Is Australia Really Hot, As in Unbearably Hot? Or Is It Dry, Windy, still Bearable All Year Round Wi

It can be... As there seem to be multiple questions in the question I have provided a more detailed explanation.Australia may not always look like it but it is very big and stretches all the way from the tropics down to the cooler mid European/Mediterranean style climates.It is also wetter on the coast and drier inland. This allows you to choose what you would like as far as climate as long as you can afford to live there.Tasmania way down south will provide you with a European style climate so possibly light snow in winter and a few hot days in summer but not excessively hot. Some parts can be very windy and as there is no land between Tasmania and Antartica the winds can be quite cold and strong on most of the coast. Victoria is warmer and as you gradually travel north through New South Wales and Queensland it will get hotter and you eventually end up in a true tropical climate which can get sticky.The further you are from the ocean the hotter it is likely to get during the day and also can be quite cold at night during winter.Air-conditioning is certainly recommended on the mainland, a reverse cycle system that can heat as well as cool is a good idea. One theory is if you can live near the coast between Sydney and Brisbane at an altitude of a few hundred metres and hills behind you may get the best compromise climate as it iswarm but not too hotgentle breezes to cool things downnot far enough north to get the major impacts from tropical storms and cyclonesAt the moment that band of good compromise climate seems to be moving further south as the world gets hotter

1. where does the air come from in a typical air conditioning system of a house? outside, inside or both?

If it's a window air-conditioner: if there's a control marked "exhaust" or "fresh air" a very small amount of room air is blown out and a small amount of fresh air mixed with the cooled, recirculated. Few central air conditioning system draw-in outside air . . . . we had an outside intake added to hours and it brings-in about 5% fresh air when open. You are undoubtedly getting "second hand smoke" from your HVAC system.........unless the system has an electronic air cleaner in it. Those little room air cleaners you see do not do much good. Your main defense is to hope that others do not smoke too much and that what they produce is a small proportion of the total air volume of the house. Even so, some smoke will permeate into your room. Leave your outside door open, or get a small reversible fan to blow fresh air in thru a window.

2. What's the best way to deal with an AIR CONDITIONING VENT above me, blowing COLD air, at my office desk job?

Hey I am here for the first time. I came across this question and I find the replies truly valuable. I am hoping to offer something back to the community and help others too

3. My 2004 Chevy Cavalier the air conditioning coils as long as the vehicles moving if I'm sitting still it does not pull what could be the problem?

Have the system evacuated and recharged with dye added.

4. We are forced to place our bed over the air conditioning vent on the floor. How can we re-direct the air flow?

easy ... check some sites, such as Home Improvements or Sky Mall (I can not remember where I saw this). But they have a product made just for that very problem. It fits over the vent and has an extension to bring the air out from under the bed. this is similar to what I was thinking about

5. My car chokes when the air conditioning is On and worst, when I'm running.?

Impossible to tell you what it is in this type of forum. Testing needs performed and the results analyzed for an accurate repair. Best to have a shop check it. You would likely spend more money replacing unnecessary parts that do not fix it, than paying for diagnostics and getting the correct part first time.

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