How Much Does an Home Central Air Conditioning Unit Cost Installed?

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1. How do I prevent mold from growing on my wall air conditioning unit?

kepp using the lysol and a bleach solution could not hurt

2. How do we convince our landlord we need a new air conditioning unit since our OGE bills are sky high?

No law requires that any supplied amenity be energy efficient. She is not required to do anything with it unless it is malfunctioning. Even then it is legal to fix it. You cannot make her get a new one. If the AC was included in the lease she is required to maintain it. If it was not then she does not have to fix it at all in most states

3. I have a central air conditioning unit and one line was cut.?

yes that was refrigerant [freon or puron] will have to be fixed by an ac service tech...he will just cut out the damaged part of the line and install a short piece of new copper to replace it,or just pull the two parts together and join with a coupler. ..he may also have to replace a "filter/drier" if one exists,,or install one in the same line that was cut...not a very hard job,will take about 90-120 minutes or so,,but not cheap...est it will cost around $300-$500 depending on the filter/drier and how much refrigerant the system holds. sure to turn the ac off and tape up the hole until tech arrives so moisture,including rain,cant enter the system.....should be ok after repaired..........dan

4. The A coil in my central air conditioning unit is causing water to run down into the bottom of the unit, why?

They do that, the coil cools the air below it's dew point and water condenses out onto the coil and runs into the bottom. There's supposed to be a drain pipe


can be clean with clorx and reseal proper

6. If I am replacing my central heat and air conditioning unit, is it cheaper to stay with the same brand...?

except you have a undeniable concern, it wo not make a difference. all of them hook up an identical way. examine the performance score vs fee. in the journey that your important unit is physically powerful exterior a mattress room window, or above a residing area, you opt to locate a quiet one. Get estimates from autonomous and branded companies.

7. My central air conditioning unit has stopped working. The AC UNIT outside works (spinning) but doesn't cool!

Sounds like the compressor in the unit is bad, get an estimate on replaceing it, sometimes buying a new a/c unit is cheaper. Have a repairman come out and make sure thats the problem. Only about 50 or 60 dollars to have it checked out. call a repair service first and get an estimate

8. how do i fix an overcharged air conditioning unit for my house?

Unless you have the special tools & equipment to do it, and you are EPA CERTIFIED,..... you do not . I suspect a restriction at the TXV or metering device.... btw: how exactly did you arrive at the overcharge conclusion?

9. Im putting concrete in my backyard how can i move my Central air conditioning unit instead of paying someone?

How far do you need to move it, how much access is there to it, how big is it? Other than that all I can suggest is a long chain hooked to the back of a truck with a driver with a heavy foot

10. Where can I find a smaller air conditioning unit that can runoff of 140 watts or less?

a/c is no wheres near that energy efficient yet. A fan uses that much electricity. an a/c unit of that specification would cool a hamster cage

11. My outside air conditioning unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker.?

uuhhhhmm maybe the capacitor but also you should try to get slow the power in your air conditioning many times the voltage drop is higher for your installation and dont support it, but you can fix it buying a compensator and maybe also usefull with another aparatus in your home. in addition the compensator has one capacitor inside and this is so better then anything. as well i prefer buy the compensator is good for the care of your installation and your air.

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check to make sure the unit is draining the condensate properly1. Is my landlord in breach of contract if he (she) fails to maintain a central air conditioning unit?Maybe. Your lease will give you more answers - look for a section called breach of contract. If the lease says that they are to provide colling for your unit and they are not, then they would be in breach of that portion of the contract. It probably is not enough for you to breach your end of the contract and not pay your rent or move out before lease end without their written permission. In all likelyhood, the answer is no. Unless what they are doing or not doing is causing a dangerous situation or making your leased unit unlivable, they are likely not in breach of contract. Sorry, not having air conditioning is not generally considered a life threatening situation.2. What can I do if my landlord won't fix my air conditioning in Oklahoma?You can not do much since Oklahoma law does NOT require the landlord to provide a/c unless it specified in your lease3. My Cars air conditioning only works for a few minutes after you start the car, any advise?could be a leak or a loose belt. check all the plugs make sure nothing is loose. whoever fills it ;if it needs it can check for leaks with there machine they will let ya know if it has a leak for sure. If it does they should be able to let ya know what it is too. Most of the time its the evaporator. You can turn on your air and see if the com presser is clicking on and off too. that's easy also open your hood turn it on and it should click on and off as the motor is running4. Can I put a window air conditioning unit into a garage with no windows somehow?Yeah, a lot of people do it. Cut a hole, stick it in, plug it in, turn it on. Make sure you prop it up in the back so it wo not fall out, though5. Poll: Do you own air-conditioning?Sure I do6. f150 air conditioning will not work please help?r134a leak7. Can central air conditioning be installed if you have baseboard heat?This Site Might Help You. RE: Can central air conditioning be installed if you have baseboard heat?8. re: air conditioning system - replacement?That quote sounds allright, most companies quote higher for a replacement using the same electric and ductwork. $4500 and up But by all means get 3 or 4 more quotes and do not get caught up in the 15 seer rage they are way overpriced9. Window air conditioning unit question?It will work fine that way, but I would put a couple screws in the wood frame to make sure it does not fall out. You will have to remove the screen.10. Is it safe to store my FZ6R in a hot garage that an air conditioning unit emits exhaust into?Relax: Nothing will happen to the motorcycle,they are designed to withstand a lot more than you are mentioning here.That said, I dont think you will run the A/C 24*7 for 365 days right? so you dont even have to bother about it, in the winter you will probably switch off the A/C so your issue is only for like the summer and some parts of other season. I live in a tropical country where temperatures are usually near 100 to 115 degrees. I have had 3 motorcycles and not one time the issue was because of sitting in a hot place. The only issue I noticed once on a friend's motorcycle was that some paint came off but that I think is because of bad quality paint.Also, my motorcycles sometimes stand in direct sunlight for hours together with no consequences at all apart from a very hot saddle.11. What can one use instead of air conditioning? ? ?Adobe, they build them with clay so that the inside stays cool during the hot part of the day12. Air conditioning ductwork making noise?It is probably the surficial aquifer. I would definately go with the deeper well
Is There an Air Conditioning Unit That Does Not Require a Window?
You could get an air purifier. They cool the air and filter it without the need of windows1. Any alternatives to air conditioning?yes , canada . ehh2. My air conditioning is not working, what could be the problem?Ok first, your car air conditioner does not have a motor. It is just the compressor that is driven by a belt off your engine, with a magnetic clutch to engage and disengage the belt drive. So the water dripping on the compressor clutch could have shorted out the wiring in it. They do not usually replace just the clutch, the change the entire compressor. Have it checked by a qualified mechanic3. I need a new Central air conditioning (A/C) unit for a 2400 sq ft home. What size?Assuming the one you had for 20 years worked fine stay with a 3 ton unit or have a pro calculate your needs .$ 40004. Hyundai Lantra Air Conditioning not working?Just take it to the dealership or another form of repair shop. They will know what is wrong.5. What's a cheap way to have air conditioning?If you can, buy two ceiling fans for seperate locations in your home. This way there will be cool air rotating around different areas of your house. Hot air rises, so the fans will transform the hot air, into much cooler air. The fans then push down the cooler air, and your house is cooler6. Air conditioning problem?You did not say what type of A/C (window, central) , anyways the fan blows but not cool so the compressor must not be running.Central A/C has a separate outside unit and that should be running. If not it could be a fuse or breaker,the outdoor units are powered separate from the inside blower. If the fuse or breaker is tripping you need to have a professional check it out because its tripping for a reason. Edit: If your sure thats your unit then it sounds like the fan is running but probably not the compressor inside.7. why do Air Conditioning Units hang outside of windows?The window airconditioner absorbs heat in the inside coil and moves it to the outside coil to be rejected outside. You could have a ductless mini split unit installed8. Air Conditioning not turning on?I am not an HVAC expert, but I was married to a contractor for 17 years. All AC units need air to circulate, both inside and out. Is it the fan only inside the house turning on? If so, you may have frozen up your motor as it tried to suck air into the condenser. It could have a fuse/breaker type switch, depending on the age and brand of the unit. Many newer units automatically turn off the condenser if there is a problem with the airflow9. Do-It-Yourself Additives Recharge Auto Air ConditioningHaving your car's air conditioner lose its cool on a hot day can make for an uncomfortable ride. A breakdown in thermal control in space is far more than a matter of comfort; on the Moon, for example, the temperatures can reach a scorching 260 F during the day. In planning for future space missions, NASA aimed to improve the thermal control systems that keep astronauts comfortable and cool while inside a spacecraft. In the late 1990s, Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to Mainstream En - gineering Corp. of Rockledge, FL, to develop a heat pump as part of the spacecraft's thermal control system. (A heat pump provides cooling by moving heat out of one area and into another.) While working on the project, Mainstream Engineering came up with a unique liquid additive called QwikBoost to enhance the performance of the advanced heat pump design. QwikBoost circulates through a system like a lubricant, working to boost the available cooling capacity. This increases the performance of the system and results in faster heat transfer and the consumption of less energy. Licensing agreements eventually led to IDQ Inc., of Garland, TX incorporating the NASA spinoff technology into the company's line of Arctic Freeze products. According to IDQ, by using Arctic Freeze to replace lost refrigerant and oil in an automotive air conditioning system, the QwikBoost chemistry provides colder air up to 50% faster than conventional refrigerant products. "Working with NASA technology bolsters our confidence that the chemistry has been thoroughly tested and proven to deliver the benefits and results promised," said Vincent Carrubba, director of research and development at IDQ. IDQ provides its line of Arctic Freeze products for the do-it-yourself (DIY) consumer and professional service technician. Sold at leading automotive and mass-retail stores, and through wholesale distributors in the aftermarket industry in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, Arctic Freeze restores cooling in a vehicle's air conditioning system once the system is no longer cooling effectively. The addition of QwikBoost also reduces wear and tear on the system by lowering compressor temperatures and extending the useful life of the lubricant. Arctic Freeze also incorporates a leak sealer that conditions rubber o-rings, seals, and hoses, which are the primary source of minor system leaks. In addition to delivering low vent temperatures, Arctic Freeze also delivers low costs. Recharging an automotive air conditioning system can cost approximately $15-$30, compared to $100 or more at an automotive repair shop. Each Arctic Freeze product provides DIY customers with everything needed to recharge a vehicle's air conditioning unit. Carrubba believes his company's NASA spinoff has made a world of difference by providing a demonstrable and affordable solution to improve the efficiency and economy of operating air conditioning and refrigeration systems here on Earth. "The all-in-one solutions of Arctic Freeze make it possible for nearly anyone to safely, effectively, and affordably recharge their own vehicle's air conditioning unit," he said. This article was written by Lisa Rademakers for Spinoff.
Why Is There a Fishy Smell Coming From Mudroom Below Central Air Conditioning Unit in Attic?
possibly- something in the ducts, filters, condensation making something wet and smell1. Will this be our last comfortable year with heat in winter and air conditioning in summer?The night of my high school graduation, I bought gas for 23 cents per gallon. It has had the price raised to more than 10 times that for today and people still drive. Need and demand for higher wages has followed this along with higher prices for homes and other needs( just because you have more money). When other energy sources are restricted, the cost will likewise go up. You will still get your heat and light. Right now, what you can do is look into alternatives; portable propane heaters, arrays of batteries and a power inverter and solar panels, heavier clothes for the coming winters, evaporative coolers for summer, are just a few changes you can look at. There are cleaner ways to burn coal and coal-fired plants can and will convert as necessary because they want to stay in business.2. Is Air Conditioning Exhaust Toxic?IT is air! The air cools the compressed coolant, no more, no less! Nothing toxic about it unless your air is toxic (doubtful)3. Household Heating & Air Conditioning Question??? Help?Hi, lot of wrong answers, its a faulty sail switch in the duct. This switch sences air flow as a safety, in the on position its manual in the auto its all called for by that switch, to keep from burning up your home, call a tech, good luck4. Should climate activists be using air conditioning?Oh dear, another bloody silly question about air conditioners.I will assume that you are asking about refridgerative ACs, and not evaporative systems.ACs based upon the principle of the refridgerator are quite energy hungry, but this need not be something that causes huge amounts of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere. Many sensible parts of the world are now using non fossil fuels to generate much of their electricity.So long as these machines are properly maintained and the building is well insulated there is very little to worry about.The other form of AC is the evaporative system. These do use less power but are not any use in humid conditions. In dry areas like well away from the coast they are really very good. If used in a humid area however, they can actually become a health hazard by causing mould to grow on the walls. As with most things, common sense is needed to do what is right for both the person and for the environment5. Does a cdl driver have to operate a truck with broken air conditioning?Only if he wants to get home. Air conditioning is NOT a mandatory accessory for a commercial truck, and AC system failure is NOT an excuse to abandon the truck on the side of the road. If it breaks down in the middle of a trip, then I would expect the driver to complete the trip, but I would get the system repaired at the next available maintenance stop.6. How do I replace a Thermal Expansion Valve on a home Air Conditioning unit.?i agree with bydand , once you pump down the condenser you are good to go. just make sure the you get the right txv . if your exisisting one is a flare sweat etc. . pull a vacuum open the valves check the charge. also, i would use silver solder but if you do not have any 95-5 should be ok7. My school doesn't have air conditioning!?Hellooooo, i had the same problem last year, i moved to a different city and this school didnt had air conditioner just 2 fans and i didnt pass the year because i couldnt concentrate at all and i was always absent but now im in a different school and i have a.c , btw i think schools should have a.c because its antigenic that everyone is sweating in the same class... I feel sorry for you cuz i know how it feels :/8. Do I have to replace an air conditioning filter if I clean it?There are the ones that you can clean and re-use. Check which ones are those.Good luck
How to Get Burning Smell Out of Air Conditioning Unit Without Ruining It?
Ground coffee does wonders to absorb odors. I saw pans of it in the ER the other day - where patients regularly puke and poop themselves1. Turning off Air Conditioning when out of the house for extended timeI live in Phoenix and have turned up the thermostat a few times when on vacation in the summer. I also own a guest house that we leave at 99 degrees (the max on the thermostat) for most of the summer. Here are my experiences.Leaving the guest house at 99 does not bother it at all. The house feels hot when you enter it but nothing seems to be wearing out/molding/falling apart.The guest house does not contain a lot of stuff, just furniture/bedding/kitchen stuff. It does have a fridge that runs all summer. The house is 1200 sq ft, has old windows and not enough insulation, and uses $50 dollars a month to keep the lights on. Last summer someone came to stay in the guest house and I had to cool it down to 78 (typical temp in Phoenix). It took almost 24 hours to cool the house and it used over $25 dollars in electricity that day (I watched the meter because I was curious). When I went on vacation last year I turned the A/C in my house to 95 for over a week. I definately saved a few dollars each day in electricity. The worst thing that happened is that a few candles melted and some chocolate in a cabinet bloomed. The ruined chocolate and candles cost more than the dollars I saved.This summer I turned the A/C up to 90 for a week while on vacation. I saved less and some different chocolate candies that were on a high shelf in the kitched bloomed a little bit. Other chocolates on a low shelf in a pantry were unaffected. I know people who leave Phoenix for the summer. All of them leave the A/C on. Some turn it up a little, some turn it up a little more.2. My air conditioning is leaking water, is it just because I haven't cleaned the filters?maybe the condensation drain needs cleaning. mine sometimes get clogged3. The Greenies want YOU to give up YOUR air conditioning to help the environment...does Al Gore have AC?I do not want you to give up your AC. I want you to stop being anti-environmental because you are too blinded by partisan rhetoric to realize that taking care of the environment is not a "socialist power grab."4. Why do Churches have air-Conditioning/Heating when they only use it for an hour?Well, most churches are used for more than just an hour per week. Just on Sunday alone, there are people at the church at least 1-2 hours prior, and 1-2 hours after most services. So, it would make sense for them to turn down the airconditioning or reduce the heat during non-occupied times. Most churches do conserve energy to save utility expenses.5. What controls the 2 LOWEST air conditioning settings in a 2000 Dodge Durango?how do you replace it6. I did the DIY Air Conditioning refrigerant change and may have messed it up.?It did not take a full charge. Unfortunately, you need to bring it to a reputable repair shop. It cycles on and off because there is just enough pressure in the system to allow it to run, but not enough to allow it to run continuously. When you initially serviced your A/C it was most likely because it in longer worked. When you have a leak severe enough to allow all of the gas to leak out, you can get air into the system. When you charge your system, this air compresses and your system can not take a full charge. An A/C mechanic will put a vacuum pump on the system to remove all of the air and moisture from the system. Before he charges the system, he will find and repair the leak. Did you know that your A/C system also requires a special lubricant to be added in the correct proportion to the coolant? Without this lubricant, you will burn up the A/C compressor. Sometimes, they just simply seize or other times they can glow a nice cherry red. Either one is expensive to repair.
What Is Causing This Air Conditioning Unit Noise?
OK,... if your neighbor does have a heat pump and you are all running your air conditioners then a heat pump is also operating as a normal air conditioner. The reversing valve does not come into consideration one bit. Unless its leaking..... The reversing valve sometimes will not make the switch all the way and the hissing could be blow-by INSIDE the system. Being a sealed system. if any gas were to be leaking out, it would not be running very long. If they do not have a heat pump, then the compressor has an ordinary head valve internal leak. Soon enough the neighbors will notice the decreased performance in their system and call out a tech.1. Does anyone know why vapors coming from my air conditioning vents in my car?take it back to whoever charged it! dont breathe that in!2. 2001 Taurus Air Conditioning system leaking oil?first of all...all ac systems have oil. its a comprssor lubrication oil called pag oil. your 2001 taurus uses pag 46. depending on the engine ( 3.0, 3.3, or SHO) the 3.0 taurus's leak at the accumulator, and like most fords, the middle seal in the compressor leaks as well. take it back to the shop and ask them to recheck with a leak detector. if they cannot find the leak add u/v leak detection dye and let it cycle for about 2 weeks. wait til nighttime then shine the u/v light all over the lines and componnents...if theres a leak it will light up like a christmas tree. you dont have to worry about the evaporator, I havnt seen one leak yet. make sure the u/v dye does not contain ANY LEAK SEALER, Ive been selling compressors like crazy because of that stuff. they cause more problems than they fix3. Air conditioning HAVC?if he knows what he is doing and is properly trained in a/c repair then as long as it is a close match to the diameter and curvature of the blade it will move the same amount of air provided it was installed at the correct height and not just put in without any thought to it. if it was done correctly you may not notice any difference in your bill but it could change by going up or even down a round $2-$3. that said your bill will be getting higher anyway because its summer and its getting hotter outside. it is not unusual and fairly common for basic generic fan blades to be used when a new fan blade is needed, and the same goes for fan motors. since this is an apartment bldg. its up to him to fix it, he decides if new original or generic parts are used so there is nothing you can say or do about it. since this is a holiday he may have just used spare parts he had on hand4. Why is my car's air conditioning acting up?. . and people wonder why no one buys American anymore5. air conditioning problem?he may have mixed gases not knowing what was in it. do u know if the compressor tiurns? if it does then it has a blockage or something like that. find a good a/c guy, bite the bullet and get it fixed right.6. Air Conditioning not blowing cold anymore?call the person who put it in an have them take a look at it. it might be leaking7. Air conditioning frequently used?Air conditioning usage will depend on the outside temperature and humidity in the area that you live. If you could provide region that you live your question could be more properly answered,8. 1992 Isuzu Rodeo w/ no air conditioning?1992...? It uses R-12. It will have to retrofitted to use R-134a. $700.9. Air conditioning problem - condenser fan motor burnt out NEED HELP?At $200.00 for the motor I would say he was making a little more profit on it that what is ethical.. If you have any mechanical aptitude about you then replace it yourself. Locally you should have an appliance parts dealer. You can get one from them. You do need that mechanical experience though. Just trying to get that fan blade off the old motor will make you say words you never thought you would say. However, as OREK stated, get a new blade along with it. In that case then definitely change the motor and blade yourself
Introduction to History | History of the Flight of Air Conditioning Units
History of the flight of air conditioning unitsFrom 18:50 25 September 2020, there were flights on the An-26Sh training of flying and navigating cadets of the Ivan Kozhedub National Air Force University to gain skills in flying and piloting aircraft. The flights went according to plan and were to last until 10:50pm. In the time before the crash, the plane made 5 flights and made the sixth, including the fourth for this crew.clarification neededThe crew consisted of 7 people. The crew was commanded by Bohdan Kyshenia, an instructor pilot, a second-class pilot who had flown more than 700 hours. The cadets took turns sitting in the right chair to gain piloting skills.According to official data, the following course of events was previously established:At 20:35 the plane took off from Chuhuiv Air Base and started flying according to the program.At 20:38 the crew noticed a pressure drop in the left engine torque sensor, which was reported to the air traffic controller, after which it was instructed to land.At 20:40 the crew made a request to land, but because another plane was boarding at that time, the crew received permission to land a minute after the request.At 20:43 the aircraft passed the aerodrome's long-range radio beacon, prepared flaps and landing gear, began descent, and reported readiness for landing.At 20:45 during the approach the plane lost altitude and collided with the ground at a distance of about 1500 m from the air base runway. After that, the plane fuselage caught fire.The plane crashed near the M03 Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky highway. The fire, which broke out after the plane crash, was extinguished at 9:55pm by the State Emergency Service brigades and other the Ministry of Internal Affairs units that arrived on the site. During the crash the plane nearly hit one of the cars traveling on the highway. Drivers and passengers called rescuers to the crash site and provided first aid to the people who survived the crash: one of them was on fire and extinguished with a fire extinguisher, and the other had a broken head and a cut on his leg, but he was conscious and could speak. Eyewitnesses also reported that the cadets jumped without parachutes..There were 27 people on board 20 cadets of the Ivan Kozhedub National Air Force University and 7 officers. One cadet wasn't allowed to board the flight at the last moment. Twenty-five bodies were found at the crash site. Two cadets survived the accident, but one of them, having received burns to 90% of his body, died on 26 September in an ambulance hospital in Kharkiv. A total of 26 people died in the plane crash - 19 cadets and 7 crew members. The bodies of the dead were badly burned and mutilated, and a DNA examination is required to identify them, which will take 2-3 weeks..One cadet survived and is in the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Northern Region "with numerous bruises and concussions.". It was later reported that he has stable condition, injured his leg and received multiple bruises, but he will soon be discharged from the hospital. He later said that everything happened quickly, "like in a computer game", and after he woke up, he helped put out the guy who was warming up nearby.Throughout the 25 September evening, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, and the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration called different numbers of people on board the plane at the crash time.The plane wreckage is located at 533-534 kilometers of the M03 Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhansky highway, which complicates the vehicles movement that pass through one free lane.There are no certainties yet as to what really caused the plane crash. The Geneva-based Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives suggested that since 2017, at least 10 Antonov An-26 aircraft are said to have crashed.According to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Taran, the plane was in good condition, had enough flight resources, but for unknown reasons caught the wing on the ground. According to preliminary estimates, the failure of one of the engine sensors is considered, but the engine itself did not fail. At the same time the mother of the pilot Ashraf Msuia told journalists that her son said that the plane was not in good condition and the engines had repeatedly failed..------Institute of Contemporary History (Munich)The Institute of Contemporary History (Institut fr Zeitgeschichte) in Munich was conceived in 1947 under the name Deutsches Institut fr Geschichte der nationalsozialistischen Zeit ("German Institute of the History of the National Socialist Era"). Founded by the German government and the State of Bavaria at the suggestion of the Allied Forces, it was established in 1949 and renamed in 1952. Its purpose is the analysis of contemporary German history.The institute is funded by the German government, and the German states of Bavaria, Baden-Wrttemberg, Brandenburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony. The first director of the institute was Hans Rothfels, the second director was Martin Broszat. Representatives of the supporting states are also members of the institute's board.Since 1953, the institute has been publishing the journal Vierteljahrshefte fr Zeitgeschichtede ("Contemporary History Quarterly"), which is regarded as one of the most important publications of German historical research. The institute has also published extensive editions of contemporary historical documents, such as The Foreign Policy Files of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland and The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels.In 1994, the institute founded a branch in Potsdam, which has been based near the German Federal Archives since 1996. The focus of research at the Berlin branch of the institute is the history of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The branch Abteilung des IfZ im Auswrtigen Amt ("IfZ Department in the Foreign Office"), founded in 1990 (first situated in Bonn; in Berlin, since 2000), publishes documents from the German Foreign Office.In 1999, the institute conceived the Dokumentationszentrum Obersalzberg museum on the Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden at the request of the Bavarian government. This exhibition documents the construction of the Obersalzberg into a showy residence for Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist leadership circles. Visitors can tour the bunker complex. (Access to the bunkers was closed for construction in September 2017 and remained closed in July 2018 "until further notice".)------Editorial history of journal articleThe journal was established in 1918 by Jacques Loeb. Editing duties were shared with Winthrop Osterhout of Harvard University. The initial rationale for the journal was stated in this extract from the 1918 announcement of publication:Under the pressure of demands of medicine and other professions, physiology has developed in the direction of an applied science, with limited opportunity for the investigation of purely theoretical problems. On the other hand, the physico-chemical methods of analyzing life phenomena have thus far made little inroad into the domain of zoology and botany. Under these circumstances, it has happened that what might be regarded as the most fundamental of all the biological sciences, namely general physiology, has not come to have a journal of its own. It is this condition which the establishment of The Journal of General Physiology is intended to correct.Following the death of Loeb in 1924, the editorship was passed to Osterhout, who moved to the Rockefeller Institute shortly thereafter. He was joined by William Crozier of Harvard and John Howard Northrop of Rockefeller, who served as fellow editors. For the next 20-plus years, this trio read and evaluated all submissions. They were joined in 1946 by Wallace Fenn and in 1950 by Alfred Mirsky and Lawrence Blinks. In the mid-1950s, Detlev Bronk and Frank Brink Jr. also became editors.This practice of editorial review and evaluation continued into the mid-1950s. However, with Mirsky acting as a de facto editor in chief (and formally appointed as such in 1960), the practice of peer review using outside reviewers took hold. In 1960 associate editors were added. Mirsky was succeeded by Clarence Connolly, who served from 1961 to 1964. Prior to Connolly, it was common practice for editors to publish in the journal, as evidenced by Osterhout, Crozier, and Northrop each publishing over 100 articles (the time frame of Northrups publicationsthe first in 1919, the last in 1968bears out his longevity). Connolly was the first editor to not publish in the journal and subsequent editors have published infrequently. When an editor or associate editor does submit an article, the review process is handled by an outside guest editor, usually a member of the editorial board.From 1964 to 1966, J. Woodland Hasting of Harvard University served as editor in chief. In 1966, the Rockefeller University recruited Paul Cranefield to establish a laboratory of cardiac physiology, and he became editor in chief. Under Cranefield, the journal began to be published on a monthly basis (it had been a bimonthly publication since its inception). Beginning in 1968 and continuing until 1984, Cranefield acted as the sole editor; though with the support of honorary editors and an editorial board. In 1984 Cranefield recruited several associate editors. At this time, the practice of weekly editorial meetings became standard, with discussion of reviews and consensus of the editors being the modus operandi that continues to the present day (though the meetings now partially occur in cyberspace). In 1995, Andersen succeeded Cranefield as editor in chief. In 2008, Andersen was succeeded by Edward Pugh Jr and then by Sharona Gordon in 2014. The current editor in chief, David Eisner, assumed the role in January 2020.Over the past several years, the journal has instituted a series of Perspectives. The purpose of the Perspectives is to provide a forum in which scientific uncertainties or controversies can be discussed in an authoritative yet open manner. To frame the issue, two or more experts are invited to present brief points of view on the problem, which are published back-to-back in the journal. The Perspectives are accompanied by a short introductory editorial that introduces the problem and also invites the submission of comments in the form of Letters to the Editor.While the journal is still printed as a monthly publication, articles are posted online daily.
My Air Conditioning Unit Is 6 Yrs Old and This Is the 2nd Time It Has Gone Out. Shdn't These Last 15
With proper maintenance, yes. If you expect to just turn it on each summer and it run great for 15 years, no. keep the filter changed and go outside to the compressor disconnect the elect. power remove the cover and take a water hose and wash out the coil every year before you start using it . Be carefull not to bend the aluminum fins on the coil they need to stay straight so air can pass through. spray out every inch of that coil inside out and outside in, youll be amazed at how much dirt and trash youll wash out. Be very carefull not to get the electrical system wet, if you do allow it couple days to dry out before restoring the elect. power.1. How much would a central air conditioning unit cost for 2500 sq feet?you blew a pin on your compressor its shot depends on the tonnage you have any were fom 1500to 20002. My central air conditioning unit isn't working. How can I get it to work?Best bet is to call an HVAC technician. They will come out to your house and give you a repair estimate for about $45-$55 and will only take about 30 minutes to an hour of your time3. how will my window type air conditioning unit perform if the exterior/exhaust part is not on the outside wall?The a/c unit will exhaust hot air. This may also lead to moisture problems in the room as the unit will have a lot of water condensation4. Why is my air conditioning unit making a very loud buzzing sound?I am having the same problem. The a/c unit was not blowing as cold as normal. The a/c guy came out and said we were low on refrigerant?/freon. He put 4 gallons in the unit. That was a week ago now we have this buzzing noise. Any suggestions?5. Besides insulation and air conditioning unit, what else is there to check if my A/C isn't keeping me cool?First, I feel your pain. I am in Houston at my girlfriend's place; we live in a single family house, and the A/C is running all day even with the thermostat at 84 degrees. I work from home, so I can not let it go up higher than that. Our outside thermometer recorded 106 degrees today. The things that we've added to the house to help keep cool, besides new insulation and having the A/C unit checked, include a bunch of things. First, a little theory. Your apartment heats up because of the sun heating the building primarily, and secondarily because of infiltration from the outside of warm air. I am going to just assume that your landlord is not willing to replace your windows and doors with low-E dual-paned units. I've done this to my house in Bryan, TX and it literally cut my utility bill in half. The first thing we did with her place, where the landlord is also not willing to rip out a ton of windows and replace them, was to get blinds with reflective shades in all of the windows, and external solar shades or screens where possible. Remember: Black stuff is OK on the outside of the structure, because black absorbs heat (and you do not care about the heat if it's on the outside) -- and white things on the inside of the structure, because you want the heat to not be absorbed and to just be reflected back out. The second thing we did was to get a better thermostat for the house. The old one was a manual one with mercury in it; the new one has a digital timer and a bunch of other features that include breaks for things like the compressor coils to defrost.The third thing we did was start replacing the A/C filter frequently. .. at least once a month. It might help to suggest more if we knew what kind of A/C unit you have (is it one of those high-rise below-window units, or a are al' one with a compressor and air exchanger in a closet or attic?), and what kind of structure (concrete or wood frame) you are in
Can I Use a Portable Air Conditioning Unit in a Pop Up Tent Trailer?
Never heard of such a thing. However, Fry's Electronics has units that use electricity and have one or two 4" hoses that must reach outside air somehow. I do know that a unit MUST have a rating of more than 5,000 BTU. 5K BTU just wont cool anything. 7.5 and more , prefer 10,000 BTU. It can always shut off once in a while. If you are dealing with two computers driving you out of a bedroom/office the problem is different. My central A/C just blows across the ceiling of the room and circulates the cold air back to the hall and re-circuates it. The heat does not leave the room! I bought, for about five bucks, a recreational vehicle sewer hose from Wal-Mart, for about five bucks. I super glued the hose to the hot air outlet at the back of the computer. I piped the air out of the room, right through the wall to outside air. I used a one - way flapper valve that is made to exhaust clothes dryer air out of a exterior wall. It worked like a charm. Before this we had to cool the whole house to about 68 degrees so that the computer room was cool enough. Saved about two hundred dollars a month in this Sacramento area1. If I am replacing my central heat and air conditioning unit, is it cheaper to stay with the same brand...?Maybe, maybe not. Get at least three quotes2. What would cause a Contactor to burn in a 14 month old Goodman Air Conditioning unit?alum.3. why would My central air conditioning unit blow cold air out of some vents and not others?Could also be loose duct work. There could also be holes in the duct work caused by rodents or animals depending on where your duct work is located. The only way to know is to physically inspect it. That means either a trip to the attic or the crawl space under your home. Good luck.4. Is it worth paying an extra $349.00 to go from a 5 yr. waranty on a new central air conditioning unit to a 10?Instead of buying an extended warranty for anything, open an account at local bank and anything you would buy and extended warranty for place 50% of the warranty price in the bank each month. Say Automobile $50 a month warranty $25 into bank. You should come out with a fair amount of money after 10 years.5. Can I put a window air conditioning unit into a garage with no windows somehow?no i dont think so. if you are hot, than just use a portable fan thing. sorry if that didnt help. good luck!!!6. My central Air conditioning unit freezes where the filter is located and turns off...?low on Freon. Probably leaking somewhere. have to call a repair man. Hopefully small leak can be patched and refilled with freon7. My outside air conditioning unit fan will not come on anymore. What all options do I have?human beings giving a cost to you to alter a condenser motor for one hundred.00 are doing all and sundry a disservice. a ordinary value for the main inexpensive motor on my own is greater effective than that and it could take a stable deal of time in simple terms getting the previous prop off. So take those lowball rates with a grain of salt thinking no person know what motor you have and if the prop is additionally stored. you have heard the compressor humming and the condensor fan not working. that must be an much less costly capacitor. If the guy comes out and starts asserting the unit is shot or the compressor is undesirable it extremely is the place that's recommended to get yet another opinion till you have have faith interior the guy. interior the tip detect a guy which you would be able to have faith and ignore value procuring and sale gimmicks. stick to him if he's ordinary and be grateful you discovered one like him.8. Why is my air conditioning unit making a very loud buzzing sound?Get the AC fan properly greased. If the ball bearings of the fan have been damaged by wrong tilted placement of the AC, the ball bearings or bush (in case it has been used in the fan in place of ball bearings), may be needed to be changed. The expenditure in greasing may not be much, but in replacement of ball bearings some extra expenditure may have to be made up to the cost of the ball beaings or bush, as the case may be
What Is the Optimal Arrangement for a Window Air Conditioning Unit and Standing Fan?
air conditioners are best used at high spots,that is when they are most efficient,becouse cold air drops to the floor1. how many ounces of oil does an air conditioning COMPRESSOR for a1994 F250/460 gas engine hold?The complete system holds 8 ounces. How much oil you need to add depends on the situation. If the compressor is being replaced for a leak, then some system oil will have been lost. If it is being replaced for a failure, then the accumulator and orifice will need to be replaced, and the system flushed, and a full oil charge added. To answer your question, the heat exchangers hold 2 oz each, the compressor about 2 oz, and the accumulator 2 oz. To be on the safe side, I would add about 3 oz to the new compressor if that is all your changing.2. My air conditioning unit blows out air, but doesnt cool down the house?Hello Jay: The outdoor unit is designed to withstand wet weather. Have you changed/cleaned the filters? Is the outdoor coil clear so that air can freely circulate? Is the outside compressor running? Not just the outdoor fan, but the compressor too? If not, call a repair company. If yes, feel the large copper pipe that is wrapped with insulation. If the metal part of that pipe is not cold (40 degrees) then you have a problem that a pro will have to address.3. What is the cause of my air conditioning problem, and how do I fix it?Sounds like major problem. Call you landlord and have them fix it yesterday4. how do you keep air conditioning ductwork in the basement from sweating and dripping all over the floor ?Okidokey.... sweating air ducts are the result of condesnation of moisture in the air... against the cold ductwork itself.... you have 2 methods of resolving this, and frankly, I would use both. First and easiest method is to install a dehumidifier in the basement.... the container on the dehumidifier will need to be empied regularly of course, so put it where you can get to it easily, heheheh. This will help REDUCE the moisture in the air, but it is unlikely to ELIMINATE all the moisture. Meaning your pipes will sweat less, but will continue to sweat. Second method is a bit more work.... you need to insulate and SEAL the outer surface of the ductwork. Rolled insulation is handy for this, but I have seen foam board used successfully too. If you have square ducts, you may want to glue the foam board to the ductwork itself (use glue made for the foam board). Round duct is almost certainly going to need rolled insulation. To use the Rolled insulation, or batten insulation, you need to wrap it around the ductwork... overlapping the insulation as you go. I prefer to use the batten strips, like you buy in the package to go in a standard wall.... not so much insulation to have to continually bring around the pipes, heheheh. Remember to overlap all the edges of the insulation. A strip of duct tape here and there, will help hold it in place, while you work. Oh.. .and do not 'pull' the insulation tight.... insulation works because it builds up an air barrier.... so, the fluffier the better. Next, you need to SEAL the ductwork.... to do this, you need to wrap plastic over the insulation, and tape the seams. A good heavy plastic, say 6 mil thick, works very well as a moisture barrier. Just start at one end of the duct, and wrap the ductwork with the plastic...again, overlapping the seams of the plastic, just like you did with the insulation. When you are done wrapping, take a good quality duct tape, and seal the seams of the plastic. Obviously, you do not want to turn off the air to work on the pipes, because this would make the rest of the home miserable.... so... install that de-humidifier, and put it to work... the following weekend, you can start wrapping the pipes... use towels or rags, to wipe off the moisture on pipe, as you are wrapping it with insulation. You could do this just by yourself, but an extra pair of hands will help a lot, and make the job go easier. There are added benefits to taking the time, and expense of doing both of these things.... not only can you eliminate the dripping. By insulating the ductwork, you will have less temperature loss from your central unit, to the vents themselves... this gaurantees a more efficient heating and cooling system for your home. By eliminating the excess moisture in your basement... .you prevent all kinds of troubles, like mold... mildew... bad smells from those, and structural damage to the lumber in the home from having too high a moisture content. I would use the insualation with the paper backing myself, just because it helps keep ME clean, as I install it. Wear gloves, and safety glasses, and a dust mask wouldnt hurt, to keep the fiberglass out of your lungs, as you work. Longsleeves will help keep your arms free of the fiberglass too.... IF you should happen to get any on you... rinse the area with cold water..... this will help close off the pores of the skin... open pores means the fiberglass can go in deeper, causing more itching and irritation... closed pores keeps the fiberglass on the surface, where you can wash it away. Good Luck!
My Central Air Conditioning Unit Has Stopped Working. the AC UNIT Outside Works (spinning) but Doesn
I would call the company you bought it from, see what they say.1. Why are my parents forcing me to close the air conditioner in my bedroom when in fact I am going to overheat if I do not have the air conditioning on?I live in Las Vegas where it gets very hot in the summer but cools off at night, down to the high 70's low 80's. I sleep with the AC off and keep cool by opening the window and sleeping naked ontop of the sheets. Easy and save the environment as well as money.2. GMC Yukon - how can I improve my Air Conditioning?If you had it recharged by a competent tech, then it should blow cold, unless you have a slight leak and have lost pressure. That is the most common cause. Its not the cabin air filter as JetDoc suggested. That will only affect the flow rate, not the temperature of the air coming out. You can take it back to the place you had it charged at and ask them to check for leaks.3. Do FHA loans require air conditioning and/or heating units to get the loan.?Sorry but no. FHA only cares about safety, soundness and security. The home must have a working heating system, plumbing and elec systems and no chipping or cracking lead base paint the list goes on but AC is not on the list4. How good is the air conditioning system in a Tesla? In AZ about half the cars systems are really inadequate on the hotter days and take way to long to cool the car off.In the summer of 2019 I was driving down I-95 towards Richmond, VA and the temperature readout on the Model 3 said it was 107 degrees outside. It was a clear day and the sun was shining brightly. I do not feel like the model 3 was able to keep the interior down to the 72 degrees I set it to, but it did keep it cool enough that I did not feel uncomfortable in the bumper-to-bumper traffic. I spent that week at the beach in Nags Head and had the "keep cabin below 105 degrees" setting enabled when the car was parked. It made getting into the car after a day of it sitting in the sun bearable, since the cabin never got over 105 degrees but it cost me about 200 miles of range over the week. Luckily, Tesla had installed a brand new 125K charger at Nags Head, so getting the miles back was no problem.5. What type of central air conditioning can I install without a furnace or baseboard heat?Any kind. The heat is not relevant6. How do I stop my household Central Air Conditioning from tripping my circuit breaker?Get divorce7. I just moved into a townhome where the lowest temperature you can set the air conditioning is 68...?Who says you can not lower the inside tempt? I would replace the thermostat if I had to. I would also speak to my doc. about needing the house to be cooler and using his advice to be allowed to lower the temp. I would see if the town had a violation code for setting it lower and if so I would take legal matters to be able to lower the temp. I did not know any town city, or state had such rules or could enforce such rules...I thought we were free as so long as we can pay for the elect to cool our home. Any way investigate this matter and be legal about what you do and involve the proper authorities and then replace the thermostat.8. Air conditioning problem in 2016 7 passenger explorer xltI got the same issue Never under coated Something wrong with design. Being told it is a 200 part and bunch of labour as the rear suspension needs to come out. I am just outta warranty I am not happy customer9. whats wrong with my 96 dodge stratus' air conditioning system?Your Evaporator is now leaking. The "smoke" was the freon. You need to have a new Evaporator installed. You can do this if you can take your dash out of the car and know how to weld Aluminum, so you can re-install the Evaporator. After all that then you take it to a shop to have them re-install the freon , and the oil and all of it at the correct amount. You cannot shadetree an A/C system.
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