Irony: Irrigation Offices Have No Water

It was a bolt from the blue for officers and staff of the Irrigation Department when they were asked to move out of their office building because it was needed for the Chief Minister's camp office.Now, news that another 800 irrigation employees from nine divisions stationed in Hyderabad will be soon joining them has really jolted their equilibrium. "First let the government provide us basic amenities at work, and then it can think of bringing more staff from Hyderabad," said a senior staff member.Nearly 100 irrigation employees of the special and Krishna central divisions, headquarters sub-division and the river conservation section were moved out of their old but cosy offices last week.They have been asked to work out of a complex of residential quarters that were built for senior assistants with funds from the Krishna Delta Modernisation Project.The colony, located right next to Swaraj Maidan, has 15 quarters, each having a plinth area of 800 sq ft.It does not have water or power supply and even proper roads. Three duplex-type quarters have been earmarked for offices of the principal secretary, CMO secretary and the irrigation engineering-in-chief.It is ironic that there is no drinking water supply to the offices of the Irrigation Department which provides drinking water to lakhs of people, said an employee.Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Employees Association vice-president K. Jagadeesh said there were no orders from the government to shift the nine divisions as it was misunderstood by the employees.Tuesdays protest was a sort off a panic reaction from the employees in response to a circular. The Engineering-in-chief was only asking the nine divisions to submit the transport (number of trucks) required to move office furniture from Hyderabad to Vijayawada.Normalcy has returned after the misunderstanding was cleared, he said.

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