How Do You Revoke Create Table From a User on Postgresql 9.4?

According to documentation you need to execute following query:REVOKE CREATE ON SCHEMA public FROM PUBLIC;It revokes CREATE privilege on schema public from all users(except owner and superuser), so you have to grant it explicitly to users who need this privilege

1. How do I create a table of an infinite row using JavaScript and HTML?

Why do you want to do so? This will not be an elegant solution. You should use pagination to display only certain number of rows on the screen. There are different ways to achieve pagination. You can check them on net. Hope it helps. Good Luck!.

2. Create a Table based on a Total and a Category from an Excel File

Generate random test data and Export as Excel documentYou are starting here. Import data from Excel documentTotal by fuel EDIT: Added clean-up for blank values (issue identified by Mike Honeychurch)EDIT 2: Added table

3. Postgresql 9 speeding up indexed inserts (JPA)

In addition to Craig's advice I would like to advise you to examine the storage parameters of the affected tables.I am currently in a similar situation to yours. The largest table in my system contains 200 million records and the performance was really bad. Besides adding several indexes to the database, I changed the storage parameters of some tables and specified a custom value for the fillfactor of the table itself and the indexes.Setting a custom value for the fillfactor allows you to instruct PostgreSQL how much space in each page should be reserved for further updates. The same applies to indexes. See the documentation on CREATE TABLE and the description of the available storage parameters for details. Monitor and analyze your infrastructure. The PostgreSQL wiki lists a lot of usefull tools.Enable statement logging by altering the following values in your postgresql.conf file:See the description of the runtime logging configuration for detailsInstall pgFounine to analyse your PostgreSQL log file easily. Besides altering the storage parameters I also gained a lot of performance by optimizing all frequently executed statements. In parts I won only 100 or 50 milliseconds for each execution but in total I gained more then 5 seconds for complex operations

4. How to import SQLServer create table statement to Access?

That script is for SQL so it will not execute in Access. There are just five fields, so take the 2 minutes it will cost you to build the tables. If the tables exist in SQL Server already then you can link from Access and that will "build" your table. The syntax just is not the same, so build the tables yourself in Access.

5. Excel create table with all combinations

Running this short macro:will produce a column of the desired 200 combinations:

6. How to create a table like the following picture?

If one creates a table with lots and lots of vertical and horizontal lines, some of which are supposed to be doubled, it's very easy to create the impression of a high-security prison for them pesky numbers -- the reader's eye dare not enter this prison, to avoid getting stuck there forever. I would like to suggest that you for a much more "open" look, by omitting all vertical lines and employing far fewer, but better spaced, horizontal lines. This can be done by replacing hline and cline with the line-drawing macros of the booktabs package. I would also like to suggest that you employ the machinery of the siunitx package -- specifically, its S column type -- to typeset the numbers; I would provide some more explicit structure to the header material and, last but not least, I would employ a tabularx environment to allow automatic line breaking, as needed, of the material in the header cells.Here, then, is my proposed solution:

7. How do I create a table in a database on a button click using JSP?

Process your JSP button click via the form action URI that submits the form or do it via a JavaScript onClick() handler that invokes a URI on a servlet. The outcome is the same in the sense the click causes a call to a back end servlet. You can then write any type of code you want in the doGet()/doPost() service method to create a table in your database via routine JDBC calls using SQL. While JSPs are servlets, it is considered very bad practice to do back-end processing in them as they are intended for front-end page generation. We separate the concerns of the front-end and the back-end using JSPs on the front and servlets on the back

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