I Mowed My Air Conditioner Condenser Unit, What Should I Do?

Install a fence about one meter away from the unit on all sides with an access door so you do not mow it down again. If the bent metal bars are not touching the fins, you leave it alone. If they are, cut the bars just so they do not touch.

1. Why my air conditioner condenser pipes sound like a water fall?

Try cleaning the outside coils with a hose, sounds like the head pressure is high, if the the smaller refrigerant line is hot! than it definitely needs cleaned

2. Portable split air conditioner, condenser outside window.?

lol.. i know what u mean.. such a pain in ***... these kind of AC are more technical than tactical.. do not bother your self.. just replace the damn sh*t

3. My home air conditioner condenser fan is not turning even though the unit is on.Can this be repaired?

Have you tried giving it a crack to help it along, perhaps it is clogged up with dust and leafage. Take the front case off and give it a good push. If not then the controller has probably gone as before fans go they tend to be very loud for a while.

4. The air conditioner condenser has gone out on my subaru? Is this an easy self fix?

its probabl leaked out all the stuff, so yes, you can replace the condenser yourself, but it will have to be recharged

5. Why does an air conditioner condenser out doors get all frosty and not cool?

Do you have it on reverse cycle, so it is trying to heat indoors? If not, you certainly have a problem.. it should be hot enough to not frost up

6. Why does the air conditioner condenser turn off at stop lights?

attempt to determine if there's a timer on it that exchange into set to surrender the unit working .if so, then set the timer off.Is the mattress close to the aircondition unit? or any merchandise in-front of the air conditionn unit?if so, then pass away the object/mattress from the blowing section by way of fact the sensor of the air situation it experience the blowing chilly air and which will supply up the unit to paintings by way of fact the air con unit has a potential saver.in case you do no longer understand what i am speaking approximately(sensor) only open the front panel of your air con you will discover extremely copper twine stick in front of the radiator it truly is the sensor i am speaking approximately if that sensor hit with the chilly air they are going to deliver sign to the unit to standby mode,albeit that's a faux sign by way of fact the chilly air that hit the sensor is a bounce air from the object infront of the unit. it truly is the reason it supply up cuz it exchange into evaluate the section exchange into already wealthy on the temperature settings.and it turns returned on couple seconds or minutes later then supply up returned. So, good luck.. verify those issues

7. What are the downsides to venting a clothes dryer 2 to 3 feet away from an air conditioner condenser?

Lint is your main problem, so you need to keep the fins in the AC clean, or it will reduce the efficiency. 2 to 3 feet away is enough distance for the heat from the dryer exhaust to dissipate enough so it wo not make much difference in increased heat to the unit, especially since the AC will pull much more air from the surrounding area.

8. 2003 Protege 5 - Rock ruining air conditioner condenser?

just look to may display picture.... and i have a protege 5 too and never that thing happens to me but..... all cars has the same problem, in any time a rock can make your day but you can get the wire mesh using for bug screens is very small wire mesh but what happens to you now not necessary will happens again and it is not a bad engenieer in the desing of the car just bad luck

9. My air conditioner condenser fan is not working. outside temp is 105°F?

1 First check to see that your thermostat is calling for cool. 2 If its on and calling for cool, then open the outside disconnect and check for proper voltage. If no voltage then the breaker is tripped or faulty. This is a start run capacitor and runs the fan and the compressor.5 if the capacitor is ok , then check voltage to the fan motor. If proper voltage is there, and fan is not on, the fan motor is bad. If no voltage to the fan, then check wiring and capacitor. Hope this helps

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