How to Get Permanent Marker Off My New White Bedside Table?

I would try a Mr. Clean magic eraser, be sure to use it while wet

1. What's in your nightstand / bedside table???

it's interesting to me, my kids baby books and their drawings to me

2. Hey !! Everbody!! I was just curious --Whats on your bedside table....??

my lamp, alarm clock, and a cup or water

3. I have a Mamas & Papas Close & Cosy Bedside Cot and I'm missing parts!?

Mamas And Papas Bedside Cot

4. I heard a mouse on my bedside table?

What can you expect , that's asking for meese in your bedroom , having opened food lying around ,

5. Poll: What is on your bedside table?

no bed not table I guess air

6. Do I have to use the specified bulb watt for a bedside lamp?

No, if it says 40 you need to use 40 or less. Why would you want 75 watts right next to your bed? That's pretty bright

7. Where is the switch to your bedside lamp located? On the actual cord or inside the lampshade?

on the base of lamp

8. Where is the switch to your bedside lamp located? On the actual cord or inside the lampshade?

on the lamp where you screw in the light bulb

9. What sort of things should I have on my bedside table?

Depends on what yo plan on doing in the bed NEXT to that table

10. my boyfriend keeps pics of his exes on his bedside table?! help please :/?

You were just looking at all of his "scores," like notches on his pistol. And, you obviously just got on the end of a really long line. Wake up! To this guy, you are just another hunk of female meat.

11. What things do you have on your bedside table?

A nice candlestick lamp, an alarm clock/radio, the remote, a pillar candle holder that I put my cellphone on, and after I get into bed I put my glasses on the nightstand

12. Where can I find a cheap dresser and bedside table?

Try in your area :) If they arent white, paint them, sand the edges for a shabby chic look, good luck!

13. Joke>Have you ever wondered who's photo was on the bedside table?

You have hit a vein of pure gold with this joke. Its fabulous and have a multitude of well deserved stars......

14. Xiaomi Mijia MJCTD01YL Yeelight Bedside Lamp FAQ

First, try resetting the bedside lights. The reset method is as follows: In the case of power-on, by turning on the keymode key for 5 seconds at the same time, the light changes to red, green, and blue after two times, indicating that the reset was successful. Do not turn off the lights at this time. After the reset is successful, turn on the smart home app again. At this time, you will be automatically prompted to find the "m bedside light ****", then follow the prompts to install, but also pay attention to some environmental requirements: 1. The mobile phone and bedside light are both in WIFI connection and connected to the Internet. 2. The WIFI signal connected to the bedside lamp only supports 2.4G and does not support 5G. 3. The WIFI signal name of the router may not have Chinese characters. 4, if the mobile phone Android 4.4 and above systems, iOS 8 and above systems, with WiFi-enabled mobile phones. 5, look at the router's security level, if the level is set to high, there may be automatically shielded bedside lamp connection, you can set the router level is low, after a successful connection, and then set back.

15. Would a bedside table be enough light for a fish tank?

Depends on the type of light and wattage. Yeah, how would a table produce light anyways?

16. If someone leaves money on your bedside table after a onenight stand, do you keep it?

Etiquette and one night stands do not belong in the same sentence. I am not a prude but I can give you about ten very compelling reasons why I would not go to a stranger's room to have sex with him

17. Seniors: What Do You Have on Your Bedside Table?

Lamp, a headlamp (great for reading), a clock radio, although I can not get radio where I live, but, the clock glows at night. Books (ALWAYS!), and some odds and ends from my pockets of the pants I put in the wash. On the other side, another lamp, a plant, a telephone, and a pad and pen for writing messages.

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Bedside Table Buying Guide - Frances Hunt
We know how important the perfect bedside table is as to its usefulness and so in responding to that, we've put together the ultimate bedside table buying guide in order to assist you in finding the best bedside table for your home. A bedside table is used for a variety of reasons, allowing extra storage for clothes and underwear, a place to put your alarm clock, mobile phone, jewellery or even a table lamp. When deciding what type of bedside table to purchase there are some important points to consider: what you will use the bedside table for, choosing the best style and design and much more. We have highlighted these below in our bedside table buying guide for you to explore. What will you be using the bedside table for? Are you looking for somewhere just to place your alarm clock, or bedside lamp, perhaps you wish just to lay spare change or somewhere to place your watch when you are asleep, well then a nightstand or bedside table will do the trick. However if you are looking to store more items, many of which you dont wish to be on display, like a remote control for the tv, your mobile telephone, underwear or paperwork well then you should look at better storage options usually available with a bedside chest or bedside cabinet, both have plenty or storage and allow you to de-clutter your bedroom even more! In many bedrooms, bedside tables can be used as the bedroom's focal point, therefore style and design are critical. Firstly, you must make sure the bedside table matches the bedroom dcor. Ask yourself the question: Am I looking to decorate my bedroom in a traditional or contemporary style? Do I want my table to be made out of wood, metal or glass? Traditional styled bedside tables are generally wooden painted bedside tables, sometimes carved with attractive detailing and clean lines giving a period look. Perhaps contemporary is more your style, well then why not make a bold statement with vibrant colours. High gloss bedsides (usually available in bright colours) and mirrored bedside tables are very popular with interior designers and luxury hotels and will beautifully contrast with your bedroom furniture. For spare bedrooms, tenants and landlords, simplicity and practicality could be your objective (that you need extra storage, or somewhere to put an alarm clock) well then search for a plain bedside table or bedside chest, both basic and inoffensive, designed to match all bedroom interiors. How wide should the nightstand be? This can be a stumbling point for many people searching for a bedside table. These days with more and more housing needed, bedrooms seem to be getting smaller and smaller, especially in town centres. The double bedroom is no longer a proper double (hence the need for small double beds) and can cause a real lack of space for bedroom furniture such as bedside tables. Whilst you might want space for two bedside tables (one either side of your bed frame) you may only have room for one, it's important to measure the maximum width, depth and height of the space where you wish your bedside table to go. Then ask yourself the following questions: Will it comfortably fit by the side of your bed? Does your bed have drawers and will these drawers still open with a bedside next to it? Will the bedroom look cluttered with two bedside tables or is it better to just have one so as not to take up too much space? If space is of no concern to you and you have a large bedroom then perhaps contemporary wide bedside tables will be better suited so as to give the feeling that your bedroom is not so empty looking. What is the ideal bedside table height? The ideal bedside table height should level out at the same height as the mattress comes up to upon your bed. The best bedside table height should be at equal height with the mattress, in order to ensure that both placing and removing items off the table is easily done - even whilst laying down in bed. If the bedside table is too small, or too high, it can make accessing those late-night grabs a bit tricky.1. Furniture RetailingFurniture retailing industry comprises companies that operate by producing, retailing and selling furnitures across a number of household categories, including bedroom, dining, lounge, kitchen and for various types official and commercial spaces. Operators in this industry primarily sell household, outdoor and office furniture, except those sold in combination with office supplies and equipment. This industry predominantly markets living room, dining room and bedroom furniture , followed by demand for upholstered furniture. Desks and home office goods, lamps, recliners, rugs and outdoor furniture make up the rest of sales. The sale of mattresses, blinds, awnings and antique-reproduced furniture is also included in the industry. Industry retailers generally operate from large stores that enable them to showcase their product range. Both company-owned and franchised stores are included in the industry. Over the past five years, consumer demand for furniture products has been affected by volatility in the house construction market caused by unfavorable housing affordability and high household debt. As a result, the furniture retailing industry faced annual fluctuations in demand for furniture from new home owners. According to Burgio-Ficca, despite some volatility, retail spending on furniture products is likely to have benefited from an overall decline in interest rates as this increased consumer discretionary spending. Industry profitability is expected to post varied results over the past five years. While profit margins were hindered by the softer retail economy, profitability improved in the second half of the five-year period as revenue rebounded. Furniture retailers are forecast to benefit from improved trading conditions over the next five years. IBISWorld expects demand to be driven by continued growth in disposable incomes, which will positively influence expenditure on furniture goods. However, retail spending will be affected by projected volatility in consumer sentiment, rising interest rates and continued competition from external players. An upturn in the house construction market over the first half of the five years through 2018-19 is expected to aid growth in industry revenue. The industry is characterized by a low level of market share concentration. Barriers to entry and capital requirements for new players are low and do not hinder potential operators from entering the industry.2. what store should i go to for bedroom furniture and accessories?Pier One Imports has some really good stuff. You can find just about anything there3. Benefits Of Choosing A Bedroom Set From A Reputed Local StoreWe always try to find products that last longer and cost cheaper. Depending on the genre of the products, the factors influencing the buying decision vary. For instance, when you have decided to buy a dressing table or a dresser, you will have to check its material, sturdiness, durability, and price. In fact, the buying time will also become a prime factor to consider as your budget will totally depend on it. The concerns become deeper when you have to remodel your bedroom and own new furniture sets. There are many ways you can follow and find out the best masterpieces for your bedroom. One such way to discover the most efficient and beautiful interior of your bedroom is to choose bedroom sets. This is where you will not have to break a sweat to figure out a perfect theme or scratch your head to match the present assets with the future ones. There are many benefits of choosing a bedroom set rather than going solo on each requirement and then assembling to decorate your bedroom. Find the benefits mentioned below and decide. Probably, the most convenient way to redecorate and reinvent the interior of your bedroom is by choosing a bedroom set. Approach a local store that offers the Best bedroom furniture Glendale AZ where you will find a plethora of items to choose from. You can also make the process easier. Log in to the online stores to find the catalogs of the trending items. There, you will find many new ideas to follow and search for the most suitable ones. In fact, all the online portals of the reputed stores provide vivid information about the furniture items in the set. You will easily get the measurements and find out whether a set is compatible with the available space in your bedroom beforehand. Narrowing down the options will become a lot easier. No more hassles of finding matching units The biggest challenge a homeowner faces is when he has to find the matching units with the existing furniture. If you have to find a single item, the job is easier to comprehend and accomplish. When you have an entire bedroom to decorate, going for a set is ideal. Search for the local and reputed bedroom furniture store that offers the ideal collection of such sets. You will save yourself from a lot of troubles. A bedroom set contains a bed, dresser, chest, and a nightstand. A chest might be optional as it is not chosen as a part of the bedroom plans widely. Nothing seems to be better and more satisfactory when you find the ideal furniture units together. The similar tone of the wood and design used will automatically set the interior of your bedroom on the right track. Forget the hassles of searching for furniture units with a similar tone in the market. All the units in the set can be delivered to your doorstep in a single shot. All you have to do is to approach a reputed store offering bedroom furniture Phoenix in sets. The store is obligated to provide delivery services (sometimes free). You will not have to worry or hassle for the delivery of the items individually. The items will reach the desired destination within the stipulated amount of time. In fact, the store will also take the responsibility of delivering the items without any scratch. A reputed store close to your location is the ideal choice when you are planning to make a good investment. The reasons for choosing a popular furniture store in Phoenix, Arizona are mentioned below. You will easily find out the reputation of a targeted store easily. The feedback and testimonials from the previous and existing clients will give you a clear idea about the product and service offered by the stores. Moreover, the local stores treat local customers extremely well in order to maintain a reputation. A store near you will also offer discount bedroom furniture during the seasonal sale time. You can easily plan for the right time and reach the store to get the chosen items. The store will be happy to serve locals and will also offer an exclusive delivery service in exchange for minimum or no charge. This is where the local reputed store differs from that of the bigger brands. You will get a brilliant post-sale service without any compromise from the team. Get the best bedroom furniture today If you are looking for the ideal furniture store in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona to buy bedroom furniture then Leon Furniture Store is the perfect address. Get the most trending and popular furniture designs here during a bedroom furniture sale and make your dream bedroom a reality.
Cheap Bedside Tables 2019: the Best Bargain Bedside Cabinets and Tables
BEDSIDE tables range from elaborate sets of drawers to small tables only big enough for a lamp and a phone.They make our lives a whole lot easier - keeping a table lamp by your bed means you don't have to get up to turn the light off once you're settled. Or maybe you have glasses or contacts that you need to keep by your bed ready for the morning.Whatever the reason you need one, you don't have to break the bank to get a decent bedside table. There are a huge range of affordable styles available online.They can even add a touch of style to your bedroom, whether you want an oak wood bed frame or a marble set of drawers - a bedside table can be the finishing touch to your boudoir.You can never have too much storage either, it keeps your bedroom neat and tidy. So what are you waiting for?Take a look at our bargain list of tables for your night time essentials, from drawers to simple round designs, we've found everything.If you've already chosen white bedroom furniture, opt for this pristine bedside table from Ikea.In a basic rectangular shape, it's complete with a drawer and shelf to stack magazines or your books for bedtime reading.Featuring a wooden border, this white basic table has a stylish edge - for just £30 you can't go wrong.For a sleek set of bedside drawers, choose Made.These walnut effect steel drawers are set on slim metal legs and are ultra spacious - ideal to fit your pyjamas or bed linen.If your bedroom's minimalist with a neutral colouring, wooden drawers look best. Plus, dark wood is so chic.These mini drawers from B&Q have a versatile, soft wood tone that will go with any colour scheme.With smooth running drawers, made from forest-friendly timber, this is an absolute steal for under £40.Sometimes all you need is a basic set of drawers like these - perfect to fit your laptop inside and perch a glass of water on at bedtime.Made has some uber-stylish bedroom furniture - we love these hourglass timer shaped bedside tables.Available in brass or copper, these modern tables are perfect if you're looking for a cool bedroom accessory and a little place to pop your phone at night.Place a chic brass or copper lamp on top for interior design goals. They might look like trendy luxury tables, but without the luxurious price tag.For under £80, you can have these immaculate white mini drawers from B&Q for your bedside.From the Malmo White collection, this elegant white chest is the perfect storage for bed linen, clothes and accessories.Featuring classic round knobs and Edwardian-style legs, it's a beautifully classic addition to your boudoir.TOP TIP: Want a shabby chic look? Sandpaper the edges to create that coveted worn-in look.We said we'd find you bargains: this Ikea bedside table can be yours for under a tenner!It's super easy to assemble and perfect for use as temporary storage or in university rooms.It's compact so it's perfect if your bedroom's a little small, and even has a shelf too for your laptop or bedtime reading. What more could you want?Another stylish gem by Made...we're starting to see a pattern here.The Eibar side table has unique criss cross copper legs that'll have your room looking contemporary and oh so chic.Featuring a round grey table top, it'll look fabulous with a little plant pot for some Scandi interior vibes.Before you say this one's no bargain, consider that it's a life-long investment. For under £200 - oak wood will go with all your changing colour schemes.Rich in colour showing off a reclaimed finish, this smooth set of drawers is set on sturdy metal black legs and in a square shape, offers a spacious table too.Complete with one small drawer for your books and then a larger drawer perfect for your PJs - it's ideal for a little extra storage.Got a house to fill? Browse our Home section for more great household buys.Need a beanbag to give your living room added comfort? Read our beanbag reviews See our full range of reviews and great value buys, visit the Sun Selects homepage.This article and any featured products have been independently chosen by The Sun journalists. All recommendations within the article are informed by expert editorial opinion. If you click a link and buy a product we may earn revenue: this helps to support The Sun, and in no way affects our recommendations.
The Bedside Battleground
Consider the bedside table, a modest domestic surface that nonetheless offers as concise a portrait of human aspirations, anxieties and appetites as one could hope for in 2013. It's a mess. Look at the tangle of electronics and other items, for example, that hums next to the head of David Rose, 46, a visiting scientist at the M.I.T. Media Lab, as he sleeps - or, more often, doesn't. Mr. Rose, the inventor of what is known as "glanceable technology," which embeds digital interfaces in objects like light bulbs and cabinetry, has a Zeo sleep monitor; a Philips Sleep light (it dims as he gets ready for shut-eye); a cordless phone; an iPhone; a Bose speaker dock that his wife uses as her phone charger; a wristwatch; and a few paperbacks. It's all jammed onto the 18-by-24-inch landscapes of a pair of Ikea night stands that he and his wife have had for decades."It's embarrassing," Mr. Rose said parenthetically, "to still be in this 20-year transition from Ikea." But it's the gear atop the night stand, and the attendant tangle, that is the real issue. Or, as Alexa Hampton, president of Mark Hampton, the interior design firm, said recently, the collision of "electronica and nostalgia" that occurs nightly on the bedside table is a challenge. Ms. Hampton keeps photographs of her husband and children there, along with her iPad, her iPad Mini and her BlackBerry (which serves as her alarm clock), each with its own charger, as well as a riot of cosmetic equipment like tweezers, cuticle clippers and a magnifying mirror. All that, plus her eyeglasses and a stack of books, sits in a jumble on a silver tray. "You can see it's not simply a problem of technology," Ms. Hampton said. But in the last half-decade, it is the addition of new technologies that has roiled this already crowded space. And designers and manufacturers are puzzling over how to mediate the mess.Robin Standefer, the movie-set-designer-turned-architectural-designer who has been reinventing hotels and domestic interiors from here to Argentina with her husband, Stephen Alesch, offered an analogy. "It's like that new airplane," she said, referring to the Boeing Dreamliner. "It has all these electronics, all these functions, and it's getting bigger and bigger. I have a complicated relationship with the bedside table. I want it to be something that's somewhat serene. I want to look up from the pillow and not see a display from Radio Shack."Sleep surveys confirm the digital invasion of the bedroom. In the most recent study by the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit group devoted to "sleep health," conducted in 2011, 72 percent of respondents reported that they take their phone to bed with them; 49 percent said they take a computer or tablet; and 13 percent, an e-reader. In 2010, a Pew Research poll found that 90 percent of those between 18 and 29 slept with their cellphones next to the bed. And it appears these devices are augmenting all sorts of bedroom behaviors. In this month's GQ magazine, for instance, in a decorating feature about the bedroom, readers are cautioned not to check their smartphones after sex. "We know that looking at your phone is the new smoking after sex," reads the caption, "but at least wait until she leaves the room."Decorators struggle with order in this area in part because they prefer to flank a bed with drawer-free tables (Celerie Kemble, a Manhattan designer, said, "I like bistro tables, cabriole tables, even outdoor furniture") instead of actual night stands. Ms. Standefer put it this way: "I want to see legs, not something boxy." But that affinity, Ms. Kemble said, "leaves the conundrum of how do you hide the electronics? The iPad and the Kindle, most clients have both. And the iPhone and the BlackBerry. Don't forget the Invisalign, the night-grinding guards, the sleep apnea masks and the birth control. You have to have the conversation about birth control before you shop for the table. Single guys have to have some place to put the condoms. And what about the meds, the Ambien and the Viagra? Or earplugs? And for late-night worries, you need a place to put a pad of paper and a pen."To corral all this stuff, Ms. Kemble has used silver trays, antique tea caddies or boxes, small chests and even desks with surge protectors fitted into the drawers. For significant equipment issues, she suggested, "How about a skirted table and a big tray you can whisk everything onto and slide underneath?"Tiffiny Johnson, a senior buyer at Design Within Reach, said it's a particular challenge for modernists or anyone for whom a drawer-less side table and a single (vintage) paperback is an aesthetic ideal. "The new devices have made us think about what the customer really uses it for," she said. "Books are going away. Everyone has their books on their devices, and the devices are getting smaller. And there's cord escape. We have to be thinking about where is the power source."A new collection designed byJeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk and out this August, offers three scenarios: a bed with storage underneath and a small round table that clips to its side; a bed with a large headboard and floating night stands with drawers; and the third, "a wide, grand bed," Ms. Johnson said, "and a more traditional night stand, with open and concealed storage, for stuff that's more private."Because even the private stuff has become more elaborate. "Are we going to talk about the sex toys?" asked one father of young children whose wife requested he not give his name. For examples of a few of the items stored in his night stand, he directed this reporter to Good Vibrations, an online emporium with a dizzying array of wares, including a collection of hot-pink silicone vibrators that looked as if they might have been produced by Alessi. "We also have the one that plugs into an iPod," he said. "I can't say that it's a favorite." (He was referring to Naughtibod, a vibrator that thrums to your iPod's playlist.)William Georgis, an architect who designs glamorous modern environments for art collectors like Aby Rosen, said he occasionally puts hidden drawers in the bedside furniture he creates for clients. In one instance, in the single drawer of a parchment-covered night stand with bronze feet that he designed for a family with young children, there was a pullout tray concealing a drawer-within-a-drawer, like an 18th-century desk might have had to hide love letters."It takes you to the next level," Mr. Georgis said. "We are designing for the toys." Maurice Blanks, one of the principals of Blu Dot, the upstart contemporary furniture maker in Minneapolis, was equally upfront about all the gear his company's bedroom furniture is designed to accommodate. In Blu Dot's online catalog, you will read that the Modu-licious night stand ($499) can hold six copies of Architectural Digest and multiple numbers of one particularly fearsome bondage accessory. "Most of our conversation focuses on closed storage," Mr. Blanks said. "People are spending more time in their bedrooms, and their bedroom behavior has changed. And modernism has gotten less dogmatic in the last 10 years. People are wanting modern to be more functional. The perfect little pedestal table with one book is maybe not as appealing."Technology is changing so fast, Mr. Blanks added, that it is best for furniture makers to address it in only the most general ways - with cord management, for example, usually a hole in the back of a drawer or shelf, but nothing as specific as a docking station - so that the pieces will be relevant a decade from now. Social scientists say that bedrooms are honest spaces, because they are private. If you show your best self, or who you hope others see you as, in your living room, your real self can be found on that night stand.Sam Gosling, a psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and the author of "Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You," said, "Look for disconnects: Is there Plato, Shakespeare and Goethe on the living room shelves and trashy novels on the bedside table?"Of course, Dr. Gosling added, we show our aspirations in the bedroom as well - for example, in the stacks of books we hope to read but never quite get to. "My stack of books not only lets you know that I read, but tells you something about my aspirations," he said. "And how unrealistic I am about my expectations." 12 PhotosView Slide Show ›Anthony P. Graesch, an assistant professor of anthropology at Connecticut College who was part of a team that studied the material culture of 32 Los Angeles families for four years, pointed out that the "affordances," or visual clues, of bedside tables are sometimes edited away because of practical concerns."Parents with young children, for example, cannot store a wide array of items on/in bedside tables, if only for the fact that these objects will be appropriated, abused or outright stolen by curious hands," he wrote in an e-mail. "In my house, we have only one bedside table, which now holds only an alarm clock and a book. The 4-year-old and 2-year-old will make off with anything of value (e.g., a portable book lamp, spare change, a Tylenol bottle), and so we keep these objects on higher ground. There is also the issue of available space. At Casa Graesch, our bedroom is only large enough to contain one bedside table. As such, I do not have my own personal night stand; I lost that battle and so I do without."A word of warning here about doing without: Reiko Gomez, an interior designer and feng shui practitioner, said she would advise Dr. Graesch to fight for his own dedicated space. "It's important to have two bedside tables," she said. "That keeps balance in the relationship."But what to make of the "affordances" on the bedside table belonging to Mr. Rose, the scientist from M.I.T.? The abundant gear indicates that he and his wife are both light sleepers and perhaps slightly competitive. Mr. Rose called the Zeo sleep monitor "a little other," an assist in "the gamification of sleep." (Sleep monitors measure your sleep states and provide you with a sleep score, he explained.) "I really want to do well in terms of sleep," he said. "I want to maintain the streak." Mr. Rose's wife used to have a Zeo, too, he said, but he took it away from her because she kept telling him to turn off the light earlier and earlier, so she could hit her REM sleep faster. "She's a little more O.C.D. than I am," he added. "I didn't like the effect."Clutter busters like Leslie McKee, a professional organizer in Pittsburgh, view electronic sleep aids with the same disdain they have for elaborate organizing products. "The things that are there to support sleep, even a white-noise machine, can add to the clutter that gets in the way of sleep," she said. "People who are overwhelmed lose their energy right there by the bed. We try to advocate for simplicity." She continued: "We can bring in a basket for the electronics, drill a hole through the back of a chest for cords, but anything that sends a message of too much to do, you don't want nudging you in that space. O.K., you have 1,500 books on your Kindle. So you've cleaned up the clutter, but there's still an enormous gap of what you can do and what you're getting done. I ask people, 'What did your grandmother have next to her bed?' A little doily, a photograph, something that made her happy. Think about what your grandmother did, and get some sleep."Finally, while so many are wringing their hands over the hubbub in the contemporary bedroom, historians and even some sleep experts are starting to question the dogma that it has to be an altar to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Sleeping in two shifts, they say, may actually be a natural tendency, not a byproduct of age or worry.Lucy Worsley, chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces, a British conservation group, and the author of "If Walls Could Talk: An Intimate History of the Home," makes the point that not only are private bedrooms (and beds) a relatively modern construct, but so, too, is the eight-hour rest. "That's an invention of the industrial age and the factory owners," she said. Dr. Worsley described the rhythms of a typical Tudor household, with people waking up naturally just past midnight, after their "first sleep," as she put it, and hanging out for a bit."They were chatting with their spouse, having sex, doing housework, even going out and robbing other people," she said. "Stealing pigs, for example. That's where the expression 'saving one's bacon' comes from. You know, they must have been very lively at night, those Tudor villages." After an hour or so, Mr. and Mrs. Tudor would get back in bed for their "second sleep," Dr. Worsley said. "There's a weird parallel between today and the Tudors, with people sleeping fitfully and doing a lot of things in bed. I guess I would say that the biggest thing missing from people's beds today, as opposed to the past, is company. And yet it's present again, through technology. What goes around, comes around."
Ladies and Men, What Items Do You NOT Want to See on Display in Your Bf/gf Bathroom, Bedside Table,
umm.... hard drugs? ( I've finally learned to hide my stash really well. hehe )1. How to safely keep a bedside gun?why would you want to keep the magazine (at least you didnt call it a clip!) out of the firearm? when you wake up all groggy do you really want to have to rely on fine motor skills if your life is on the line? I keep firearms in a ready to fire state at all times!2. Seniors: What Do You Have on Your Bedside Table?I have a lamp, an ionizer, a small clock and the next 5 books to be read from my Agatha Christie collection (I am rereading them in order of publication). I also keep my glasses there when I sleep3. Do you prefer a bright bulb in your bedside lamp so it's not too bright after being asleep or do you use a?Low wattage bulb so I can read while my husband sleeps4. Where is the switch to your bedside lamp located? On the actual cord or inside the lampshade?Mine is one of those touch ones, when you tap it, it gets brighter and if you tap it again it turns off5. What type of paint should I use to put pictures on a bedside table?To seal the pictures, make sure that they are perfectly dry for a t least 1 whole day. Then use a clear polyurethane varnish, two coats should do the trick6. whats missing from standard bedside lamp!? how could they be improveD? possible improved features?>?they are issues that could in basic terms be discovered after thousands and thousands of trials. and of path, strict limit desires to be in place. even if, with the aid of fact the inspiration of technology is often changing with the aid of new discoveries, we would desire to even have sympathy to the drug business enterprise besides. they are no longer miracle makers, they only attempt to make income by promoting something that they "think of" might help persons. think of the international devoid of antibiotics and different drugs, what share human beings might might desire to die? If we agree that technology can get replaced, the drug business enterprise might no longer have an excuse of increasing drugs expenditures with the aid of fact of regulation adventure.additionally if we seem on the different section that has used the socialist gadget it has slowed down and did no longer stay as much as its Utopian promise. No gadget is appropriate yet open and loose marketplace is the final obtainable7. Hey !! Everbody!! I was just curious --Whats on your bedside table....??Magazines,alarm clock,a lamp8. I heard a mouse on my bedside table?Listen very carefully dont panick where are the funyuns9. Survey: What is on your bedside table?A pc, but Im using a tablet ._10. I put my wedding ring on the bedside table, now can't find it, where should I look?Look where your cat hides it's most precious positions. or Is it on the table beside of your girlfriend's bed? JK11. Poll: What is on your bedside table?My medication for the morning my alarm clock my lamp and some other junk12. Why in the hotel bedside table is their always a copy of the NEW testament?The Bible is composed of the Old and New Testaments. The Gideons distribute complete Bibles, as well as just the New Testament. Since the Gideons are a Christian organization, they feel that the New Testament will be easier to understand for a beginner, and that the Old Testament should be understood in the light of New Testament teachings. So they are not likely to distribute an Old Testament all alone, but they will distribute a lot of New Testaments. Reason for distributing the New testament in stead of the complete Bible_ 1. Less costly 2. A beginning reader is likely to get bogged down in books like Leviticus if he starts reading a whole Bible without any guidance at all, and then he can get discouraged. EDIT. By the way, contrary to one of the answers, it has absolutely nothing to do with being antisemitic. All of the writers of the New Testament, with the possible exception of Luke, were of Jewish origin.
Is It Usual to Have the New Testment at Bedside Table in Hotel Bedrooms in Protestant Countries?
yep. lame huh?1. How can I set out a small bedroom witha single bed, a dresser, a desk/bookshelf and a small bedside table?There are many things to think about when you arrange your room. First is where the door and any windows might be, and if there is a closet. You want to arrange your furniture so you can move around as much as possible, have access to your closet and close your door. Put your bed and bedside table against one wall, the dresser on a wall by itself (if possible) and the desk/bookshelf on another wall or next to the bed on the side opposite the bedside table. This is really a personal choice question, and you must experiment with different arrangements to find one that suits you2. Why in the hotel bedside table is their always a copy of the NEW testament?The Gideons distribute Bibles for free. It's probably cheaper to just distribute the second half, especially since Christianity is based mostly on the New Testament. This is one of the things that separates it from Judaism. You can find the entire bible (and nearly all religious texts) on line for free. No one truly knows who wrote any of it/them. It is confusing but it does not mean there are not some good tips about being a good person, what ever your religious believes are or are not .3. Can I use Play Yard as bedside sleeper?They usually have a "bassinet" portion on play yards that you can use for newborn. Parents AND grand parents use them all the time especially when on vacations. I would probably only use the bassinet portion until baby gets big enough for crib. I personally felt uncomfortable having my baby sleep in the main portion when he was big enough because there's some fabric at the bottom under where the mesh begins and I found him napping up next to that one time and decided not to do it again just in case.4. Joke>Have you ever wondered who's photo was on the bedside table?hahaha, that's a great one5. I was sleeping with my phone wifi on accidentally for like 7 hours and it was about 50cm away from my head on the bedside table?It wo not have caused any harm whatsoever. Some studies suggest that having a phone stuck on the side of your head for hours can heat the brain although there were no other side effects. A wifi signal 50cm away is far too weak to cause any damage. You get more RF energy if you live near a TV transmitter6. I put my wedding ring on the bedside table, now can't find it, where should I look?Ask your wife, maybe she hid it for you. :)7. Hey !! Everbody!! I was just curious --Whats on your bedside table....??clock-radio lamp dust8. When i turn my bedside light off i see a blue outline of it for a few seconds floating in the air?I can not give you a completely detailed scientific answer BUT, I can tell you that you are not going crazy. I only assume that it's just residual information still sending that information to your eyes from your occipital lobe. I could be completely wrong but it's my best answer. A good example of the same thing happening is when you walk inside from being outside on a bright day. You are eyes still think you are out side so it's really dark and it's hard to see, right? You just have to give your eyes time to adjust to the lack of light even though it's just burnt into that one spot in your line of sight. Something I could suggest is to try not to look directly at the light when you turn it off. Hope that helps and that I am not completely wrong. :]9. Polls: what's by your bedside table or nightstand?A bottle of water, daily devotions and the bible10. I was sleeping with my phone wifi on accidentally for like 7 hours and it was about 50cm away from my head on the bedside table?Nothing at all, WiFi/phone is far too low power to cause any harm at all. Do not worry about your phone. Use your phone like a pillow if you like.
How to Upcycle Your Bedside Table
Before doing anything, remove your drawers and grab a screwdriver to unscrew the existing handles and hardware from the side of the drawer. Keep these handy by popping them into a cup or a zip-lock bag - so they do not disappear!Fill the old handle holes with Spakfilla If you've decided to replace the handles on your drawers with new ones - like we are doing - you are going to need to fill the existing holes with Spakfilla. Scrape on, then smooth away any excess and set aside to wait for it to dry. Once it is, give it a light sand with 180-grit sandpaper, then wipe clean.If you are doing this by hand, make sure you have ample sanding blocks and pieces of sandpaper - you are going to need quite a bit to get the table down to its natural timber. Using an electric sander might be easier. Pick up one of these from Bunnings. Make sure you have your dust mask and eye protection on for this - you will end up covered in dust, and you do not want to be breathing that stuff in!It's prime time! For this we are using a Zinsser shellac-based primer, just in case there's any oily residue left over from the old paint. This primer dries really quickly, so you should be able to paint fairly soon after applying. Just remember to give it a light sand after, then wipe away the dust - this way the paint will adhere more easily.Before pouring your paint into the tray, give your tin a good shake so the pigment is well distributed. Then you are ready for your topcoat - roll it on in long, even strokes. Use a brush for all those tricky to reach places. Wait for it to dry, then give it a light sand with 180-grit sandpaper before applying a second coat. While this is drying, you may want to spray your handles. We chose a Rose Gold colour, which we applied using a spray can after giving the handles a light sand (this helps the paint stick easier).Mark up where you want your handles Once the paint is dry, use a tape measure and a pencil to mark up where the handles go - mark the centre point first. Then place the handle against it and mark up where the screw holes are on your handle. Mark those spots with a pencil. To make sure your handle is screwed on even and straight, use a square.Affix your hessian with a spray adhesive - simply spray on to the front of the drawers and wait five or so seconds before placing the hessian over the top. Try to ensure you get the grain of the hessian straight. Once it's in place, simply cut around the edges of the drawer. It's best to leave about an inch overlap on each side when you are initially measuring your material, then trim your piece to fit the edges of the drawer.i want to make some things for my room?Cover small cardboard boxes with pretty wrapping paper or scrap fabric, for nice looking storage for small things. Look in magazines for pictures of things or colors you like. You can use these pictures to make a collage. Take simple things like a plain lamp or bedside table and paint it a bright, unexpected colorHow do I fix up my room?One thing you can do, since you can paint with existing colors, is paint the wardrobe to match the walls. It will be far less an eyesore. Maybe you can put some of the larger stuff under your bed where it can not be seen? It seems unreasonable not to be able to get rid of stuff you do not want anymore. Maybe you can host a garage sale to earn money to buy a new desk and bedside table?.wanted: creative people (or i guess anyone else)?mini rug for bedside tableCan an NDA cadet bring his own watch into the academy?Definitely.I recommend, you must.Both Wrist and one small you require on your study table or bedside table for alarm etc.Good luck
Seniors: What Do You Have on Your Bedside Table?
My clock radio,a flashlight,an extra wrist watch and a goose neck lamp and my wind up alarm clock for emergencies1. which is a better buy, a bassinet or a bedside sleeper for a newborn?I would suggest a pack-in-play that includes the bassinet top. I found it to be so convenient. One of the best items I bought. Never used the diaper changing thing though2. Whats on your bedside table??Um the carpet lol3. What type of handgun do you recommend for self-defense/concealed carry?Your choice depends a lot on your environment and your competence with whichever weapon you chose. A friend of mine is a prosecutor for a large county. He gets threatened a lot and takes his personal safety seriously. He wears suits but often works in shirt sleeves. His carry gun is a S&W 640, a .38 spl., which he carries in a pocket holster. Some of the people that work in the office with him still do not know that he carries all the time. He has a S&W 686, .357 mag. in his car (4 incher) and another 686 at bedside. Note that all the guns are revolvers and S&W. He trusts the absolute reliability of the revolver. He wants all his defense guns to work the same way, so they are all the same make. Another friend works a large mountain ranch. He packs an old, well used Mdl. 29, S&W .44 mag. in a belt slide hip holster. His only concession to "concealment" is to throw on a light jacket if he is in town. It is the only hand gun he owns and he is scary accurate with it. He considers semi auto guns "gadgets" and does not want to learn another gun. I have carried a handgun of some type all my adult life. My concealment guns were often snubby revolvers that I hid on various parts of my body. I still carry (on occassion) my S&W 940, a 9mm snub revolver, in a pocket holster. My usual carry gun is a Taurus 745, a .45 ACP compact, in a IWB holster. Which one I carry kind of depends on how hot it is outside. As long as I can cover the butt of the .45 it is the one I carry. However, the 940 is still a viable option. Your concealed carry gun should be simple to use and absolutely reliable. "Bells and whistles" might be "cool" but often they are just things that get in the way at the worst possible time. Really, there are only two worthwhile options to put on your gun. One is a laser sight and the other is night sights.4. Seniors: What Do You Have on Your Bedside Table?Reading lamp and a battery-alarm clock that I can tap and it will say the time (for when I do not want to turn on the light and open my eyes)5. Is there any way I can add a lock to the drawer of this bedside table?This Site Might Help You. RE: Is there any way I can add a lock to the drawer of this bedside table? The drawer in my nightstand is basically where all of my important and personal stuff goes- my diary, my prized possessions, etc, and I'd really like to find a way to lock it. Every time someone goes in my room I worry that they might open up the nightstand drawer and see all the things I...6. G'night Poll: What do you always keep on your bedside table..?Spermicidals and dvds7. Bedside Cabinets and there uses.?They are used for your alarm clock to sit on. keep a glass of water on in case you wake up thirsty. And you can store your under ware and such in the drawls.8. How to safely keep a bedside gun?You do not jack up your car every time you park it to protect the springs, I would not worry about your magazine springs. The proper way would be to store the gun with a full magazine inserted with a round in the chamber in a bio-metric safe if you need to keep some people from accessing the gun9. Is bedside manner an important part of being a doctor?OHHHH boy.. ok.. yes it's important.. but for a doctor to not want to kill himself everyday and not burnout, he must seprate himself from deep emotion and connections to the patient. He is there to heal th patient. Afterwards, most MDs may be upset, or very happy for saving someone, etc, but it is in the job description to keep cool and calm and save the patient, not to snuggle up under a blanket with them and tell them it's all going to be ok. They all care in their own ways, some show it more than others, but it's al about coping. Do not be so selfish. How would you like to go see a patient who has hemilateral paralesis from a stroke, then go to the next patient, who has Broca's aphasia (can not talk because of brain damage). Yeah, real easy to deal with. You have to protect yourself from burning out and going nuts. They care as much as they need to treat you, considering it a blessing and be thankful. Consider the neurosurgeon. If he liked you so much and felt so bad and wanted to help you so much, would that help or inhibit his abilities on the OR table?.. same reason you do not serve your relatives, they go to other MDs
Where to Buy Cheap but still Chic Bedside Table in San Francisco?
I would check craigslist or your local newspaper for any upcoming yard/garage sales. you would be amazed at the deals you can find!1. What's in your nightstand / bedside table???alarm clock & glasses. empty cups.2. Survey- What items might one keep in their nightstand/bedside table?tissues, book, glasses, cell phone3. what do you keep in your nightstand/bedside table?nothing. i do not own a night stand. if i did though i would keep my wallet and that's probably about it. do not got anything else to keep in it. i would not keep a bible in it. thats what hotels usually do4. Seniors: What Do You Have on Your Bedside Table?My mom just got her first handgun at 70 years old. She lives alone and is frightened by all the violence against older people she keeps hearing about. Btw, the NRA is right. The whole assault weapons thing was a made up issue. The so-called "assault weapons" sold in the USA are not really assault weapons at all. They are semi-automatic look-alikes that function exactly the same way as my granddaddy's deer rifle. They just LOOK scary. Diane Feinstein and the other gun grabbers in Congress admitted on the record that banning these so-called assault weapons is just the first step toward eventually banning all semi-autos. It's the camel's nose under the tent.5. Ladies and Men, what items do you NOT want to see on display in your bf/gf bathroom, bedside table, etc?The bedside table is for a lamp, the alarm clock, a cup of water, and maybe some hand lotion. In the bathroom, unless it has to do with washing your face, washing your hands, rubbing lotion on your hands, or keeping your teeth clean, it should be in a drawer. Even fingernail clippers can be gross. (I use mine on my feet, and I a lot of others probably do too.) However, if a man has jock itch medication or a woman has yeast infection medication, well, the displayed medication is the least of your worries. Jock itch (which is a fungal infection in your crotch area) and yeast infections are contagious. Other medications you do not want to see on display: Valtrex or genital warts medications. May want to rethink the relationship entirely and get tested if you see those appear out of nowhere. I do not date men old enough to need dentures, and there are not too many men around my age who are balding. If they are, they seem to be dealing with it OK.6. What things do you have IN your bedside table/nightstand?Condom, my watch, passport, random papers, loose change, a beer bottle cap7. Can I use Play Yard as bedside sleeper?I think it will be fine as long as you buy the porta crib mattress to go inside the bassinet part and the pack and play part when the baby is older. you can also get a mattress cover and porta crib sheets. Go to babiesrus website first and make sure that the mattress will fit your pack an play. since you say it is not a large play yard I am not sure if it is a standard play yard. If it is then the mattress will fit fine. I would get a couple matress covers and a couple porta crib sheets for messes and spit ups. I think when you are using the bassinet part of the pack and play to use it only until your baby starts to move. When your baby starts to move near the side of the bassinet part then I suggest moving your baby to the bottom of the pack and play so that way if they do go up near the side they can still breath through the mesh part of the pack and play. Congratulations on you upcoming arrival!!!8. G'night Poll: What do you always keep on your bedside table..?A pic of j/k Phone, clock/radio, a lamp and of course the tv remote.9. Do you prefer a bright bulb in your bedside lamp so it's not too bright after being asleep or do you use a?Use a CFL as initially at switch on it is less bright
Tips for Choosing the Right Bedside Table
A bedside table is an essential piece of furniture used to accentuate the look of the room. It can be used to house your makeup essentials or to place your favorite bedside book, besides holding your alarm clock and night lamp. The tips given here will help you pick the right bedside table.Did You Know?In earlier times, the main function of a bedside table was to contain a chamber pot. It was often referred to as a commode.A bedside table plays a significant role to complete the bedroom furnishing. It comes in handy to hold the alarm clock, a couple of your favorite bedside books, a night lamp, and a few other essentials. End tables, as they are often referred to as, can be used to either complement or accentuate the look of the room.Besides, a bedside table can also be used as an additional storage space to store prescribed medicines, tissues, or even linen.It can also be used to house your cosmetics and in your child's room to store books, toys, and accessories. A multipurpose table is better than a mere artistic piece, don't you think? A bedside table, for that matter, ought to be one that not just embellishes your bedroom furniture but also serves a useful purpose.Usage MattersA lot depends on how you plan to use your side table. If you are planning to use it as a stand to place your night lamp, you can opt for a smaller table without drawers, while a table with drawers can be rightly used to store essentials.The benefit of having a side table with drawers is that you get to stack away your cosmetics, paperwork, and store essential medications close at hand. Simply put, an end table with drawers or shelves works as an additional storage space, while one without drawers ensures your room looks elegant and neat.Layout MattersConsider this: the minute you decide to purchase a side table, keep the layout in mind. You do not want to end up with an oversized side table in a relatively congested corner or a puny table lost in a large room.Make sure you measure the space between the bed and other pieces of furniture to avoid a headache later on. Ideally, the furniture layout should not just enhance the overall look of the room but also allow ease of access to things kept on the table.Attention to SymmetryWhat's the look you want to achieve? Do you wish to make the table the focal point of the room, or you wish to shift the focus away from the table? Depending on this, the table you choose will either blend seamlessly into the furnishing of the room or will end up making a bold statement.Tables placed on either side of the bed will render your room a smart and sophisticated appearance.Proportion MattersIdeally, a side table complements the space; hence, it is an absolute compulsion that it is of appropriate size. A bulky table placed in a delicately designed room could seem relatively out of place, just as an inappropriate-shaped table will draw attention rather than blend seamlessly into the room's furnishing.A circular table sure does look elegant but it ends up eating up more space than a square/rectangular table would.Your StyleIt all boils down to what your style is about. You can go bold and make a huge style statement or tone down and blend it; the choice is yours. Circular tables or huge block tables are sure to spruce up a large room.Height MattersThe height of the table does play a decisive role when it comes to the appearance of the room.Besides, the height of the table also decides how comfortable you will be while using it. A low table will give you lesser storage space, while a higher table will make it easier for you to pick things from the shelves and drawers.Finish MattersWhat kind of finish are you looking for? A white painted table is sure to blend into the dÃcor of the room, while a wood finish will give it a warm appearance. Laminated tables, on the other hand, will give you a huge variety to choose from and render a modern, uber-cool look to your room.Design IssuesThink of the style statement you will be making when you choose an exquisite side table. Think outside the box, and get your home a stylish table instead of the regular square tables that adorn most homes.Do not forget to do a thorough research on the cost of the tables, before you actually invest in one. Also, remember not to overdo the dÃcor of your room, or else it may appear gaudy.
How to Choose a Correct Bedside Table
Ease and comfort, as well as luxuriousness, are the couple of vital aspects which are taken into account whilst beautifying the house with superbly built household furniture products. Talking about the bedroom furnishings to overtake your luxuriousness and peaceful or calm nights the two necessary items are basically a master bed along with a bedside table. For several years, a bedroom is not only considered a location wherein you simply rest and sleep after spending a very long chaotic daytime in the workplace instead it emerges as a refuge place for most people.This opinion has occurred mainly because there are specific personal things which must be obtainable throughout the nighttime such as prescribed drugs, specs, mobile handsets, and many others. For this reason, the bedside table performs a significant role in your bedroom. Fundamentally keeping all your regular things in conjunction with the bed, a bedside table is extremely important.Exactly what will you utilize it for?Think about the things for which you may use the bedside table for. In case it is simply to keep or place your alarm clock and studying books, then a compact furniture table, with no drawers can do the job.In case you are likely to be making use of it for covering away makeup products, documents, and remote controls, and also require an area for a table lamp or mobile phones, in that case, you will need a bigger bedside table attached with drawers or shelves.Think about the form or shape and dimensionsEvaluate the area alongside your bed, thereby making certain that the bedside you select does not hinder various other pieces of furniture in your room.When you are opting for a circular or round shaped bedside desk, you should definitely have a lot of space on the side of the bed because these tables are usually bigger than the square tables.Exactly what design and style to selectSelect a bedside table which may match up well with the other parts of your bedroom furniture. In conventional type or form bedrooms, choose a wooden or finished design having period detailing such as brass metal handles. For a fashionable look and feel, try to find bedside tables with clean lines and plain design and style.Complementing tables placed on either side of the bed would generate a balanced seem thats elegant and advanced and will finally create in your mind a picture of small stylish hotel design.In order to create a statement, select a daring design, like a highly polished or mirrored bedside table. But, if you would like the bed to be the key center point of attraction, choose a white color bedside table that matches the background of your bedroom.Certain beds have bedside tables connected making a glossy, up-to-date feel, and also cut back your expense of purchasing additional furniture.If room area is limited, consider fixing a smaller shelf or storage units to the walls as a substitute for a bedside table.A piece of chair, plenty of ornamental storage units or old suitcase sets are an alternative way of making an area close to your bed for a light lamp as well as an alarm time clock.Most significant, make sure you select a thing you prefer. You will actually find countless options available in the market, and just like any specific top quality item of furniture for your home, you will be experiencing your selection for years.You may take a look at numerous designs of bedside tables at Aprodz site.Browse Aprodz website for ordering luxury beds , wooden bedside tables , living room furniture, dining furniture etc.·RELATED QUESTIONIf a Dorm room already comes w/ the basics: bed, desk, dresser, closet..Can I add my own furniture?You need to check the the dorm office. Some campuses allow students to use their own furniture. Others require you to use the furniture supplied by the school.
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