How Do I Get Loose Waves in My Hair?

Okay,, I am so pro at this :P I have natural hair like that, but I still know how to make artificial ones :P It's so easy too ! Before you are going to bed, wet your hair (not a lot, just spray it or something) and put some frizz product in it. Then put your hair into two braids, and go to bed. When you wake up take the braids out, and you will have awesome, loose waves. Trust me, it works amazing ! Try itt !!!! Hope this helps !!!!

1. Can we just pump the breast milk and not nipple feed our baby?

you can do both but some babies get nipple confusion so watch for that. Get her to express enough for a feed then she can go to bed straight after feeding and in the next feed you can do it giveing her some solid sleep. Make sure you warm the breast milk in hot water. Microwaves destroy breast milk. As the baby gets older he will feed quicker and longer time in between feeds. It is well worth it but pumping all the time to bottle feed is also exhausting and the more you do it the less she will actually produce. So make sure 80%of feeds are off mum. Good for you for being so suportive

2. Where can I find colorful plastic chopsticks attached at the top?

I've seen them at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Have you tried Wal Mart's kitchen wares section? They seem to have just about everything

3. what do i do now my almost 2year old finaly can pull himself out of his crib??HELP PLZ..?

Time for a big-boy bed. Prepare yourself to keep putting him back to bed for the first week, but if you do not give him extra attention and reward his getting up, it will be over quickly. We also traded up our baby monitor for a video monitor so we can tell when he's playing/reading in bed or when he's out of bed and playing with toys

4. Why do liberals want to increase taxes on the wealth producers in our economy?

Uhm, because they either suck at economics, or it's a method they can use to control the means of production. Ever notice how they go from wailing that government needs to do something that will create more jobs to insisting that government needs to raise taxes on those same businesses? I will never understand their "logic." I only assume they are only pretending to actually want jobs. ETA: Notice the clown nose girl has prepared an edited list of Romney donors. Here's the unedited list of Obama donors - it's ridiculous to pretend he is not in bed with the bankers and Wall St. University of California $1,648,685

5. How to get rid of acne as fast and cheap as possible?

Wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed, get a drugstore face wash meant for clearing acne. Try to keep your hair off your face, as the oil from your hair will cause breakouts, try not to touch face a lot for the same reason. Also, if you wear glasses, make sure the parts of the glasses that rest on your face stay clean, or else that will cause breakouts too. Possibly try oil-free make-up too, that might help. Also, do not believe the myth that eating greasy foods causes breakouts, because that's not true.

6. How can I get my baby to not need to be held ALL the time?...?

Well, you could try self soothing which is where you basically let her cry. It will teach her to be self reliant and you will get a break once she learns that you wo not pick her up EVERY time she cries. While this can be taxing, in the end it will make life MUCH easier. With my son, we let him cry before bed and after a bit, if he did not stop we would tuck him in and make sure he had his pacifier/bottle. If he continued crying, we shut off his baby monitor to get some peace and after about 20 minutes we would check on him again and almost every single time he was sound asleep. Make sure you do not pick her up every time otherwise she will learn very early how to push your buttons and to work you. In the end, picking up a child ever time is not healthy for you or the child. Good luck!

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My Bed
I have a queen size memory foam mattress that holds a pile of pillows and a plush cat. Gender is fluid and damn it sometimes I act a little girlie.My blanket is sherpa on one side, microfiber on the other, and full of down alternative fibers. I do not want a duck to use my skin to keep themselves warm, so it's not cool for me to use their feathers to keep me warm.I got my platform bed frame on Amazon for $100.The super low version.I like to be close to the floor.I got my jersey sheets from Target. They feel like Target t-shirts and Target has really comfy t-shirts. . should be my happy place, in the center of my sanctuary.My place to shut it all away.But it is not .Because you ai not here.I climb in alone.I do not toss and turn as much as I used to, but it still takes me a little time to get comfortable.Some days I even make it to the center of . It was hard enough to find the right spot when I could guarantee your snoring would lull me to sleep.The nights did not feel so anxious and the silence did not feel so deafening.I miss listening to you talk in your sleep. When I am in , I long to see you in my dreams.Nah, I am lying.Dreaming about you makes me cry because I do not wake up to you anymore. I do not feel your beard scratching my face. I do not see your smile. I do not hear your voice. It's just me in . Alone.Why did My Puppy Pee On His Bed?he is a bedwetter,get diapers for him!Im still scared about my Daughters fall off the Bed last week...?Falling off a bed once is an accident and should alert the parent that more care needs to be taken. Fortunately in this case, the baby does not fall far. I think trying the bed rails are an excellent idea, or take the mattress off the box spring so she will just fall off the mattress.Pimple under my eye?helpp?Give it time, I had a cyst on the side of my face where my cheek is, I looked like a chipmunk for almost 2 weeks. I kept putting a hot cloth on it, ice pack, clearasil cream on it before I went to bed. Then when I woke up there was a head and I gently popped it and all this puss came out with blood. I never had anything like that before in my life. It could be a sty, so leave it alone since it is under your eye and its very delicateIS YOUR BED COMFORTABLE (rate from 1 to 10...with 10 being the most comfortable)? WHAT KIND IS IT?what is really weird is I am not comfortable on a normal mattress. i sleep on a cheapy $60 futon mattress folded in half. on the frame, the bars stuck through, so it did not work that way. ..... its four inches thick when inverted. everyone in my house say's its uncomfortable, but when i sleep on a normal bed, it takes me twice as Long to fall asleep, and i do not sleep as well..... maybe you just need to sleep on a hard surface...... it's good 4 ur back?? lol, am i so weird? i guess I would rate it about a 6 or 7. ... the 9 i know is my best friend's daguther's bed and went w/ her mom through college, so its about 14-17 years old.... the 8 i know is at my gramma's house, and is about 30 years old..... the only ten I've ever known was in the penthouse suit @ the Belagio in VAGAS!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!! I am evil, I've been there!!!! but just cuz i was a mother's help, but it was fun anyway.found BED BUGS! NEED HELP!?These websites may help you decide if what you found are actually bed bugs and how to treat them if they areBrown Dog tick Vs Bed bug? ?Probably a wood tick of some sort. Google both bugs and look at pics of them. Ticks have a very hard exoskeleton. You cannot smoosh them except by force of a pliers. Burn or flush them is the only way to kill really. I have never seen a bed bug, but from what I understand they are tiny tiny
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