If a Couch and Bed Are Counted As Furniture, then What Is a Blanket and Pillow?

They are bedding

1. is a pillow ok to use while masturbating?

Yup, everyone uses something different, and has a different technique. Do whatever pleases you. :)

2. Found mildew on my daughters bobby pillow?

I would not take a chance using it even after it is washed. I would throw it away

3. What is the best flight pillow to use?

The Komfort Kollar seems to be highly praised among frequent flyers. Honestly, a better place to ask this sort of question would be in the TravelBuzz forum at Flyertalk.com. In fact, someone already has! See link

4. What type of rice for rice pillow?

Walmart rice

5. What store can i find a pillow for one dollar?

dollar store perhaps

6. If you could pack a pillow and a blanket...?

The black forest area of Germany. It has the cleaniest air and most beautiful scenery

7. What's the best way to clean a Waterfowl/Down filled pillow?

Have it professionally dry cleaned. Or, to be blunt, replace it. Down does not last forever

8. If i put pillow in dryer with hole will all the cotton come out?

Any pillow with a hole needs mending first But you could put it in a pillow case before drying it This way if it does come out it will be confined to the case

9. Attention all pillow biters, down or polyester?

Susan read my mind we must be long lost twins

10. If you could pack a pillow and a blanket...?

My parents ranch in Montana!

11. Why do some drummers place a pillow inside their bass drum?

Changes the sound and makes it deeper instead of light and tappy

12. New sex robot programmed for pillow talk?

Of course ! You can already buy mechanical devices that approximate the male or female genitalia. They vibrate . . . light up . . . hell, they probably have one that plays i-tunes . . . . So what? The full blown robot is no different. It will just be a substitute for people incapable of having a real RELATIONSHIP with people. Sex usually is a welcome part of close relationships, hopefully monogamous relationships . . . . Dan

13. Does a Bruce Lee t-shirt or pillow make a better

I believe the T-shirt is better, because its a cool t-shirt. I would feel awkward sleeping on Bruce Lee, because it might strike me. HaHa

14. Is a 14 year old too old for a pillow pet?

No way! They are super awesome. My brother has one but I sometimes steal it... O.o

15. Is your pillow hard or soft?

Ummm....soft! I could feel it right now. ;o)

16. Is humping you pillow normal?

It's natual- and I am 14 so like around your age

17. Which is better as a pillow filling - goose down or duck down?

Neither.Cottonpads are the best stuff.Some Indian grasses are incredible!

18. Have you tried "The Ultimate Wedgie Pillow"?

No, but I will check it out. I have trouble with my neck and use a small foam pillow that just fits under my neck it kind of looks like a wedge.I will look into sleep innovations and see what they have to offer,Thanks

19. Is it possible to re-inflate a pillow? How?

just go to the store and buy a new one you have leave your computer go to ebay

20. Did you use a boppy pillow when breastfeeding?

The boppy is also great for the baby. You can lay the baby in the boppy on the floor so the baby is not completely laying down. You can also use the boppy for tummy time. My baby also likes to take naps in the boppy (supervised of course). She does not like to take naps in her pack-n-play. I highly recommend getting a boppy

21. Is It Ok For My 7 Month Old To Sleep With A Pillow?

you know what my daughter has been sleeping with a pillow under her head since she was 4 months old *shes almost 9 months now* and shes doing just fine, plus it makes it easier for babies to breath when they sleep with their heads elevated, when she was little that was the only way we could get her to go to sleep, and she has the pillow all night long and at every nap, shes doing just fine, so i wouldnt worry about it, just make sure you check on him for the first few nights, make sure he hasnt moved it anywhere, and he should be fine

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Simmons Beautyrest Black Tatiana Ultra Plush Pillowtop Mattress Review
Simmons Beautyrest Black Tatiana Ultra Plush Pillowtop Mattress Review
To start these detailed mattress reviews I'm starting with the Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress line. The Simmons Beautyrest Black mattresses are Simmons' most luxurious innerspring mattresses. It is the most talked about and is very popular as most people really like how these mattresses feel. These mattresses are the perfect combination of Simmons technical innovations and luxurious comfort.If you are looking for an innerspring mattress that is going to last, provides proper support, and helps keep you at your ideal sleeping temperature then any Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress would be a perfect choice.These mattress reviews are broken up into two parts:1. A comfort review from a Sleep City sleep expert2. A detailed interior breakdown which will explain where each component is located in the mattress and what each component does for your body.Sleep City Expert | Tatiana Ultra Plush Pillowtop Mattress ReviewFirmness Feel & SupportThe Simmons Beautyrest Black Tatiana Ultra Plush Pillowtop Mattress is the top of the line mattress in the Beautyrest Black line and features all of Simmons newest technologies.Touching the top of the mattress the fabric feels silky and smooth. As I sit on the edge of the bed I first notice that the bed is very soft. Probably one of softest pillow tops I've tried. Another thing I notice as I sit on the edge of the bed is I'm not sliding off the bed which is good, this means you won't roll out of bed as you sleep. The reason I'm not sliding is because of the foam encasement edge support that surrounds the bed. When I stand up off the bed the response time is quick. In about 3 seconds the mattress goes back to its original shape after I stand up.Laying on my back the mattress quickly responds and evenly conforms to the curvatures of my entire body. Automatically this mattress makes me smile. It feels like I'm being enveloped by a cloud. This mattress is so soft, it's comfortable without a pillow. Although this mattress feels really soft I can definitely tell how well it is supporting my body. I have lower back problems and usually when I lay on something very soft my back hurts but, I don't get that feeling with this mattress.Lying on my side I get the same feelings as on my back. The mattress conforms, feels very soft like a cloud, and feels supportive. Lying on my stomach I can tell that this mattress wouldn't be a great choice for someone who sleeps on their stomach. Even though this mattress is very supportive, your stomach would sink too much for this mattress to be comfortable and supportive.Overall this mattress is super comfortable if you like a very soft enveloping mattress. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the firmest and 10 being the softest) this mattress rates as an 8. This mattress is great for back and side sleepers, not so much for stomach sleepers.Interior BreakdownTop Layer of Mattress - Belgian DemaskStarting from the top of the mattress is the luxurious Belgian damask fabric. You'll only find this fabric on this mattress and the Simmons Beautyrest Black Sonya Luxury Firm Pillowtop mattress. Belgian damask is known for its durability and gives the mattress an elegant look and feel.SurfaceCool Plus FiberNext, the SurfaceCool Plus Fiber is designed to keep you cool and comfortable. This breathable fiber is located beneath the luxurious Belgian damask fabric. These fibers are made of Tencel fibers and are vertically oriented for maximum breathability. Tencel is a natural fiber that is derived from wood pulp, and is designed to dissipate body heat so you can sleep comfortably thru the night.Comfort FoamNext is 2 ¼" of comfort foam which is made from a high quality polyurethane material and has the CertiPUR- US seal of approval.AirCool Memory FoamAfter the comfort foam layer is 3" of AirCool Memory Foam. AirCool Memory Foam features an open cell structure which helps dissipate heat and regulate your ideal sleeping temperature. This innovative foam conforms to your body and provides proper pressure relief and ease of movement. This foam quickly returns to its original shape making it easier to move without sinking too much.BlackICE Memory FoamThen we get into the BlackICE Memory Foam. There is 1" of this foam in this mattress. This is one of Simmons newest foam innovations. It is an updated version of the Micro Diamond memory foam with added gel phase change treatment at the surface. If you get a chance to touch this foam at a Simmons retailer, it is noticeably cool to the touch. This foam as well as the Micro Diamond Memory Foam, uses the conductive properties of real diamond particles to absorb heat away from the body. A queen mattress has over 250 carats of real diamond particles.Micro CoilsBelow the BlackICE memory foam is a 1 ½" layer of Micro Coils. The extra layer of coils provides maximum conform-ability, pressure relief, and enhanced support. When comparing beds, you can tell a significant difference in support between mattresses that don't have the micro coil layer and this mattress as well as the Simmons Beautyrest Black Sonya Luxury Firm Pillow Top mattress, which I will review next.Comfort Response LatexGetting close to the bottom of the mattress there is a ½" of Comfort Response Latex. This pinhole ventilated Comfort Response Latex is designed to promote air flow, and conform and contour your body for maximum pressure relief and comfort. This material has a consistent cell structure throughout the layer making it resilient and durable. For people who have a latex allergy, do not fear. The latex layer sits so deep in the mattress that your skin will not be in touch with the material. Also Latex foam is known for being anti dust-mite.Advanced Pocketed Coil LayerLast but not least is the Advanced Pocketed Coil layer, the core of the mattress. The pocketed coil was first invented by Simmons in 1925 and has since been improved and innovated for better conformability, durability, and motion separation than any other coil. Remember those Beautyrest commercials where they dropped a bowling ball on a mattress with bowling pins set up at the end of the bed, and the pins didn't move? This is a perfect representation of how these coils work. These coils are designed to perfectly conform to your body so, that when you change sleeping positions you don't disturb your partner. You won't find these coils in any other Beautyrest line. The difference between these coils and coils in the other Beautyrest lines is that these high carbon steel coils are triple strand wrapped creating a stronger coil. Otherwise they are pre-compressed, and individually wrapped in durable, yet soft non-allergenic fabric like all other Beautyrest coils.AirCool Beautyedge Foam EncasementSurrounding the entire mattress is ventilated AirCool Beautyedge foam. This pin hole ventilated foam promotes airflow throughout the mattress and offers additional support on the edge of the mattress, preventing you from rolling or sliding out of bed.The Simmons Beautyrest Black Tatiana Ultra Plush Pillow Top Mattress is adjustable base friendly as well.I hope this review was helpful in your mattress buying journey. If you have any questions about Simmons Mattresses, the mattress industries, or questions about prices, don't hesitate to call us at 877-246-7533. If you know the price you are willing to pay make us an offer here: MAKE AN OFFER.One of our sleep experts will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the mattress of your dreams.NWhat is proffesional led stage lighting?When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation.Focus, position and hanging:Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next.Types of stage lighting :Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels.Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage.Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport.Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase.Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives:LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lightingare useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting.Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name.Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact.Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions:Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity.Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.
What Did You Put in Your Hospital Bag?
What Did You Put in Your Hospital Bag?
my pillow from home! but also my make up as stupid as that sounds. I know it sounds vain but it made me feel a little better when I did my face up before the parade of visitors came in! At least I could pretend I did not look like I as hit by a bus! also sweats and lots of undies! they try and give you these disposable ones but they are a joke just bring some that you can toss after wards!1. Will you watch something you don't like on TV, because you cannot locate the remote?I have never done that before. My remote is always inside my pillow. I do not know why though2. Poll: Atheists (or non-atheists), do you use any recreational drugs?I have a tiny bottle of Absolute Vodka under my pillow that I sip at once in a while. hahaha. Someday, I would like to go to a Shisha/hookah bar and smoke some well... shisha/hookah. Yeaaahhh... I admit, I am a caffine addict too.3. Where do you hide it?i hide them under my pillow so the tooth fairy cant find them4. When you pack for a trip(5 days) to visit the area I want to move to, do you......?It is hard to know for sure , just what you are going to need. Yes, my suitcase is very packed for 5 day trip. And I do not take my pillow5. Ladies - when going to a hotel - do you phone ahead to check the sheet color to ensure your lingerie matches?I just make sure they leave chocolates on my pillow!6. What do I pack to take to the hospital with me, for me?All I brought was my pillow and some of my fave music and ponytail holders pads lots of underwear hard candies(my mouth got really dry during labor) and a nursing tank top and breast pads and onsies for baby and a comfy outfit to go home in. Do not forget your phone and charger and a camera and extra batteries if your phone does not serve both purposes. I did not bring a going home outfit since my bff gets to pick that outfit.7. I think my son is sick...well I am pretty positive actually. Can you help me? New mommy!?Have you gone to see his doctor? It is possible that he could have an ear infection. He could also be starting to teeth. No it does not make you a bad mom to want to scream. I do sometimes...I have to take a step into my room and scream into my pillow. You would be amazed at how much that actually helps lol. I suggest calling your doctor just for his opinion on this.8. WHAT IS THAT TICKING NOISE I HEAR ON MY PILLOW?!? please help..?Pressure for inside your ear..like you can hear your heart beating through your ear9. Is it ok to love my pillow?Some people get attached to items more than others10. What color are your bedsheets?well i have a pink silk bedsheet, and then a plain white colored one. and my pillow is rainbow..so no they do not match.11. Is it a bad idea, health-wise, to sleep with your hair wet?Well when my hair gets longish, it also gets really thick. Going to bed with this mopnof wet hair gets my pillow wet too. Quite wet, which means to avoid it growing mould and other nasties, i have to dry it out in the sun before I can sleep on it again. For me, it's easier to just wash my hair earlier in the evening and make sure it's dry by the time my head hits my pillow. The fact my hair is so short helps the quick drying. Where my long hair used to take almost two days to dry, my short hair (when it's thinned by my hairdresser) takes only half an hour. .12. How can i stop a roommate from snoring?I feel for you...I had a snoring roommate for my entire freshman year. I was exhausted. I bought a white-noise machine and put it next to my pillow which helped a lot because it drowned out the sound of the snoring so that it would not wake me in the night. You could also just try using a loud fan or wearing earplugs. You could nicely mention to your roommate that he/she is snoring because they might not be aware. Perhaps there are some things they could try also. I would not make a huge deal about it though because they can not really help it and you do not want to be in an argument with your roomate. I feel for you. I hope you get some sleep tonight. Good luck!
Look! Its a Sofa! Its a Bed! No, Its a Futon Bunk Bed!
Multi-task. I'll bet you heard that term at least once on the news last week, and once at your child's school conference the week before. Everyone seems to be thinking of new ways to do more than one thing at a time.What if your furniture could do that, too? Well, there is such a piece of furniture, and it can be found many places - if you know where to look. It's a futon bunk bed, and it can be a very versatile addition to your household. It's been around long enough that you'd have to dig to find the first ones, but it's not outdated like that avocado green dishwasher in your mother's kitchen.Most of us have a child's room (or know a child who has one) that is a total multi-purpose space: a closet, a workbench, a guest room, a game room. A futon bunk bed is the perfect addition to that all-purpose room.It can function as a sofa to pile on and watch a movie or play video games, a place (besides that unused exercise bike) to pile clothes when they don't always make it to the closet. It can actually be a comfortable bed, too! Because they are meant to be changeable, they are not usually very heavy, and can be moved easily, which means they take up less space and are more mobile than the average bunk beds or pullout sofa.A futon bunk bed can turn a spare basement room into a guest bedroom you need, and it can be a lifesaver for a college student who can't afford both a sofa AND a bed, because of money or space. They are as versatile for the budget as they are as furniture, for you can spend a little or a lot.Some people enjoy the chameleon aspects of the futon and think about the ways a futon can easily be changed to make for maximum number of uses. A sturdy wood frame and a woven cotton cover makes a great cabin sofabed under a treehouse bunk. A glossy black frame with a white linen cover cand be the centerpiece of an Asian-style college dorm room. Spring for a new cover and some throw pillows, and you've redecorated without hiring full-time professional! Inch for inch, the futon bunk bed is the most versatile bed you can own.
Tanning in Comfort - Using Tanning Bed Pillows
Tanning bed pillows are used for cushioning the shoulder, head, and upper body during a tanning session. Made to fit into tanning beds as well as to minimize any kind of discomfort, they are normally thick and cushioned firmly to prevent skin creases that may lead to uneven tans. Depending on what feels more comfortable for you, there are models that are flat while there are those with contoured sides to offer better support.Your options Polymeric urethane tanning bed pillows offer excellent support because they are very firm, cradling the body with the use of firm contours. However, they do have the tendency to get brittle after being constantly exposed to UV heat, making them less durable than their porous foam counterparts. Porous foam pillows, on the other hand, offer less bodily support but they do have the advantage of lasting longer than the polymeric urethane ones since they can withstand UV heat better and are more wear-and-tear resistant. Since dirt does not cling very firmly to their surface, porous foam pillows are also easier to clean.What to choose Look for tanning bed pillows that are firm so you can enjoy maximum support. A slight bounce, as well as a soft headrest is a plus. Check to make sure the pillows retain their shape even with frequent use and that they do not sag when washed regularly. If you can find pillows with durable fabric covers then opt for those. However, make sure that the fabric cover is washable and heat-resistant. Typically, polyester or synthetic leather covers are more comfortable, longer-wearing, and offer better insulation.Stay safe: some tanning tips Tanning is relatively safe but always make sure that you're wearing the necessary skin protection. In addition, space your visits to the tanning salon to allow your skin to recover between each session. Don't be shy about talking to the tanning salon staff if you have any questions or concerns with tanning.
Do You Have Memory Foam Pillows Or Regular Pillows on Your Bed?
regular pillows on my bed1. Is it safe to use a bug bomb in a room that has a memory foam mattress?It wo not hurt the mattress at all. Memory foam is not going to react to the chemicals in the bug bomb2. Cat peed on 6.0lb density 4 inch thick memory foam on top of 400 dollar mattress. How do I clean it?Even small towns should have a grocery store. See if they have an enzyme cleaner for urine. Most urine cleaners have live enzymes in it to eat the urine. Put it on and leave it wet. It will eat the urine and you will have no smell. Do not punish the cat, if you do not want it in the bedroom, close the door3. How do i make my 'memory foam' mattress it's to firm more comfortable?if you read the directions, it takes a while for the foam to expand after being squasked and packaged for shipping...probably smells kinda funky, too?... needs time to air out....if it's still too firm after a few days to a week, exchange it.... or buy a 'topper' that is a few inches thick memory foam and let that be the soft part for your comfort. ... the mattress will still be comfy, then.4. Does anyone own the Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress?worth every cent!! I sleep like a dream on it!!!5. Top 12 Best Leg Pillows for Sleeping •Leg Pillows are vital to people who often battle with back, ankle, knee and hip pains. They help in making the user comfortable by aligning the body and spinal cord to the position that will relieve pressure to some parts of the body. These pillows also help people who have injuries to the legs or joints. Back and side sleepers need these pillows to help improve circulation too. Say goodbye to turning and tossing at night that is caused by discomfort caused by poor alignment. This pain relief knee pillow works on eliminating causes of pain on the legs back and joints. It helps improve circulation for most side sleepers. It can also be used during the pregnancy period. The materials used are hypoallergenic making it safe for use for most people. It comes with a storage bag and a washable cover. It arrives in a unique design that allows it to be perfect for use as a knee pillow. We guarantee you that this knee pillow will give you maximum support and comfort while using it. The foam used is durable as compared to that of other pillows. It features a breathable zippered cover that protects the pillows from getting too warm thus causing discomfort to the user. For those who want quality at a low price, this is the pillow to buy. It provides the user with eight inches of elevation. This leg elevation pillow rest provides relief for the back sleepers who may suffer from lower back pains. The height helps to improve circulation on the user's body. This purchase is worth every penny you spend to get it. It will give you comfort, excellent service, and durability since it does not flatten very quickly due to the foam used. It will offer you the right height and density that also helps in dealing with swellings. The elevator cushion contributes to putting the injured leg or knee joint to a better healing position without making the user uncomfortable. It helps in reducing swelling and also decreases pain by reducing blood flow to the injured part. It will help you to avoid turning and tossing that can cause more harm to the wounded part. It is made from flexible polyurethane foam that is strong and does not flatten quickly. It is perfect for use by people with leg casts and those that require stable elevation. The support pillow allows the user to elevate and also maintain proper knee and foot position comfortably. It is made with foam that is dense and fire retardant. This prevents it from flattening when used for an extended period thus guaranteeing the user sustained elevation. It can be employed for the right or the left leg, and it can fit most people. It features a memory foam layer at the top and very firm base foam. This gives the user more comfort as compared to other pillows. It helps improve circulation to other body parts as well as allow the spinal cord to relax thus relieving back pain. This leg wedge pillow is made of high-quality material. The cover is removable and can be washed by a machine for easy maintenance. It delivers durability and maximum comfort to the user. A perfect leg pillow for those who need one for use during pregnancy or for side sleepers is Natumax Knee Pillow. You can place it in multiple positions around the knee to help prevent aches and pains and improve blood circulation. Better, you can use the included leg strap so that you can maintain it in proper alignment and protect it from rolling over when sleeping. The pillow consists of a memory foam designed to ensure appropriate alignment of the back, knees, and hips. Also, it includes a breathable zippered cover to enhance comfort and ease of cleaning. The perfect leg pillow for those who want to elevate the knees when sleeping is Cushy Foam Knee Pillow. This pillow features a dual-layer foam bolster with memory foam on the top layer. Because of this, you can expect it to offer perfect support, which makes it comfortable to use. Adding to that, the knee pillow includes a soft, washable, and breathable cotton cover case. Because of this, you can expect to benefit from comfort, safety, and easy maintenance. Whether you are looking for a leg pillow that will promote better circulation or one that will help in post-surgery recovery, you can expect Toparchery Elevated Leg Pillow to provide the necessary support. This pillow features high-density memory foam and slow rebound foam. The high-density foam delivers long-lasting support while the slow rebound foam helps to improve the bad sitting posture. Because of this, you can get this pillow as a perfect choice for a leg pillow that is designed to improve your health condition in the long run. Another benefit of this pillow is its extra-wide platform. The platform allows both legs to rest comfortably, which results in relaxation and healing. A perfect leg pillow for side sleepers who want to reduce back, leg, hip, and knee pain is Contour Legacy Leg Pillow. This pillow features a ventilated memory foam. The foam allows air to circulate so that you can benefit from a more refreshing night-sleep. Asides that, the pillow features an ergonomic design with a crescent shape and soft curves. This enables it to support both ladies and gents, allowing you to sleep comfortably. Improve the quality of your sleep with the help of this Elevating Leg Rest Pillow. The pillow features a memory foam layer that helps to improve circulation and provide relief from hip, back and knee pain. Asides that, it features a wedge design. This design helps to improve blood circulation to help the feet remain healthy and protect you from blood stagnation. You can get this pillow when looking for a leg cushion that is easy to maintain. The reason is the soft and breathable cover that is machine washable to guarantee easy maintenance. Also, the pillow acts as a perfect choice for a leg cushion that is safe when used by people who suffer from allergens. This is because of the high-quality polyurethane and memory foam processed under strict quality control. Designed for use by side sleepers or during pregnancy, Everlasting Memory Foam Knee Pillow helps to provide relief from arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, joint pain, lower back pain, and leg pain. The pillow features memory foam made using natural material to assure you of getting a leg pillow that is safe to use. Adding to that, the pillow features an ergonomic curved design. This design keeps the knees separated to help align the spine, legs, and hips. You can expect the padding to include a removable and adjustable hook-and-loop strap so that you can maintain perfect alignment and protect the pillow from moving out of place while sleeping. Also, the pillow comes with two pairs of memory foam earplugs, which are included as a free bonus. A leg pillow can ease tension on the lower back and promote relaxation and better blood circulation. Hence, acquire one of the reviewed products whether you are a back or side sleeper and expect to benefit from pressure relief and better relaxation.
Bed Linens and Throw Pillows - Seasonal Bedding Decorations
There are four seasons in a year, winter, spring, summer and autumn, hence it could add a feeling of more comfort and convenience to your bedroom to change bedding decoration also four times a year. Seasonal bedroom decorations are plainly the things you need such as bed linens and some decorative items like throw pillows.These simple things must complement with the motif associated with the season. You can take advantage of nice seasonal bedding on sale during off season when new merchandise is about to be released. This is an inexpensive way to change colors, patterns, textures and fabrics seasonally.Full-bodied and heavy down comforters are most comfortable winter bedding. Cotton flannel is warm and cozy but who would not desire a luxurious thick satin in cold temperatures? A dark purplish-red to blackish-red color, green and blue are appealing to some people; while others prefer neutral colors. Throw pillows in fleece or velvet fabric or other rich fabric are warm touches for a winter season.Any color can work to bring freshness in springtime; yellow and green however are more popular. Avoid using heavy fabric if you wish to use darker colors. Try to integrate light accent colors into your spring bedding.With ease, you can convert your bedroom to a lighter energy by replacing heavy blankets with lighter- weight blankets in fresh spring colors. Swap velvet throw pillows for floral prints or patterns and colors that signal the beginning of a new season. Add into the mix yellow bedding and extra pillow shams. For extra impact, employ different colored top and bottom sheets. Adding a vase of fresh flowers can really set a spring mood in your bedroom.Cotton is a great choice for cool and comfortable summer bedding. Eyelet cotton fabric in shades of white is a romantic style to dress your summer bed. A blend of white and pastel colors but limited to three combinations is another way to decorate summer bed and create a coordinated look. Focus on pillows shams and throw pillows in white lace. Mix stripes and floral patterns for casual look.Autumn seasonal decorations can make use of leaf patterns and colors of falling leaves. The theme should lean towards burgundy, burnt orange, red and plum colors. Accentuate your bedding with throw pillows or artwork above the head by using autumn leaf motif.Altering bedroom decorations with the season is an inexpensive art. Wall hangings and other decorations can be easily stored away without taking a lot of room. A little of creativity and resourcefulness can bring your bedroom into a new seasonal feeling and spirit.
9 Interesting and Amazing Ways to Arrange Pillows on a King Size Bed
Achieving a pull together bedroom begins with a beautiful king size bed. They are the units which not only act as a focal point in the space but also provides a style to space. King size bed available online have the aura about them which makes the user feel like he/she is sleeping like a king. They are the pieces which give more freedom of movement and works well with other bedroom furniture. King size bed with storage or without when decorated with different size decorative pillows makes them as an absolute piece of furniture that serves a function.Here we have listed some wonderful ways to arrange bed pillows to provide the king size beds with an alluring and inviting look.1. Stacked Pillows: Arranging pillows in a stacked way on the bed provides the furniture with a beatific and comfortable look. Place at least two stacked pillow on the king size bed and have an orderly, sleek, no fuss and simple bedroom.2. Standing Pillows: Decorate the bed with 5 or more pillows in standing position on the end of the king size bed that you have purchased online. This setup will provide the bed with a statement. You can arrange rows of largest pillows in the back with smallest in the front. You can mix standard pillows, euro shams with some decorative pillows.3. Combination of stacked and standing: For an appealing and cosier look, lay stacked pillows flat behind the standing decorative pillows. This setup will provide a great look and if needed sleeping pillows can be hidden a bit. You can also add a lumbar support on the front to give the whole setup a ravishing look.4. Rolled Pillows: Rolled pillows on the king size bed provide the room with an interesting look. You can add short or long rolled pillows in the front or back. They also work well with other shapes pillows.5. Messy and mixed: If you like pillows but don't mind setting your bed with sheets, blankets, throws, and other bedding accessories then follow this idea. Layer your bed with different style and sizes accessories and enhance the look and feel of the space.6. Neat and clean: For a simple yet elegant look, layer your king size bed with less than five pillows, white sheet, comforters and other accessories. They will make a statement and will provide an orderly and neat look.7. Never fail five pillow combination: Place 3 euro shams in the back, then two king standard size pillows in shams in the next row and one decorative pillow in a small size at the front. This will always provide a great and stylish look. You can also include lumbar pillow if needed for an extra comfort and decoration.8. Single Piece: You can also add a single decorative pillow big at the centre of the king size bed to give the bedroom a stylish and amazing feel.9.Throws: These add an attractive and comforting appeal to the room. Throws also add a layer to the king size bed design and act as a weapon to protect against the cold weather. They are cosy and soft.So whether you love the pillows on the king size bed or hate them, you can't ignore the impact and feel provided by them. King size bed decorated with beautiful pillows, throws and other bedding accessories makes the bedroom a great eye-catcher and provide the space with a dreamy, divine and defined the look.
Look! It's a Sofa! It's a Bed! No, It's a Futon Bunk Bed ...
Multi-task. I'll bet you heard that term at least once on the news last week, and once at your child's school conference the week before. Everyone seems to be thinking of new ways to do more than one thing at a time.What if your furniture could do that, too? Well, there is such a piece of furniture, and it can be found many places - if you know where to look. It's a futon bunk bed, and it can be a very versatile addition to your household. It's been around long enough that you'd have to dig to find the first ones, but it's not outdated like that avocado green dishwasher in your mother's kitchen.Most of us have a child's room (or know a child who has one) that is a total multi-purpose space: a closet, a workbench, a guest room, a game room. A futon bunk bed is the perfect addition to that all-purpose room.It can function as a sofa to pile on and watch a movie or play video games, a place (besides that unused exercise bike) to pile clothes when they don't always make it to the closet. It can actually be a comfortable bed, too! Because they are meant to be changeable, they are not usually very heavy, and can be moved easily, which means they take up less space and are more mobile than the average bunk beds or pullout sofa.A futon bunk bed can turn a spare basement room into a guest bedroom you need, and it can be a lifesaver for a college student who can't afford both a sofa AND a bed, because of money or space. They are as versatile for the budget as they are as furniture, for you can spend a little or a lot.Some people enjoy the chameleon aspects of the futon and think about the ways a futon can easily be changed to make for maximum number of uses. A sturdy wood frame and a woven cotton cover makes a great cabin sofabed under a treehouse bunk. A glossy black frame with a white linen cover cand be the centerpiece of an Asian-style college dorm room. Spring for a new cover and some throw pillows, and you've redecorated without hiring full-time professional! Inch for inch, the futon bunk bed is the most versatile bed you can own.
Slow Rebound Pillow Neck Pillow Pure Natural Latex Neck Corrected Sleep Pillow Health Care Protectio
Slow Rebound Pillow Neck Pillow Pure Natural Latex Neck Corrected Sleep Pillow Health Care Protection Vertebra Orthopedics Slow Rebound Cervical Bed Pillows: Home & Kitchen. Slow Rebound Pillow Neck Pillow Pure Natural Latex Neck Corrected Sleep Pillow Health Care Protection Vertebra Orthopedics Slow Rebound Cervical Bed Pillows: Home & Kitchen. Filler: natural latex foaming agent, high quality . Size: 60 cm * 40 cm * 11 cm . Ergonomics pure natural latex pillow, cervical pillow with different heights at both ends, cotton fiber hypoallergenic cover . Pure natural latex Thailand corrected neck sleep pillow protection vertebra health care orthopedics slow rebound bed cervical pillow . The memory pillow is designed to fit your head, neck and shoulders to provide the comfort you want and the support and alignment you want. Simply choose between the top and bottom contours and finally sleep peacefully. . Slow Rebound Pillow Neck Pillow Pure Natural Latex Neck Corrected Sleep Pillow Health Care Protection Vertebra Orthopedics Slow Rebound Cervical Bed Pillows.Product description.Technical Description:.Pillow with shape memory:.Weight: 1100 grams.Internal coating: anti-mite and anti-allergic covering.color: White.clean:.- The casing is machine washable, 30 ° C.- Natural latex is not machine washable.- The inner cover is not machine washable.Pillow case:.Size: 40*60cm cm.Weight: 60 grams.Color as shown.Fabric: fiber cotton.Filling: high quality, natural latex foaming agent.clean:.- Machine washable cotton casing, 30 ° C.- Natural latex is not machine washable.Style:.Pillowcase 001 (without pillow).Pillowcase 002 (without pillow).Pillowcase 003 (without pillow).Pillowcase 004 (without pillow).Pillowcase 005 (without pillow).Pillow 006 (without pillowcase).Pillow 007 (without pillowcase).Package list:.1.The advantages of our sleep package:.- The best sense of firmness.- Good muscle support.- maximum comfort.- Easy to clean.- Compliance with CE standards.If you have any questions, our entire team is at your service..I wish you the best night, the sweet dreamer team....Remarks:.1. Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may look like the color in the picture. Thank you!2. You measure the deviation of 1-3 cm due to manual measurements.. . . .My girlfriend is in so much pain (shoulders and neck) please help?A masseuse might know a few more things that could help. Also maybe she could go to her family doctor for muscle relaxers. I had a pulled muscle once and they helped me. Hope this helps.My neck gets extremely irritated when I shave?I experienced the same problem, often seeing lots of red blood after a wet shave. Since then I've always used an electric shaver, that solved my problemIf you play the guitar with your right hand which hand do you hold the neck in?your left hand!Poll: What is the weather like in your neck of the woods this morning?cool and bright .. Darlington UKHow can you learn a backflip? , doing the easy steps first , with out thinking about breaking your neck , or?do it off the one meter in a pool. then trampolene. then mat. but ost important, just DO IT!!!!!What can I use to make my guitar's neck more lubricated and not so dry?I use lemon oil wood moisturizer on the fretboard, but i never have to use in on the neck, but I am pretty sure that will be a cheap, easy solutionI have a white halter neck dress with small green flowers on...?im thinking yellow very bright..:)ow big of a pain inthe neck is it owning and maintaining an inground pool?That must be very tiring but there is still a solution to your problem. You can hire someone to do the cleaning for your inground pool. It's important to keep our inground pool clean all the time to avoid skin diseases and other illness that can be cause by a dirty water from a swimming pool. Although it is very tiring to clean but the happiness of our children when they swim and play is the reward. When cleaning the pool it is best to wear a posture brace to give support on the spine and lessen the occurrence of body painsWhat do you think this is? I have chest pain, left arm pain, jaw pain, neck pain, and headaches. The chest pain has been going on for 2 months, and one day I randomly felt confused about where I was, or like I was dreaming.Not going to ask any questions but I am curious to weather you have gone through some kind of trauma in your life. You should not answer that, but if you have this is the time to seek professional help with a psychologist and/or psychiatrist
Giant Pillow Pet Bed!
A fun and easy way to make a soft and machine washable bed for your best friend (I made one for my Dogs, but there isn't any reason the same principle couldn't be applied to make a bed for a very small dog or cat). Materials are all easily found, very basic sewing skills required, faster and easier if done with a sewing machine but can be done by hand!NB: this is my first instructable, so if you think I missed anything or need to change something, please let me know!Things you will need: most of these can be recycled, upcycled or found in and around your home, otherwise you will most likely be able to source them from a local charity store or second hand shop or the local craft store.Measure your Pet! Try and get a few rough measurements while they are asleep so you know roughly what size to make the bed so that they are comfortable. My Measurements were between 60cm and 120cm depending on whether Chess was sleeping in a ball or stretched out.Decide what size to make the bed, I went with 90cm by 80cm as that was the rough size of my single mattress protector when folded in half. I also measured by Boyfriends dog Daisy, who is tiny and came is between 25cm and 40cm, so a pillow case will be perfect for her. (no pics for this step as I had enough trouble sneaking up to measure her).If your sizing is bigger than the pillow case but smaller than the mattress protector measure the size you need and quickly run a zipzag stitch or if you have it over locker/surger around it to stop the little bit of stuffing escaping then cut if you didn't use an over locker/surger.Divide your final bed size into easily manageable pockets to stuff, I went with 15cm wide as I can still get my hand comfortably inside to stuff, if you have a knitting needle or other stuffing tool you can make the pockets smaller. I also divided mine down the middle so that the stuffing would move around less if the bed was nested for added comfort. First picture shows the measurements, the second picture shows the stitching (white on white sorry).Stuff your pet bed and sew around the edges to seal the stuffing in! Go slow and try and make each pocket even, this is where you can decide to add a little stuffing or a lot of stuffing, I opted for somewhere in between so that there is some fluff but it is still soft enough to be pushed around. Pics show stuffed and sealed bed. If like me your pets like to help, test run the size and stuffing and see how they like it! Chess threw it around a bit then sat on it, and finally curled up and went to sleep, so for me that meant it was approved!I chose to make my cover a giant pillow case but if you want to make a closure with a zip, buttons or snaps that also works, I just happen to be lazy!!! Work out how much material you will need after measuring the size of your finished bed insert, I added 2-3cm in each direction after measuring loosely, then added a cm seam allowance when I drew it up.Using an old blanket or doona/quilt cover is a great way to up-cycle. I only had a quilt cover in pink/blue which I didn't think suited so I bough some Cotton Drill in Dalmatian pattern. Measure and cut the pieces that you need for the cover. then lay them together to make sure they match! Make sure you have help when you do this so that you know you are doing it right XDFor this pillow case cover you will need to fold and hem the two edges that will be exposed. Fold over twice and pin so that you can hem, I top stitched mine with a small straight stitch so that the stitching forms part of the design. Lay the two piece right sides together, and fold back the pillow case end. Pin around the 3 sides of the fabric that will need to be sewn together! This will leave the end open that you have created the two seams for. Stitch around the 3 sides that were pinned. I opted for a zigzag 7 and a straight 4, so that the fabric was safely secured together but still had a straight edge when turned right side out. Remember to back stitch the beginning, end and all your corners between. If you are using a heavy fabric you may need to clip the corners so that it sits flat once the right way around, otherwise just clip all loose threads. Turn the cover right side out and stuff in the insert ! You're done!!!
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