Interior Design: Nina Campbell's Guide to Decorating Your Hallway

The hallway sets the tone of the house and deserves to be considered as a space in its own right. In the 18th century, it was considered appropriate to make hallways as restful and tranquil as possible.

The hallway would soothe arriving travellers after their hellish journeys, hence the traditional cool restraint of black and white floor tiles. Yet there is always a case to be made for a bold, dramatic welcome. The entrance hall is where you can stamp your personality or reflect the history of the house with a flourish. It is a well-used room, people walk through it every hour of the day, but nobody spends much time there, so you can afford to be daring.

The important thing is to decide where (and what) the point of impact should be. Either you should make a statement with strong colour in a contained area, or perhaps use a lacquer finish for something more textured.



along one wall to widen the space. A mirrored wall with a mounted half lantern or wall light, with a vibrant colour on the facing wall, adds richness and light as well as a sense of space.

When decorating an entrance hall, you have to remember that it has other rooms leading off it, so you need a colour that will go with many others.

How to get lighting right throughout the home

Nina Campbell's guide to decorating with colour

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Nina Campbell's lighting tips

Nina Campbell's bathroom design tips

In a narrow hall, you will need a console table or a ledge, as you have to have somewhere to put your letters. A console table can make a dramatic statement as well as being practical.

One fundamental rule is that you should always try to keep the entrance hall as clear as possible. Try to find a cupboard or somewhere to

hang your guests' coats

that is not immediately by the front door, as that can look a complete mess. I prefer to have a coat cupboard, as you can hide all manner of sins behind the closed doors. But if you prefer hooks, look out for beautiful Victorian brass or china hooks at antique fairs and mount them on a board on the wall.

The other advantage to having a cupboard is that it relieves your own hanging space. You can store all your heavy coats there and it makes the process of leaving and arriving home much quicker. My hall cupboard has been completely taken over by the dogs and their paraphernalia.

If your entrance hall follows straight into your living space, you should create some sort of junction between the two – in my home, I have placed a bookcase between the two to divide the areas. It helps generate a sense of arrival, instead of just passing through on your way to somewhere else.

Always think about flooring. If you have

wooden floors

or carpeting, a


at the entrance not only helps distinguish the space, but it also helps preserve the floor or carpet underneath. You should change your doormat every two to three years, which in itself shows you how much wear your floors get and how necessary a doormat is.

Explore different floor options for your entrance, think about wood or stone and don't just opt for carpeting, which is harder to keep clean. You could also cover your hallway with a hard floor then carpet the staircase from the bottom step. This makes everything much easier to keep clean. Carpet will work better in an entrance hall apartment, as by the time you get there you have already got rid of the dust from your shoes.

Good lighting

is also crucial in an entrance hall. Install your lighting on two levels, as this makes for a more adaptable space. A picture or wall light gives more glamorous light when guests leave in the evening, while a ceiling light provides more concentrated light for the daytime. Think of your hall as a separate space from the staircase and light it from above rather than below.

Hallways make great spaces for

hanging pictures

. If you collect art or prints, then hanging pictures in an entrance hall shows off your collection in a way you (and your guests) can enjoy. It's also important to incorporate what you already have in any scheme, but you do need to have an element of discipline when grouping together close-hanging pictures.

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Milan Furniture Fair | Honing Their Craft
MILAN -After four solid days (and nights) of seeing, talking, and breathing design here, I'm happy to report that I am leaving for home inspired and refreshed. The fair itself was predictably conservative - companies are trying to appeal to the greatest possible number of consumers - but outside the fair, hand craft, imagination and optimism ruled. Zanotta's Trans-Forma exhibition, under the direction of Fabrica, offered witty re-imaginings of the company's classics, like Tak Cheung and Jade Folawiyo's transformation of the iconic 1970 Quaderna console table by Superstudio, with its distinctive grid pattern, into Dining Table Doccia (Italian for shower). The Dutch designer Maarten Baas showed little furniture, concentrating instead on a smart, provocative and funny exhibition called "Real Time" at Costume National's showroom. Baas turned movies into clocks, all of which subvert our assumptions about telling time. The most mind-bending of these was a film of what looked like a digital clock but was, on closer inspection, a labor-intensive piece of performance art in which an almost-invisible human was stenciling L.E.D. numerals by hand. And the German master of lighting, Ingo Maurer, outdid even himself for sheer poetic beauty with "Lacrime del Pescatore" ("Fisherman's Tears"), a series of nylon nets hung with tiny crystal teardrops. Designers, even in these trying times, haven't lost the audacity of hope.Pilar Viladas is the design editor of The New York Times Magazine.
Where I Can Buy a Stylish and Durable Console Table for Home Decor?
from Eleganc you can easily buy console table for home decor1. Cheapest place to buy Tobias Console Table?002. What is your favorite arcade style console or table video game from the 1980's?Dig Dug = best arcade game ever3. How I Built a $2100 RH Inspired Console Table for Free | ORC Week No. 6See how old reclaimed wood boards were used to construct a primitive style entryway table inspired by a very pricey Restoration Hardware version. It can be made more contemporary just by using smooth sanded boards from the hardware store over more rustic ones. While I was limited to the width of the boards I had, you can make your own console table as wide or narrow as you would like. The top could be made wider than the legs if that is a look you would prefer. The table could be stained, painted or left bare wood as I have done. HOW TO BUILD AN EASY ENTRWAY CONSOLE TABLE Wood screws - the length should be 1 1/2 times longer than the thickness of your boards Wood in your choice of type, width, and thickness , week six of the One Room Challenge is all about building furniture. (And in case you are confused about what happened to week five, the ORC was cancelled last week. So you did not miss anything!)As many of your might be, I am a huge fan of Restoration Hardware. They have some beautiful pieces of furniture and unique designs, but that comes at a hefty price. As much as I love the look, I can not think of anything I've ever found that I would be willing to pay what they are asking to have.While putting together plans for my entryway and sourcing different console table choices, I found thethat was primitively constructed from just three boards and really loved the rustic look. But at $2150, it was way out of my budget and also too large for my space.Since I figured out, I decided this table was something I could totally handle constructing for my entry. I even has some thick "reclaimed" boards lying around that would be perfect.When I was a little kid, my dad made a sandbox for me in the backyard. Then when I got older, the sandbox was used as a raised flower bed. But age and weather began to take it's toll and the sandbox was deconstructed. One board was beyond saving, but I put the other three boards in the shed for a "future project." Being outside for probably 30 years gave the boards a nice worn, reclaimed wood look, especially where they were buried underground making them just what I needed for this project.This really is an easy style console table to build and can be customized according to your style and preferences.The boards were sanded, not so much to remove the weather and wear that I, but just enough to clean up the boards and take off the remnants of the paint that remained on the them.I cut my three boards to length using. I actually made this table pretty high at 35 inches, but you could choose any height that you want. The top board was cut to be 40 inches long so that it could be centered where the mirror will hang (in line with the light fixture).My original design plans were to useto attach the top to the sides. Easy. They form an L shape, you add two screws into the top and two screws into the side, and Home Depot (online) had some that came in black to stick with my style of the room. But the effects of the last few months reared their ugly head again, and this simple hardware store purchase was going to be backordered until the end of June.I needed to get this table done, so plan number two involved me cutting 1 1/2 inch wide strips from my leftover scraps to create my own brackets.I laid all of my pieces out on the floor making sure that the most rustic parts of the boards were most visible.Then using wood glue and 2 1/4 inch wood screws, I attached everything together. First, I applied wood glue to the two sides of the brackets that would be held against the table's top and sides.Before drilling the screws into the wood, I drilled pilot holes for the screws to go into. Because of the condition of the wood, these thin pieces were a bit fragile and the screw would have torn the wood apart without the predrilled holes. Predrilling makes the job easier overall getting the screws into the board.Then I screwed the brackets onto both sides of the upright "legs" of the table. With everything laid upside down on the floor, I then screwed the brackets into the underside of the tabletop.I wanted to keep the wood the natural, reclaimed finish so I've done nothing else with it. You may want to paint or stain the wood, or seal it with a clear polyurethane or wax finish.In my eyes, this handmade entry table is 100x better than that pricey Restoration Hardware version, both because it was custom fit for my space and because it was constructed of the wood from my childhood sandbox made by my dad. It's fun to see meaningful things getting a second (or third) life to still recall all the original memories.Cut your boards to the length and height that you desire. The average console table is 30 inches tall, but can range from 28 to 32 inches. (Or higher if you prefer!) Remember you will have to subtract the width of the top board from your desired height to find the length of your table legs. Cutting your boards is most easily done using a miter saw, but could also be done with a jig saw or hand saw. Or your local hardware store may cut them to length for you if you ask.Sand any rough cut edges on your boards.Measure the location for your corner braces. Two braces should be used on each inside side of your table. Mark the holes and drill pilot holes for the screw width you are using.Using a screwdriver tip on your drill (or by hand with a screwdriver), twist the screws into your predrilled holes in the sides of your table.Put your console tabletop on the floor, top side down. Again, measure for the location of your brackets and predrill the holes.Apply a layer of wood glue to the top edge of your console table leg. Set it in place and screw the brackets into the boards using your predrilled holes.Paint or stain your table according to your desired look.Links are shared through midnight Sunday.
Bring on the Drama with the Correct Staging
Staging is one of the most underrated and necessary element of interior design. Of course, specifying the best flooring, surfaces and soft furnishings to achieve your desired look is important. But, it's surprising how bare and unconsidered a home can look without some basic staging. Whether your home needs perking up for a dinner party, or requires a little lift for real estate sales photography, staging adds another dimension to the original design of your home.The most obvious place to start is sourcing some artwork that either echoes or informs the overall aesthetic of a room. However, there is an art to hanging art - mounting framed artwork or canvases on the wall is tricky business, but with the right advice, your collection will pop. As a general rule, always hang art slightly lower than you think. Above a sofa, bed or console table, ensure that the bottom of the piece falls no higher than a foot above the frame.If you prefer a salon hang (a gallery wall or collaged frames), decide one way or the other the format that you want your selection artwork to take. If you want to curate your pieces in an ordered grid, try to be as accurate as possible and use pieces of the same size. Alternatively, go wild with size, shape, colour and placement. Scatter the work across the wall with no discernible pattern or format - just go wild! There's nothing worse than a gallery wall half way between the two.If you're looking to sell your house, however, there is no need to invest in art at full cost. There are brilliant rental services that provide a range of beautiful work at all price points. These kinds of sites provide art to imbue your home with a sense of personality that will appeal to potential buyers. Rental services are also a great platform you can use to explore what kind of artwork might work for your home. Think of it like a 'try before you buy' system that can help you decide what style you want to incorporate. However, rentals can extend beyond artwork. When styling a client's home for a sale or photography, I often loan furniture such as beautiful armchairs or barstools.Lighting can make or break an interior scheme. It is one of the most important things to get right for a relaxing and inviting atmosphere at home. Don't use downlights if at all possible when lighting a space. If you do, ensure they don't create glare by installing dimmer switches so that you can control the level of light in the room. Table and floor lamps are your best friend when staging a living space or bedroom and will help you achieve a cosy, intimate setting. When styling a space, I often decide on lamp shades last, as regardless of the lamp itself, a good shade can make even the simplest of lamps look luxurious. Creating a lighting scheme is all about making your accent lighting (such as table and wall lamps) work with the space to light areas of the room that you want to draw attention to.A great way to give your space an immediate lift is to introduce some greenery to the lesser noticed corners of the room. A striking potted yucca adds a dynamic, stimulating sense of shape into the space. The leaves are shard-like, and cut through more neutral interior schemes to enliven the overall look.As a general rule, I suggest avoiding garishly colourful floral arrangements. Stick to leafage over bright florals in a mix of forest and lime greens. However, a personal favourite in terms of more floral based greenery is potted white orchids. These make the perfect dining table centrepiece or console table adornment.Dining tables are another platform for some exciting experimentation with staging in your home. Investing in beautiful glass or crystal ware for dinner parties gives you the opportunity to style a stunning table for your guests. I love coloured crystal ware in complementary tones such as deep, petroleum blue and yolkish orange dotted around the table. Paired with low-level lighting and candle light, these will twinkle and shine to the delight of your friends and family.Ultimately, staging your home involves thinking about your interior scheme in innovative ways that show it in its best form. You can work with what you have and love to give your interiors a new lease of life. A new piece of art hung on a long-forgotten about swathe of wall space, or forgetting about your 'main light' for the evening can change the entire feel of your space. So channel your inner interior stylist and have some fun in the New Year.Top tips from the above:* Staging with art - Make sure you hang your work lower than you think. One foot above sofas, console tables or bed is your maximum!* When hanging a gallery wall, decide on the look and stick with it. Going for messy? Go messy. Going for ordered? Then get your ruler out!* Rent art or furniture for sales shots. Show your space in its best light.* Staging with lighting - Lamps and dimmer switches are your best friends. Downlights don't give the intimate evening lighting that brings your home to life in the darker hours.* Stick to pared back colour when choosing floral arrangements.Brian Woulfeis managing director and founder of Designed by Woulfe
What Is a Console Table?
A traditional console table is a small table, often with curved legs resembling consoles, designed to be set against a wall. They may be used as accent tables for displaying accessories or other decorative items. It may also be used to hold a small lamp in areas that need additional lighting, such as hallways or entryways. A console table usually sits against a wall and may even be attached to the wall.Advantages of console table:A console table is a great idea if you're particular about creating an elegant home interior without taking up too much space.These tables are small in size and can be conveniently placed against the wall. They are also great storage solutions as many come with drawers.Advanced wooden console tables are perfect for decorative enhancement of the room and best for space management.They can be placed and used in practically every room in the house.Where can you use your console table?Console tables are designed to be placed mainly in your entryway. So this piece of furniture can offer your entryway or your hall a very delightful and inviting look that will gain you the admiration of your guests.You can also set them in other areas like your bedroom, especially if you want to use one to hide a radiator, so, in this way, you will be able to conceal this defect and offer your bedroom a very charming look without losing room space.You can even consider placing it in your bathroom to make your bedroom look more attractive but you will also have the chance to store the bathroom stuff in this table's cabinets or drawers.Some people use tall console tables as a kind of buffet in the kitchen or dining room, as a table between the kitchen and the dining area where cheese trays and wine and desserts can be left ready for the next course without having to run between the two rooms for each item.And that's not all. If you have some blank wall space that you can't figure out how to dress, a console table can solve your issue. Many console tables today are more than just four legs and a table top. They are elegant pieces that have drawers, mirrors, cabinets and anything else that would provide useful for simple storage.What to look for before buying a console table?You will be delighted to find out that this particular piece of home furniture is offered in a variety of styles, designs and colors so you shouldn't have a problem finding a style that best suits your house décor. In wood, you have Oak, Maple, Teak, Sheesham, Fir, Redwood, Mahogany, Hemlock, etc. to choose from. Apart from wood, you will come across metal, steel and even glass, and here the price will differ depending on the material used in the console table.The most popular colors that you will get to see are brown, beige, gold, red and black. Some also come in neutralized colors that are influenced by the fabric used like the steel.Knowing the price and the specific type of console table you want will help you pin down the style that goes with your home décor without exceeding your available budget.
Revival of a Glorious Wooden Past
Ornella D'Souza checks out the exhibition-cum-sale of exquisite handcrafted restored furniture by House of Mahendra Doshi at the Coomarswamy Hall, CSMVSThe Coomarswamy Hall at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) resembles a store for posh old furniture this weekend. Here, a French gilded sofa set rubs shoulders with an ebony Dutch colonial chest, a gilded console table, a teak and rosewood colonial bar, a Jacobean-style chair, a colonial teak bed from Kolkata, old-fashioned hanging lamps, a cane-and-teak wood partition jaali from Mahableshwar and specimens of Christian iconography - statues of saints, Calamandar Bible boxes from Goa and Kerala and even a brass monstrance. This vast and wonderfully diverse collection belongs to one of Mumbai's oldest and largest enterprise, House ofMahendra Doshi that has been restoring wooden and timeless functional design pieces since 1974. The exhibition-cum-sale hosts furniture in the finest quality, wood and polish from the British and Dutch Colonial era (1900-30s), Art Deco era (1935-60), and the mid-century Modern era of Chippendale and Kamdar furniture (1960-75).The late Mahendra Doshi was a maverick at rehashing broken and discarded furniture into brand new, and sometimes, eccentric designs. Running the business at present are his nephews Chiki and Asim Doshi with their cousin, Anand Gandhi. The company, that functions out of Walkeshwar and Wadala workshop-cum-showroom spaces, thrives on word-of-mouth from their and an exhibition at the CSMVS, after every two years. They've exhibited entire collections on ancient chests, boxes and trunks, colonial Portuguese furniture, and Art Deco delights, at the museum hall. The three furniture trends, they've chosen this time, were much sought after during their time and chronologically preceded the other. "During the colonial times, India saw a lot of British and Dutch furniture being imported from New York and Paris. Then, art deco came in, which became so popular that people started copying these pieces and threw out their colonial furniture in the process. So the 40s, 50s and 60s Bombay began stocking on art deco visible at Liberty, Regal and Eros cinema houses. Towards the mid and late 60s, the fad of Scandinavian furniture, of clean and simple lines, caught on. And now, people have discarded these pieces for ultra-modern plywood-made ones."He adds that maintaining old wooden furniture is no biggie as it is made out to be. "The crook of the business is how you restore the piece. We don't mend defects with cheap screws or hide them with polish. If you don't abuse a piece of furniture, for example, retouch it with a low-quality paint, it will go for a 100 years. Yes, the upholstery needs to be changed, but the woodwork is long-lasting. The key is don't abuse the wood and treat it like your own child."The collection at the ongoing exhibition-cum-sale ranges from Rs 5,000 (for a brass container of four chai glasses) to Rs 13,00,000 (Dutch Colonial breakfront ebony cabinet).On December 11 (10am-7pm)At Coomaraswamy hallChhatrapatiShivaji MaharajVastuSangrahalaya, Mumbai
5 Decor Elements That Will Make Your Entryway Impressive
For most of us, our entryway is a functional where we leave our keys and maybe our shoes we well. Often, this place is overlooked and hence, can easily get messy and disorderly. Decorating an entryway will serve two functions. One, it will impress your guests and give them a preview of your home design. Two, an uncluttered house invites a flow of positive vibes and sorting your entryway will encourage you do the same for your entire apartment. One does not have to go overboard with decor at the entryway, a striking mirror or a simple console table that can be used as for storage would fairly suffice. Here are 5 decor elements that will make sure your entry makes the right first impression- Hit refresh with greenery Image source: green, leafy plants would instantly refresh your home as well as the entryway. Whether you opt for potted plants or hang them vertically, indoor greenery will breathe life inside your home. This artificial plant can be mounted on the wall and can be paired with a few art pieces or even personal images. Artificial foliage is for anyone who lacks the flair for maintaining and growing plants. These wall-mounted clustered leaves would also be a very affordable option for people looking for budget options. Hang an urban-looking mirror Image source: mirror at the entryway is a very classy way to dress it up. Decorative mirrors are exceptionally striking as they serve dual purposes. This macrame mirror featuring a round mirror comes with a boho-chic vibe that would be apt in a youthful home. Catch a glimpse of yourself while stepping out and coming in which in turn will evoke positive vibe to your persona. This rugged mirror would look great paired with a few indoor plants and even terrariums hung at the same level. Add an eye-catching welcome mat Image source: onlymat.comWhile most of us use a doormat at the entrance to keep indoors clean, an aesthetic doormat will dress up your entryway and set the tone for the decor of your home. Whether it is cheeky print or a quirky shape, placing a door mat that has a few characteristics to it would make your doorway feel special and attractive. This pineapple shaped coir doormat is perfect for young adults inhabiting a rented apartment. In case you prefer the conventional rectangular door mat, go for a classic print like paisleys, florals or geometric shapes to keep things simple. Install a large-scale, framed art Image source: www.hometown.inArtful paintings have a way of transporting you to a different world. Be it a large scale painting that covers the entire wall or a cluster of mini frames that are arranged to complement each other, your entryway will certainly become a conversation starter for your guests. Adding this detail to the entryway will give you an impression of the space being a separate room. Bring in order with extra storage Image source: your entryway is the designated place for storing your shoes, coats or bags, then adding more storage would be the best design solution for you. Instead of going a chunky wood cabinet or a cupboard, customize storage boxes that can be placed on a shelf or mounted on the wall vertically. With this method, you will be able to maximize storage and save space in the narrow the entryway. A chandelier that emits warm light would be the perfect finishing touch to this arrangement.DISCLAIMER: The Times of India's journalists were not involved in the production of this article.
Coastal Sideboard and Beachy Console Table Collection
We tend to think of our shore abodes as casual vacation spots, but at the end of the day, we still appreciate those essential furnishings that transform a house into a home. Whether you are outfitting your new seaside escape or simply want an ode to the ocean in your suburban space, our Beach Themed Console and Sideboard Table collection delivers natural elegance and coastal convenience. The beautifully crafted solid wood display and storage pieces fit perfectly in every dining room, hallway, or quaint nook in your charming cottage. Whether you are looking for the classic weathered look of driftwood, or a tropical pop of color, our stunning servers and buffets will help you complement nearly every decor imaginable. If you invest in fine china or inherit Grandma's gorgeous silver, why not display it in style? The Beachy Console Tables collection lets you proudly exhibit your shore décor and more all while providing valuable storage space. Each treasure doubles as a helpful buffet at mealtime or holidays so you can serve up all your favorite fixings. If space is an issue, our discreet designs are ideal for narrow hallways, small living rooms, and family rooms. The line's exquisitely crafted treasures are perfect if your clan loves gathering around the television, but you want to avoid a tacky entertainment center. Many beach style console tables come replete with sturdy drawers, quality hardware, and in some cases, a special shore-inspired flair for a true beach atmosphere. Pick up a gorgeous table in a charming distressed or antique finish, and fully maximize every space in coastal style. Does your crew love your comfy, inviting living room, but its casual furnishings are at odds with your sophisticated palate? Why not infuse a little class and convenience with a beautiful sideboard sofa table from our vast collection. When it's time for family game night, everyone can cuddle up while still admiring your beautifully displayed trinkets. Or, for movie night, push aside your decor and set up a popcorn, pretzel, and potato chip buffet. From the city to the shore, the Coastal Sideboard Table collection offers amazing possibilities.Where do you find Mya's clothes collection? Woozworld?The answer is: Boutique Mya Collection Be sure to include the capital lettters and have correct spelling or else it wont workWhat do you think of my video game collection?GREAT TASTE, i suggest LA. NOIRE it's an awesome gameI receive regular letters from credit collection agencies with my address but an unknown name. What can I do? ?I used to be in the equal boat. Moved right into a location and kept getting debt collectors letters for a prior tenant from more than a few companies. I ultimately opened some of them and rang the businesses. By means of then I had lived on the address for roughly 2 years. The letters reduced however some kept coming. In the future a bailiff stood at the door. I advised him I used to be now not the character he was once looking for and the way long I had lived there and told him that if he did not suppose me he might check with the council because the council tax used to be paid up to the moment and had been ever on account that we would been there. He took my cell number and identify and that i on no account heard from them again. As far as i am mindful bailiffs have not any vigor to entry rather than being invited in and the police want a courtroom warrant to enter without invitation too. The only ones that can barge in without any detect and even that i am not a hundred% certain is Customs & Excise.Chemistry - collect the hydrogen!?hydrogen gas is lighter than air. It rises quickly. If the reaction is done in an Erlenmeyer with a one-holed stopper, the gas can be collected under water with a hose. Glass tubing s inserted through the stopper, a hose is connected to the tubing. A gas collection bottle is filled with water and placed upside down into a trough filled with water. The hose is inserted into te upside down bottle. As the gas is produced, the water is displaced in the bottle and you get a bottle of hydrogen
Most Homeowners Overlook This Room's Potential for Beautiful Design
Hallways are the most underappreciated, overlooked design opportunity in your house. Think about how many times you pass through them each day. What if they were something special?When designing halls for his clients, D.C. interior decorator Jonathan Senner prefers more of a classic look, with neutral walls and a salon-style gallery. In hers, Seattle-based blogger and designer Cassandra LaValle likes the chance to be bold, with patterned wallpaper and funky lighting. "Rooms should flow," LaValle says. "You don't want your house to feel like a patchwork, but there are opportunities like hallways to create something fun."Whatever your preference, a hallway is a great way to put your personality on display. Family portraits are perfect here, as is a collection of postcards or Polaroids. Those with long and wide halls can think about built-in bookcases or a spot to put a writing desk. One of the best parts about outfitting a hall is that it doesn't take much. Fresh paint, a runner, frames - that's all you need for a full transformation. On her blog, Coco Kelley (, LaValle documents one weekend hallway makeover that used just those three tools, and seeing the "after" with rich blue paint, a plush runner and crisp white frames is enough to make anyone reconsider this usually wasted space. ● A bench in a hall, whether at the end or to the side, is a great place to dropshoes or a coat if your hallway comes off an entry. Over a bench, if youwant to hang artwork, think big. "A lot of people say you should never hang a large piece of art in a hallway because you don't have a visual distance to admire it," Senner says, "but I think a large piece of art or tapestry almost becomes the wall. It's luxurious." The Sticotti V Bench, made of Petiribi wood, is a stately piece of furniture that would hold its own with any work ofart and could even display elegantly arranged piles of books ( $1,250,●Flor's Suit Yourself rug is practical (it's made of tough sisal) yet unexpected. Its funky zigzag shape mixes up the standard rectangle ($224, "Hallways are a chance to do something quirky," says LaValle, who also designs interiors for her firm Emerald Studio in Seattle. The sisal tiles can also be purchased separately to make your own configuration.● The Davis Zinc Wall Shelf can hold a rotating gallery of framed children's art, family photos, art from travels - just about anything that strikes your fancy ($35-$55, LaValle likes to use picture ledges to display objects, too, such as a shell collection or other mementos, "things that get put up on mantels," she says.● LaValle likes a slight, minimal console in a hallway because it takes up little visual space and helps keep the hall from feeling cluttered. Her pick: CB2's Mini Mill Console Table ($199, Just try not to cover it immediately with vases, lamps and other objects. "Resist the temptation to overstyle or overfurnish any part of a hallway," Senner cautions.● "Mirrors are useful in hallways to reflect available light and to create the illusion of space, especially at the end of a hallway," Senner says. If they're substantial, big mirrors, such as the handcrafted Acacia Wood ­40-Inch Mirror, can serve as a spot to check yourself before heading out for the day ($299,● "A hallway is a great spot to add pattern," says LaValle, who especially likes Kelly Ventura's designs for Chasing Paper. A watercolor print of Ventura's, Wild Grass, comes in navy, neutral and turquoise and is removable in case you're renting or likely to change your mind ($40 per 2-by-4-foot panel,● "If you have a longer hallway with a space at the end, it's great to have a vignette there," Senner says, "a bench with a piece of art over it, a nice table or cabinet, a wall of a different color. Having a vignette down at the end invites you into the space." The Bone Inlaid ­3-Drawer Dresser is a solid foundation for additional accessories ($1,299,● If hallways are a clutter drop zone, make sure there are baskets with lids on them, LaValle says. Lidded LaJolla Baskets, made by hand with seagrass and recycled plastic, are just the ticket ($128-$188,● Before choosing lighting for a hallway, Senner suggests thinking about what the purpose of the lighting will be. To light your path in the dark? Or ground a wild pattern of wallpaper with the symmetry of sconces? Or maybe you want to light up artwork. In the last case, Senner, who is designing a room for this year's DC Design House, likes practical-yet-elegant picture lights. For ease of installation, a cordless option, such as Concept Picture Lights' Cordless LED Remote Control Picture Light , is nice ($115,● A salon-style gallery is a natural decorating approach to a hallway. If you're starting from scratch, LaValle says, buy a set of frames that match and then add to it slowly over time withpieces that you love. West Elm's Gallery Frames come in four sizes and eight finishes ($29-$79 for polished nickel finish, LaValle also likes Minted for help with gallery walls because you can build a test gallery online, as well as choose from curated, coordinated collections of art.● In a small hallway, lighting can be a statement piece, whether you have a tall ceiling and room to hang a row of pendants, or a shorter ceiling, which would work better with recessed or flush-mount fixtures. The Thurman comes in nine finishes and 66 shade options ($150, The Old Brass and Metal Dome Shade in gloss black is a striking combination.● Hallways are high-traffic areas, so LaValle says to look for durable runners. Persian-style rugs and kilim rugs, such as the Geo Kilim Rug, are designed to be shaken out every now and then, so they're a good choice ($238 for 21/2-by-9-foot rug, Pair runners with rug pads; natural fiber and 100 percent rubber pads will protect wood floors. "Don't get something too thick, because it becomes a tripping hazard, especially for kids. You just want something to protect your floors," Senner says. He suggests keeping the thickness under half an inch.● Sometimes a hallway has to be a catchall place more than just a pretty spot in the house. If that is the case for you, a storage piece, such as the hardwood Windham Entryway Bench, with cupboards and a place to sit and put on shoes, makes best use of limited real estate ($170, Seven color options match all aesthetics.● Place two Adjustable Tabletop Lamps on a console, and you have a calming spot of symmetry to pass by every day ($149 each, "Minimal and lovely," as LaValle says, they can be made taller or shorter to better complement artwork or other elements. Senner adds: "I often think of table lamps being used in hallways more for mood/atmosphere versus practical lighting; a couple of well-placed lamps on dimmers can create a really serene space at night."●A hallway can be a missed opportunity for storage. That won't be the case with Gabby's Chelsea Demilune, whose shape also makes it easy to walk around ($997.50, Keep tops of furniture clear, as Senner says: "Too many items on top of a console table or desk will look cluttered and are prone to getting knocked over when people pass by."● "Stools are a great accessory for hallways, whether under a console table or by themselves," LaValle says. "They can hold a plant, a little box for dropping items into or just [add] interest." She has the Zigzag Garden Stool in her own home ($246,●A wide hallway with built-in bookshelves at the end is the dream. If you can't do built-ins, try a two-shelf bookcase, such as the Gunmetal Holden Open 2-Shelf Bookcase, and accessorize with a nice table lamp and art ($200, Another option is to pair two along one side of a hallway, as long as there's room to walk down the hall without bumping into them.●Both LaValle and Senner agree that the biggest mistake to make with a runner is getting one that's too short. CB2's Tweed Dark Brown Linen Runner is a generous 10 feet ($169, For extra-long hallways, consider a custom rug. Senner says that the exposed floor space should be the same size on all four sides of the rug - like the frame of a picture.●Because a hallway is not an area where you'll need to concentrate on tasks for a long time, generally speaking, LaValle likes to focus on the form over the function of the lighting. She especially likes star-shaped flush mounts, such as the Crystorama Astro Wide Bronze Ceiling Light Fixture ($150, "There's a lot of great lighting out there that's not meant to light a whole dining room but is great for a hallway," she says.
Buy Modern Console Tables for Your Home
As you would like to include an attractive furnishings to your sitting room, although you are not yet certain just what to choose specifically. There are several beautiful choices from coffee tables to curio drawers or cabinets, shelving units, and great shelves. However, despite all the options, you might still be having a tough time in choosing a thing that can fit in your living room. Anyway, you may stop the search simply because a modern console is a beautiful, ornamental choice for your living room space.Console tables are an exquisite accessory for any kind of home decoration. These tables are well suited for a smaller surface area or provide a little bit of storage space in an entranceway or foyer and in many cases filling the space available on a portion of wall surface that doesn't have anything at all. Console tables are either shorter or rectangular and longer as well as half-circular in shape. These tables are available in a wide range of colors and designs.Incredibly eye-catching, a modern console table includes a great look and style that will truly improve the overall look of the living room space. The height of the console table will generally be between three and four feet that include a tabletop region that is around one and two feet broad and the whole table structure lies on four legs. This model will have bold, glossy geometric lines and it is generally built from substances like metal, stone, wood, and glass.Generally, you will find out a console table that features a metal bottom and legs that hold up a glass tabletop, which is curbed to confirm its toughness. This choice is quite attractive and keeps everyone's attention. However, wooden console table alternatives are also in hand and that too is also stunning and very long lasting. For instance, you may get one crafted from heavy, rich mahogany wood and contains heavier legs and tabletop. This specific wooden table has a smooth, polished finish. Wooden structures with marble top table look beautiful and also it is quite long-lasting and can be used for many years.The most up-to-date console table is definitely a great accessory for your lounge room area since you can use it as a great solution to pack a vacant partition wall, in particular when you hang up a mirror over it and even place it in dead space at the back of your sofa. Truly, it gives an elegance to your living room space. Console table might not only be a great match for your sitting room; however, it might as well be a great option for various other rooms within your house at the same time.Apart from being quite appealing to the attention, it's additionally a viable, practical choice as it is the best place where you can exhibit and store any kind of thing which you may have. For instance, a few console table may even include drawers, lower racks, and shelves or cabinets where one can conveniently store distinct things such as books, clothes and other things that you simply want to keep behind the scenes.If you believe that obtaining a latest console table for your living area may be beneficial, then a powerful way to get them is simply by moving on the net for certain purchasing or shopping. It is possible to look at various items and also review price ranges very quickly without any problem. In addition, if you buy a product you would like it to be delivered to your doorway at free of cost. Aprodz gives you a stylish and hottest console table for your house at cheap rates.
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