Is It Legal to Make Employees Work Without Air Conditioning?

I do not know the answer to this. You can always bring a small bucket with water ( put small face towel in the bucket). Wear a tank top ( explain that you are overheating). Wipe your face, neck, and anywhere on yourself you feel hot. Bring a small fan to work. I once lived under a landlord who was so cheap, she would turn off the AC. She would leave the area and forget to turn the AC on. We were in a separate unit in her basement so we had no access to AC if she turned it off and left town. It got so bad sometimes, I would wet a T- shirt. I would wring out the T-shirt so it was not too wet and wear that. It was a miracle. It would keep me cool for a long time. I wonder if that would get your boss to turn the AC on. Or just bring a fan to work. The wet t shirt really kept me cool. Is it legal to make employees work without air conditioning?

1. Do people in Northern Minnesota or the UP of Michigan have air conditioning? 24 degrees in July in Minnesota?

Actually 45 degrees latitude crosses Minneapolis. These places you talk about are over 5 hours north of there. Ca not remember exactly why, but it's not uncommon for MN to be colder than Alaska. Something to do with the jetstream or geographical surroundings. Yes they have air conditioning. It can ge quite hot here too. I live in central MN, and it's a humid heat which can be very unbearable. Air conditioning does not get turned off regularly between June and September.

2. How do I fix the air conditioning in my home?

Is there ANY air coming from the rectangular vents? Are there two thermostats? Two furnaces? There must be separate breakers for the two outdoor units, they are called compressors, even though the compressor is only part of the outdoor unit. Is one breaker off? How about the two outside switches, i.e. cut offs or disconnects? Additional: this is strange. If you only have one furnace then how can you have two a/c units? The only way is if one unit has it's own system of an indoor fan and vents that is separate from the furnace. This sounds beyond a DIY so I would recommend a pro. If you force the fan on, by the fan switch on the thermostat, you should feel air movement from EVERY vent in the house. If you do not either something is drastically wrong or you have that separate system that I mentioned. Actually, that kind of separate system with a/c only is certainly not unheard of, that is one way to cool a house that has baseboard heat since that would not have a furnace with a duct system. Hmmmm, you said "both units are pushing air." What two units? The outside unit, typically called the compressor unit, does not blow air, ever. The only fan in it blows outside only just to cool the condenser coil that is inside the unit. Pro time, in any case. It's getting too complicated for DIY.

3. No air conditioning in seattle?

We do get an occasional heat wave in the summer but it's hardly enough for rental units to spend the money to put in A/C units. And if it DOES get really warm you can always buy your own portable unit - they run around $300. Look for a ground floor unit or one with floors above and below - that will insulate you better from the heat (and the cold, for that matter). One thing we do not have here that other areas do is when it does get warm it's not humid. So 80 or 90 here is MUCH more comfortable than 80 or 90 in Florida, for example (which is where I escaped from lol) When I first moved here I rented a townhome in Bellevue and when it got hot my upstairs room was reaaaally warm so I ended up buying a wall-unit A/C. But now in a house up on a hill in Everett I get a nice breeze and even when it got up to 100 a couple days last summer it was actually quite comfortable. All you really need are a few fans. Last year I bought one of the tower-style oscillating fans at Lowes by Lasko and it works great. The A/C unit sits unused in my basement. So save my email and if you REALLY find you need one maybe I will sell it to you :)

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