How Can I Build a Wooden Bed Frame That Sits Low to the Floor?

make it yourself go to home depot and by some 1"X8" as runner buy six pieces of 1"X 2" two to attach to the runnere and the others for stalts to carry the box spring. home depot has pre made legs you can buy if you feel you want a lathe leg then get three one by twelves ahd glue them together making a piece 34 .5" X ^^^^^ one piece of one by twelve for the foot of the bed , and if you want to get a little fancy you can get a router for 59=69 dollars and fancy it up sand stain varnish and you have a beautiful bed I will send you designs if you want to email me.

1. What is an alternative for a bed frame?

You could always get a futon. Millions of people sleep on them every night

2. If you buy a bed frame from IKEA, do you have to buy a slatted bed base?

hell ya stick that baby in there

3. If I order a king for a queen sized bed, how far will it hit on the sides? Does it at least hit the bed frame?

yeah king size beds are pretty large. Also depends on your room size

4. how to make a headboard? Has a few good ones pictured including directions So does 2 x 4s for legs attach to bed frame. Sheet of plywood, covered with batting and fabric screwed into the 2 x 4s. Check your library for some home decorating books

5. I just bought a new bed and the bed frame broke ... Why won't landlord fix it?

See if the landlord will take it back to where you bought it

6. How much can i get if i scrap a metal bed frame at a scrap yard?

1 dollar if your lucky

7. What can I put under wood bed frame legs to stop?

You can buy rubber casters that will stop that from happening. You can get at hardware stores,Wal Mart etc.

8. I am looking to paint a black metal bed frame a neutral colour is this possible without it looking cheap?

Well of course it is. Just get a nice spray paint and spray it carefully. Be sure to clean it well and do some light sanding so it will stick. They make all kinds of spray paints now. You can even buy the no drip kind. Good Luck on your project! gram

9. How to paint a finished bed frame?

A good way is: sand - medium grit fill flaws sand - medium grit primer ( if it is bare wood ) light sand - fine grit undercoat (if it has primer) light sand - very fine grit (Start here if it already has a paint finish) thin light coat of gloss enamel light sand - very fine grit thin light coat of gloss enamel light sand with 0000 wire wool then add 1 tsp of linseed oil into remaining paint to make the last coat flow. Apply last coat. The linseed oil will slow down drying so leave it a few days before using it. You will need 1L of enamel and the best brush you can afford. A light sand means two or three strokes as the aim is to take off high spots not sand off the paint. If you follow these steps the result will last for many years.

10. Is a single dowel strong enough to resist sheer forces on a bed frame?

I do not think a dowel is going to handle the directional stress. If you look closely, I am pretty sure the designers have used some sort of lap-joint, possibly reinforced with a metal fastener, and not a continuous piece of stock. You might be able to download the instructions for this bed and see how those parts intersect with other parts. Or, the factory makes a piece of just over the total length of the leg and headboard using some sort of lap joint, which is then machined down to that profile. Ikea is really good at taking what is essentially scrap and turning it into dimensional pieces and panels. (As someone who has reused an entire Ikea baby room set and turned it into other stuff, it is amazing what you find inside a ripped-down panel!)But to get two pieces to handle stress as if they were a single piece, you have to get long grain lined up with long grain. Dowels are ok for some sort of joinery, especially those where you are gluing up panels and want to use dowels for positioning, or to stiffen up a long glue line or a mitre. But they are rarely considered a significant part of the overall joint strength.For your purpose I do not see there being enough glue strength to keep that joint from turning into an unexpected and sudden hinge. And, to be clear, it is the glue that you want to depend on, not a 4-inch piece of crenelated softwood that you hope has expanded properly into the hole surrounding it.Now, a lap-joint with dowels or splines through the lap would be really strong, assuming your primary glue joint is made up of a fair amount (more than 2 inches, certainly) of long-grain faces

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