How Much Does Making Your Air Conditioning Colder Cost?

I am not sure... not too much more... we keep ours at 74 all the time... and it's not bad at all. We pay like $60 a month for electricity (which is AC, water heater, power, stove, fridge)... I say "who cares" to you... make it cooler if you want. You live there too if you are paying. And you are paying extra for the utilities, it's your choice too

1. How can I calculate the cost of running a 10,000 btu air conditioning unit?

At 10,000 Btu/hr, you are using a 5 ton/hr air conditioner. Assuming your voltage is 120 Volts, single phase, Kw =120(0.8)/1000=0.96 Kw. Consumption per hour =kW(1)$0.55=0.96(1)[$0. =$0.52 per hour of use . Your consumption per month of use = ($0.52) = $15.60. per month.

2. How did people living in the south survive before air conditioning?

They did not . They all died, constantly, again and again... but seriously, the people at risk are elderly people & sick people.

3. Do you need to put your air conditioning unit in a window?

Yes, it needs to go in a window or an A/C sleeve in the wall. In needs to do that because an A/C moves the heat from one side of the unit to the other. An A/C does not just generate cool, nothing does, at least that would be practical. Leaving the whole A/C inside would not make that heat go out of the room you are attempting to cool.

4. my 2002 crown victoria police interceptor's air conditioning is not working.?

Check the a/c condenser fan. If it is not working the high pressure valve may be letting the freon leak out

5. what is the most portable air conditioning with minimal electricity needed for a camping trip?

Ok guys, this is val, responding to the answers I've gotten.... Hi to all who have responded. I appreciate all responses, but more so the ones that actually targeted my question and needs. Scott and Chris, I am leaning toward that concept (swamp)for relief as we rest at the camp site in the tent. I am certainly not looking for regular luxuries, just something I can use a night or two every couple of weeks when we are beat down from the daily temperatures of our new life style! Obviously traveling by bike daily in south florida (summer for 9mo) can be tiring and an OCCASIONAL break with a night of AC or cooled air will be much appreciated. I would be unrealistic to think that these conditions given my circumstances (on bike, not car and in office buildings) are not considered extreme....anyone who has not experienced high hum high temp climate could not relate. New mexico 110 deg weather feels the same as our 80 deg weather. When I traveled there, it was the first time I understood "wet air" and what it implicates since I had never been outside of "wet air" climates...that 110 degrees felt like winter when I got out of the car! As a mom for the past 15 years with outdoorsy kids in the deep south and south florida all my life, I am quite accustomed to every day heat exhaustion techniques for 90% humidity in 100 deg weather feeling like 120f. Although I appreciate the input for clothing colors and types, wipes, spray bottles, knowledge of children's temp systems in comparison to adults etc, these are daily techniques to use throughout our journey which we already obviously have employed as we use them every day in life anyway. We are not wealthy people with endless means and if we could afford a motor home that sucks major money to purchase and major money to maintain on a long journey such as ours that would be just fabulous, but we are just an average joe family (I have a masters in SLP and can and have lived quite comfortably) who plan to ride from city to city living on the basics life hands us without all this luxury that seems so important in the daily grind. There is no better way to have quality life, love and time with one's kids! We will not visit any boonies from civilization, we will simply barter our way from park to park, camp ground to camp ground, with, I hope, some very supportive family, friends and strangers along the way who offer up opportunities for the occasional motel stay for trade or donation. We also wo not be able to afford nightly motels for a year-and-a-half, although it was thoughtful to suggest. RVs & motels miss the point. Scott, are you the same scott who gave the low down on ac in your tent using your hooptie and supplies from walmart, etc.? I love it! Robert, I think we will need much more than clothes, rain gear and water to last over a year in the elements! Maybe you did not realize we will be at it for so long. Roderick, We actually have worksman and lightfoot family Chariott cargo trikes tandemized with hitches and a trailer trike on the back. All of them carry cargo and I am aware of all our weight specks for tipping, braking and body power ability, etc. We are obviously conditioning ourselves with training before we set out. My 10-year-old can actually cycle the family Chariott with two adults (passengers only) and cargo piled in the storage on a daily basis, As can myself! So we absolutely will not carry more than we are capable of. I think your idea of a bike excursion is not close to the journey we are planning. This is a nomadic family journey to say the least. If nomads centuries ago could carry the loads they carried every day on foot, I am sure the cycle cargo train we have assembled will manage. This is what has driven us to make this decision! Obviously our routing, mapping and planning has been focused around climates, weather patterns etc but I would be naive to believe that we will scathe through this journey over the next year without the occasional brush with extreme conditions. Growing up in the deep south extreme temperatures and humidity, tarps and shade are an integral part of our lives on a daily basis... we always fight over the shaded parking places, everyone....EVERYONE...with kids in sports owns a tarp, misters, portable fans, and zip lock baggies full of drenched towels and rags to cool all spectators and players, and of course hydration...that's a no brainer! All these things are already taken care of although I greatly appreciate the input. My inquiry was actually about knowledge of devices that can be lightweight, portable, require minimal electricity, and provide a cool night on an OCCASIONAL basis. Not to use while we are riding.

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Back to School Help!Read Details! Get 10Points For1 with Best Outfit!?
go to and type in first ay of school and people make collages of what to wear and on the side it tell you wear you can buy it i love that website go check it out• Related QuestionsHow do you like my first chapter?It sounds just like Twilight only difference is the chick is the vamp. I bet next chapter will feature a boy who has an 'aura' that makes her want to suck his blood or something equally ridiculous.Your originality staggers me.------Is this an incredibly stupid idea?technicality you shouldn't get in trouble for that... but i have gotten in trouble for similar things when i was in school... they called it a distraction to other students (i was doing the goth thing before it was popular).------What to wear now in Miami?TRAVEL LIGHT AND ALWAYS BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR A NIGHT ON THE TOWN!! tHE BEACH IS THE NECESSARY BIKINI REGARDLESS, AND THE NIGHT LIFE IS NOT MUCH MORE IF YOUR LOOKIN FOR A GREAT TIME...........iT IS MIAMI!!!!!------Should I wear a dress or a skirt on Valentine's Day?It depends upon the weather for me really. Within the fall I like to wear longer skirts and in the wintertime I wear longer ones with my boots, however in the spring and summer I prefer to wear short summer dresses------am looking for a wedding gown that i saw in a magazine years ago, fell in love with it. now cant find it help?Have you gone to a bridal shop yet? There may be some that have an archive of sorts of wedding gowns (photos, magazines, etc) that you may be able to find something close if not 'the one'.Good luck & Congrats------Can anyone read about these dreams for me please?Well, i think you like this guy. But you may be scared and unsure of what your friends think of it. try talking to your friends :)help me? thanks ------how do i look cute with my dress code?oh, that must be tough but one word ACCESSORIES! i now leave you to think...try: hope you find something you like :)------Ladies what is a good outfit for fall weather?girl jeans--ripped.((makes guys look so effin sexy))brown and red colors.((to make you blend in with the season))and some nice high heels that are so god damm gourgous it makes girls jeloushahahhope this helpssexy bioch------How is my intro for my story?i don't think you should say "all the more scary looking" in paragraph # 2. and in paragraph # 3 maybe u should say the doll looked most appauling afyter seeing the red yarn stiched over the mouth. Other than that AWESOME!------How would someone with this personality look/dress like?So if she is wealthy and artistic, probably like beige trousers with a navy blue jacket and white top. OR mayeb this outfit jpg.------This is the first half of chapter 1 in my book I'm writing. Can anyone read it and tell me how it is?omfg that is such a good story it makes me think of the twilight saga i love how you give so many details and describe his face i love the names and you need to keep on writing keep me updated------What shall i do about my daughter starting middle school???!?Woah, when I was that age I went to bed at 9:00 and read for an hour. I would say 8:30 - 10:00. Take her on a shopping spree at Justice. They have 40% off sales and cute clothes too. No more movies and chocolate------does anybody want to make me an outfit?Age: 15 Gender: woman form: in maximum circumstances Skater with incredibly Like, Prep colors: Any shade of green, Black, pink, Blue, pink clothing: T-Shirts, Hoodies, skinny denims shops: PacSun, Delias, heat concern count number, Abercrombie shoes: communicate, autos upload-ons: Necklaces, rings------Back to school clothes shopping list!!?I like girls in jeans. It makes them look more home town like and it doesn't look like they try too much but if you are looking to get this men attention, this might not be what you would like------beauty tips for young teen plz?were just the same but im tall not short lolthis is what goes on menavy blue, tan , dark greensskinny jeansflats or kitten heelst-shirts on long vestslongs coats that elongats your figuehope this helps------shorts and a band-aid, or should i cover it up.?Shorts Shorts Shorts.Oh god Please Do Not Wear A Long Sleeve ShirtUnder A Spaghetti Strap Dress.Just Wear Shorts and Everything Will Be Fine,I Mean If You Have Your Ankle Brace,Then Why Does A Band Aid Matter.------Can i wear a long sleeves dress to prom?Hello:Yeah go for it. but if you'd like to be in style try making one out of clean unused plastic garbage/trash/bin bags. That material is in style these days. I hope I helped, if not I'm sorry.------Can i just wear a t-shirt and pants for ice skating and not a long sleeve or with jacket?well it depends if your a good skater or not ....if its your first time ... wear jeans ... it don't hurt as much when you fall over ... and also wear a jacketthe temperature is normally 0-3 degrees in indoor rinks------Winter mommies...what type of outfit?i live in michigan. so it may be a little different. plus my son was born in march. but he went home in a university of michigan sleeper. we had a huge snow storm the day my son was born too------fashion/dress for teen girls in boston?Boston gets very cold in the fall/winter so make sure you pack a lot of warm clothes such as jackets, sweatshirts/pants, jeans, long sleeves, etc...In September, you could probably wear shorts if it's early in the month------Cute Ways To Dress For School?This Site Might Help You.RE:Cute Ways To Dress For School?I really like blue jeans and layering shirts , what are some things i can use as comfy assecories and some cute casual things to do with my hair THANKS------At a traditional Catholic wedding w/o communion at 7pm, do I have to wear a long dress??I like girls in jeans. It makes them look more home town like and it generally does not look like they try too hard but if you are looking to get this men attention, this might not be what you want------I think one of my students is being neglected/abused?well...don't you have an obligation to report anything out of the ordinary?? I would talk to the guidance counselor at your school and see what the next approach would be...they are better equipped for situations like yours. good luck------I'm fashionably challenged please help?well, 10 things that a teenage girl must have in her wardrobe are1) a little black dress2) a trench coat3) heels4) neutral coloured flats5) neutral coloured handbag6) a cardigan7) a blazer8) a day dress9) good pair of jeans10) an all occasions top------What is your school's dress code?bottoms, below fingertips3finger sleeveswe are allowed to wear any type of shoes, including flipflopspajamas are not a problem, (besides by style)those saggy type hats are acceptable, but not like sports capsheadbands everyone wears themhoodsno------Which of these dresses do you like the most?hey, i like the first one which is pink. It will really suit your age. If you changed the color to Black would also be nice. I have noticed that all of the dresses are short. Yet they are really pretty!------Anyone else have a daughter/s like this?Well u cant get her all dresses because school starts in the fall which means winter is right around the corner and you just said that she'll wear pants wen its cold so yes get her some pants as well :)------Why do females athletes wear tiny clothing and males dont?Sad to say but I think they want to make a fashion statement. Who knows maybe it's an endorsement for the clothing and so they get money for it. You are right others do just fine and even win some!.------Do women care how a man dresses or is that only shallow immature girls who do?Clothes do matter to me, because they tell you a lot about someone.I just know that I'm going to probably get along better with a guy who has really casual style and dresses for comfort and function rather than fashion.------What is the Disneyland dress code you must have to work there?I really like little skirts and the real way i fix it being brief is leggings and coloured tights. Not the methods with holes however the ones that virtually look like leggings but are obviously tights as a result of material------15 year old girl always comes to class with injuries?Yes, because if there is an abusive parent, someone needs to intervene. Same case if this student's injuries were self-inflicted, which would indicate depression.Unless she secretly fights criminals in her free time and picked up injuries from there.------what can i wear over or under this dress to be warm at a New York evening Wedding? Shoes - Or if you don't like them look at the rest of the shoes on the site.------What kind of hairstyle will look nice with this dress?Angel,it incredibly is a quite gown,yet as a guy,i think of somewhat like the type interior the image,it exhibits the gown and your self greater powerful,in case you spot my factor,so have an astounding time to------Why am I the only one to dress for the cold appropriately at school?I asked myself this same question when I moved to CT. In the winter it gets cold. However, I see many people in shorts and a zipped or pullover sweater. No lie, I even seen this one girl in flip flops.------Anyone with a sense of fashion... please help?I have a good look Somethign like that.------Wearing A Cherry Red Dress To A Wedding?I like females in jeans. It makes them look more city like and it generally does not look like they are trying too hard but if you're trying to get this guys attention, this may well not be what you would like------What would you call my style???? :)?It's really cute and laid back. I think it's more of a girly style with a slight edge.Also, if you want to add details, you can. It's under the edit link on your question or something.------I need a new wardrobe for fall I'm 23. I want advice on what basic essentials I should get to mix and makeGet classic clothes that don't go out of style, and accessorize. The accessories can change with time and you can wear the same clothes as a base. You keep up with fashion trends this way, and save money too.------Where can I find a sweater dress for a reasonable price?urban planet, urban outfitters, costa blanca....those are the only ones i can think of, and i dont know if you have one near you or not.also, a good suggestion, thrift stores! cheap, and you never know what youll find:)------Fall wardrobe for school aged children?my daughter wears uniforms, so i replace them as needed. i never went heavy into shopping as they had plenty of clothes from the summer to last a few months into the school year. i replaced clothes as need then, too------I'm 15 and going to a Georgia wedding in November. What should I wear?!?This is a pretty dress, it's short so not too dressy, but still elegant. Forever 21 has lots of cute dresses...and cheap! ------Why do people think that western riders are pur redneck hillbillies that don't care about their horse?Same reason people think english riders are stuck up snobs that wear their jods so tight so the sticks don't fall out of their butts. Ignorance and bigotry.There are amazing riders of both disciplines. And total jerks in both.------Survey: What is your style? (GIRLS)?1. jeggins and pumps and top and cardigan2. demin skirt and tank top (if its actually hot)3. jeans/jeggins or skirt with tights, uggs and hoodie4. jeggins and hoodie, pumps or uggs5. hollister, river island, primark..random ones6. pink7. down and straightened------What do you think? I'll answer yours if you answer mine. A little bit long, but please help. I'm confused!?It does sound like he likes you, but he may be shy about it or unsure of what to do. You may need to make the first move if you really want something to happen between the two of you------for grae 8 grad i have a dress its like not straps or tube tops its full length and full sleeves but all the?Psh no,it sounds like there trying to be too grown up and to slut-like.As long as your dress is pretty and is not covering your body from the top pf your head to the floor, u should be fine.------Have no idea what to wear on first day?!? would work well :) I suggest lose fitting but not baggy shirt with shorts or boyfriend jeans :P------what is this fall's fashion?cuffed high boots, skinny jeans, and stripped long sleeve sweaters. Thick belts around the waist with a long white shirt and black leggings, kimono styke dresses and peep toe shoes... Try looking at this months issues of Lucky fashion magazine and glamour.
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