see that the maximum conduit fill allowed is 0.291 in2. Great! Our conduit size should be large enough for a short pull. Next, we check the bending radius from the cable manufacturer, and find that they require a minimum bending radius of four times the O.D. of the cable: 4 x 0.59 in. = 2.36 in. radius (minimum). Now we check the minimum bending radius that the fitting will allow. Fitting bend radius and fill information is available from the conduit body manufacturer and is also typically found on their web site or through the local manufacturer representative. In this case, we are going to use a Form 8 LB, malleable iron, which is much larger than a Form 7. However, even the Form 8 condulet only has an allowable bending radius of 2.1 in. per the manufacturer literature that we are using in this example. The next trade size larger is a 1-in. LB with a minimum bending radius of 2.5 in. So, based on our example scenario, we would need to install a 1-in. LB. Finding something like this after the conduit is installed can result in either damaged cable or a costly rework situation. It's also important to note that the minimum bending radii for different brands of "Form 8" fittings vary.RotoRing Rotary Tables for Processing 300mm Semiconductor Wafers by IntelLiDrivesAccommodating 300mm Wafers in the RotoRing 300 Rotary Table Smooth Drive System Full Wafer Rotation Accurate Positioning Air Bearings Application of the RotoRing Rotary Tables in General Automation The 350 mm diameter center opening in the RotoRing300TM rotary table easily accommodates large 300 mm (12") semiconductor wafers, allowing for eased extraction of the chip dies from the wafer during semiconductor assembly manufacturing processes. The RotoRing300TM direct drive rotary table from IntelLiDrives adapts linear motor technology, coupled with air bearings, to provide faster and more accurate handling of the 300 mm semiconductor wafers. Presently, semiconductor assembly equipment manufacturers do only limited wafer rotation, but RotoRingTM rotary table goes 360°, at up to 100 rpm. 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A Cheap Coffee Table Can Be a Wonderful Addition to Your ...
A Cheap Coffee Table Can Be a Wonderful Addition to Your ...
There are many very good reasons why you would want to shop for a cheap coffee table. You may be on a strict budget, or you may be the type of person who likes to change out his or her furniture often so you don't want to invest a lot of money in it. Either way, you have a lot of options when it comes to finding a cheap coffee table. The good thing is, now days you don't have to settle for something that isn't stylish just because it isn't expensive. If you are a careful shopper then there is no reason that you can't have beautiful living room furniture without the hefty price tag.The more typical methods of shopping for a cheap coffee probably come to mind-thrift stores, discount stores, furniture store warehouses. These are all viable methods. The trouble is, when you shop for a cheap coffee table this way it eats up a lot of time. Going from store to store can become a quest and in the end you still may not find exactly what you are looking for. That's fine if you are in it for the thrill of the hunt. But if you just want to find a cheap coffee table without all the hassle then the place you probably should be looking is the Internet.When you use the web for your discount coffee table shopping you will quickly see that there are a wide range of prices available. From super cheap to simply inexpensive, you'll find a full range of options. The best approach is to have a price range in mind before you even start looking. Once you know how much you want to spend you can begin to narrow down your cheap coffee table options.In addition to deciding how much to spend, it is helpful to have some kind of idea about the style of table you'd like. The most economical tables are made of some type of veneer but it is possible to find a wood coffee table at a deeply discounted price. You just have to keep your eyes open for bargains. Make sure that you note any taxes, fees or shipping costs associated with the product. You want to be careful that additional fees do not increase the price to the point where you lose all the benefit of buying at a discount.Remember that no matter what price range you are shopping in, a coffee table is a very important part of your living room suite. It needs to be the right size for the space, be sturdy, and add to the overall look and feel of the living room furniture. It is possible to find all these things and not break the bank. With a little homework and some patience, you can find the perfect coffee table to fit just about any room decor. Take your time and be sure to think about how the actual table will fit in your room. In no time at all you'll be sitting back and enjoying your new purchase. Knowing that you did not spend a fortune will make it even more enjoyable.
Do You Prefer a Squared Coffee Table Or a Round Coffee Table?
I personally do not like coffee tables, every house has one. A couple of things to remember, glass will always be harder to keep clean and wood stains without coasters1. How do I build a cupcake shaped coffee table?unless you have a lot of time/tools/experience in making things, no...cause you either need a lot of wood and be able to carve it, have a lot of cardboard and be able to bend/shape it or have a plastic mold and be able to melt one into shape2. How To Build A Modern Coffee Table For Under $100Learn how to build a modern coffee table with storage for under $100. The large drawer holds blankets, games, or whatever you like. If you love hiding things in plain sight, this DIY modern coffee table with storage is perfect for you! The large storage drawer can hold blankets, games, or whatever you need! At under $100 to build, this coffee table is a great project that wo not break the bank. It's inspired by a coffee table from West Elm, which is no longer available on their website. It's made entirely of plywood and is also a quick weekend build. Be sure to download the printable plans for this project where you will find the full materials and cut list. While I did use a table saw for some of the plywood cuts, you can certainly build this with a circular saw and some sort of guide, such as the Kreg Rip-Cut or the Kreg Accu-Cut. You will also find that a trimming tool for veneer edge banding is extremely valuable for this project. Cut the plywood Cut all of your pieces to size, per the printable plans. Apply the edge banding Heat up a clothes iron to the highest setting. Apply veneer banding to all four edges of the coffee table top, bottom, and feet. Also apply veneer banding to the front and back edges of the side panels, as well as the long edges of the legs. Trim the veneer banding with a trimming tool or razor knife. Sand all of the pieces smooth with an orbital sander and 220 grit sandpaper. Drill pocket holes Drill 3/4 pocket holes into the upper and lower edges of the legs and side panels. Attach legs Using wood glue and 1 1/4" pocket screws, attach the legs and side panels to the coffee table bottom. Attach the coffee table top Using wood glue and 1 1/4" pocket screws attach the coffee table top to the legs and side panels, carefully clamping it into place and ensuring the panels and legs are square. Drill 3/4" pocket holes into all four edges of the rear panel. Install flush with the edges of the side panels and clamp into place. Secure in place with 1 1/4" pocket screws. Attach the feet Measure and mark 1" in from the corners of the coffee table bottom. Apply wood glue to the feet and set in place so that they are 1" in from each corner edge. Nail in place with 1 1/4" brad nails. Build the drawer box To build the drawer, drill 1/2" pocket holes into the bottom and front edges of the drawer sides as well as the bottom and side edges of the drawer back. Also drill 1/2" pocket holes into the front edge of the drawer bottom, to help in attaching the drawer front in the next step. Using wood glue and 1" pocket screws, attach the drawer sides to the drawer back. Apply a bead of glue to the edges of the drawer sides and back, then line up the drawer bottom. Clamp in place and attach with 1" pocket screws. Cut the notch for the drawer front Measure and mark the notch for the drawer front, per the printable plans. Cut the notch out with a jigsaw. Attach drawer front Using wood glue and 1" pocket screws, attach the drawer front to the rest of the drawer box. Attach drawer slides Attach drawer slides so that the drawer fits flush inside the coffee table with a 1/8" gap around all sides. Fill pocket holes Use 3/8 dowels or wood filler to fill the pocket holes in the legs of the coffee table. If using dowels, cut the dowels with a flush cut hand saw, then sand smooth. Finish coffee table If needed, give the coffee table a final light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper. Finish as desired with paint or stain. If using stain, it is recommended to apply at least two layers clear coat. This can be polycrylic, polyurethane, or wipe on polyurethane. What I love about this table is how clean it looks, plus the ability to put books or decor on both the top and bottom of the table. The storage drawer offers a ton of space for whatever you would like to tuck away and with the price tag coming in under $100 to build it, you can not beat the price! If you love the look of the raw edges on the plywood, you can even save a step (and a few dollars) and skip the veneer! Do not forget to download the printable plans to build this project! If you build this, I would love to see it! Feel free to email me () or tag me on social media when you share yours!3. Tablecloths for coffee table? or suggestions for protecting the top from kids and cats.?Honestly, you do not want a tablecloth with a toddler in the house - especially one on a coffeetable. You will be spending the entire day picking it up off the floor & putting it back and a thin piece of cloth is not goinng to afford much protection anyways. A couple of coats of a high quality oil-based polyurethane would be a better solution - most furniture nowadays is sprayed with a quick coat of lacquer which is crap as you found out. I would suggest sanding with 220 grit if it's a wood tone and not painted (you did not say which finish it has) or use a green scotchbrite pad or steel wool to just scuff it up a little without removing the finish - you just want to give it something to grab onto is all. I've never had coffeetables around just for the reason you described, let alone when the children fall & smack their faces on them- ouch!
What Is on Your Coffee Table Right now? List Everything.....hehe?
okay i see some cosmopolitan mags, some time mags, some old cds, blank cds,2 computer speakers, aother stack of mags, a box of makeup, a small box of junk, a big ol ashtray full of cig butts,2 candles, a remote to a dvd player that i dont even think we have anymore, some nailpolish remover, and 2 dvds(final destination3, and saving private ryan) do i get 10 pionts for naming all that stuff?????1. What's needed for the first apartment?Okay -- me and my husband are newly weds and obviously started looking for an Apartment to start living into as a Married couple. I am the type of person that gets excited for big events,. including this apartment. Luckily, his uncle owns an apartment building and saved an apartment for us. My dad used to be a landlord and I already KNEW what to look for in an apartment. Lease-3 months? 6 months? 12? or none? my hisbands uncle didnt give us a lease which is good because we can leave whenever we wont. Id advice to do the shortest lease INCASE u might not like it and u dont stay long. if u wanna stay then resign. Rent -- How much is too much? Well its just me and him so we are paying 525 a month everything included except gas/electric (we couldnt find anything so I just stuck with this one, UTILITIES INCLUDED are always a great plus because you only have to worry about your rent) Deposit? -- if you go to an apartment building they will check your credit, sometimes if u have good credit then your deposit is reduced to a lesser amount. if bad credit then your deposit is equal to the rent. So 525/525 . My husband uncle doesnt do credit checks, so deposit it automaticall equal to the rent. Once that is paid off you have to think about what you need. Well first off RENTERS INSURANCE, Godforbid anything happens (hurricane/fire) you are covered and everything is replaced. My husband mother is in insurance so that helps us out a lot. Then if you have a pet you have to see if they charge for a pet and whats their deposit and monthly rent? SOMETIMES the deposit is NON refundable so you dont get it back, so hopefully you find someplace where the fee is not so expensive, be prepared to pay 25-50 extra a month for your pet NOT including food/medicine/vet fees. My husbands great grandmother who passed away recently gave us 2 brand new ivory couches so we dont need that much furniture. Living Room- 2 couches, coffee table, 2 lamps (if you want), wall decor. If you have a floor and want a carpet then thats your choice. My living room has carpeting. Bedroom- we already have a queen bed. So dressor. night table. mirror(if you want) curtains(if you have windows, I know I do LOL I have 7 windows and a fireplace in my bedroom). Carpet if you want if you have a floor and my bedroom has carpeting. Kitchen-Cookware, pots/pans, forks, spoons, knives, food storage bowels, towel rags, rarea rugs(u dont have to but I did because my kitchen floor obviously has no carpet so I got a welcome home mat, and 2 rugs one for in front of sink and in front of fridge) food pantry shelf if you dont have a lot of shelves. FOOD obviously at least 100-200 for groceries. Thank goodness my husband isnt picky so we will need to go get food FOR NOW. Dish rack if you want one. Coffee maker. Microwave. Magents for fridge IF U WANT ANY, those you dont need but I love having them. dishwashing liquid.bleach. mop. broom. dustpan. pinesol. any wall decor that u might WANT. paper napkin. Bathroom-I obought a WHOLE set for 40 bucks except the carpets. shower curtan. carpets/rug. shower vinyl and shower curtain. conditioner. shampoo. bodywash. a little shelf for the tub to put your cond, shamp etc. but only if u want. bathtub mat so you dont slip. Soap to wash hands. toilet paper. toilet paper holder. waste basket. There could be so much more that I may have not mentioned. But this is ALL that I have gotton in the passed 2 WEEKS for my apartment. Our first apartment. And I move in tomorrow. Roomate are tolerable if u live with the right person, becareful because since u might live with one then they could get on ur nerves really quick, and sometimes cosginers are OKAY!! but they are responsible for u paying the rent and if u dont pay they get into trouble and sometimes it depends on their credit. Good luck and I hope I helped!!2. Do people still buy "coffee table" books?They do but they are expensive to publish so you will want to get a proposal approved before going through a lot of effort. In your case, it could very well be something with a good deal of local interest. Start by looking for a publisher of local histories, I do not know where you are located so I can only recommend going to a local bookstore, even a big Barnes and Noble, and looking at what is in the local history section. There will most likely be some books in the format you have in mind and you can get the publishers' names from there. I wish I had more specific advice but this will at least acquaint you with some local resources3. 10 Best Travel Coffee Table Books for Inspiring Wanderlust —I do not know about you, but I find nothing more blissful than curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea while leafing through large glossy travel books crammed full of magical photographs and exciting travel possibilities. Armchair travel at its best. I guess the fact you are reading this means you have a travel itch to scratch or know someone who does. So, here are some of my personal favourites (plus a couple on my Christmas wish list) to tickle your wanderlust. I hope you find these recommendations as inspiring and fascinating as we have. They have helped shape our travels over the last two and a half years, and continue to do so as we plan 2018. Please note we are an Amazon affiliate partner, so we earn a tiny amount if you buy anything through the links below, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the ever-increasing cost of running our site!
Studio Apartments - Making the Most of Small Open Spaces
Living in a studio apartment means that space is a precious commodity. Many people opt to live in these smaller apartments in order to afford a more upscale neighborhood. They also make popular first apartments thanks to their lower prices and need for less furniture. Part of the fun of moving to a new place is decorating but when space is so limited, this endeavor can be more frustrating than exciting. A good strategy is essential for covering all the bases yet not feeling crowded in when decorating a studio apartment. Here are some tips to make the job easier.The bed is often a sticking point in a studio because it takes up so much floor space. Sofa beds seem like an easy solution but can actually make life even more difficult. First, you have to rearrange the furniture every night to fold out the bed. For example, you might need to move a coffee table out of the way to pull it open and then put it back in the morning. Then you have to get out the blankets and pillows and put them away every time. This can get old fast. A bed that folds out from the wall can pose similar problems. A day bed is a good option for people who don't want to move furniture twice a day every day. It can be adorned with pillows to match your decor and looks more like a sofa. It adds more seating to the room and is easy to hop into when it's time for bed without moving a single piece of furniture.When choosing furniture for a studio apartment, a good strategy is very important. You need to always buy the smallest item that will get the job done somewhat comfortably. Many people adopt a minimalist theme when decorating studios. This is very fashionable even in large homes and has the added benefit of not needing so much stuff. Stick to the essentials and always go for the lowest pieces of furniture that you can find, especially for items that will be placed in the middle of the room such as coffee tables. Furniture that sits lower to the ground like coffee tables and chairs with shorter legs can make the room feel much bigger than it actually is. Save taller items like vases and plants for placing up against the wall to balance out the height of the room without making it feel closed in.While the open space of a studio is a great draw and certainly makes the apartment feel much bigger, there are moments when you'd prefer to have separate spaces. For example, if you have a guest who needs some privacy, you might want to close off a sleeping area. Perhaps you share the apartment with someone who has a different sleeping schedule than yours. One easy way to accomplish this is to put up a divider to set apart some space. That way, you can still go about your daily life while the other person is resting while keeping distractions to a minimum.
Coffee Tables Sets - Helping You Avoid the Mismatched Look in Your Living Room
There is nothing worse than walking into someone's living room and seeing a bunch of mismatched furniture paired together. There is one style of couch, another type of end table, and then a completely different coffee table that does not go with anything. Well, there is an easy way to make sure your end and coffee ones match and that is with coffee table sets. One would be a great purchase.Coffee table sets do all the matching work for you since they come with coffee tables and end tables that all have the same style. So, then you do not have to worry about whether this goes with that and so on. There are actually a slew of stylish choices to pick from, which is nice for you since it allows you to easily find exactly what you are looking for. One of the style options that are available are those that have a modern design with clean lines and a very symmetrical appearance. Or, if you like things that are more on the extravagant side, then you can go with something that is more of an antique appearance with delicate scrolls and accents. The style choices do not end there either as there are many more to pick from as well including those that have a traditional appearance, others that are more cottage like, some that are very artsy, and there are even transitional options that combined two, even three different style elements. These transitional ones are very nice if you have a space that does not have one clear cut style to it.Now, not only are coffee table sets a great idea because they are pleasing to the eye, but they also bring a lot of functionality into the place they are put as well. Remember, they are tables and are the perfect place to set different things down. For example, if you want a convenient place to put snacks for that super bowl get-together, just turn to the coffee table. Or, if you are in need of some extra lighting in your living space, the end table would be a nice place to put a lamp. You can use both for setting down a wide variety of other things as well including family photos, the remote controllers for the TV and cable box, magazines, and you could even use the surface of the coffee one for playing board games with the family.Feeling like coffee table sets are something that you are interested in? If so, a nice way to look into the different options is by turning on your computer and browsing the different online stores on the Internet. In no time at all can you see everything that is available and what is really nice is that it is easy to find what you want at the best prices possible.So, if you want to avoid being that person who has mismatched furnishing, then coffee table sets are something you need to invest in. There are a lot of fantastic options that will be sure to please.
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