Sleep Under the Stars - in Jaw-dropping Style! From Utah to the Maldives, the Luxurious Hotel Beds T

Sleeping under the stars doesn't have to mean lying on backache-inducing hard ground.

That's because there are a host of hotels around the world that offer guests luxurious beds outside. Or in the case of the Cabriolet Suite at L'Albereta in Italy , under a retractable roof.

Here MailOnline Travel presents incredible bedrooms where a comfy mattress, a breeze and a view of the heavens come as standard.

Tinyeleti Treehouse , Kruger National Park, South Africa Tinyeleti Treehouse is a hideaway on the Lion Sands Game Reserve in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, that will take your breath away.

Built to match the height of the surrounding trees, you'll have an exquisite view of the Sabie River, which runs alongside.

The deck itself is 50 square metres, and features a large double bed, a sofa, and a small table and chair for dining, plus toilet facilities. The cost per night is £226.

Jamtara Wilderness Camp , Pench National Park, India The Machaan star bed is inspired by the age-old tradition of farmers sleeping outside so they're handy for shoeing animals away from their crops.

Located on the edge of the jungle, you'll be able to spot plenty of animals from your four-poster bed, including leopards, wild dogs and the odd tiger, too. There are small villages in the surrounding area and a swimming pool and main dining room, available to all guests.

Prices vary depending on the camp package you choose, but start from £273 per night for an all-inclusive experience with an added cost of £81 for the star bed.

L'Albereta , Bergamo, Italy L'Albereta's Cabriolet Suite is the ultimate choice for those who want the pleasantries of a posh hotel, but want to stargaze too- because the bedroom has a retractable ceiling.

Step onto the balcony, meanwhile, and views open up of the surrounding vineyards and Lake Iseo.

Other amenities include a hydro-massage tub in your room and a day spa, which is open to all guests. One night's stay for two people is £267.

Amangiri , Utah The luxurious Amangiri hotel is hidden away in the Utah desert, a few hours' drive from the Grand Canyon National Park. In your private Mesa Pool Suite, you will have the luxury of two beds - one inside and one outside on the rooftop terrace.

Downstairs there is a private terrace with a fireplace, plunge pool, rain showers and personal bar. Additional enhancements for a romantic evening include champagne and traditional campfire s'mores.

The price starts at approximately £3,826 per room per night.It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for two guests, as well as guided hikes and group fitness classes.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso , Baja California Peninsula, Mexico Las Ventanas al Paraiso is located in San Jose del Cabo in Mexico, on the Baja California Peninsula.

The deluxe resort is on the edge of the beach and there are multiple open air beds to spend the night in, including one that offers access to a private pool and incredible ocean views.

Around the resort, there's a plethora of options for daytime fun, including a spa and fitness center, multiple pools and a special tequila and ceviche bar. Prices vary depending on which suite or villa you choose, and there are also private residences available.

Loisaba Star Beds , Laikipia, Kenya Part of the Elewana Collection, the Loisana Star Beds in Kenya feature hand-crafted four-poster beds on raised wooden platforms.

Each bed has wheels underneath and can be rolled out from under a thatched roof and onto the terrace.Located in the middle of Laikipia county, upon arrival you'll be welcomed by Samburu and Laikipiak Maasai warriors.

One night's stay for two people costs £357. For solo travellers it's £741 per night. The price is part of a full board package that includes alcoholic drinks, safari activities, guided bush walks, game drives and more.

Forsthofalm , Austria Forsthofalm is an eco-hotel located in the Austrian Alps, with a special add-on for guests who want to sleep outdoors.

In the midst of a woodland glade is a double bed, a small table and two chairs.After a night in their forest suite, guests can return to the hotel and enjoy facilities including a heated outdoor rooftop pool and complimentary yoga classes.

The experience costs approximately £124, and includes a bottle of champagne.

Tswalu Kalahari , Sou th Africa Tswalu Kalahari's sleep-out deck, Malori, which in the local language translates as 'dreamer', offers ample opportunity for stargazing - on a king-sized bed.

Located in the middle of a game reserve, this five-star stay has a raised platform with a thatched overhang for protection. Guests can choose to sleep under the thatch or further along the deck under the night sky, with panoramic views of the vast plains of the Green Kalahari.

The add-on experience, which is available to guests at the main Motse resort, costs approximately £374.

Milaidhoo Island , Maldives As part of their stay at Milaidhoo Villa, which is in a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, guests can book a night on Milaidhoo Island, living as castaways on a private sandbank.

But, with the grandeur of sleeping in a canopied four-poster bed and having a private yacht with hotel amenities on standby.A phone is also provided if any issues occur during the night.

The opulent experience even begins before you're marooned on the island, with a sunset dolphin cruise and champagne served by a personal butler. And in the morning there's an option for a workout with a Milaidhoo Yogi. Prices start from £1,236.

Tubu Tree Camp , Botswana Tubu Tree is part of a small camp site on the border of the Moremi Game Reserve, with eight beds available - each on a private wooden deck.

You can explore the reserve during the day and night by car or glide along the waters on a traditional mokoro canoe. There's also an outside bar and a pool.

The cost for a nine-night safari adventure through Scott Dunn starts from £9,495 per person, which includes three nights at Tubu Tree, as well as six nights on two other camp sites.

Star Bed Experience at Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort , Mozambique Guests at the Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort in Mozambique can nod off under the night sky if they opt for the 'Star Bed' experience.

The rate starts from £844 per room per night and includes helicopter transfers, full board and wine.

Blissful tranquility awaits.

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Looking for somewhere really different to stay on your holidays Bettina Kowalewski selects her pick of the weirdest hotels in the world, from beds in a wine barrel to a plane.Ever wanted to see a plane's cockpit Well, now you can sleep with your head against one in this 40s Bristol B-170 Freighter plane above. The plane itself is a rare sight made more unique by the small kitchen and bunk bed set up in the cabin. Where the pilot used to sit is a double bed so close to the dials and switches that restless sleepers may find they inadvertently take off while dozing.Contact: The Plane Motel (see a desert that is renowned for its extraterrestrial sightings, this hotel was allegedly built following alien instructions sent from Venus. Aircraft mechanic and dedicated ufologist, George Van Tassel, died before he could complete the building. But, according to the visitor he encountered, the outer ring works like a dynamo that can turn the dome into a time machine able to rejuvenate human cells.Contact: Integratron (see will feel like a bird in a cosy nest staying in these eco-friendly globes. According to druid tradition, they are suspended between three trees by nothing but ropes. Their creators believe the spheres channel and amplify sounds and one's own energy. More practically, they contain a dining area, a kitchen and two separate beds.Contact: Free Spirit Spheres (see the gaping mouth below the shining eyes of a stone troll and follow a cave passageway lit with torches down to your hotel room. Three outdoor terraces allow for plenty of natural light inside. One is even equipped with a barbecue -- this is Australia. One room, referred to by some guests as the bondage room, is equipped with leather straps and horse harnesses above the bed.Contact: Mira Mira (see be confined by four walls when you can sleep under the stars on a nicely mowed lawn Anyone with a slight exhibitionist streak can don a frilly nightcap and stay on this iron bed in full view of the neighbours, with a chair, candle and a "door to nowhere" for comfort.A shower and toilet are available in a real house indoors, where you are advised to take your mattress for shelter should it rain.Contact: Pension Kamerichs (see not spend the night at the bottom of a barrel These ones, in the popular Drosselgasse, have two little windows, two beds and are 80 years old. They once held gallons of Riesling and red Spätburgunder. Surrounded by taverns, there is no excuse not to crawl into a barrel at the end of the night with a bellyful of wine.Contact: Hotel Lindenwirt (see, you can watch the Northern Lights dance about the night sky from the warmth and comfort of a thoughtfully designed, glass igloo. Looking like a row of spaceships, the igloos are more practical than the traditional kind and have heated floors, remaining cosy when the outside temperature drops to below -30C. Kakslauttanen is one of the best places to observe the spectacle.Contact: Igloo Village Kakslauttanen (see blue lagoons, rainbow fish and a wave from the odd passing diver. All these things and more are visible from these luxury glass-bottomed villas in one of the world's diving meccas.Dine in your room on a glass table above a see-through floor or visit the nearby restaurant, where rays and large shoals of fish can be seen through the transparent walls and ceiling.Contact: Sunset Water Villas (see is no need to unpack when your hotel room itself is an oversized suitcase. Guests will be amazed at how much has been packed into this 'suitcase', which includes bunk beds and a bathroom. Late-night reading material consists of a rule book used by German Federal Railways.Contact: Zum Prellbock "Kofftel" ( for the claustrophobic is the windowless world of rock and water at this hotel, reached by descending into the depths of a mountain to meet the source of a river. At 6,725ft below sea level, and accessed by a small hole in the mountainside, this is reminiscent of a Second World War military bunker. There's a restaurant and the ambition to create a post-modern monastic retreat.Contact: La Claustra (see Independent
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