How Do You Create a Spa Experience for Yourself at Home?

Hmmm...(thinking) Great question by the way! As for myself I turn off the bathroom lights and light up some candles. I try play with color of the candle because color plays with your mood. Usually light yellow, beige and orange or blue, beige, lavender. Take a long shower sorry no bath for me I do not have a tub =0) but I do my best by letting the warm/hot water run on my back and neck. After I put on my pj's and robe (if it's cold). Turn my ketle on to prepare myself a tea usually chamomile lemon tea and yerba buena all in one it's delicious! Or in some othe occasions just cinnamon. Afterwards I will usually my blanket in the dryer with a fabric sheet and I smell the goodness then lay in bed do my nails or watch a movie. If you can turn off your cell phone or put on vibrate (emergency) and house phone just for a few mins. this can help as well then turn the phones back on. Also try buying some cd's from target found by the card section (Home Office Dept.) They are truly soothing. It's quite simple but it's enough to relax me. Hope this helped

1. Why is my prescription 200 dollars cheaper in Canada?

Because the Dems are in bed with the big pharmaceutical companyies, they cut a deal last summer behind closed doors, This fall on C-span the republicans brought this up and wanted to be able to open up the industry but your boy Max said NO

2. does anyone know what a geico lizzard prefers as a beding ours wont come down from side of cage,?

lol, the side of it's tank IS it's bed

3. How can I get my cat to stop waking me up?

Lock him in a room on he other side of the house with his food, water, bed, toys and litter box, so he can not wake you up

4. Best way to study, or memorize something?

As bizarre as it sounds, first thing in the morning when you first get out of bed after a good nights sleep. Trust me, you may feel like your just coming to, but that's the best time to connect differrent pieces of information together. I got through a compressed course in comms and air defense engineering in the RAF using this method. Although what I had to do was understand the Complexities of certain equipment. Memorizing however is a bit different to understanding. Would better understanding of the subject help you remember the individual facts. If it not I wish you the best of luck, I hope you do well anyway

5. Guys what do you like in girls like body, looks, personality, and brains?

Hair colour really does not matter, I prefer women that have hair that is at least shoulder length-ish. Most people have their own opinion on hair though. Eye colour does not matter. I grew up in Miami so I like women with a tan (a sun tan not spray on or tanning bed) but it does not have any effect on how I feel toward someone. I have no idea what those measurements stand for but as long as she is proportioned. Breast size does not matter, but the girl needs to be confident in herself no matter what size she is. Confidence is the most important thing!. Girls who are too thin are not attractive just as girls who are too overweight. I see it as you do not take care or respect yourself. Either you do not eat or you do nothing but eat. There is a healthy middle. I am quite active and physically fit and I like women who are the same (I do not mean body building women ehh). I am 6'2 so as long as it's manageable; easier for 5'7 than 5'2. Intelligence is important to me but as long as she is not a complete bimbo it's alright. Personality is important though, not being a ***** to others. Having respect for others. Being able to laugh and not care what others think. Being Stick thin is not attractive!

6. What's the best lube for virgins?

Do not use a water based lube. It is absorbed by the body and becomes sticky and drags. You have to re-apply over and over... Astroglide is totally awesome. It is NOT water based and is pure silicone. It is good in the tub, shower, pool, hot tub, lake or stream. It will tho make the bath tub or hot tub very slippery on the bottom, as your bottom will be..... It is good for both holes as well, and being silicone it is inert and compatible with your body. We keep a couple bottles here at the house, mostly out near the pool and hot tub. Be careful tho and if you have nice "toys" you may want to check if it is compatible with them. Some lubes are still nasty with some toys. It ruins them... Another good lube is called, strangle enuf - Gun Oil.. And yes, it HAS been used by our troops in the deserts over seas on their firearms. But, again being pure silicone it is a good water proof body lube and slippery as heII.... Just like Astroglide. Both available on line or at any adult toy store. Walgreen's also sells it, but maybe not every store. Our here in Tucson they do. Congrats on your holding off and giving your man, and you... a very special gift. I hope your being together lasts many, many years and you 2 can look back and remember these days. Remember to always talk and NEVER go to bed mad or angry with each other. Always talk it out first, or in bed together and go to sleep IN each others arms, not back to back.. Bob - Tucson

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