I Need to Modify My Air Conditioning System. I Have a Three Story Townhome. the First Floor Has Its

the reason that you have two ac is because it was probably an older home,it is better to have two than one ,if you are not using the upstairs shut that one off and save energy,if you start messing around with the air ducts you are going to cause problems with air leaks,and the bottom will take longer to cool,ac is a science all by itself.there is an old saying if its working, leave it alone

1. Air Conditioning is having a hard time cooling in the hottest parts of the day? (long)?

single paned windows are part of the problem. do you have east/west exposures with lots of glass? how 'bout vaulted ceilings? 3rd floor? 2 ton unit for 1200 x ft should be big enough, (that's a random guess). sometimes in multi family, you simply run into bad design in a particular unit. i would talk to management about maybe moving to a different unit

2. Should my roommates and I turn on Central Air conditioning or get 3 window AC units?

One central air system will use less power than three window air-conditioners

3. who makes more a year a Air-Conditioning and heating tech or a Motorcyle Mechanic?

I am with bart, on today's vehicles, electrical fundamentals is power. Mechanical failer is less common than it was 30 years ago. If you understand on a component level how the sensors work and how the computer communicates, it is easy to look good. There just is not enuff money in fixing motorcycles to justify the schooling

4. Can central air conditioning be installed if you have baseboard heat?

Central A/C requires ducts to each space you wish to cool. Those ducts can be in an attic space or if the dwelling is on a raised foundation, from below. The central A/C will be independent of your baseboard heating. In residential use most central A/C uses a refrigerant gas that is compressed to a liquid, runs through a device like a radiator on a car where warm air from the living area is blown by a fan across the radiator, and the exchange occurs. Air becomes cool and is distributed via ducts to living spaces. Upon being warmed by the air, the liquid refrigerant turns to gas, is recirculated to the compressor located outside the dwelling, becomes a liquid and the cycle repeats. Large commercial buildings use chilling units that cool water which is circulated in the "radiator". There are also some natural and propane powered chilling units but their capacity is small. Most compressors in residential use are powered by electricity using 220/240 volts USA So yes central A/C can be installed. The duct work will be the engineering issue. Electric A/C units have an efficiency rating call SEER. The lower the more efficient, and the more you will pay for the unit.

5. Does it take more energy for air conditioning to cool down or heat up a house?

I am thinking you might want to restate your question. Air conditioning is not designed to heat a house. I think you are asking "does it take more energy to cool down an already hot house, or not let it get hot in the first place" as is almost always the case "it depends". When I was living in an area where a swamp cooler worked, you needed to start before it got to hot. Otherwise the "air conditioner" never seemed to catch up. I had it on a timer that turned on in the morning and ran until it cooled down at night. Swamp coolers do not work in Georgia. Too humid. Now we only cool one room. If we are going any where. even if it's to go to the library (a little more than a mile away) the air conditioner goes off. That way it always takes a few minutes to pull the heat back down when we get back. And if there is some reason we do not make it back right away it's not trying to cool an empty room. We do not have a big air conditioner in that room, a relatively small one. As soon as the sun goes down the air conditioner goes off as soon as it feels a little stuffy we open a window in that room and turn on a fan. I might mention that that room is on the east side of the house and there are two windows in that side one has the air conditioner the other is the window we open. Does it take more energy for air conditioning to cool down or heat up a house?

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