Kitchener Startup Develops Bedsheet to Prevent Bed Sores

KITCHENER - A bed sheet outfitted with sensors and a tiny computer, developed by a local startup to prevent bedsores, is expected to be tested this summer at health-care institutions in Waterloo Region and Toronto.

The sheet contains an array of sensors, each one measuring about 1.5 millimetres across, that monitor the pressure on different parts of the patient's body, the temperature and humidity.

The technology is called Ceylon Systems and the Kitchener startup that developed the prototype,

Curiato Inc.

, is working to obtain Health Canada approvals before the tests later this year, said Zied Etleb, a founder and co-chief executive officer.

Curiato was founded in 2015 by three University of Waterloo students - Etleb, Moazam Khan, who is the other co-CEO, and Matthew Sefati, the chief business development officer. The trio completed science degrees at UW and wanted to attend medical school, but decided to pursue the startup instead.

Etleb and Khan also did master's degrees in business entrepreneurship and technology at UW. Their startup is based in the Velocity Garage, part of the university's startup support program located in the Tannery building.

While working on his undergrad degree, Etleb worked with the faculty of applied health science and the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program to organize the first health-related hackathon at UW. While preparing for that event, Etleb learned that bedsores are a huge issue in the health-care system. On average, a single bedsore will cost about $45,000 to successfully treat, and it causes a lot of pain for the patient, said Etleb.

"You are spending more time in the hospital getting treated for something that, at the end of the day, is just preventable by just redistributing pressure properly," said Etleb.

The Ceylon Systems sheet covers the mattress on a hospital bed, and is hooked up to a power source. A patient's medical history, combined with real-time monitoring of pressure, temperature and humidity, enables caregivers to know when and where a bedsore is likely to occur, and changes in care can be made to prevent it.

Doctors, nurses and family members can monitor a patient's data from mobile devices.

Bedsores occur when blood flow is blocked to a part of the body by the pressure of lying in bed for an extended time. The amount of pressure needed to cause a bedsore varies according to the patient's age and health. People with diabetes are at a higher risk. People with advanced dementia who spend most of their time in bed are also at a higher risk.

"So by the time you see it you can not really prevent it anymore, you actually have to start treating that injury," said Etleb.

While researching bedsores, or pressure wounds as they are formally called, Etleb was surprised by the size of the problem. Bedsores cost health-care systems in North American and Europe billions of dollars a year, he said.

"There is buy-in from the patients, the payers and clinicians," said Etleb. "They want new ways of preventing pressure injuries or bedsores."

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Marquis De Sade Makes a Bed
Marquis De Sade Makes a Bed
The bed was soft. Soft yet firm, expansive, and white as snow. Decked with clean sheets and a fluffy comforter, the mattress stood four feet off the ground in the basement of the strangers house. A mirror hung directly above it. Whips hung from the walls. Chains. Leather. Hooks. Ball gags. Furry tails. And the cherry on top, a dozen LED candles glowing orange around the room.It would end up being the most comfortable bed we slept in across America and possibly the best bed wed ever sleep in, period. How did we get here?We had spent 13 days on the road the first 13 of more than 200. At times, wed thought ourselves simultaneously sadistic and masochistic, wondering why wed decide to submit ourselves and each other to anxiety, disgust, fear and painful blisters.But wed also experienced immense pleasure. Ice cream on the side of the road. Epic feasts laid by gracious hosts. Always a bed somewhere, somewhere to lay our heads and feet. Like the first day so daunting the first two weeks of our walk told us all wed need to know about the entire seven months: sometimes you have to suffer a little to know what sumptuous feels like.March 8Our second day on the walk was a breeze. We only had 11 miles to our next stop, a lovely, humble home in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, where Meryl, my former girlfriend and current colleague in cosmic exploration, grew up. Ironically, she wasnt there, but the rest of her family was: Elise, Meryls quieter, more mysterious twin sister; Nafi, their generous and opinionated father; and Nancy, the worrywart of a matriarch, sweeter than a Turkish delight, setting out a spread that made the rich offerings of Odysseus kingly hosts look like moldy cheese and stale bread. Though Natalie and I felt grateful for the hospitality after such an easy day, Nancy, the romantic, admitted disappointment: She wished she couldve hosted us a hundred or even a thousand miles away, when the weariness of the road had truly set in.March 9Day by day, New Jersey increased in beauty. The first day wed walked in the 30s, the second day in the 40s, and the third day in the 50s. The sun melted snow into countless rivulets as we strolled through quiet, pretty neighborhoods. Everything went perfectly until, as Natalie started pushing the buggy for the first time, a truck sped through a pothole filled with murky melted snow, raining black sludge all over us. Natalie was completely disgusted. Once I was sure she wouldnt cry, I died laughing.At the end of 14 miles, we arrived in New Brunswick, where we stayed with our first-ever Couchsurfing hosts. John and Martha were a young white couple, newly married and settled into an apartment with a view of the Freedom Tower glowing in the distance. Martha pointed out that shed just commuted from New York that very evening. After feeling so proud of having walked 42 miles from the city, I suddenly felt my pride deflating.March 10On the fourth day, Natalie and I narrowly escaped a rainy walk by leaving early and keeping a strong pace. The heavens started leaking just as we wearily wandered into a falafel shop in downtown Princeton. After lunch, we got ice cream at the Bent Spoon, famous for its offbeat flavors. I ordered one scoop of honey plus two scoops of earl grey like sipping on a cold cup of tea, a bit heavy on the cream.Our second-ever Couchsurfing host was a humble Finnish climatologist named Sampo, who conveniently lived in Palmer Square, right in the heart of Princeton. The size of the stairwell up to his apartment was equally inconvenient, but we managed to wrestle the buggy up anyway. The way it looked, we were to share the small single room with this strange man. Only then did we have some doubts. Though generally friendly, his bulky figure and awkward conversation (was that just cultural divide?) put us on guard.Im very particular about sounds, he said, before complaining to us about his noisy neighbors. Perhaps this was a warning to his two guests for the night.In the end, our fears were unfounded; it was our fortune to share his roof. Wed soon learn just fortunate, for under Sampos roof we experienced a new first: it was the first night we went to sleep not knowing where wed be sleeping the next. Our vague plan? Shoot for Washington Crossing, a state park whose campsites wouldnt open until the end of the month.March 11On the fifth day, we set a new record of 18 miles walked. Having secured another home for the night, we waited to meet our Couchsurfing host at the public library, basking in our achievement. Yes, we were only five days in, but our legs felt stronger than ever. The temperatures were rising, the snow was melting. Wed found hosts three nights in a row and we hadnt suffered any flat tires.Not everyone felt as we did. Earlier in the day, as we left a diner, one of the customers followed us out and asked, You guys walking?Yep, I said proudly. We made it from Brooklyn and were headed for San Francisco.Youll never make it, he scoffed.Thanks for the confidence, I smiled.Its just too far, he said, walking to his truck. Its a big country.What goes up, must come down. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. And, perhaps, for every pessimist who has zero faith in your plans, there is a bright-eyed optimist who wouldnt question your chance of success. For us, that man was named Jacob.A man of the land, Jacob was tall and burly with a broad torso, long limbs, and hefty hands and feet. The man was just plain big, and he had a big old beating heart to match. He didnt doubt us for a moment, not just because of his heart but because of his experience: Once hed spent a month biking the entire west coast from Canada to Mexico.Jacob picked us up in downtown Lambertville, brought us back to the farmhouse, and introduced us to his housemates, including two farmer bros, who relished our gift of beer, and Chrissy, a Waldorf schoolteacher. Their humanity was refreshing, a whirlwind of joy and energy spinning around the large kitchen cooking up a variety of veggies and rice. After Chrissy and I jammed on a couple Gillian Welch songs, Natalie and I showered, did laundry, and then joined the house for the biggest damn feast of the trip yet: roasted kale, carrots, nettles, beets, apple salad, and fried rice with red peppers, red onions, and broccoli. Once emptied, our plates gleamed like paintings.March 12On the sixth day, we left New Jersey for Pennsylvania. After a short, 11-mile walk, home for the night was Doylestown, where we met some characters.First: At the public library, an elderly white woman who plopped down into her chair, huffing and puffing after a little too much walking.Then: At a run-down pizza spot downtown, a white, middle-aged man, bespectacled and balding, who complained about the inoperative WiFi, then proceeded to stand up his tablet on the table so he could watch music videos by 1980s divas.In the same place: A black girl employed by the pizza joint, shocked and awestruck by this mans existence.Finally: In their home, Jason and Ruth, young white newlyweds who together attended a hip hop dance class, where hip hop means Bruno Mars. We were grateful to them for opening up their home to us, and for the tennis ball they added to our pile of stuff.March 13On the seventh day, we did not rest. Instead, we achieved several milestones:We completed 100 miles of walking.For the first time, we walked over 20 miles in a day.For the first time on the walk, we camped in our tent.For the first time on the walk, we camped in a state park.For the first time on the walk, we camped in a state park illegally.It was all we could come up with. We scouted Evansburg State Park, plowed somewhere into the woods, and crawled into our tent. Though we were glad to be settled, I couldnt say we were comfortable. For one, the forecast called for a 100% chance of rain starting at night and continuing well through the morning. And I wasnt confident about the campsite I wasnt convinced that we were invisible to nosy, rule-enforcing rangers. On top of everything, a big tree leaned menacingly over our tent.In short, I was stressed out. And tired. And scared.But I had my lovely lady at my side. We had completed an entire week on the walk. 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She was thoughtful, leaving water and biscotti in the guest room as if wed paid for it in advance. She shared in our worries, driving us all over town to pick up new tubes for our tires. And, in the evening, she treated us to an Indian dinner. In short, she couldve been our mother.March 15The night previous, I watched Tinas husband Eric patch up the flat tire. By the morning, it was already flat again. With Eric gone for the day, I took it as a sign: Maybe you should make sure you can actually patch the thing yourself before getting on the road again. So, while Tina and Natalie looked on, one worriedly and the other doubtfully, I patched the damn thing myself.Six hours and 18 miles later, we arrived at French Creek State Park, our snow-capped campsite 800 feet above sea level. And the tire was flat again. And the flimsy bike pump wed purchased from Walmart had already broken. And, for the life of me, I couldnt start a fire. And so I started crying.Only music could help me forget the despair of the past 48 hours. Lying in the sleeping bag in the dark with Natalie at my side, I pressed play on an album that had just been released that day: To Pimp a Butterfly.March 16And on the tenth day, we rested.We found ourselves in a gorgeous state park with all the trappings of highly developed campsites: parking spaces, fire pits, picnic tables, bathrooms, hot showers, kitchen sinks, water spigots, electricity, cottages, yurts, playgrounds, an amphitheater, and on and on.Stretching across an area of 7,730 acres, French Creek State Park is the largest block of contiguous forest between Washington D.C. and New York City. More important to me, it was peaceful. No wind, no rain. Just the swaying trees and overcast skies. In the morning, the crows slowly cawed us awake. All day long, migrating geese honked. Occasionally, the goofy quacking of ducks broke in.Our first full day of rest allowed me this much-needed moment for reflection. Time to handle the flat tire, and more: To recognize that we had walked for nearly two weeks, nearly 150 miles. That we had met dozens of amazing humans. That I had learned how to unclog a toilet without a plunger and how to repair a flat. That I had written postcards to friends and family, finished reading Middlemarch, and begun Leaves of Grass, the timeless poetry of Walt Whitman:I celebrate myself, and sing myself,And what I assume you shall assume,For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.As I wrote my journal entry for the night, I lay cooped up in the cozy red light of my tent, a lovely lady drifting into dreams at my side and Kendricks new future jazz streaming through my cans. A bounty of ghetto blood and love, his wasnt just the sound of truth; it was the sound of the west coast.First journal entry on a rest day. March 17In the morning, I learned that I only half knew how to fix a flat. The small one had held strong but the larger one hadnt.FUCK.Somehow, with deflated courage and confidence, we walked on. First to Morgantown, then to Churchtown, then to Goodville, then to Fetterville, then to East Earl, and finally to New Holland. Amish country.The highlight of the day arrived in the afternoon: blustery as the wind blew, the sun pierced through fluffy little clouds, illuminating rolling hills of farmland, clopping horses, shuddering carriages, and children biking home along country lanes. Glorious and pastoral, this scene unfurled as I stepped out of Shirks Bike Shop, whose employees all men, all white, all ages, all busy, all kind, and all donning striking suspenders had just helped clear a spike out of the problem tire and repaired the tube once and for all.In a quaint hotel room, likely inspired by the traditionalist Christians all around us, I wrote a simple prayer in my journal:may the rough patch please. for the love of God. end now. Amen.March 18We walked 14 more miles to Lancaster, the biggest city wed encountered in Pennsylvania yet. The larger population meant places to stay, and for this night it meant staying with a young white couple, Ion and Janna. Ion was particularly excited to host us because he was planning his own cross-country trip on bicycle slated to start in May.We drank. We smoked. We watched someone magically turn the bottom half of a beer bottle into a glass. We slept well but not as well as we would.March 19On the thirteenth day of the walk, throwing out potential names for our future children, we strolled into York, the city of the great bed.The soft bed. Soft, firm, expansive, and white as snow. Decked with clean sheets and a fluffy comforter, several feet off the ground in the basement of a strangers house. Suspended from the ceiling? Mirror parallel to the mattress. On the walls? Whips. Chains. Leather. Hooks. Ball gags. Furry tails. And a dozen cherries glowing orange, LED candles strewn around the room·RELATED QUESTIONWhats the difference between flannel bed sheets and jersey bed sheets?which flannel sheet set is best for summer?
'I'm Freaked Out': Man Claims a 'ghost' Haunts His Bed After His Webcam Filmed a 'floating Head' Pul
This is the moment a man used a webcam to film what he claims is a ghostly figure playing with his bed sheets, before it disappears into thin air.It is unclear where the footage was filmed, or when it was taken, but it shows a seemingly floating head pull the bed sheets up and down.The man who recorded the video said that he had seen someone 'sitting on his bed at night' and so he set-up the webcam to capture them.His stunned daughter said she was 'freaked out' by the footage, posting it to Twitter and Reddit She wrote: 'My dad has been feeling his sheets being messed with and someone sitting on his bed in the night so he set up a camera. This is what he saw.'I'm freaked the f*** out. Look at the sheets lifting up and what comes out of the side of it.'It like dissolves in to thin air??' In the black and white footage, a figure seems to pull the sheets above her father's head, as he kicks out.It then pulls them back down before seemingly disappearing, it is claimed.The bed sheets can be seen ruffling throughout the video, although the grainy footage makes it difficult to see the supposed ghost.However, viewers on Reddit were skeptical of the ghost claim.One wrote: 'Yeah that's definitely just the dad rolling over. He's pushing the covers off his arm as he's rolling over making it look like a head is vanishing when really it's just his arm.' Another said: 'Just looks like he's moving his arm and kicking his sheets out. I do believe in ghosts but I can't see anything paranormal in this video.' While a third commented: 'It's not ''the head'', it's the dad's elbow. He is stretching and his elbow pops out from under the covers as he is rolling over.'
Patients Moved Out in Bedsheets with IV After Fire in Kolkata Hospital
Nearly 250 patients were moved to safety from the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital in central Kolkata this morning after a fire broke out in one of the buildings. Ten fire engines are at the spot to control the smoke. There are no reports of any casualties.The fire started the pharmacy of the hospital.The fire department was alerted after smoke was spotted from the building that houses the pharmacy at around 8 am. Apart from the firefighters and the police, West Bengal's disaster management authority officialshave also reached the medical college."The fire began in the ground floor of the medical college at around 7.58 a.m. The reason behind the blaze is yet to be ascertained," a fire brigade official was quoted as saying by news agency IANS. Though no flames were seen, black smoke billowed from the mail building of the hospital. Medicines stocked in the dispensary have been reduced to ashes.Calcutta Medical College, on College Street, has several buildings in the complex. There was chaos and panic after the fire broke out. Many patients had to be taken out of the building in stretchers and even bed sheets with their saline drips. Some of the patients were seen lying on the floor.Some of the patients were moved out of the hospital in ambulances and taken to other state-run hospitals."I have been told that patients have been evacuated. We are looking into the incident," Kolkata Mayor Sovan Chattopadhyay said.The Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata, commonly referred to as Calcutta Medical College, was established in 1835 and is the second oldest medical college in India after Ecole de Medecine of Puducherry.In December 2011, 92 people were killed in a fire at the AMRI hospital in Kolkata.The pre-dawn blaze in the hospital in south Kolkata's Dhakuria, choked to death mostly critically ill patients -many of them in their sleep - and two nurses.
FBI: Washington Jail Staff Spot Sheets Hanging From Cell; Foil Escape Attempt
SPOKANE, Wash. -- Staffers at a jail in eastern Washington state foiled an escape attempt by spotting a 100-foot trail of knotted bed sheets hanging from the window of a cell housing a suspect in a murder-for-hire plot. They saw the rope of sheets that nearly reached the ground around 4:30 a.m. Thursday and put the Spokane County Jail on lockdown. The escape "was thwarted by the good work of the staff," FBI spokesman Frank Harrill told the Spokane newspaper The Spokesman-Review.The cell belongs to James Henrikson, a felon linked to fraud and terror in North Dakota. Authorities told CBS affiliate KREM Henrikson busted out a window and tried to use sheets as a rope to escape from the building. Trending News Trump: Millions To Be Deported Flesh-Eating Bacteria Military Housing Investigation VIDEO: Ortiz Shooting Update After finding the dangling sheets, officials moved Henrikson and a cellmate to another part of the jail. The cell window is about 4 feet tall but less than 5 inches wide, according to Spokane County Jail Commander John McGrath.He was sent to Washington state to face federal charges of ordering the killings of a business associate that owed him nearly $2 million and his former trucking company employee.Since both inmates in the cell are federal inmates, the FBI is investigating, reports KREM. Inmates have regular weekly access to clean bedding as well as dirty laundry hampers located in their housing units, the station reports.Spokane county officials told KREM it's not clear if one or both of the inmates in the cell were involved with the escape attempt.In February, authorities investigated after another inmate reported that Henrikson planned to escape by having a team attack a U.S. Marshals Service van with guns, grenades and gasoline, according to court records. Prosecutors allege that Henrikson attempted to recruit others to assist in escaping the jail in return for a hefty cash payment, reports the station.Last September, Henrikson was indicted on murder-for-hire charges in the deaths of Doug Carlile and Kristopher "K.C." Clarke in Washington state. He was extradited to Washington from a North Dakota jail, where he was being held on illegal weapons charges.The indictment came nine months after Carlile, 63, was shot in the kitchen of his house in an upscale Spokane neighborhood after returning from church, and 2½ years after Clarke, 30, was last seen at Henrikson's trucking company, Blackstone LLC. Clarke's body has never been found. Henrikson, 36, formerly of Watford City, North Dakota, has told investigators that Carlile owed him nearly $1.9 million for their dealings in Kingdom Dynamics, an oil development firm.The indictment also alleges that Henrikson conspired to kill three other people.Ken Coburn, who was working out near the jail around 6 a.m. Thursday, said he was surprised to see the knotted-together bed sheets hanging from one of the jail's windows."That's the oldest trick in the book, next to putting a file in a cake," he said.
Teen Held After Mum's Body Found in Suitcase
The half-naked body of an American tourist has been discovered in a suitcase on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali - prompting the arrest of her daughter and daughter's boyfriend.The body of Sheila von Wiese Mack was found stuffed into the blood-smeared suitcase in the boot of a taxi in front of the five-star St Regis hotel in Nusa Dua.The 62-year-old was found with several wounds to her head and a doctor who examined her said it appeared as if she had put up a struggle.Police said the suitcase had been wrapped in a bed sheet and sealed up with tape.Local police chief Djoko Hari Utomo told reporters that Ms Mack had been staying in the hotel with her daughter, Heather, 19, and her daughter's boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, 21.Both have been arrested on suspicion of murder.Police investigations have found that Ms Mack was recorded on CCTV arguing with Mr Schaefer in the lobby of the hotel.The argument was filmed on Monday night, the day Mr Schaefer joined his girlfriend and her mother, who had arrived together several days before.Mr Utomo said that the next day the couple booked a taxi and loaded all the bags into the boot, asking the taxi driver to wait while they checked out.When they hadn't returned after a two-hour wait, he alerted hotel security staff who found spots of blood on the suitcase and suggested the taxi driver head to a police station.It was at the station that he suitcase was opened and the body discovered.They were later arrested on Wednesday morning at a hotel in Bali's Kuta area, about 10km(six miles) awayMr Utomo told AFP: "This is murder, and we will decide from our investigation whether it is premeditated or spontaneous."The victim's body has been taken to the main hospital in Denpasar, the capital of Bali.A doctor said she had several wounds to the head which appeared to have been caused by "blunt tools".A spokesman for the US embassy in Jakarta said they were "aware of the death of an American citizen that took place in Bali and we understand that two individuals have been arrested in connection with the case".The StRegisHotel is one of the most exclusive in Bali with rooms starting at $470 (£250) a night. According to its website it offers a 24-hour butler service.
What Is Housekeeping in the Hotel
Housekeeping means performing all the duties towards cleaning & maintaining of a house or a business property like the hotel. The housekeeping duties involve maintaining the hotel in the best possible state in terms of cleanliness and keeping it at highly desirable for customers.The concept of housekeeping in the hotel is looking simple. But it becomes a huge task when considers maintaining a house of several hundred rooms. Housekeeping in a hotel is a very difficult job that includes many tasks to keep rooms & hotel areas clean & fresh. Housekeeping is a physical and very tiring job. The role of housekeeping is to keep clean, comfortable, and safe house. Typically, in this case, housekeepers were responsible for cleaning many rooms per shift.Hotel housekeeping is the most hectic task for the hoteliers but if that's not done nicely then the hoteliers should not think of making it to the top. Badly maintained rooms can never attract more & more customers.Hotel management should ensure that cleanliness is maintained at all places in public areas such as the lobby, lifts, parking, swimming pool etc. Coffee shop, conference hall, banquet hall, and restaurants should also have to be well maintained.The primary role of the hotel's housekeeping department is cleaning guest rooms. The housekeeper should clean rooms and areas before, during and after a guest has used the hotel's room. The housekeeping is responsible for tidiness, maintenance and cleanliness of the whole area. Housekeepers are also responsible for cleaning and sanitizing guest rooms before & after the guest leaves the room.Hotel survives on the sale of rooms, food and beverages, and other minor operating services, such as laundry, health club, business centre etc. It is responsible for guest check-in and check-out, mail and information services. Hence housekeeping performs more work in guest rooms and areas to provide a clean, comfortable environment for guests to enjoy. Customer's heart can only be won by the clean and healthy way.The housekeeping department usually has an Executive housekeeper, an assistant housekeeper & a floor Manager. Without these employees, a common areas and rooms would never be clean. Housekeeping departments also have supervisors who inspect work and several types of line staff, including room attendants, laundry attendants & other working staffs. Stacking towels, bed sheets, pillowcases, table napkins separately into different sections of shelves is also a duty of room attendants.Hotels are usually designed for the comfort of their guests rather than their housekeeping staff. This fact makes it very difficult to improve working conditions for housekeepers. It also performs the duties pertaining to the decoration of hotel premises. It takes care of repairing types of furniture, and painting of the Hotel area.Cleanliness decides which hotel clients should go to and which hotel they should not. Efficient housekeeping in a hotel makes more customers.Room attendants generally use a cart to hold their tools. Carts are stocked with chemicals and cleaning materials to clean surfaces in guest rooms and bathrooms. They clean by the vacuum cleaner, broom and trash bag. Teamwork can provide more evenly distributed muscular work. The whole team is involved in the planning of the work. Floors, walls, windows, mirrors, and bathrooms are adequately cleaned.Housekeeping generates the first impression on a guest's mind. Housekeeping takes the pride in keeping the hotel clean and comfortable so as to create a home away from home. Housekeepers are also responsible for other areas, such as public restrooms, convention space and offices. Clean room and clean surroundings make a happy customer. A well-planned cleanliness program should be maintained by the Hotel to win the heart of customers. To attract guests and remain competitive, hotel management pursues a policy that everything should be so clean & it sparkles by the customers.
Bed Bugs - Get Rid of Them Now!
Killing Bed Bugs Many people have lived most of their lives without seeing once of these nasty little creatures. But in recent years there has been a resurgence of these pesky little bugs that is almost akin to an epidemic.Bed bug infestations are showing are turning up in homes, condos, apartments, hotels, motels and dormitories. It is generally agreed that while their bite is a nuisance, it is not a health hazard since they do not carry diseases.This is why the Public Health Departments are slow in reacting to the bed bug epidemic. Of the larger cities only Boston and San Francisco have declared them a public nuisance and enacted regulations for dealing with infestations.Part of the problem with dealing with the bed bug is that many pest control professionals don't know how to treat for them. Most will treat an infestation the same way that they would a cockroach problem and that just doesn't work. The other part problem that the bed bug is highly resistant to many chemicals that are used to kill other pests.What Is A Bed Bug?The actual bug is small, usually the adult is only ¼ of an inch or less. They are also flat so they can hide in cracks and crevices during the day. They survive by feeding on the blood of warm blooded hosts. This is why bed bugs will usually be found near the sleeping areas though sometimes they are also found in chairs or sofas.They hide during the day to avoid light and will generally come out only at night when they bite and suck blood out of their victims.You can sometimes smell the waft of a foul odor if there is a large infestation. Pull up the bed sheets from a corner and check along the mattress seams. If the area is infested, you will see dark spots from their waste or blood from crushed bugs. You might even see an actual bed bug.How Do You Kill Them?It is because they are so shy of the light and expert hiders that it is so hard to get rid of bed bugs. You must use a multi-pronged approach.Just remember that having bed bugs is not usually a statement about the cleanliness of your home. They are just an opportunistic invader that you can kill if you use the right methods.
Is a Duvet a Comforter Or a Comforter a Duvet?
What is the difference between a duvet and a comforter? This is a question I often encounter in my daily business so let me take a little time to address in a detailed manner. The difference has often confounded many people, one is often mistaken for the other, but there is quite a stark contrast between the two.A comforter is a blanket that is usually thick and fluffy and made with layers of fabric. It is often colorfully adorned with patterns and usually dyed, not made with embroidery like like a quilt. It is usually filled with synthetic fiber. It "acts" as a bedspread and does not need a cover. It's usually washed when dirty much like normal bed sheets.A Duet (french for "down"), on the other hand, is simply a cloth bag filled with down feathers and down. In the States a "duvet cover," which is the correct term to use, is called a "duvet", while in Europe and Canada a down comforter is often called a duvet.A duvet cover is a protective, usually decorative cover that slips over the down comforter/duvet. It can be said that it is a pillowcase that acts like a blanket. Duvets can be wonderful when the quality is good, very warm when needed, but not exceedingly so.For final clarification; the main difference between the these closely related bed clothing is that a duvet has a cover with down inside that is placed inside a more decorative cover. The idea behind this is that you remove the outer shell and wash that alone. The duvet often replaces flat bed sheet so you only need the fitted sheet. The inner part of the duvet is rarely washed. A comforter, on the other hand is just one piece that cleaned by itself. Some comforters are usually to large to fit a domestic washer and often taken out for cleaning.Quality is usually the deciding factor about which is more comfortable. It also depends on how warm you need be. Most comforters are made of synthetic fillers but some are made of down. Down breathes, much better and synthetic materials are know to make you sweaty. However, some people are allergic to feathers and will have to settle with the synthetic fills, which can have varying degrees of comfort depending on the kind of materials used.
Bed Sheet Washing Tips - How to Wash Sateen Sheets
Fortunately, cotton towels are very easy to care for. Just throw them in the washing machine with your favorite laundry detergent and put them in warm water for best results. Dry in the machine or in the washing machine over low or medium heat and remove from the dryer immediately to reduce wrinkles. It is really very easy to take care of your luxurious cotton towels.Is global warming a scam?No. The government is not scamming us. It's very real. You people can thumb down my answer, but it really does not back up your pathetic conspiracy theoriesGlobal Warming Question?(1) If global warming is real, dangerous, and man-caused (3 separate questions), then everyone is a stakeholder. (2) If we are going to do something about it planet-wide (whether or not it's real, dangerous, and/or man-caused), then again, everyone is a stakeholder. (3) Companies that can make a profit from it, such as Al Gore's carbon-trading company. (4) Research institutions that get grants on the subject, such as East Anglia University.Is global warming a myth?No! it's sure about that. You could lots of relevant details onlineGlobals warming theorists says when its warm or hot its caused by global warming?Yup, way to cover their behinds, right? I mean, they are right either way, believe them and allow them to be in charge of our lives, they know what is best. Silly liberals, they are all the sameWhat is Global Warming and what are the major reasons for Global Warming?Al Gore eating at Taco BellIs global warming true or not?Real and a GOOD thing that it happens. If it did not we would be like Mars here. Man has nothing to do with a natural earth cycle that has been going on since the time began. Also the biggest greed...I mean green house gas is WATER VAPOR...I.E. CLOUDS...But you can not tax those, huh?Global Warming: Real or Not?its not real. ok? its just not.Is global warming real?NO! you people r freak n retarded! if you anything, then u would see that ice caps are melting but they r also forming. a volcano erupting gives off more carbon dioxide than we have in our whole existance. Now scientists are saying we "fixed" the ozone layer and now itz green house gasses. CRAP! they r paying scientists to say this and if you say u do not think this is true. scientists get fired. people r so stupid and nieve! im sorry but itz the hard truthwhat is global warming?Global Warming is a giant can of worms. The impacts Of Global warming are great rifts in many general points of view ,Splitting humanity apart philosophically,politically and socially. Not to speak of the physical & mental.aspects concerning all life on Earth . We need more categories There are several main frames that include CLIMATE CHANGE, Global Warming ?, Global warming and People , People and Climate change(yes) ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1)A lot of people are into the physics of Global warming. Its existence(true or not), Its causes, Its meanings , Its timings. 2)Some try to Explain ,Deny or Justify that . 3)Others want to be blissful in ignorance and will fight hard to maintain that. 4)And some sell this view for other more devious motives 5)Some don, t give a damn for the planet but are more concerned with Humanity, as if the two can be separated 6)Others are concerned about the planets present conditions in relation to life as a whole,and what has caused so much damage in the past as well as, and accelerating today ,that with intelligence ,foresight and ingenuity could have been prevented. This is the undeniable Human factor.the desertification s ,deforestations ,pollutions,the pillaging s of Nature and the vast changes made on this planets surface . We have all together here opened a giant can of worms,that appears to increase in complication daily There are NO single explanations Take your pick of any of the many views that are given.IS global warming real?Of course it is!About Global Warming?Tell every government official that represents you (at local, state, and federal levels) that you want nuclear power promoted as an clean, safe, cheap, alternative energy source. It's the simplest and by far the most effective thing you can do.
Time to Add Some Great Drapes to Your Interiors
Are you planning to give your living a room a great makeover anytime soon? If so, you must check window & door curtains online along with some amazing range of bed sheets online to enhance the overall look of your room. Drapes and curtains form a very important element of your space. Whatever the season it be, you need to ensure that you have the right drapes for you to provide you warmth and comfort.If you are still confused about adding the perfect drapes to your interiors, here are some of the draping ideas that will help you pool the right look there:1. Going for the smarter blend of drapes This season is talking all about minimalism and industrialism where the smarter blends are taking the industry by a storm. Well, here you think of the polished drapes shuttered by their smart features while you pull out various choices. The subtle glow that these drapes will provide you will bring off the chic aesthetics in your home. These kinds of drapes are available in many styles and they are here only to create a modern styled appeal that is realistic, practical and enticing in all its looks.2. Think about brown this time Well, this year is ruling the interior world with the various ethnic and wooden finishes. The best of the living room trends are inspired by the wooden forests of winters where the brown is peeping from the soothing white snow. This trend is going to stay there for long and cause a new revolution in the draping style of our interiors.Nowadays, brown curtains with a hint of heavy work are in trend. These kinds of curtains are creating a textured shadow around the house that helps to keep the sunlight away and even protect you from strong winds during winters.3. The softness is going to rule the home front One more iconic trend that we want to talk about is the soft drapes. Softness always rules the world and the soft flow will provide an elegant look to your interiors for sure. When it comes to soft upholstery, there is nothing better than linen. Linen is a lightweight dyed fabric in pastel hues to match your entire theme and provide a subtle look along with its amazing tailoring. These drapes are popular because they are the most absorbent fabric available in town.4. The natural hues will look the best Well, last but the least we would like to introduce you to the natural shades like coral, tangerine and so on. The different tints and shades of corals are assumed to be ruling the drapery world. The shades like plum, russet, damson are there to brighten up your living.You can go for a simple look or adopt a drape which is tinted with fresh and dainty florals that gives you a feel of a tropical ambiance.We hope that this guide would be a great help to you once you start hunting for your drapes this year.The writer has rich experience in writing on decor and lifestyle products with keen interest in rich fabrics and knowledge about a great range of bed sheets and curtains designs.
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