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Before you purchase a geothermal heat pump for your home, it's best to research heat pumps and installations in your area.

If you are experiencing warmer air than you would like or if some rooms are cool and some are warm, it could mean an improper flow of air through your ducts. A motor has copper winding that can get shorts, become grounded, or have an open winding. You could face an even larger challenge and an even larger bill, if you purchase a home cooling system that is improperly sized. Before you buy, conduct some research on your home and various cooling systems, and recall the importance of properly sized air conditioning units.

Many industry standards and codes govern seismic protection for nonstructural components.

More often than not, the failures in your air conditioning system are not catastrophic and have a quick AC fix that can cure the problem easily and get you back to riding in comfort.

Before you purchase a geothermal heat pump for your home, it's best to research heat pumps and installations in your area. Find a contractor or HVAC professional with extensive experience installing and maintaining geothermal heat pumps. Geothermal heat pumps can be installed just about anywhere in the United States, but several characteristics will determine what type of system is appropriate for your home: • Geology: The composition of the soil and rock throughout your property will determine which type of ground loop system is appropriate for your new geothermal heat pump system. Soil with high heat-transferring properties will require fewer underground pipes than soils with low heat transference. • Hydrology: The availability of ground and surface water, as well as that water supply's depth, quantity, and volume, will decide what type of ground loop to use. • Land Availability: For new builds, it's fairly simple to install a new geothermal heat pump, but for established homes with a determined land layout, landscaping and other items, the geothermal heat pump installation is more complicated to avoid disruption.

System Evacuation Training | Vacuum Training for Air Conditioning

After the evacuation is complete, if you are working on a new installation, keep the pump isolated and open (crack) the suction line service letting a small amount of refrigerant into the system bringing the system slowly into a positive pressure. (Note: When the vacuum gauge indicates "high pressure" you are above 20,000 microns but still in negative pressure.) As the gauge can handle up to 500 psig, you need not be concerned with damaging the micron gauge by over pressurization. Once the suction line is completely open, open the liquid service valve, re install the valve cores and remove the vacuum gauge and core tools. (Note: Refrigerant may make the vacuum sensor act if under a vacuum or erratic after removal until the refrigerant vapor is out of the sensor. The sensor is calibrated for air and a refrigerant atmosphere will affect the readings.) After the cores have been installed and core tools removed, purge your manifold hoses and install gauges to finish commissioning the system.

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Shade trees, south-facing windows and solar panels are other ways people try to work with nature to reduce the cost of cooling. You are likely to see these features incorporated into the designs of many older homes built before air conditioner became common, as well as more modern homes where design eases the burden on the AC unit.

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How to Get Long Lasting AC When you buy an air conditioner it's an investment, right? You need to consider how to make this unit last because of this. We know this is not something that's always on the forefront on your mind when you are trying to get cool at home. That's why we are here for you today to help you ensure that you are abiding by your AC best practices. We know that you want your air conditioner well into the future. If you are concerned about your HVAC in Temecula, CA, just make sure that you are paying attention to your home needs. We are going to make sure that you have the best AC that we can offer. We know what it's like trying to stay cool in Southern California because we are local professionals. We are always going to help. Tags: AC Tips, Temecula

5 Things to Know Before You Add Central Air Conditioning

In general, today's systems must be 14 SEER-which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and is a measure of how much cooling you get for each watt of power used-or about 40% more efficient than the 10 SEER standard that was in place until 2006. Given that your old system is not running at peak efficiency anymore, your cooling bills should drop by about half. Or you can opt for even higher efficiency, all the way up to 24 SEER. A 16 SEER system, for example, might add about $2,000 in upfront costs-or perhaps just $500 if your state offers an energy incentive program (you can find a list here)-and will reduce your cooling costs by another 14% a year.

Common Warning Signs that Your Air Conditioning System Needs Maintenance

The interior of air ducts can accumulate dust and other solid pollutants over time, and air diffusers may start releasing particles indoors. An inspection is recommended if you notice this, but do not assume the entire air duct is polluted right away - maybe you only have a few clogged diffusers.

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting: 9 Common Problems & Solutions

If you are experiencing warmer air than you would like or if some rooms are cool and some are warm, it could mean an improper flow of air through your ducts. Though a central air conditioning system is seemingly a sealed system with the ductwork running through walls and ceilings, it is not unusual for tears to develop in your ductwork, sometimes as the result of rodents or inattentive workers.

4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning is Not Blowing Cold and How to Solve these Problems

There other factors that could cause an air conditioner to struggle to cool down a room effectively. If the windows and doors are left open for long periods of time, this will adversely affect the cooling performance. Letting some fresh air in each day is a very good idea, especially in the morning before the day gets hotter. But, the windows and doors should be closed when the air conditioning is turned on. If you have devices that emit a great deal of heat, these will also slow down the cooling process for that room.

Diagnosing issues in a 3 phase air conditioning compressor

What caused the thermal overload should be your next question. A compressor is essentially an electric motor. A motor has copper winding that can get shorts, become grounded, or have an open winding. These malfunctions can cause thermal overload or compressor failure. To check for any of these issues you first need to shut off the power at the electrical disconnect box. We recommend any time you will be removing wires to take a picture of the way it was originally wired for reference. You may also view electrical schematics on the inside of panels or manufacturer specifications for further reference.

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I was walking through Washington D.C. one afternoon in late summer, and saw some old government buildings whose windows were propped open. "Must be a little stuffy and warm inside," I thought, compared to modern buildings. The people working within may abhor their old building with its inadequate cooling capability. But then I considered a future scenario in which energy scarcity may impose restrictions on how much is available for air conditioning. In such a case, having a building whose windows can open will suddenly seem like a huge bonus. A building built to be tolerable in the days before AC will fare better in a future deprived of that luxury, should such a time come. The directional flow of envy between modern and older buildings may reverse.

Window air conditioning and dorms...

I was thinking about making a plexiglass shield that funnels open on both sides like wings and seals the outside? is that too much? In the rules, there are is no mention about air conditioners, so everything is fair game as long as it does not hang out of the window.I did not think about the side vents for the air conditioners, that could cause some problems for heat being pushed into the room. I wonder if there was a way to just funnel that to the screen?I was thinking about making a plexiglass shield that funnels open on both sides like wings and seals the outside? is that too much?

Why Air Conditioning System Sizing is Important

When you are in need of a new air conditioner, the process of purchasing one can be a challenge. You could face an even larger challenge and an even larger bill, if you purchase a home cooling system that is improperly sized. Before you buy, conduct some research on your home and various cooling systems, and recall the importance of properly sized air conditioning units. Most importantly, call a good licensed HVAC contractor that can properly determine the best size unit for your home. You could save a ton!

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Air conditioning's main function is to transfer heat from within the cabin to the vehicle's exterior. The heart of all modern systems is its refrigerant, R134a, which almost every new and used car utilises at the time of writing. Aside from the physical dangers, such as severe frostbite, R134a is also harmful to the atmosphere, which is why a DIY enthusiast should never attempt to discharge an air conditioning system at home.

Cooling and Air Conditioning for a Camper Van - Build A Green RV

Many camper vans and RVs use roof mounted powered fans to provide forced ventilation. These fans do a great job of getting the inside temperature down close to the outside temperature. Its good to combine the power fan with the passive cooling methods mentioned above to get the best effect.

Seismic Bracing for Ductwork, HVAC, Electrical & Pipe

Many industry standards and codes govern seismic protection for nonstructural components. ASCE 7, the International Building Code (IBC), and various FEMA publications have already been named. Beyond these, you may need to refer to: • ANSI/AHRI Standard 1270 (I-P) Requirements for Seismic Qualification of HVACR Equipment (2015 edition) from the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) • Seismic Restraint Manual Guidelines for Mechanical Systems, a publication of ANSI and the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors'' National Association (SMACNA) • Guidelines for Seismic Restraint for Direct-hung Suspended Ceiling Assemblies, a publication of the Ceiling and Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA) • Process Piping (ASME B31.3), a publication of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

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Walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers and freezers, ice machines, instrument air, bait coolers, air conditions and more! We have the knowledge and experience to get you back on line! Need new equipment or a custom design, no problem, call us today!If we do not provide what you need and want, we are not doing our job. Second, we work with the leader in home cooling equipment. Third, we train each employee to see your job through from start to finish, making sure the unit or system performs up to your expectations. Finally, we provide quick, professional service and complete service plans to keep your systems operating at peak efficiency. It's all part of our tradition of service-assuring your complete satisfaction

Ductless Split Systems

Ductless Split Systems, similar to central cooling systems, are categorized as air conditioning (cooling only) and heat pump systems which provide heating and cooling. A single-zone system includes a condensing unit (outdoor) and an evaporator unit (indoor); which is what will supply the conditioned air. Inverter mini-splits use electricity to pump refrigerant through copper piping and transfer heat from one space to another through a condenser using a compressor. Heat pump systems make it possible for a condensing unit to switch from producing cooling or heating through the use of a reversing valve, or 4-way valve. This valve reverses the flow of refrigerant through the compressor to provide comfort cooling or heating depending on the preference of the end user.

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More often than not, the failures in your air conditioning system are not catastrophic and have a quick AC fix that can cure the problem easily and get you back to riding in comfort. Below is a list of the most common problems behind your car's air conditioning not working that have quick fixes:

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An air conditioning unit is an absolute necessity during summers. As long as the air conditioning system functions smoothly, we never go for air conditioner maintenance or servicing. This can cause malfunction in the AC parts, AC leaking water being the most common problem. Let's look at some common AC leakage problems and how to fix AC.

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One Australian company sells just the thing: White Roof Shield is a white coating which reflects 80% of the sun's radiation. They say it "helps reduce interior cooling loads of air conditioned structures, resulting in savings of both energy and money. Even buildings without air conditioning stay cooler because roof surface temperatures are significantly reduced". Put some roofs of different amounts of whiteness in the sun for some time and measure the temperature of something underneath (maybe air, water). Maybe a heating curve is best. May need more than three trials, and what is the best way to produce this (mixing black and white paint proportionally, black masking tape etc). What about flat paint vs satin vs glossy?

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A Hundred Flowers Bloom in the Field of Fresh Air Conditioning, and TCL Air Conditioning Has Taken t
A Hundred Flowers Bloom in the Field of Fresh Air Conditioning, and TCL Air Conditioning Has Taken t
According to the data of the national home appliance industry information center, the retail volume and retail volume of fresh air conditioners in China increased by 252.1% and 117.3% year-on-year respectively in the first 14 weeks of 2020. In the past year, the expansion of fresh air conditioning market capacity mainly stems from the surge in consumer demand. Due to the baptism of the epidemic, the majority of users' health awarenessIt has reached an unprecedented height, and the attention and demand for health appliances have also increased.According to the survey data of Aowei cloud network, 92% of consumers pay special attention to health functions when purchasing household appliances, among which the awareness of health air conditioning is the highest, reaching 74.9%. On the demand side, among the health products purchased by consumers from January to September, healthy air conditioners accounted for 31.5%. The concept of health appliances has fully penetrated into consumers' consumption consciousness and become a new consumption demand.Ge Fengliang, vice president of China Household Appliances Research Institute, once said that under the general trend of the decline of the overall air conditioning market, fresh air conditioning is on the "fast lane" of development. On the one hand, this is due to the increasing attention of consumers to fresh air conditioning since this year. On the other hand, it is also due to the fact that air conditioning enterprises have accelerated the research and development of fresh air conditioning, and new technologies and products emerge one after another in the market.From the current layout of mainstream air-conditioning brands in the fresh air-conditioning market, Midea, Gree, TCL air-conditioning, Hisense and other major manufacturers have an obvious trend to work in the field of fresh air-conditioning. It can be said that all major enterprises have come up with their own skills. From the technical point of view, TCL air conditioner is a bright spot among many major air conditioning brands. The author personally believes that the fresh air technology of TCL air conditioner also understands users better and fits users' needs better.TCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner is the flagship product of TCL air conditioner launched in March this year. The author summarizes that this product has four technical highlights, which are worthy of our careful taste and experience.Highlight 1: constant temperature fresh air technologyTCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner is not only satisfied with delivering clean fresh air and improving indoor air quality, but also wants to bring extremely comfortable temperature on this basis. Therefore, it has developed this constant temperature fresh air technology.That is, when the outdoor air enters the room, the air conditioner will conduct intelligent constant temperature treatment on it. After heating or cooling, mix the newly entered air flow with the main air flow to maintain a consistent temperature. This can not only improve the indoor air quality, but also keep the indoor temperature constant, bid farewell to the discomfort of heat and cold, and further improve the comfort.Highlight 2: raise the little blue wing, and the house is full of fresh airTCL air conditioner has made a technical breakthrough in the air outlet design of fresh air conditioner. We know that generally, the air outlet of fresh air conditioner will be set above the air conditioner. In fact, this will bring disadvantages that are easy to be ignored by two users. The first air outlet is exposed for a long time, which is easy to accumulate dust and difficult to take care of, affecting the cleanliness of fresh air; Second, fresh air blows against the ceiling, which not only compresses the air supply distance, but also damages the ceiling wall.Therefore, TCL air conditioner does not adopt this conventional air outlet design, but uses the lifting small blue wing new air outlet instead. Under normal mode, the fresh air outlet is closed and dust will not accumulate; When the fresh air mode is opened independently, the small blue wing new air outlet rises slowly, and the incoming fresh air is sucked into the air conditioning cycle by the high negative pressure device of the air conditioner through the function of the small blue wing new air outlet, which not only increases the air supply distance, but also reduces the damage to the ceiling.At the same time, as a new generation of explicit technology IP of TCL air conditioner, xiaolanyi is easier to deepen users' cognition. As long as you see that xiaolanyi rises slowly, fresh air will slowly blow all over the house.It is understood that in the future, TCL air conditioner will upgrade the technology IP of "little blue wing", which will be equipped with a variety of intelligent experiences. For example, it can intelligently monitor the indoor carbon dioxide content and automatically start the smart fresh air health technology module; Intelligently identify the air cleanliness, monitor the indoor PM2.5 content, and automatically start the intelligent clean wind intelligent health technology module; Intelligently perceive the user distance, automatically start the smart soft wind smart health technology module, etc., so that more users can easily enjoy healthier air.Highlight 3: smart soft wind technology version 2.0For a long time, TCL air conditioner gives users the impression of high comfort, so "extreme comfort" has now become the brand gene of TCL air conditioner. On TCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner, TCL air conditioner once again upgraded its housekeeping skill - Smart soft wind technology.The original single soft wind has become richer and more diverse. Under the refrigeration mode, four soft wind non direct blowing modes, such as soft wind, carpet wind, bath wind and surround wind, can be realized, so that users can choose the air supply mode according to the actual use scenario and demand, and can enjoy the comfortable experience brought by the cold wind non direct blowing in any scenario, This is really the ultimate user comfort experience.Highlight 4: it is installed in the original hole position without secondary drillingIn addition to the technical aspect, the installation of TCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner is also full of details. At present, fresh air conditioners on the market need to be reamed or re reamed when they are installed, which often leads to problems such as "destruction of wall structure", "noise pollution" and "dust everywhere and unsightly". However, TCL C12 smart fresh air conditioner skillfully combines fresh air pipeline and refrigeration pipeline. Users can use the original hole position for installation without secondary drilling, which is simple, fast and in place in one step.To sum up, fresh air conditioning must be the wind vane for the future development of the air conditioning market. With the entry of more and more technology giants, the market competition will become more and more fierce. In this competitive market situation, whoever takes the lead in strategic layout and has technical advantages will have the right to speak in the market. Obviously, TCL air conditioning has made full preparations. The author also believes that with the technical reserves and strength of TCL air conditioning, fresh air conditioning is a new position, and TCL air conditioning has enough confidence and ability to occupy a high position.
Lake Air Conditioning Fan, a Master of Indoor Air Conditioning Who Really Knows You
Lake Air Conditioning Fan, a Master of Indoor Air Conditioning Who Really Knows You
The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and air conditioning is becoming more and more indispensable. But the air conditioner is a cold machine. It will only blow out the wind with different temperatures according to the requirements, but never expect it to understand everyone's mind. To have a really happy summer, we also need a perfect air conditioning partner - Lake intelligent air conditioning fan.Cool and good wind drives away "air conditioning disease"You know, in the air-conditioned room, in order to save electricity, the doors and windows are usually closed when the air conditioner is turned on. In this way, although the heat is solved, it is more stuffy. The fan head of Lake air conditioning fan can rotate 360 ° 90 ° freely to realize 3D air supply, which can effectively improve the problems of poor indoor air circulation and excessive indoor temperature difference.In addition, the leaf design of Lake air conditioning fan is also very particular. Its unique 7-leaf feather design can more gently cut the air and create a continuous and flexible wind body. Even direct blowing will not make people feel uncomfortable. Unlike the traditional fan, direct blowing will bring a biting feeling to people, sometimes even worse than the cold air of the air conditioner.Master of temperature control who really knows youLake air conditioning fan is equipped with the newly developed high-precision brushless motor, which can not only reduce loss, but also control noise. In the sleep wind mode, the sound emitted by the lake air conditioning fan can be controlled to a minimum of 25 dB, almost the same as the sound of snowflakes falling.However, reducing loss and controlling noise are not the biggest highlights of this brushless motor. The high-precision control force is the brilliance of this motor. Equipped with this motor, the lake air conditioning fan can switch between 3 modes and 6 speeds at will without any vibration. Except for the change of wind speed, it is almost impossible to feel that the gear has been switched.Humanized intelligent control systemThe most intimate thing on Lake air conditioning fan is the intelligent remote control system, which not only supports remote control, but also can use mobile app and AI intelligent voice control to truly realize fresh and good wind and on call.Most of the cooling electrical products on the market now only achieve the step of remote control. However, small objects such as remote controls often disappear inexplicably. The more urgent they are, the less they can be found.Now some old people use smart phones, which are also inconvenient. With AI intelligent voice control, these problems have been perfectly solved. As long as you open your mouth, the lake air conditioning fan will continuously send fresh air from the energy source.Summer has come. Although air conditioning is still an inseparable "life extension artifact", air conditioning alone is obviously not enough. To really have a happy summer, Lake air conditioning fan is essential. Even if you don't live with the elderly and have no children, you should start one for your own consideration, so you don't have to worry about the embarrassment of low air conditioning temperature, too cold and high air conditioning temperature!
How Do I Get a Centralized Air Conditioning System Like Hotels for Home?
How Do I Get a Centralized Air Conditioning System Like Hotels for Home?
How do I get a centralized air conditioning system like hotels for home?Centralized air conditioning system consists of a lot of components and system and is very costly and viable only for big spaces.You need to carefully analyze your needs and then go for centralized HVAC system.It is usually recommended for areas with cooling load of equal to or more than 100 tons. How do I get a centralized air conditioning system like hotels for home?— — — — — —air conditioning system stays on even when we turn off our thermostatIs there a small switch somewhere n the thermostat that says something like "fan" and has positions for "auto" and "on"? Is it in the "On" position? If what you mean is that the fan keeps blowing when the thermostat is not calling for cooling (but the air at that point is not being cooled) that could be it.Otherwise, look for a short circuit in the thermostat wiring, which would make the A/C think that the thermostat was calling for cooling all the time.If the latter, and it's too cold in the house, shut off the circuit breaker supplying the a/c with power.— — — — — —Study on microwave sterilization technology of humidifier in central air conditioning systemThe issue of fungal microbial contamination in central air conditioning systems is one of the main problems of biological pollution in building environment. In this study, through the basic experimental study of microwave sterilization under ideal conditions, considering the sterilization effect and energy consumption, the preliminary reference range of microwave sterilization effective temperature is 50°C-59 °C. Through the research of microwave sterilization experimental platform of humidifier in central air conditioning system, it is found that microwave sterilization has a slight influence on the air supply parameters of air conditioning system, and it can be considered under the operating conditions of air conditioning system with low accuracy of air supply parameters. The microwave radiation power of 1000 W and 900 W can quickly reach the effective sterilization temperature in 5 min, and the sterilization rate can reach 100%. The heating effect of the shielded parts is also very good. Considering the sterilization effect and energy saving, the microwave power of humidifier in central air conditioning system is ideal at 900 W for 5 min. Finally, the CST (a 3D electromagnetic field simulator) software was used to simulate and verify the power absorbed by the components, and the uniformity of microwave sterilization was also forecasted.— — — — — —Add Air Conditioning to your Old Car. It’s Easy.It used to be that one of the first things you would trash from your performance car was the air conditioning system, assuming your car had it, of course. It's understandable, too, because the parts for most A/C systems were huge and heavy: big cast iron compressors, massive condensers, and evaporators big enough to keep an industrial meat locker cold. Such is not the case any more. In the past decade or so, those heavy parts have been replaced with small, light aluminum compressors, compact lines, and more efficient heat exchangers. Better still, the compressors do not rob power from your engine the way the older units did, and the stuff is so good, many race cars like the Pratt and Miller built C6R and C75 Corvettes that compete endurance races like the 24 Hours of LeMans have air conditioning to keep the drivers and interior electronic components reasonably cool. So why not take advantage of some of this technology and add (or reinstall!) air conditioning to your older car? We followed along as Hot Rod Garage co-host, Lucky Costa, installed this Vintage Air underdash system in his 1966 Fury Wagon, and were impressed with how easy the job was.— — — — — —2001 Lincoln LS V8 air conditioning system question...?Sometimes the low pressure ports are located right next to the drier if not connected right to it. Not sure if your car is like that though— — — — — —Tips For Purchasing A New Air Conditioning SystemAt A.B. , we understand that buying a new air conditioner is an investment. That's why it is so important to find an air conditioning system that meets your particular needs. Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of options on the market today? If so, below are some tips that will help you narrow down the search. First and foremost, you must set a realistic budget for your new air conditioner. That way, you have an idea of how much money you can spend. It will also prevent you from breaking the bank! When it comes to air conditioners, bigger is not always better! An air conditioner that is too large will only end up wasting energy. It is important to find an air conditioner that is proportionate to the size of your home. Plenty of homeowners are jumping on the energy efficient bandwagon. Are you one of them? If so, you will want to buy an energy efficient air conditioner. Consider purchasing an air conditioner with a high SEER rating.
Cool Your Home for Less with Ductless Air Conditioning
Cool Your Home for Less with Ductless Air Conditioning
If you do not have a central airduct system in your home and you are looking for a cost-efficient way to install air conditioning in your home, consider investing in a ductless air conditioning system. Ductless systems are the perfect way to cool the building during hot summer months and come in a variety of different models. While there are window mount models, split system units have become a more efficient type of air conditioner that will disperse a cool breeze in large spaces. Understand the benefits of installing a ductless system and prepare yourself and your home for the heatwave.Credit: Yoni LernerMaintain a Comfortable Temperature in the House Without Spending a Fortune If you own an older home that did not come standard with ducts, installing ducts can become an expensive project. Many homeowners believe the only way to install air conditioning in their homes is to invest in HVAC supplies and central air units. This common misconception can cause you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. Ductless air conditioning units allow homeowners to maintain a comfortable and stable temperature in their home without spending money on installing ducts. Split systems has a cold refrigerant piece and a quiet blower fan that will move cool air throughout the home. With a part dedicated to removing warm air from the home, you will have a cool home all summer long without having ductwork installed.Avoid Blowing Cool Air to Just One Area in Your Home The mobile air conditioner, also referred to as a swamp cooler, has become a popular alternative for homeowners without central air ducts. If you have a mobile AC unit, the cold air is limited to the area where the unit is installed. Your home will not stay cool when air is being pushed into one room of your home. In addition to this, portable units will also need to be removed during winter. Ductless air conditioning systems have become the best solution for homeowners who do not want to have ductwork installed. You do not have to brave the summer months without a cooling unit in your home. If you are a wise consumer and are researching a cost-effective way to keep your home cool during spring and summer, research the split models available on the Internet. With several quality HVAC manufacturers offering their own ductless units, you have a variety of different products to choose from that will fit in your budget.
One Cold/heat Central Air Conditioning Vent Not Blowing Air, Rest Work?
One Cold/heat Central Air Conditioning Vent Not Blowing Air, Rest Work?
One cold/heat central air conditioning vent not blowing air, rest work?can you get up in the attic and trace it out, it may be crushed somewhere— — — — — —How can I get our central air conditioning to distribute air evenly? Bedroom bakes in early hours.?Make sure that the bedroom's vents are fully open, and verify that you can feel air flow from them when the A/C is running. Partially close the other vents around the house, particularly those downstairs (assuming that the bedroom is upstairs)— — — — — —What type of central air conditioning can I install without a furnace or baseboard heat?place air handler in the attic...and condensor unit out side........the run duct work in the attic to all the rooms..penetrate these rooms thru the ceiling.........add i large return vent with filter in the center hall ceiling thats a conventional wall............ if attic doesnt go over all rooms check out a Unico system.— — — — — —What would make a brand new (3 months old) central Air Conditioning unit freeze up?If it needs a new air handler, as you say, it should be covered under the warranty, since it's only 3 months old— — — — — —What questions should I ask when getting central air conditioning installed?Ask if it qualifies for the PG&E rebate (some types do not - like package units - where you have both heat & ac in one unit). The higher the seer rating the better the rebate. Make sure they are going to pull & pay for the permit - that they will be doing all the paperwork. Make sure you get at least 3 quotes & compare apples to apples. Do not let anyone rush you into signing a contract - even if you do sign, you have 3 days to change your mind. Make the companies work for your business - this is the slow season & companies will compete & offer different "perks" for going with their company. Ask about guarantee - not just the manufacturers guarantee, the companies guarantee. How long has the company been in business, because the guarantee is not much good if the company goes out of business. Ask for references, reputable companies with good customer service & a good track record like to advertise that & previous customers tell it best. Ask if they do a background check & drug testing on their employees - HVAC business is the #1 business those getting out of prison get work at. These are the people you will have in your home & around your family. Make sure that they are licensed & pay workers comp for their employees - you do not want them falling on your property & suing you because there is no workers comp. Make sure that they are insured & bonded. Are they part of the BBB? All these things will help you protect yourself, property & family. Decent, upright companies do not mind the questions & will provide you with all you need to make the decision.— — — — — —home central air conditioning not blowing cold air - any suggestions for layperson?Could be many things. Here are a few things you can check. -Make sure you are using a clean air filter. -If your thermostat uses batteries, make sure they are fresh, and that the setting is below room temp. -Make sure no circuit breakers or fuses are blown. -Make sure the coil surrounding your outdoor condensing unit is clean. If none of these things solve your problem, then you will need a qualified a/c tech to diagnose the problem.— — — — — —how do you add coolant gas to your central air conditioning sysem?central unit shouldnt need freon unless their is a leak somewhere in the line make sure tech finds the leak and doesnt just put more freon in b/c you will wind up with the same problem again— — — — — —I have central air conditioning, its 5 years old. Worked great up until yesterday, now out of the blue...?You are probably using too much electric elsewhere in the house. Everything is fine till you start the AC and it blows the fuse. AC draws a lot of current. Shut off some other electric items that are running in the house and see if that helps. If the AC keeps blowing the fuse when other electric appliances are turned off-it means you have short circuit in the AC somewhere. You need to call an AC guy to figure it out. It could start a fire-so do not mess around with it.
Air Conditioning System Stays on Even When We Turn Off Our Thermostat
Air Conditioning System Stays on Even When We Turn Off Our Thermostat
air conditioning system stays on even when we turn off our thermostatIs there a small switch somewhere n the thermostat that says something like "fan" and has positions for "auto" and "on"? Is it in the "On" position? If what you mean is that the fan keeps blowing when the thermostat is not calling for cooling (but the air at that point is not being cooled) that could be it.Otherwise, look for a short circuit in the thermostat wiring, which would make the A/C think that the thermostat was calling for cooling all the time.If the latter, and it's too cold in the house, shut off the circuit breaker supplying the a/c with power.— — — — — —Is there a big trick to discharge the air conditioning system on my 1992 ford ranger. 2.3L?92 Ranger, I am assuming you are running R-12 freon. It is illegal to discharge this in the atmosphere. You need to take it to an air conditioning shop and have them properly evacuate the system. It's also a good time to change the system over to R-134, it's MUCH cheaper than R-12 if you can even find it anymore— — — — — —Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System | Products & Services | What we do | DENSO Global WebsiteHeat Pump is an efficient technology using heat source from ambient air. Heat Pump can generate large thermal energy with little electric energy. Electric energy saving for cabin heating can extend driving range of Battery Electric Vehicle or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Heating performance is critically important in cold weather. The refrigerant having lower temperature than the ambient temperature can absorb heat from the ambient temperature. However the lower the ambient temperature, the lower the density of the vaporized refrigerant. The density reduction decreases heating performance. DENSO's Heat Pump System extracts high-density vapor and injects it into the compressor to increase heating performance in cold environment, thereby overcoming the disadvantage of Heat Pump. The lower the ambient temperature, the lower the refrigerant density. DENSO has developed an electrically driven compressor equipped with gas injection function to increase the mass flow rate of circulating refrigerant. The high-density vapor refrigerant is injected into the compressor to increase the mass flow rate and thus improves heating performance. The refrigerant is decompressed in low pressure to absorb heat. By decompressing in two steps (medium and low pressure), the refrigerant becomes a mixture of vapor and liquid. DENSO has developed a compact and high efficiency Gas-liquid separator to extract high density vapor refrigerant. The new product has improved the vehicle installability as well as the refrigerant separation capability.— — — — — —Is replacing the engine in a 98 accord too difficult for an advanced do it yourselfer?Believe it or not you may find this on YouTube. Just a thought. The Air Conditioning System can be trick among many other things. But if you are well prepared. You should do fine. Rent or borrow a good cherry picker . Good Luck if you do— — — — — —Air-conditioning systemThe Carrier Engineering Corporation installed an air-conditioning system that promised a 75 °F (24 °C) constant temperature at 56 percent relative humidity. Some smaller single story buildings such as stores, auditoriums, and theaters had been air-conditioned earlier, but a high-rise multi-story office building required unique technology in the original construction to allow for controlled air-handling through a delivery system of ducts throughout the building. The Milam building's air-conditioning and cooling system consisted of 11 units of air-conditioning equipment, including fans, dehumidifiers, heaters. There were two refrigeration units with a maximum 375-ton capacity for cooling water, in addition to water storage tanks, pumps, and piping. The distribution lines consisted of air-distribution ducts with grills and dampers. There were manual and automatic power systems that controlled the air-flow. One air-conditioning unit served two floors, with a few exceptions. The majority of the equipment was located in the basement of the building. This early air conditioner system was modeled from a German mine shaft compressor. Large ice chunks were deposited in the building's basement to aid the chilling unit. The 18 feet (10 m) long chiller remained in service until October 1989. Its 60 years of service was trumpeted by Carrier as proving good design leading to longevity. In designing and executing this installation, and creating an artificial climate, at least nine new mechanical construction problems had to be addressed not previously encountered in skyscrapers. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers recognized that Carrier's "Manufactured Weather" had many benefits. Cooled offices helped in tenant retention. The office environment became more efficient and hospitable due to the elimination or reduction of unwanted elements. The building owners also found they could charge a premium of 10 to 15 percent more rent for air conditioned offices. In short, the deal between Travis Investment Company and Carrier Engineering resulted in the first high-rise, fully air conditioned, office building in the United States.
6 Ways to Keep Your Roof Cool in Ohio | J&M Roofing Systems
6 Ways to Keep Your Roof Cool in Ohio | J&M Roofing Systems
6 Ways To Keep Your Roof Cool In Ohio | J&M Roofing SystemsIs the summer heat in Ohio causing discomfort to everyone in your building? Most of the time, business or building owners think that they can not do much about the increasing heat except to turn on their air conditioners frequently. Little do they realize that roofs affect the temperature inside. Yes, the roof either absorbs heat or reflects it back. Do not believe us? Below are different roofing factors: • The color of your roof - Dark roof colors tend to absorb more heat while light-colored roofs reflect heat. This has been demonstrated in a Federal study where the plywood beneath a dark roof was 10 to 15°F hotter. • Presence or absence of insulation - Insulation plays an important part in roof temperature. It acts as a barrier so that energy does not leak through the roof. • Roof pitch - Low sloped or flat roofing systems absorb more heat than sloped roofs because the former receive direct heat from the sun. Now let's discuss some ways on how to reduce heat from the rooftop. How to Keep Your Roof Cool In Ohio If you have not encountered reflective roof coatings, these are coatings you apply to metal and rubber roofs to reduce heat from the rooftop. Reflective coatings work one out of two ways. First, the coating reflects sunlight the moment it hits your roofing surface. Second, it exhibits thermal emittance where the heat that is absorbed by your roof is then reflected back instead of getting into your building. Reflective roof coatings increase your energy-efficiency. This means that your cooling system reduces its workload and that you save on utility bills. Some building owners prefer to apply the coatings without professional help. Some seek the skill and expertise of a professional roofing contractor. 2. Plant trees, vines, and shrubs around your building. Here's a little-known way on how to reduce heat from the rooftop: Add greenery. In fact, the US Department of Energy states that just 3 trees around your property save you about $100-$250 in energy costs every year. However, take note that when planting trees, first consult with a professional. He will tell you how far should a tree be from your building. Another concern with nearby trees is overhanging branches that touch your roofing surface. Also, consider installing a roof garden. Roof gardens, also known as green roofs, can be created on EPDM and TPO rubber roofs. These gardens reduce rooftop heat because they act as a barrier and that the soil retains rainwater. Discuss your options with a single-ply membrane contractor. Metal roofing systems for commercial or industrial buildings are huge investments. Proper ventilation is more than necessary if you want to maximize their lifespan. Here are the ways that roofing vents preserve your roof aside from keeping it cool: • Roof vents control condensation in order to preserve the performance of your insulation. During the summer months, warm air within your building should move through the ventilation system to get rid of the humidity. • Vents maintain the quality of the air you and your employees breathe. Without a doubt, poor indoor air quality affects people's health and productivity levels. • Since vents allow warm air to escape, you no longer have to worry about metal expanding and contracting. Vents have demonstrated to preserve building structure. How old is your current commercial roofing system? Does it have holes and punctures? Is it showing signs of damage? Many clients approach us to convey their concerns about roofing deterioration. We would then find out that these forms of damage are accompanied by increasing energy bills. When a roof can no longer be repaired, we would do a roof replacement. We use energy-efficient materials that are much better than their previous roof. But there are times when we find out that a roof can still be "saved." In such cases, we recommend a roof restoration. A roof restoration aims to improve the current state of your roof without replacing it. We would repair damaged areas and use reflective coatings. Your roof will be made cooler. How to reduce heat from roof top? Install a roof mist. A roof mist basically works like a garden sprinkler. It sprays small amounts of water throughout the metal roofing system at specific intervals. Sensors that are in place monitor the roof temperature. They determine when the sprinklers should be turned on again. As the water evaporates, that's when the cooling effect takes place. The roof mist cooling system would be connected to a water tank for continuous water supply. Although this method of keeping the roof cool requires large amounts of water, it reduces the load on air conditioning systems. This boosts your energy-efficiency. Commonly called SPF, Spray polyurethane foam insulates your roof thereby cooling your building. Adding it to your current roofing system allows it to act as a barrier to prevent air leaks and unstable temperatures. Other benefits of using spray foam in addition to its cooling benefits include the following: • Increases the resistance of your building against wind uplifts. • Reduces the possibility of damage to your building since it reinforces the structure. • Protects your building from the entry of pests. Here at J&M Roofing LLC, our roofing contractors install spray polyurethane foam coatings. We can apply this energy-saving material to different roofing systems. They include metal roofs and flat roofs (EPDM, BUR, modified bitumen), and more. Final Thoughts For Keeping Your Roof Cool In Ohio These are the 6 ways on how to reduce heat from the rooftop in Ohio. What method did you like best? Before you act, know that not everything in this guide may be applicable to you at this point in time. The best way to determine what you need is to speak with a licensed and certified roofing contractor. Get in touch with J&M Roofing LLC for your roof cooling needs. Call our office at 330-575-4784 and we will give you a free quote.
Reviewing Different Parts and Components of Vehicle Air Conditioning
Reviewing Different Parts and Components of Vehicle Air Conditioning
No one hates or dislikes the pleasant air of the car's air conditioner in warm summer days because it can allow you to travel to different places with comfort. The same vehicle allows you to stay cool on a long drive. But these things are only possible when you take proper care of the entire car and especially the AC mechanism. In this post, we look at different parts of vehicle air conditioning system and the care they needThese parts are -Compressor· Just like we humans have a heart, the AC system has a compressor as its heart.· This component is a pump connected to the engine whose main function is to compress the refrigerant from the evaporator coils.· The compressor that acts as a pump is attached to the engine with for compressing the refrigerant gas and circulating it in the entire coil system. NOTE — This part has both intake and discharge sides.Condenser -· The experts of vehicle air conditioning say that this component works almost like a radiator and is very small in size and appearance.· It is installed inside the mechanism to give away the heat and according to the experts, whenever the system is turned "on", it should receive a good supply of air for cooling purposes. Evaporator· The next very important component in the AC mechanism of any vehicle is the evaporator.· Its main is to absorb heat and other than absorbing the heat from inside the vehicle, it is responsible for dehumidifying the vehicle.· The experts of wiring repair Parramatta say that to make sure that this component works fine, it is important that devices like orifice tube are installed. · This device is also very necessary to regulate the temperature of the evaporator, as it is a pressure introducing as well as a pressure regulating device.Receiver· The experts of vehicle air conditioning say that one more very important part of this mechanism is the receiver.· This system employs thermal expansion valves that are actually pressure regulating devices. · The pressure regulating device receives the liquid refrigerant that it needs for functioning.· In order to do so, it must separate liquid and gas that is done by this component.The accumulator· According to the experts, one more very important component of the entire mechanism is called an accumulator. · This component is found using only in automotive air conditioning systems that have an orifice tube as a pressure regulating agent.· The main function of the component is to store surplus liquid refrigerant and it works by restricting the refrigerant from entering the compressor.· The reason why it does so is that too much of refrigerant entering inside the compressor could be detrimental for its overall health. All these and several other parts, in fact the entire vehicle air conditioning system requires proper maintenance on a regular basis to make sure that it continues to work efficiently throughout the summer season. Doing this would also ensure that you will not have to invest a major amount every year in its servicing or repair, etc.Author Bio:Paul Amelio is associated with Automotive, established in the Parramatta district for over 60 years. The firm provide a complete automotive solution and can take care of ALL your car needs. The services of company also include Vehicle Air Conditioning, Mechanical Repairs Parramatta etcFaint Positives & Evaporation Lines?happend to me and i was just tryna physc myself out. now im 11 weeks pregDoes the water's color affect it evaporation time?If there was a colorant in the water, the water would absorb more heat - especially if there were something like an infrared heat source shining into it. You could set up an infrared spotlight, but also just any bright spotlight that shines into your samples will do the trick: the darker the color, the greater the absorption. If the water absorbs more energy, then it will evaporate faster. the extra energy will allow more molecules to get the energy necessary to change into a gas. So if you have a strong light source - infrared would be better, but not necessary - and you had several glasses of water, each with a different color, you should have a workable experiment. It is important to have the amount of light hitting each glass fairly equal, otherwise the one with more light will have an "advantage". If you leave the experiment on for at least a few hours, you should easily see the different rates of evaporation by the level of liquid in each glass. You could also place a card behind each glass, with calibration lines, to make it easier for people to gauge how much water is in each glass.
KOA Promotes Comfort Camping
KOA Promotes Comfort Camping
Kampgrounds of America has been hosting campers since 1962, and in the five decades since, they think they've figured out what Americans are looking for in an outdoors experience. KOA is the world's largest system of privately held campgrounds with 488 locations across the U.S. and Canada, with over 15 million camper visits per year.Camping used to be synonymous with roughing it, but that's changing. Many modern campers are seeking "comfort camping," an experience that sits somewhere in between camping and staying at a hotel. KOA's Lodging Program includes Kamping Kabins and KOA Lodges, many of which feature all of the amenities that visitors might expect from a resort. Private bathrooms, flat screen televisions, wireless internet, kitchen facilities and other conveniences elevate the camping experience to a luxury vacation. It's just like camping, but without all that pesky outdoorsy stuff. KOA is a privately held company. Chinese-born American financier Oscar L. Tang and his family have owned KOA since taking the company private in 1988. Tang was one of the founders of the New York-based investment firm Reich and Tang, and has been involved with KOA since 1980.Headquartered in Billings, Montana, KOA is a franchise operation. KOA owns and operates 26 large resorts, and the rest of the campgrounds are individually owned. The largest multi-unit franchisee owns 10 locations.Jim Rogers is KOA's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. As KOA celebrates its 50th Anniversary, he took a few minutes for a phone interview to discuss the company's past, present and future.FORBES: How did you get started with Kampgrounds of America?ROGERS: I spent 26 years in the casino hotel business. I was with Harrah’s forever. I was the finance guy, I was the marketing guy and I ran Harrah’s Reno for nine years. My first job out of college was KOA and I was gone about 30 years and they called me 12 years ago and asked me to come back. Part of this whole process is to try to bring some of the sophistication of the casino business; The casino business is so cutting-edge and the camping industry is so “back of the woods,” so it’s really been a fun assignment to come back into KOA. It's a great brand with a great reputation; a great business and to pull a few of the things I learned in the casino hotel business with Harrah’s to see if we could make a difference.FORBES: Is there one nugget that you pulled out of Harrah's that you're applying at KOA?ROGERS: We learned, and it seems so obvious, we learned the customer was what we called the "recognition driven gambler." The same is true in most hospitality experiences. We really segmented the population in our casino and we found that our best customers or gamblers were those that we could recognize that we could know what their preferences were.I think we were trying to bring that into camping as well especially on a system that has 500 locations. You are checking in with a 26-foot Winnebago with a Labrador and two kids and you are moving on to another location tomorrow night it would be nice if you could pull into that next location and we would know who you are and what your interests are.FORBES: You are doing that through a membership or rewards card?ROGERS: A little bit of both. Again some of the similarities; we got into the camper tracking component. We started 12 years ago. KOA is now real time. It took us seven years, but every single location is real time in the billing.We have a specialized server. We are gathering all of that data about our campers as they check in that we can. It lets us know the type of campers that they are and who is in their party. We have player card that is called the "Value Card" which gives them a 10% discount. That begins to narrow down the field of who is that 20% that drives probably 50-60% of our camper nights. We’ve implemented tools that allow us to realize, recognize and honor those campers that indeed are special in terms of their commitment to the brand and the use of KOA campgrounds.It is a pure take from the casino business. You can’t go to a casino today and not end up with some type of player card. They are calculating your worth and based on that they are determining what kind of comps they are going to return to you and what kind of parties they are going to invite you to.We’re not all that sophisticated -- although I will tell you it’s really surprising that what has happened at KOA is that we now have what we call the "Bull’s-eye Target Report" that every location can print out every afternoon --- our goal is to get our managers and owners in touch with our guests. We know that if our camper’s meet the manager or owner the satisfaction goes up 16 points and that is huge.What we do is look at a report every day that allows our owners and managers to identify if they are only going to have a half an hour to walk the park we’re giving them a piece that shows them their most valuable customers. They are going to visit 36-42 and 101 with that half an hour.They are going to meet folks who are first-timers and they are going to meet the folks that committed the most to their campground over time and they are going to meet the folks who have committed the most to KOA over time.FORBES: That’s great.ROGERS: We don’t expect this. I don’t know whether you are a camper, but you don’t expect this in the camping world. I think we have made some real in-roads because we are centralizing the campground management system to do some of this. FORBES: You're at 488 campgrounds at present. How does that compare to five years ago?ROGERS: We are growing. What’s great is that there are about 8,000 independent campgrounds in the United States. That is everything from a little station out in the middle of nowhere to a resort property on the keys of Florida. There are probably a thousand high quality campgrounds. We operate just a portion of them.People aren’t taking their park to the next level so we are converting. We brought in 24 conversions in 2011 and they are big beautiful parks. One of the parks is now one of the biggest in our system it is north of Orlando. We are doing a very good job of convincing today’s owner, even if he has been in the business for 20-25 years that the tools that we have developed and really built they want to be a part of. It has been really encouraging for us.FORBES: What comes with a franchise?ROGERS: The key is getting them to school. They come to KOA University. The tools that are available to them, whether it is online marketing, doing their books; the campground management system dumps into QuickBooks. Our job and the things that we provide are to give them their lives back in terms of time.That even includes a concept called Work Campers. There is a whole new generation of people in the United States that have RV’s that is working at campgrounds; they work at NASCAR, they work at Disney and the state parks. These are people who have retired from their careers and want to continue to enjoy the freedom of travel and need to offset their living expenses and not eat away their 401K and their IRAs.These people are incredible. We have people who have owned air conditioning and heating businesses, they’ve owned rug carpet cleaning businesses. They have come out of corporate America, they jump into their RV and they come into a KOA and they will work for three months; a season most likely because their daughter lives a mile or two away or their best friend from college.They then move on. For instance they move to Oregon and move on down to Texas in the winter and they will work in a snowbird park. We have 2,000 couples we classify as KOA All-Star Work Campers, but there are hundreds of thousands of these people in the United States that are enjoying the freedom of travel and making a living without eroding their retirement. They are happy and engaged. I see a lot more of them coming down the channel. I think about Starbuck’s. They hire 100,000 baristas a year, but I’m not aware of a program that keeps those people in the channel. If you work at a Starbuck’s in Seattle and you decide to go to school in UCLA, do they help you? We cover a cost of camping when that work camper leaves Oregon and heads to Texas we also have the campground owner in Oregon who is able to give them a review and decide whether or not they do a good job at fulfilling the commitment so the next owner that is hiring; obviously in this business as in any business trying to find good employees is a tough one so we really, really streamlined that. They know our systems and they know our KOA yellow shirt, and they have traveled America so when they are sitting in Texas and they’ve just come down from Oregon they know about the blueberry pancakes in New Mexico. If somebody is headed in that direction they can say, “Don’t forget to do the ice cream social at the Albuquerque KOA."I think that we have added a great discipline in services to the franchisee in so many ways. We are trying to add value so they can stay focused on their guests. Hopefully we can not only help them in understanding education and interaction with their fellow franchisees, which they just love.The story that I use is if you go to the grocery store and you’re a teacher or a dentist or a doctor and you see other people like that. You go to a grocery store with a campground owner; nobody else in there does what you do. We try to get them together often so that they can interact and learn from one another.FORBES: Let's talk about comfort camping. ROGERS: The Outdoor Industry Association has an annual event in Salt Lake City called "Outdoor Retailers." They have just concluded their winter market and they have another one for the summer market in August.They brought out futurist Marian Salzman last year at the summer market. In her presentation she described the future in the outdoors is called "soft rugged." I think the description in the process of what she was seeing in her crystal ball and what her readings; People are seeking that unique outdoor adventure somewhere, but they still want the bottle of wine, their bed and their hot shower in the evening or overnight.KOA is really all about making outdoor adventure easy. We provide something very unique to the campground, and that is service. As the state parks have cut back the old tradition of having the guy with the Smokey the Bear hat and the uniform standing in front of the fire telling stories is gone.At a KOA we have staff to provide assistance, help, knowledge. People who are just starting in their camping adventures typically need additional assistance. We have people present who wear bright yellow shirts so that they are easy to find. We spend a great deal of time training them to provide the best outdoor hospitality in North America.In addition to that every campground in KOA has a store. Every KOA has a Laundromat. Every KOA has a pool. We have sites for campers, and cabins for people who don’t have camping equipment. We have RV sites that include the hookups for power, sewer and television.We have two accommodations that are very appealing to new campers and motorcycle folks. The first one is what we call a camping cabin. A camping cabin is basically a small log cabin that has a queen-sized bed, two bunk beds and electricity, air conditioning and heating but no water; no kitchen and no bathroom. It is basically a very attractive log cabin. We have over 4,000 of those in our system. They have been around nearly 30 years. They have a barbeque out front, but you have to use a common bathroom. We have something called "camping kitchens" where folks can go and share and cook food with hot tops. The "Kamping Kabin" as we call it is very, very popular with people who don’t want to haul a tent around but want to "rough it."The newest piece is what we call the "Deluxe Cabin." This is a 400 square foot building that has a kitchen and bathroom and can sleep up to six and most of them have decks with a gas barbeque on them. They rent for about $125 - $150.00 a night. They are just like a suite in a hotel except the interior is all wood. They sleep up to six. They are absolutely gorgeous. We have about 1,500 of them in the KOA system today. This is where we will grow in the next three to five years. It is incredibly popular. We get the highest level of satisfaction, the highest level of return and highest price value from these people who are camping in these deluxe cabins.It is an area that we see exploding. The really nice thing about it is that we are attracting an ethnic camper. We are finding greater appeal by Asians, African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos in these facilities. It just makes again back to my lead in; it makes it easy for people to get outdoors. They still enjoy the 20 acres, they still can do the tie dye t-shirts at noon; they can enjoy the ice cream social; they can do their own thing if they want; they can participate in activities. They engage with people around the camp, the pool, or whatever. It is a marvelous invention if you will that we are adding as fast as we can.We are trying to make it easier for people to enjoy what the outdoors offers.
How Does a Condenser in an Air Conditioning System Make the Coolant Cold? How Does It Work?
Actually, the cold comes from the expansion of the condensed liquid through a valve or orifice. The hot gas, under pressure from the compressor, is turned into a liquid in the condenser at approximately ambient temperature. Then the liquid expands through the orifice into a lower pressure zone in the cooling coil, that is when the temperature drops. It takes energy to do the expansion and it absorbs it from the interior of your vehicle. Then the now hot gas goes back to the suction of the com presser and the process repeats1. We need a new central air conditioning unit. Which are best?trane?the have a good waranty i thought2. When air conditioning your house, what do you do with the ceiling fans?I always have a fans going counter clockwise in the winter and clockwise in the summer.You might need another unit for this much space3. I haven't changed the filter on my air conditioning for 2 years?Probably they wo not charge her because she is probably not the only one who does not change filters regularly. FYI, she may not want to volunteer the information as to how long it has been unchanged for. It is important to change the filters so that you air stays cleaner.4. how can i cut down on my air conditioning unit electricity consumption?Set the temp at seventy six and use followers to flow the cool air interior the abode.remember westerly abode windows permit in too lots solar.A cave is often cooler than the coastline. So submit some sturdy curtains and save them closed.Use fluorescent bulbs in abode and save them of for the period of day to maintain cool.purely attempt holding the air shifting in abode.5. Is it possible to live comfortably (year round) in a house or apartment in Beverly Hills, CA that does not have air conditioning?You will want air conditioning. Although, some really well insulated houses you can get by without it. But, most places have air installed. Expensive houses6. How many greeners go without air conditioning, heating and hot water to stop Global Warming?Geo thermal heating and cooling . Wells & under ground lines below the frost line of the earth give us FREE 50 degree air conditioning . Heating 50 degree air is cheaper to maintain then heating colder airs . Geo cost about $15,000 more than a standard heat pump unit . .but pays for itself inside 10 yrs in savings on energy consumption . Hot water can easily be achieved thru solar paneling rising temperatures up to higher levels again making it cheaper to bring and maintain a higher temperature using less energy. Think about it , you here alot of bullshit tossed at these ideas . .. but it mainly set forth by energy companies. Its not made easy for the average joe guy to afford to " go green " , changing the world to be less reliant on major energy company would change the economic structure of things would not it. If we came up with free energy for everyone . ..somebody would want to control it. So do we have the best interest of our planet & people in mind ...or a greedy bank accounts ? Going green is pretty cool & pretty salty7. How do you keep an older house cool without air conditioning?window units and fans. my house was built 1906, and we had to put window units in , because there was no central air, which is better than central air i think.8. Can I still drive my car even though the air conditioning hose is broken?all and sundry already gave large solutions, particularly the single that sited the vet's information. i've got not had to handle it till some days in the past. We began our morning walk somewhat later than established. warm/humid days are unavoidable in my area, so i attempt to get out as quickly as i can interior the morning. The lab replaced into doing merely nice in direction of the top of the walk, so i presumed the blend replaced into ok besides, particularly thinking he has very short hair while in comparison with the lab. He would even taken a water injury a million/2 way by way of the walk. yet while we reached our highway, i spotted him beginning to stumble, and that i knew he replaced into overheating. adverse canines made it to the homestead the place I hosed him down, placed him interior, and had to pour water into my hand the place he could desire to drink. i replaced into heavily frightened, yet he replaced into nice returned in a short quantity of time.
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