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Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, General Tommy Franks, then-commanding general of Central Command (CENTCOM), initially proposed to President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that the U.S. invade Afghanistan using a conventional force of 60,000 troops, preceded by six months of preparation. Rumsfeld and Bush feared that a conventional invasion of Afghanistan could bog down as had happened to the Soviets from 1979 and the British in 1842. Rumsfeld rejected Franks's plan, saying "I want men on the ground now!" Franks returned the next day with a plan utilizing U.S. Special Forces. On 26 September 2001, fifteen days after the 9/11 attack, the U.S. covertly inserted members of the CIA's Special Activities Division led by Gary Schroen as part of team Jawbreaker into Afghanistan, forming the Northern Afghanistan Liaison Team. They linked up with the Northern Alliance as part of Task Force Dagger.

Two weeks later, Task Force Dagger; Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 555 and 595, both 12-man Green Beret teams from 5th Special Forces Group, plus Air Force combat controllers, were airlifted by helicopter from the Karshi-Khanabad Air Base in Uzbekistan more than 300 kilometers (190mi) across the 16,000 feet (4,900m) Hindu Kush mountains in zero-visibility conditions by two SOAR MH-47E Chinook helicopters. The Chinooks were refueled in-flight three times during the 11-hour mission, establishing a new world record for combat rotorcraft missions at the time. They linked up with the CIA and Northern Alliance. Within a few weeks the Northern Alliance, with assistance from the U.S. ground and air forces, captured several key cities from the Taliban. In 2019, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Mulroy remarked that the U.S. partnership with the Northern Alliance was a successful model that was later followed in northern Iraq and Syria.

The U.S. officially launched Operation Enduring Freedom on 7 October 2001, with the assistance of the United Kingdom. The two were later joined by other countries. The U.S. and its allies drove the Taliban from power and built military bases near major cities across the country. Most al-Qaeda and Taliban were not captured, escaping to neighboring Pakistan or retreating to rural or remote mountainous regions.

On 20 December 2001, the United Nations authorized an International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), with a mandate to help the Afghans maintain security in Kabul and surrounding areas. It was initially established from the headquarters of the British 3rd Mechanised Division under Major General John McColl, and for its first years numbered no more than 5,000. Its mandate did not extend beyond the Kabul area for the first few years. Eighteen countries were contributing to the force in February 2002.

At the Bonn Conference in December 2001, Hamid Karzai was selected to head the Afghan Interim Administration, which after a 2002 loya jirga in Kabul became the Afghan Transitional Administration. In the popular elections of 2004, Karzai was elected president of the country, now named the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

US action into Pakistan 20082009 of queen size bed

An unnamed senior Pentagon official told the BBC that at some point between 12 July 12 September 2008, President Bush issued a classified order authorizing raids against militants in Pakistan. Pakistan said it would not allow foreign forces onto its territory and that it would vigorously protect its sovereignty. In September, the Pakistan military stated that it had issued orders to "open fire" on U.S. soldiers who crossed the border in pursuit of militant forces.

On 25 September 2008, Pakistani troops fired on ISAF helicopters. This caused confusion and anger in the Pentagon, which asked for a full explanation into the incident and denied that U.S. helicopters were in Pakistani airspace. Chief Pakistani military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said that the helicopters had "crossed into our territory in Ghulam Khan area. They passed over our checkpost so our troops fired warning shots". A few days later a CIA drone crashed into Pakistan territory.

A further split occurred when U.S. troops apparently landed on Pakistani soil to carry out an operation against militants in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. Pakistanis reacted angrily to the action, saying that 20 innocent villagers had been killed by U.S. troops. However, despite tensions, the U.S. increased the use of remotely piloted drone aircraft in Pakistan's border regions, in particular the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Balochistan; as of early 2009, drone attacks were up 183% since 2006.

By the end of 2008, the Taliban apparently had severed remaining ties with al-Qaeda. According to senior U.S. military intelligence officials, perhaps fewer than 100 members of al-Qaeda remained in Afghanistan.

In a meeting with General Stanley McChrystal, Pakistani military officials urged international forces to remain on the Afghan side of the border and prevent militants from fleeing into Pakistan. Pakistan noted that it had deployed 140,000 soldiers on its side of the border to address militant activities, while the coalition had only 100,000 soldiers to police the Afghanistan side.

2010: AmericanBritish offensive and Afghan peace initiative of queen size bed

In public statements U.S. officials had previously praised Pakistan's military effort against militants during its offensive in South Waziristan in November 2009. Karzai started peace talks with Haqqani network groups in March 2010, and there were other peace initiatives including the Afghan Peace Jirga 2010. In July 2010, a U.S. Army report read: "It seems to always be this way when we go there [to meet civilians]. No one wants anything to do with us." A report on meeting up with school representatives mentioned students throwing rocks at soldiers and not welcoming their arrival, as had been reported on several occasions elsewhere. President Zardari said that Pakistan had spent over 35billion U.S. dollars during the previous eight years fighting against militancy. According to the Afghan government, approximately 900 Taliban were killed in operations conducted during 2010. Due to increased use of IEDs by insurgents the number of injured coalition soldiers, mainly Americans, significantly increased. Beginning in May 2010 NATO special forces began to concentrate on operations to capture or kill specific Taliban leaders. As of March 2011, the U.S. military claimed that the effort had resulted in the capture or killing of more than 900 low- to mid-level Taliban commanders. Overall, 2010 saw the most insurgent attacks of any year since the war began, peaking in September at more than 1,500. Insurgent operations increased "dramatically" in two-thirds of Afghan provinces.

Troop surgeDeployment of additional U.S. troops continued in early 2010, with 9,000 of the planned 30,000 in place before the end of March and another 18,000 expected by June, with the 101st Airborne Division as the main source and a Marine Expeditionary Force in the Helmand Province. U.S. troops in Afghanistan outnumbered those in Iraq for the first time since 2003.

The CIA, following a request by General McChrystal, planned to increase teams of operatives, including elite SAD officers, with U.S. military special operations forces. This combination worked well in Iraq and was largely credited with the success of that surge. The CIA also increased its campaign using Hellfire missile strikes on Al-Qaeda in Pakistan. The number of strikes in 2010, 115, more than doubled the 50 drone attacks that occurred in 2009.

The surge in troops supported a sixfold increase in Special Forces operations. 700 airstrikes occurred in September 2010 alone versus 257 in all of 2009. From July 2010 to October 2010, 300 Taliban commanders and 800 foot-soldiers were killed. Hundreds more insurgent leaders were killed or captured as 2010 ended. Petraeus said, "We've got our teeth in the enemy's jugular now, and we're not going to let go."

The CIA created Counter-terrorism Pursuit Teams (CTPT) staffed by Afghans at the war's beginning. This force grew to over 3,000 by 2010 and was considered one of the "best Afghan fighting forces". Firebase Lilley was one of SAD's nerve centers. These units were not only effective in operations against the Taliban and al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan, but also expanded their operations into Pakistan. They were also important factors in both the "counterterrorism plus" and the full "counter-insurgency" options discussed by the Obama administration in the December 2010 review.

Battle of MarjahIn early February, Coalition and Afghan forces began highly visible plans for an offensive, codenamed Operation Moshtarak, on the Taliban stronghold near the village of Marjah. It began on 13 February and, according to U.S. and Afghan officials, was the first operation where Afghan forces led the coalition. Led by the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (US), the offensive involved 15,000 US, British, Canadian, Estonian, Danish, French, and Afghan troops. It was the biggest joint operation since the 2001 invasion that ousted the Taliban. The troops were fighting over an area of less than 260km2 (100sqmi), with a population of 80,000.

WikiLeaks disclosureOn 25 July 2010, the release of 91,731 classified documents from the WikiLeaks organization was made public. The documents cover U.S. military incident and intelligence reports from January 2004 to December 2009. Some of these documents included sanitized, and "covered up", accounts of civilian casualties caused by Coalition Forces. The reports included many references to other incidents involving civilian casualties like the Kunduz airstrike and Nangar Khel incident. The leaked documents also contain reports of Pakistan collusion with the Taliban. According to Der Spiegel, "the documents clearly show that the Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (usually known as the ISI) is the most important accomplice the Taliban has outside of Afghanistan."

Pakistan and U.S. tensionsTensions between Pakistan and the U.S. were heightened in late September after several Pakistan Frontier Corps soldiers were killed and wounded. The troops were attacked by a U.S. piloted aircraft that was pursuing Taliban forces near the Afghan-Pakistan border, but for unknown reasons opened fire on two Pakistan border posts. In retaliation for the strike, Pakistan closed the Torkham ground border crossing to NATO supply convoys for an unspecified period. This incident followed the release of a video allegedly showing uniformed Pakistan soldiers executing unarmed civilians. After the Torkham border closing, Pakistani Taliban attacked NATO convoys, killing several drivers and destroying around 100 tankers.

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Texas Divorcee Sets Wedding Dress on Fire During Garage ...
Texas Divorcee Sets Wedding Dress on Fire During Garage ...
A woman from Texas held a garage sale to sell off all of her ex-husband's belongings - then torched her wedding dress as a crowd looked on.BrianaBarksdale, 34, posted ads on Craigslist and Facebook advertising the "Divorce garage sale" in honour of "FINALLY being able to divorce my worthless, cheating, abusive husband." And because divorce is expensive,Barksdalewas selling off an entire household of her ex husband's things, including a living room set, queen size bed, an entire kitchen's worth of things, some clothes, and "pretty much everything it takes to keep a lazy worthless human being in a state of comfort for a year." A woman from Texas held a garage sale to sell off all of her ex-husband's belongings - then torched her wedding dress as a crowd looked on.BrianaBarksdale, 34, posted ads on Craigslist and Facebook advertising the "Divorce garage sale" in honour of "FINALLY being able to divorce my worthless, cheating, abusive husband." A woman from Texas held a garage sale to sell off all of her ex-husband's belongings - then torched her wedding dress as a crowd looked on.BrianaBarksdale, 34, posted ads on Craigslist and Facebook advertising the "Divorce garage sale" in honour of "FINALLY being able to divorce my worthless, cheating, abusive husband." And because divorce is expensive,Barksdalewas selling off an entire household of her ex husband's things, including a living room set, queen size bed, an entire kitchen's worth of things, some clothes, and "pretty much everything it takes to keep a lazy worthless human being in a state of comfort for a year." The mum-of-two had filed for divorce two years ago and was officially granted the divorce on January 31 - after Barksdale's ex pleaded guilty to assault of a family member, according to Click 2 Houston Barksdale's ex also apparently tried to take her dog, a point she used to defend her actions in her garage sale Facebook post, writing: "Who does that?!" In addition to offering her ex-husband's belongings at a discounted rate, so the new divorceewouldn't have to live off "ramenuntil she was 50,"Barksdalewrote on Facebook that attendees could also "help burn the pictures and my wedding dress, if you like." The invite was extended to anyone who had "been completely screwed over by an ex" and included mimosas and doughnuts.Prior to setting the wedding dress on fire, shoppers wrote insults and messages directed to Barksdale's ex-husband - before the divorcee lit it on fire to the cheers of onlookers.And despite the cynical nature of the garage sale, Barksdale told KHOU that every item was sold within minutes of the sale starting - including his grandmother's silverware.
Queen Size Beds for That Perfect Fit
Overview There are many different sizes for beds and although what one chooses highly depends on how much space one wants, or how many people are going to use it, the highly popular choice is the queen size bed. This is because regardless of whether only one person is sleeping on it or two, there is ample space to move around and it doesn't eat up much floor space. Knowing queen size bed dimensions is a good thing especially if one is in the market for a new bed, or trying to furnish a new apartment.Mattress Size Unlike other mattresses that have two different categories, i.e. a twin can either be the standard twin or extra long twin, there is only one type of queen size bed and hence only one specification when it comes to queen size bed dimensions. The mattress is sixty by eighty inches and if one is to convert this to centimeters, it would be one hundred fifty three by two hundred and three centimeters. How thick the bed is all about preference.The queen is usually compared to the full or double bed. It will be useful to know though when comparing queen size bed dimensions to double or full beds that the queen is wider by a whole 6 inches which means there is more room for the two people sleeping on it. A queen bed is perfect for couples who like snuggling, for an individual who wants room to move around when sleeping and it's just the perfect size for a guest bedroom.Queen Bedding Now that we know queen size bed dimensions let's now talk about the bedding that would go with the mattress. When it comes to the size of the bedding that will fit perfectly with queen size bed dimensions, we first have to know that there are 2 different types of bed sheets that we can buy. The first one is the fitted type that has garter or elastic sewn on the corners to make sure that the sheet is always immaculately straight no matter how much we move when we sleep. The good thing about these fitted sheets is that it comes in many design variants and for those who like the bed sheet staying put, this is a good choice.There are also flat sheets that are bigger than queen size bed dimensions and don't have a garter at the corners. These sheets are just as comfortable as the fitted ones and it really boils down to preference. Some prefer tucking in the sheet under the mattress, while others like the convenience of just laying it over the top without worrying about having to tuck in the corners.
King Vs. Queen Size Bed: What's the Difference? | Slumber Yard
In households with a couple or even an individual, many people enjoy the comfort of a bed larger than a twin or full. However, when choosing between a queen bed and a king bed, you need to weigh a few different factors. Your queen vs. king bed decision will be influenced by price, who sleeps in the bed and the space available in your home, among many other factors. Choosing a king vs. a queen bed wisely can help you get the night of sleep you desire, but that comes at a cost.Mattresses are well-regulated so that you can expect a product with strong safety features (usually to avoid flammability) that is actually the size the company claims it to be.Queen-sized beds have become a staple of common sleep arrangements. While a full-sized bed can technically sleep two people, they may feel cramped, while a queen-sized bed tends to make two people feel either comfortable or just close and snug. They are an affordable option, partially due to being a very standard size that nearly every mattress manufacturer offers. Queen beds are also fairly easy to move since they are small enough, compared to the king-size, to slip through doorways.• Easy to maneuver/fit in many common bedrooms• Sleep one or two people• May feel cramped with two people and pets or small children• May not be enough room for two people who like their space in the bedThere's an association of luxury with king-sized beds - yes, they cost a bit more to produce and thus buy as a consumer, but mostly the feeling of having lots of space to stretch out is a pleasant feeling for a lot of people. There are also times when a king-sized bed does a better job of filling a roomy bedroom and looking like the right 'fit' for space. Choosing between a queen and a king bed often comes down to how enjoyable it is to have extra space in the bed, especially if small children visit to sleep or dogs and cats want a spot as well.• Sleeps two people with ease and leaves room for pets or children• Harder to move in and outFactors To Consider When Deciding Which Size Is Best• The expenses associated with moving up in bed size are not just the cost of the mattress. Consider if you will have to replace sheets and pillowcases. Many people who move up to a king-sized bed get special extra-wide pillows as well, so that expense should be factored in.• Your space might technically fit a bigger bed, but make sure you consider maneuverability, not just the absolute minimum amount of space. Will your room feel cramped or uncomfortable with a bigger bed or will it retain a spacious feel?• If you need a new mattress regardless, it may only be a few hundred dollars more to upgrade to a king bed, but if you are looking at replacing a still-functional queen bed, the cost jump may feel like a lot, compared to $0 to stick with what you have.• Do you have small children or pets? It's often easier to get a comfortable night's sleep if you are likely to have some sleeping visitors to the king-sized bed, versus a queen or smaller mattress. Large dogs or cats that like to move around at night are both less likely to disturb your sleep in a king-sized bed.• Consider the process of getting your bed moved in or moved out and how often that is likely to happen. King-sized beds are much heavier and do not fit through doors as readily as queen beds, so maneuvering them should be at least some of the concern, especially if you move every few years.There's no one answer when it comes to queen vs. king bed, but there are factors that can sway you one way or the other. If you are looking for the most economical choice, have a small room and feel that you or you and your partner fit fine in a queen, this size is going to reward you. If you have a lot of bedroom space to fill, have small children or pets who like to spend time in the bed, or prefer to have lots of space, a king-sized bed might be the way to go. Either way, do some comparison shopping and make sure you try both types out before settling on your winner.What is the difference between a king and a California king?While a king-sized bed measures 76 inches by 80 inches, a California king measures 72 inches by 84 inches. They are longer for taller sleepers, but they are a little less wide.What is the difference in king size beds?Many people report more room or space when sleeping in a king bed, as well as enjoying the look of a larger bed in roomy bedrooms.Which bed is bigger, queen or king?A king sized bed is bigger than queen, with around 20% more width.A Texas king-sized bed is one of the oversized options for particularly tall people who want more than the standard king-sized bed dimensions; it measures 80 inches by 98 inches.At what age should one stop sleeping on twin size beds?This is actually pretty easy. When ever your clild is ready to sleep in a big boy bed, he can have pillows and a comforter. Some kids are ready early and go into there big kid bed at 18 months while others are not ready til about 2 1/2. Since you said he is 2 1/2 it is okay to put him in the big boy bed with a regular pillow and comforter. I would let him sleep in the big boy bed with his other pillow and blanket for a while if he seemed uncomfortable with the new ones
Can Pick Up Truck Carry a Queen Size Bed Frame?
If by bed frame you mean the steel portion under the boxspring then yes no problem at all. They fold down nicely. If you are talking about the headboard or headboard and footboard they will most likely fit. Some headboards require some assembly which means the boxes are smaller and easy to haul. If it is not boxed you will need some old blankets and such to protect it. A full size pick up truck should be no problem.1. Do these sheet run small? I have queen size plus padded mattress not sure if I should get a full size?I would say it definitely does not run small2. Can anyone recommend a really good tent that fits 4 ppl hold us against wind & rain fits a queen size air bed?I have a Coleman that sleeps 4 comfortably. I've also seen some by Magellan that would work. Both are available at Academy. If your going to be in a windy area, you will be a lot happier using a tent with a lower ceiling and dome style roof.3. How to make a Queen Size Fleece Blanket? patterns?You do do not need a pattern just measure the length and width and that would be the amount of material you will need. You will also have to put binding around all for sides as you are making it from scratch. Check my avatar and e- mail I will help you figure out the material and binding you will need EDIT Just an afterthought. I have found that when I get or make something for the bed, [blanket, quilt, comforter] that someone next to me has the majority of the cover so what I am now doing it going one size larger so would like to suggest that if you have a queen sized bed make your blanket for a king sized one.4. Just a quick little question!!?Queen size and the nice part is that if you buy queen sized sheets, buy the type that are made for pillowtop mattresses. They give you the added material you will need to fit the doubled up bed. Word to the wise, lock the frames together so the beds do not pull apart in the middle.5. where can I buy new queen size bed cheap?I am a big one for garage sales!! I did get a set for $2.00!! Very nice- mainly because you can slide out of bed!! E-bay too!!! Auctions, do not be afraid to check out sales, once you buy them, it's like buying them at a store only super cheap, and you would wash them just like you bought them at a store!! Always check out Thrift Stores!! I do not live in a big town either, but do not just settle for the first set you see, you need to save $$ where you can!! Good Luck (Hope you can stay in the bed!!!) LOL!!!6. Can pick up truck carry a queen size bed frame?If you are going to rent a pick up get one with a 8 foot box.How much stuff are you going to get? If you are going to get a lot of stuff you should see how much it is to rent a small trailer. Or you could rent a u haul.Good luck7. I can't fit my queen-size box spring up the stairs in my apartment. Any ideas?We actually cut the box springs in half with a saw and put it back together with wood and screws8. If I have a queen size futon frame would I be able to buy any queen size mattress for it?Futons are mostly FULL sized. Full mattresses are 75 inches long, queen 80 inches9. yes i am looking for a queen size bed to give away or to sell for cheap?We need a spare or if it's in real good shape Ill use it. Where are you?10. Where can I buy a Queen size black comforter?KMart has solid colored comforters11. Queen size quilt, border fabric too short?Most quilt boarders are made by sewing pieces together. Figure out how wide it needs to be and cut strips in that width till you have enough to go all the way around and then sew together. do not forget to allow measurement for your seams. Many quilters use 1/4 inch seams. do not put anything over your seams on the boarder. it will just call attention to them and make extra work and cost. your seams will hardly be noticeable.
I Need Wooden Bed Slats for a Queen Size Bed?
Use 2x4s, measure them directly to your bed, and cut them off to the length1. Can we haul a queen size bed set in a pick up truck?Wo not be a problem2. How can I raise a queen size mattress off of the floor inside a bed frame? Bed is too high on original slats.?Get some short legs to put on the box spring. You should be able to buy those and the hardware to attach them at any building supply place3. How big should I make my daughters blanket?Queen size sounds perfect. Then she can cuddle up in it when she is cold etc4. Will a queen size mattress fit in the back of a uhaul pickup truck?A Queen mattress is 60in wide by 80in long so as long as the UHAUL is wide and long enough you should have no problem. What you DO NOT want to do is ever Jam a mattress into a truck, van or any place. Improperly handling the mattress, bending folding etc, will often times ruin the mattress before you even get to sleep on it. The inner coils / springs are build to exact specs and if they are molded in a way they are not made for then the springs or coil system can break. This also voids any warranty you may have for the mattress. And yes it is easy to tell if a mattress has been mistreated. If you have to transport it try to alwys have it lay as flat as possible. if you have to use tie downs then do so but dont tie it down too tight where it starts to buckle.5. where can i buy a full size or queen size bed for a really good price?BJS6. Should I buy a King or Queen size bed?Depending on whether u need change and the room's dimensions .. Queen bed is also decently sized and u might feel it changed the look of the room too .7. What is the difference between Queen size bedding and Full/Queen bedding?yes.....but you will need a bed skirt8. What are the pros and cons of buying a used queen size mattress on eBay?I would never buy a used mattress. That is the one item in your life that you really do not want strangers to have used first. If you are looking to buy a bed online I bought one from an online company called The bed was reasonably inexpensive and it's made my nights sleep a lot better. Most importantly the beds are brand new! Do not sleep in somebody else's filth in a used bed9. Will a full-size mattress set fit on a queen-size bed?how long is a queen mattress10. Where can I find expanded queen size sheet sets(66"x80") at an affordable price?Go to J.C. Penny. They may be a little more expensive, but in the long run will stand up better11. Where can I find queen size duvet cover with palm tree print?This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I find queen size duvet cover with palm tree print? Hello, I am looking for a queen size duvet cover with a palm tree print and haven't been able to find one. I thank you so much in advance for your help!!12. Is it possible to use a full size mattress with a queen size bed?Yes, but it is real hard getting out of one side of the bed or the other. But the bed will sleep fine13. What size fitted sheet does a queen size pillow top mattress take?Look for a queen size with deep sides, they are made for extra thick mattresses14. Would a queen size mattress fit in my car?It will get wet if it rains unless You wrap it up perfectly, plus it could fly off and hit someone, I would rent a sm. U-Haul,one way and a tow bar hitch and tow Your car there15. Ashley Piermont bedroom set queen size bed rails 5inches to long?I am assuming you have a headboard and footboard with the wooden side rails. There is typically a gap at each end. This space is necessary in order to get your hands between the hdbrd and ftbrd to make the bed. Before you go measure yours in order to compare
Is It Weird for Two Sisters to Share a Queen Size Bed, with Separate Blankets?
Sharing a bed is not weird per se but it could raise some questions. I would stick with the twin beds if I were you1. Can a king size mattress fit a queen size bed frame?I guess not. why take the risk though?2. Can I overlay a queen size mattress over a full size box spring?Full Box Spring3. What is the difference between single, king and queen size mattress?twin 39"x75", full 54"x75", queen 60"x80", king 76"x80"4. Matching Queen Size Bed Comforters and A Crib Bedding Set ?Pink Toile Crib Bedding5. What are the pros and cons of buying a used queen size mattress on eBay?ok, THINK dude. It is a USED matress USED USED USED Do you seriously want a USED matress??!! I do not know how i could be more explicit than this USED USED USED :/ Just think what could have been done on that matress...6. can you use a full size comforter/sheet set on a queen size matress?No...full size is smaller than queen size mattress. Check out Queen sized down comforter on how it can can help beat the winter chill. Read this article:7. can i strap a queen size bed to the top of my acura hatchback?You can. I am not sure it's such a wise move though.8. i have a queen size bed frame but cannot fit a queen boxspring up my stairs could i use 2 twin boxsprings?You could... but they would not be the same size. 2 twins make a california king9. where is a good website/store to shop for QUEEN SIZE BEDDING for a GUY? :]?I use Max Malls a lot. Mostly because they will bridge you to all the major stores but also pay 20% of their revenue to charity. I hope you find what you are looking for there10. will a queen size mattress and box springs fit in an SUV?depends on who u screwing11. Do Queen size Duvet covers fit EVERY Queen size comforter?Yes, should be no problem12. Does anyone know what size van or suv will fit a queen size matress set?Any full size van will handle a Queen set. Brought a set home a couple of months ago in one. If you want a cheap rental place, U-Haul still rents a moving truck for $19 a day plus mileage. If you are not going too far it should do the job inexpensively13. I just add a Serta queen size mattress delivered and it was rolled up in a box. Is this the new way to deliver?If the Serta queen size mattress is made of gel foam, then shipping and delivering the mattress folded, shrink wrapped in plastic, placed in another bag, and boxed is the standard method14. Would it make a difference to switch from a full size mattress to a queen size?That 6 inches can make a difference. You will have to buy new linens too15. how do you wash a queen size goose down comforter?You do not wash it! You have to have it dry cleaned!16. How do I convert a queen size mattress into attractive seating in the living room? Please help! Out of ideas?I think it will still look like a bed whatever you do. Best put it in a corner and load it down with big cushions and maybe a coloured throw or two17. Can I use Queen size sheets on a Full size bed?Yes you can, the only thing that matters is the fitted sheet, and most places like LNT, Bed Bath and Beyond, JC Pennies etc carry Sheet holders that you can use to hold the fitted sheet down18. Looking for a queen size leopard print comforter or bedspread?well i have very good tast and i think you should go to bed bath abd beond because i saw some just the other day19. Which is the Best Duvet insert?Both are good, but if you have any allergies, go with synthetic, every time. I LOVE my silk blanket as duvet insert. All seasons, it's just right. Not too heavy, not too thick. I got mine at Costco, during a promotion, but they sell online, too....they are machine washable, and measure 88 x 94" in queen size. Sleep well!
What Is the Cost of a Queen Size Bed for Two?
are you talking about a Queen sized mattress and springs? or are you talking about a Queen sized bed frame? or are you talking about a Queen sized head board and foot board? do you want matching rails? need a little more information to be complete with an answer.1. can a queen size waterbed be cut down to a full?Uhmm,you might want to see if someone has a full who would like to trade for a queen.Unless you have excellent vinyl working skills,you might want to for-go the surgical procedure.pleasant dreams!2. help, my queen size mattress is an inch smaller than the frame.?Get some boards to place across the frame as planks to support the mattress3. What size sheets best fit a queen size bed?Get the same size for sheets and go larger for the comforter4. I'm in the market for a Queen Size Mattress, what do you personally suggest and recommend?pride of america collection by monticello -- it's the most comfortable matress ive ever had in my life. in fact, when im away, my mom and bro fight over who sleep in my bed... kinda creepy, dont let anyone else lay on it! good luck!5. Bedding that fits a Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed, Queen size?You need to buy deep pocket 18" sheets and you should be just fine. We purchased our Tempurpedic two months ago. We got the newer Rhapsody. I was not sure for the first 2 days, but now my wife and I absolutely love it. We wake up so refreshed. It has even helped my bad shoulder while sleeping. I used to move all night long. I would definately recommend looking into it. Also a friend of mine helped me get a good deal from a small store. If you call Mattress America they can give you extras like free shipping and pillows. Also out of state you save the sales tax so it's even better to buy this way. We did this and they were very helpful. Ask for the manager Keith. Their number is 1-888-375-3379. Also I would not suggest the new Original Tempurpedic bed. My cousin got this one and it's very hard. He exchanged it for the Deluxed Tempurpedic and now he loves it6. Queen size Batman comforter set?Try online stores like amazon or ebay. You can almost find anything on there! Or even google queen size batman sheets and see what comes up.. You might have to pay a little more for an odd item, but it will probably be worth it in the end! Good Luck!7. Can a full size mattress fit comfortably on a queen size headboard and footboard?Yes, if you do not know how to adapt them to fit the existing frame. Otherwise, no8. Can I safely move a queen size mattress and box spring on top of my car 50 miles? If so, how?If you have some type of rack, that would be the best way. Good Luck!9. Someone asked me to crochet them a queen size blanket.?It depends on how much your time is worth and the complexity of the pattern. If I were to make a granny square queen size blanket I would be asking about $800 as I would expect it to take me about 60 hours to make and about $200 in yarn, but these are Australia prices so your yarn may be cheaper. I have heard of someone paying as much as $1000.10. How Big Is A Queen Size Bedroom & A King Size? In Feet Please?Do not think you can get those room sizes it might mean that you can fit either a queen size bed (60"w by 80"l) or king size (76"w by 80"l) into either room11. 14'9" X 9'6" would a queen size bed work in a 14'9" X 9'6" room?Yes, it will work just fine. I have one in a 10 x 12 bedroom and there is plenty of room. There is room for a chest of drawers, 2 night stands and a small chair. There is really plenty of room.12. Is this bedroom too small for a queen size bedroom set?A really great way to get a lot of storage in a smaller room without having to put so much furniture, is to either get a platform bed with drawers or a captains bed. These are wonderful, especially if you get a queen size bed. They have a huge amount of drawers under the bed and you do not even need to have a dresser or extra chest. And it sure does add floor space without it being all cluttered up with furniture. Anyway, here's a couple of sites that have some info and good prices
How Much Will a Queen Size Bed and Frame Cost Me? Nothing Fancy.?
a queen mattress is about 650-800 dollars including tax but if you are looking for a memory all foam mattress sorry to tell you but it's gonna be higher than that frames can be cheap or expesnive so it's tough to say1. I have a king size bed and mattress, I'm wondering if I would be able to use a queen size frame?King size box is two pieces (same as two twins) so the frame has a center support that the two boxes drop into. A queen box is usually one piece (it may have a center support that is recessed). It would take some work to use the queen frame, probably not worth it.2. Can I safely move a queen size mattress and box spring on top of my car 50 miles? If so, how?If you have some type of rack, that would be the best way. Good Luck!3. What is the approximate cost of a set of queen size rubber sheets?If you just woulda saved all those used condoms4. how do I get a queen size box spring up stairs without cutting?bend and warp !!5. Where can I buy a cheap queen size mattress and box-spring online?Google local store for actual info locally6. Can't find sheets for my very thick queen size mattress?check JCPenney...they have lots of off sizes... I had to go there and get sheets for my daughters college bed in her dorm. lots of color choices as well.7. Will Queen size sheets fit on a full size bed?The bottom or 'fitted' sheet will give you nothing but headaches and the top sheet will hang to the floor. Other than that, yeah, they will sort of fit, but they will look like H E double L. Look sort of like a dress that's two sizes too big.8. How many yards of fabric will I need to make a blanket for a queen size bed?I used 2 yards for my son's twin size bed and it hung over slightly on all sides. So based on that i would say your looking at 5 yards at least. Maybe more if you want it to hang over the bed more. The best way to tell is to have someone help you measure the bed and how much you want to hang down on all sides once you get the measurement in inches /12 to get the number of feet. then /3 to get the number of yards you will need. EX. the bed is 144 inches long/12 = 12/3 = 4 yards then you have to figure out how much to make it across the bed. EX. if The bolt of fabric is 56" (not all are the same). your bed is 168 in wide = 168"/56" = 3 now take your width and lenght and mult. together 3x4 - 12 yards total make sur to take into consideration the cuts for the fringe!!!!9. Bedding that fits a Tempurpedic Celebrity Bed, Queen size?You need to buy deep pocket 18" sheets and you should be just fine. We purchased our Tempurpedic two months ago. We got the newer Rhapsody. I was not sure for the first 2 days, but now my wife and I absolutely love it. We wake up so refreshed. It has even helped my bad shoulder while sleeping. I used to move all night long. I would definately recommend looking into it. Also a friend of mine helped me get a good deal from a small store. If you call Mattress America they can give you extras like free shipping and pillows. Also out of state you save the sales tax so it's even better to buy this way. We did this and they were very helpful. Ask for the manager Keith. Their number is 1-888-375-3379. Also I would not suggest the new Original Tempurpedic bed. My cousin got this one and it's very hard. He exchanged it for the Deluxed Tempurpedic and now he loves it10. I can't get sheets to fit my queen size mattress?Most sheets today are geared towards the new pillow top beds. At bed bath and beyond they sel these nifty little clips than hold the sheets in place. They are really cheap and will keep you from going insane.
Where Can I Buy a Full Size Or Queen Size Bed for a Really Good Price?
walmart..... albersons1. I have a queen size down comforter I am taking to the dry cleaners- this may seem silly, but?I would just carry it in. But like another person mentioned, I also wash my down comforter at home - I use the gentle cycle, and have done it several times with great results - saves a bundle on cleaning! :O)2. Anyone else have issues with queen size bedding?I've thought about this long and hard, and have come to a conclusion. Get new sheets. I know, it's such an abstract thing to do in this situation, but I really wanted to help.3. My electric blanket is old. Should I upgrade to queen size?If you have to ask, the answer is probably "yes"4. How long should you keep a mattress??? I purchased one a queen size one and bought it in 1997.. 10 years old?When it is no longer comfortable or you want something different like a water bed5. Is it possible to move a Queen size mattress with a Chevy Impala?possible to strap it down, but with both mattress and box spring may be possible to loose both unless you really get some strapping done from all four sides6. how to build a frame sharing 2 queen size mattresses into one, over a floor vent?it sounds as thogh you hve an excellent workplan in mind - a successful one. good luck7. Can an Ikea queen size bed frame be taken apart enough to fit in a mid size 4 door sedan?Probably. Depends on the bed. The biggest pieces will be the side rails. If you can fit those in, you should be able to get the rest in too8. Can i buy a queen size head and foot board for a full size bed?Sometimes a queen headboard will have holes for mounting that fir full size too. You will have to check the headboard in question to be sure. If it does, not, it will not be able to be attached to the full size bed frame the standard way. You may be able to attached a 1x4 piece of board to the mounting holes on the headboard, running it the length of the headboard, holes to holes. Then mark the spot on the 1x4 where the holes on your existing frame hit the board. Drill new mounting holes in the board. You can probably attach it this way. It will stick out away from the bed just a bit, 3/4". (the width of the 1x4) Should work. Use bolts, washers and nuts to attach as you would normally.9. Is it possible to use a full size mattress with a queen size bed?Yes, but it is real hard getting out of one side of the bed or the other. But the bed will sleep fine10. Can a full size bedding set fit on a queen size bed?no, they are totally different, a queen is much larger11. do two twin box sets make a queen size mattress?No.. two twin makes an Eastern King size12. how many fat quarters are there in a queen size quilt?Fat Quarter Measurement13. What does the term "queen size" mean with respect to women's clothing?is a queen size a size 20-22 ?14. What are the pros and cons of buying a used queen size mattress on eBay?Con: YUCK!15. where can I shop for a great deal on queen size mattress and boxspring sets?Sometimes you can find an unclaimed freight store near where you live or google it for a location. The stuff is usually still in plastic and they may have head and footboards, too. It really just depends on what they got from their suppliers that day or week. There are some of these stores in MN.16. need cheap queen size bed frame with built in box spring idea?You go to a used furniture store. The kind that are really cheap. That's where they go when people sell them. Nothing wrong with them at all. Most are missing the hardware, but you can figure out what you need17. where can i buy a full size or queen size bed for a really good price?BJS
Back to School Help!Read Details! Get 10Points For1 with Best Outfit!?
Back to School Help!Read Details! Get 10Points For1 with Best Outfit!?
go to and type in first ay of school and people make collages of what to wear and on the side it tell you wear you can buy it i love that website go check it out• Related QuestionsHow do you like my first chapter?It sounds just like Twilight only difference is the chick is the vamp. I bet next chapter will feature a boy who has an 'aura' that makes her want to suck his blood or something equally ridiculous.Your originality staggers me.------Is this an incredibly stupid idea?technicality you shouldn't get in trouble for that... but i have gotten in trouble for similar things when i was in school... they called it a distraction to other students (i was doing the goth thing before it was popular).------What to wear now in Miami?TRAVEL LIGHT AND ALWAYS BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR A NIGHT ON THE TOWN!! tHE BEACH IS THE NECESSARY BIKINI REGARDLESS, AND THE NIGHT LIFE IS NOT MUCH MORE IF YOUR LOOKIN FOR A GREAT TIME...........iT IS MIAMI!!!!!------Should I wear a dress or a skirt on Valentine's Day?It depends upon the weather for me really. Within the fall I like to wear longer skirts and in the wintertime I wear longer ones with my boots, however in the spring and summer I prefer to wear short summer dresses------am looking for a wedding gown that i saw in a magazine years ago, fell in love with it. now cant find it help?Have you gone to a bridal shop yet? There may be some that have an archive of sorts of wedding gowns (photos, magazines, etc) that you may be able to find something close if not 'the one'.Good luck & Congrats------Can anyone read about these dreams for me please?Well, i think you like this guy. But you may be scared and unsure of what your friends think of it. try talking to your friends :)help me? thanks ------how do i look cute with my dress code?oh, that must be tough but one word ACCESSORIES! i now leave you to think...try: hope you find something you like :)------Ladies what is a good outfit for fall weather?girl jeans--ripped.((makes guys look so effin sexy))brown and red colors.((to make you blend in with the season))and some nice high heels that are so god damm gourgous it makes girls jeloushahahhope this helpssexy bioch------How is my intro for my story?i don't think you should say "all the more scary looking" in paragraph # 2. and in paragraph # 3 maybe u should say the doll looked most appauling afyter seeing the red yarn stiched over the mouth. Other than that AWESOME!------How would someone with this personality look/dress like?So if she is wealthy and artistic, probably like beige trousers with a navy blue jacket and white top. OR mayeb this outfit jpg.------This is the first half of chapter 1 in my book I'm writing. Can anyone read it and tell me how it is?omfg that is such a good story it makes me think of the twilight saga i love how you give so many details and describe his face i love the names and you need to keep on writing keep me updated------What shall i do about my daughter starting middle school???!?Woah, when I was that age I went to bed at 9:00 and read for an hour. I would say 8:30 - 10:00. Take her on a shopping spree at Justice. They have 40% off sales and cute clothes too. No more movies and chocolate------does anybody want to make me an outfit?Age: 15 Gender: woman form: in maximum circumstances Skater with incredibly Like, Prep colors: Any shade of green, Black, pink, Blue, pink clothing: T-Shirts, Hoodies, skinny denims shops: PacSun, Delias, heat concern count number, Abercrombie shoes: communicate, autos upload-ons: Necklaces, rings------Back to school clothes shopping list!!?I like girls in jeans. It makes them look more home town like and it doesn't look like they try too much but if you are looking to get this men attention, this might not be what you would like------beauty tips for young teen plz?were just the same but im tall not short lolthis is what goes on menavy blue, tan , dark greensskinny jeansflats or kitten heelst-shirts on long vestslongs coats that elongats your figuehope this helps------shorts and a band-aid, or should i cover it up.?Shorts Shorts Shorts.Oh god Please Do Not Wear A Long Sleeve ShirtUnder A Spaghetti Strap Dress.Just Wear Shorts and Everything Will Be Fine,I Mean If You Have Your Ankle Brace,Then Why Does A Band Aid Matter.------Can i wear a long sleeves dress to prom?Hello:Yeah go for it. but if you'd like to be in style try making one out of clean unused plastic garbage/trash/bin bags. That material is in style these days. I hope I helped, if not I'm sorry.------Can i just wear a t-shirt and pants for ice skating and not a long sleeve or with jacket?well it depends if your a good skater or not ....if its your first time ... wear jeans ... it don't hurt as much when you fall over ... and also wear a jacketthe temperature is normally 0-3 degrees in indoor rinks------Winter mommies...what type of outfit?i live in michigan. so it may be a little different. plus my son was born in march. but he went home in a university of michigan sleeper. we had a huge snow storm the day my son was born too------fashion/dress for teen girls in boston?Boston gets very cold in the fall/winter so make sure you pack a lot of warm clothes such as jackets, sweatshirts/pants, jeans, long sleeves, etc...In September, you could probably wear shorts if it's early in the month------Cute Ways To Dress For School?This Site Might Help You.RE:Cute Ways To Dress For School?I really like blue jeans and layering shirts , what are some things i can use as comfy assecories and some cute casual things to do with my hair THANKS------At a traditional Catholic wedding w/o communion at 7pm, do I have to wear a long dress??I like girls in jeans. It makes them look more home town like and it generally does not look like they try too hard but if you are looking to get this men attention, this might not be what you want------I think one of my students is being neglected/abused?well...don't you have an obligation to report anything out of the ordinary?? I would talk to the guidance counselor at your school and see what the next approach would be...they are better equipped for situations like yours. good luck------I'm fashionably challenged please help?well, 10 things that a teenage girl must have in her wardrobe are1) a little black dress2) a trench coat3) heels4) neutral coloured flats5) neutral coloured handbag6) a cardigan7) a blazer8) a day dress9) good pair of jeans10) an all occasions top------What is your school's dress code?bottoms, below fingertips3finger sleeveswe are allowed to wear any type of shoes, including flipflopspajamas are not a problem, (besides by style)those saggy type hats are acceptable, but not like sports capsheadbands everyone wears themhoodsno------Which of these dresses do you like the most?hey, i like the first one which is pink. It will really suit your age. If you changed the color to Black would also be nice. I have noticed that all of the dresses are short. Yet they are really pretty!------Anyone else have a daughter/s like this?Well u cant get her all dresses because school starts in the fall which means winter is right around the corner and you just said that she'll wear pants wen its cold so yes get her some pants as well :)------Why do females athletes wear tiny clothing and males dont?Sad to say but I think they want to make a fashion statement. Who knows maybe it's an endorsement for the clothing and so they get money for it. You are right others do just fine and even win some!.------Do women care how a man dresses or is that only shallow immature girls who do?Clothes do matter to me, because they tell you a lot about someone.I just know that I'm going to probably get along better with a guy who has really casual style and dresses for comfort and function rather than fashion.------What is the Disneyland dress code you must have to work there?I really like little skirts and the real way i fix it being brief is leggings and coloured tights. Not the methods with holes however the ones that virtually look like leggings but are obviously tights as a result of material------15 year old girl always comes to class with injuries?Yes, because if there is an abusive parent, someone needs to intervene. Same case if this student's injuries were self-inflicted, which would indicate depression.Unless she secretly fights criminals in her free time and picked up injuries from there.------what can i wear over or under this dress to be warm at a New York evening Wedding? Shoes - Or if you don't like them look at the rest of the shoes on the site.------What kind of hairstyle will look nice with this dress?Angel,it incredibly is a quite gown,yet as a guy,i think of somewhat like the type interior the image,it exhibits the gown and your self greater powerful,in case you spot my factor,so have an astounding time to------Why am I the only one to dress for the cold appropriately at school?I asked myself this same question when I moved to CT. In the winter it gets cold. However, I see many people in shorts and a zipped or pullover sweater. No lie, I even seen this one girl in flip flops.------Anyone with a sense of fashion... please help?I have a good look Somethign like that.------Wearing A Cherry Red Dress To A Wedding?I like females in jeans. It makes them look more city like and it generally does not look like they are trying too hard but if you're trying to get this guys attention, this may well not be what you would like------What would you call my style???? :)?It's really cute and laid back. I think it's more of a girly style with a slight edge.Also, if you want to add details, you can. It's under the edit link on your question or something.------I need a new wardrobe for fall I'm 23. I want advice on what basic essentials I should get to mix and makeGet classic clothes that don't go out of style, and accessorize. The accessories can change with time and you can wear the same clothes as a base. You keep up with fashion trends this way, and save money too.------Where can I find a sweater dress for a reasonable price?urban planet, urban outfitters, costa blanca....those are the only ones i can think of, and i dont know if you have one near you or not.also, a good suggestion, thrift stores! cheap, and you never know what youll find:)------Fall wardrobe for school aged children?my daughter wears uniforms, so i replace them as needed. i never went heavy into shopping as they had plenty of clothes from the summer to last a few months into the school year. i replaced clothes as need then, too------I'm 15 and going to a Georgia wedding in November. What should I wear?!?This is a pretty dress, it's short so not too dressy, but still elegant. Forever 21 has lots of cute dresses...and cheap! ------Why do people think that western riders are pur redneck hillbillies that don't care about their horse?Same reason people think english riders are stuck up snobs that wear their jods so tight so the sticks don't fall out of their butts. Ignorance and bigotry.There are amazing riders of both disciplines. And total jerks in both.------Survey: What is your style? (GIRLS)?1. jeggins and pumps and top and cardigan2. demin skirt and tank top (if its actually hot)3. jeans/jeggins or skirt with tights, uggs and hoodie4. jeggins and hoodie, pumps or uggs5. hollister, river island, primark..random ones6. pink7. down and straightened------What do you think? I'll answer yours if you answer mine. A little bit long, but please help. I'm confused!?It does sound like he likes you, but he may be shy about it or unsure of what to do. You may need to make the first move if you really want something to happen between the two of you------for grae 8 grad i have a dress its like not straps or tube tops its full length and full sleeves but all the?Psh no,it sounds like there trying to be too grown up and to slut-like.As long as your dress is pretty and is not covering your body from the top pf your head to the floor, u should be fine.------Have no idea what to wear on first day?!? would work well :) I suggest lose fitting but not baggy shirt with shorts or boyfriend jeans :P------what is this fall's fashion?cuffed high boots, skinny jeans, and stripped long sleeve sweaters. Thick belts around the waist with a long white shirt and black leggings, kimono styke dresses and peep toe shoes... Try looking at this months issues of Lucky fashion magazine and glamour.
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