My New Cars Air Conditioner Has a Bad Smell?

you may just need to replace the cabin air filter, for most cars its on the passenger side near the glove deapartment

1. why is my indoor air conditioner unit dripping water?

Most indoor air conditioners have a drip pan for extra condensation. It sounds like yours is doing more than a little drip. Take off the front panel and see if you have a clogged line somewhere or if the water line is not properly seated where it should be.

2. Can I mount a window air conditioner sideways? Will it work?

i dont think there would be a problem, all the coolant and things like that are sealed. i would just try it

3. Why does my Air conditioner needs a thump to turn on?

You need to get a new air conditioner

4. Why isn't my air conditioner blowing cold?

Why do you need a loaner? If it lost freon because of a leak it should not take more than an hour or two to repair. Your dealer does not have to be the one to fix it, any BMW dealer can. If yours does not have time take it someplace else. I would also complain to the BMW district manager. This is not acceptable warranty service, especially considering how much you paid for the car

5. Can you use an air conditioner without putting it in the wondow?

no it has to be out a window. AC's actually produce more heat than cool its just vented outside and the cool air in so if its not in a window its going to heat the place up. You can however buy mounting kits to make it fit in most any window

6. Why isn't my Air Conditioner turning back on?

I think that after you turn off the air conditioner, you are supposed to wait a few minutes before turning it back on. So maybe if you try again it will start working. Also, maybe the circuit breaker or fuse that controls that outlet blew. Try plugging a different electrical device in that outlet and see if it works. If it does not you need to check the fuses or the circuit breakers. A blown fuse needs to be replaced, if your house has circuit breakers you just need to reset the switch.

7. What is wrong with my Ford Explorer's air conditioner?

Ya, check all your fuses with a multimeter or a fuse checker and replace and burnt ones. If that doesnt solve it, if its within your ability, check the belts and wires going to the electric fan motor. It could be as simple as a loose wire

8. How to design my room? (13 year old girl)?

I only suggest that you have to use the Ductless Split Air Conditioner type. It can add more character to your room and im sure you will love it. Im also using this type of air conditioner and it attracts my visitors since I also put some accessory there. Maybe i can give you the pictures of my room. So that you can have more ideas what to do and what to add in your room.

9. Can I Build A air conditioner out of fridge parts and a fan?

It will work providing the room is no bigger than a ref. and very well insulated

10. What 3 things can I do to increase my gas mileage?

drive at a constant speed check tire pressure keep air conditioner off

11. How to kepp people from tampering with air conditioner controls?

most places install a plastic cover that requires a key to open

12. What's wrong with my car's air conditioner?

My first guess would be the cycling switch, this switch turns the compressor clutch on and off in intervals to give the compressor a break to keep it from overheating and/or building up too much pressure, it is located on or near the drier, follow the wires(s) from the compressor clutch, they will go to the cycling switch, disconnect the plug, use a paper clip and jumper across the plug, it should immediately engage the clutch on the compressor, if not, most likely a bad clutch

13. why haloalkanes/freon used in refrigerator and air-conditioner?

Air conditioning systems use special fluids inside them called refrigerants. The air conditioner works by removing the positive thermal energy (heat) from the room and replacing it with cooler air. The best refrigerants are gases at room temperature and also boil at room temperature. When the air conditioner was first being developed, the only compounds they knew could boil at about 20 degrees celsius were gaseous hydrocarbons like butane and propane. When these gases boiled, scientists discovered that they took heat with them as they evaporated. These were the amazing properties of evaporation that were just being discovered. You can demonstrate this for yourself. For this simple experiment, we can substitute butane or propane for something a little less volatile like ethyl alcohol. It still has a low boiling point, but not as low as propane or butane. If you spray some on your arm and allow it to evaporate, you will feel your arm get cooler. This is because the alcohol is evaporating and taking the heat from your arm with it. You can even leave the bottle of alcohol in the sun for an hour to let it heat up and then spray it on yourself again. Even though the alcohol as a liquid is much hotter, the evaporation will still cool your arm. Today, butane and propane have been replaced by safer and more efficient refrigerants like freon because they can hold more heat and unlike hydrocarbons, they are not flammable. Many different refrigerants exist but most of them belong to a group of compounds called hydrofluorocarbons. The most efficient air conditioner refrigerants have a very low specific heat and can easily change from a liquid to a gas while in the air conditioning cycle.

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