Straight Outta Bed, Onto the Runway!

Who knew that pillows and bedsheets would one day be the biggest fashion trend? Not even Ye saw this one coming.We can all agree that the lockdown has revealed our laziest and most creative sides. The latest social media challenge to come out of quarantine is about creating a whole look around your bedding. The #pillowchallenge, which first gained heat on April 5 by and , has 'instagrammers' wearing bed pillows as mini balloon dresses — my huns did not forget to cinch in the waist and take bomb selfies. I could not be more prouder.But some people are taking it to another level by pairing their looks with daring oversized Gucci logo belts, Celine sunglasses and Dior saddle bags. Others are going for the dramatic ball gown look using white comforters and bedsheets instead of their standard pillows. The #pillowchallenge is behind other at-home fashion activities like #HomeCouture. See, below some of the cutest bedding looks so far

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Why would a man brag about how good he is in bed?

It usually means they are crap and can not keep their mouths shut!

I'm totally screwed my buddy and this girl had sex in my uncles bed and left the condom wrapper??What do I do?

Tell the truth, if for no other reason it is the easiest thing to remember. Just come out and be honest, he will be mad but more mad if you lie to him and he finds out you did later

What age should a boy stop defecating the bed?

Well he's way past the age it should be taken care of. He is in charge of his body and the stools should be his clean up task. Stain stick works well for the poop stains, but it needs to be done before it's set. BTW, anal incontinence is often a sign of sexual abuse.

how 2 stop my dog in her bed?

To have a dog toilet in the spot you want it to do it you have to train it. It wo not train itself. Very difficult when the dog lives its whole life outside. Why would you even consider getting rid of a dog when it has not been trained to do what you want it to do?

Why would my dog poop on my bed and on me WHILE I WAS SLEEPING ON IT?!?!?

So since your dog is obviously sick your going to punish it so he will never ever do it again? Rather than making the dog fearful and feeling worse than he already does from whatever is bothering his tummy - take him to a vet. Unusual behaviors that change suddenly are a sign your dog is not feeling well, diarrhea and vomiting are not willful acts, nor are they calculated planned things dos do to try and control their humans. Your dog has either eaten something or come down with a virus or has an infection or something else is wrong with him. Have you never woke up during the night and vomited or had diarrhea? Did you do it just for negative attention, pretending you were sick? Keeping the dog limited to the kitchen or bathroom (where ever there is a non carpeted floor) while the dog is sick is the best thing until he gets checked out, just in case he has another accident and cannot hold it. One of the things about my dogs is the fact when they are very afraid they come running to me for comfort and will cling to me, when my dogs are sick they will also come to me looking for comfort and I have been vomited on, bled on, dealt with diarrhea and other issues, it simply means your dog trusts you to do the right thing and help them since they cannot talk and tell us how they feel. They look to us for guidance and comfort. Punishing the dog because it had an accident and wanted to be with you to help it feel better is wrong. I guess it's how your parents raised you is punishing you for being sick too.

i cant scream and rotate in my bed?

Could you move? Like were you having trouble moving? Or were you frozen? If so, that's sleep paralysis. If not; it's probably just a night terror

Ladies would you be pissed if your husband got out of bed to go visit a female friend?

Wait i go visit a female friends its problem but nothing wrong when you are talking to and visiting guy friends

Husband tells me I'm beautiful but masterbates in bed while he thinks I'm sleeping and lies about it!?

An open and honest chat withyour husband may help

If you burn easily in the natural sun, will you still burn in a tanning bed?

Yes, I would not recommend it. It also brings out all your freckles. I would recommend a spray tan

does using a tanning bed automatically equal skin cancer?

Definitely, if not for the cancer risk, do it for younger, healthier skin. Tanning WILL increase your wrinkles in a few years as well as producing sun damage, that looks like age spots. Only laser can reduce or eliminate this damage. Save your skin and switch to tanning creams, like Aveeno or Neutrogena gradual tanning moisturizers. They are great and make your skin healthier, instead of spotty and wrinkly.

Would a pole vault mat make a good bed?

it looks comfy to me so yes

HELP!! i think i got bed bugs! what should i do with my pillows? and my blanket?

Based on your description it sounds like you have fleas. Wash what you can in hot water followed by about 20 minutes in the dryer. What you can not wash, throw out. If you develop a flea infestation at home, it takes alot of work to remove it from your home. You can also use a disinfectant to kill the fleas. Purchase one that is specifically labeled for this purpose.

So I woke up this morning 10 weeks 4 days pregnant and went to bed tonight knowing I will have to have a D&C?

h i am sorry to hear of ur loss i have had 4 micarriages my self and its heartbreaking to ur self and your partner if got one dont give up i have now got 2 darling little men age 4 and 5

On bed rest, feeling worthless and helpless... what can I do?

First of all do not feel shame or that you are worthless, you are bringing a human being into this world which means you are just making sacrafices for your baby to be healthy. I am sure it is hard but your 7 year old is probably not being affected as much as you think. I am not sure on the exact weeks but I know the doctor cannot make you wait past a certain time in your pregnancy if you want to be induced, it may be around 38 or 39 weeks. You should ask. Best wishes to you, keep reminding yourself you are strong and your doing a good thing for your family

How would I repaint a bed panel if its Solid pine, Clear acrylic lacquer?

Clean the surfaces with a mild solvent, like Windex or diluted Jasco TSP substitute using a clean rag, to remove any surface contaminants. Prime coat with a good primer like Zinser's 123, which among other things is a “bonding“ primer. Apply a good coat of interior latex paint, your choice of color and sheen, possibly satin or semigloss, using a roller for flat surfaces.

I have an earwig infestation in my flower bed, how do I get rid of them NOW??!?

The same insecticide as you used last year will not hurt the day lilies. The only other way you can get rid of the earwigs is to get rid of the mulch that they are living and hiding in

bigWig to bed for regions above/below threshold

You can do that with a bit of python:You will need to install pyBigWig (it's available via pip or conda install) and change the lines with Change me in them

Help with 5 year old wetting the bed?

what does the parents want her to do, she is the babysitter, she should talk to the parents about this, but I would use the pull-ups called goodnights

Why do my eyes hurt after being in bed for 3 days cause of fever?

What you have is a severe migrane. attempt resting in a gloomy, quiet room, sip some cool water, and positioned a funky fabric on your brow/itchy eyes. to your back, if it facilitates, positioned a heating pad on it. attempt rubbing your shoulder blades in a around action (interior the fleshy section, no longer the definitely bony section :P). Get as comfortable as you probably can, and do not consume solid-tasting nutrition. save your physique nicely insulated. do no longer rigidity too lots, or you will worsen your discomfort. Don;t forget to respire deep, comfortable, and difficulty-free. Mentally flow right into a satisfied, non violent place and picture your self relaxing there. make beneficial to no longer take too lots Tylenol; in case you are taking too lots, you could bypass to the ER. wish this develop into useful! sense extra powerful! :).

I have a digital clock by my bed and the numbers keep changing like very minute. Is this proof of a ghost?

The numbers are suppose to change every minute, its' a clock

How do you get a 3 yr old to stop peeing in the bed?

Your son is just not ready to do this. He may have a small bladder or he may be falling into a very deep sleep, or he may just be one of the 50% of children who do not toilet train until after they are three years old. You can check with your doctor, but s/he Will probably tell you that this is normal and he will outgrow it

My friend has a son who is six years old and still wets the bed, how can she make him stop?

Sometimes they just have to grow out of it. My nephew was 10 before he stopped. His problem was that he was just too heavy of a sleeper, and I guess his bladder was not big enough to hold it until morning

When you let one rip while in bed, under the covers, do you :?

nothing like gas in the morning d

My 6yr old daughter started to pee her bed at night?

Good move with the drinks. Now check if she is undergoing any new stress at school, etc. In any case, wake her up when you think she is about to pee and help her to the bathroom. Do this for three or four nights until she develops a new routine.

I still wet the bed at 16...but...?

its not worth it. Dont be ashamed

Why does my 6 year old brother in law still pee the bed, & how can we try to help him stop?? BQ.?

Gee, how often do you mind these children? You are not the person to set rues, or change wet sheets, that should be the parent's responsibility, or the boy's. I would definitely tell your husband BEFORE the arival of your children that they are NOT going to be playing video games for five hours in a row. this should not be a “discussion“ but rather a foot-down demand. The best way to approach this is to have some other activities as an alternative.

Do you prefer a soft or firm bed?

Firm, because soft ones hurt my back, hips and neck and they miss shape much too easily

What's the best way to punish my daughter for wetting the bed?

sorry but spanking her for something shes prob out of her control and embaressed about and looks to a parent for answers why its happen. instead u spanked her. take her to a dr and go from there be the smarter idea.

how to get my 3 year old from wetting the bed at night?

AS Glenna said this is normal. Use diapers till he stops. Our Dr. said something like kids can have weak bladder control while sleeping till age six I believe. My son stopped at close to age 4. My daughter is still working on it she has good nights and bad and is 3 and a half

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My  Bed
My Bed
I have a queen size memory foam mattress that holds a pile of pillows and a plush cat. Gender is fluid and damn it sometimes I act a little girlie.My blanket is sherpa on one side, microfiber on the other, and full of down alternative fibers. I do not want a duck to use my skin to keep themselves warm, so it's not cool for me to use their feathers to keep me warm.I got my platform bed frame on Amazon for $100.The super low version.I like to be close to the floor.I got my jersey sheets from Target. They feel like Target t-shirts and Target has really comfy t-shirts. . should be my happy place, in the center of my sanctuary.My place to shut it all away.But it is not .Because you ai not here.I climb in alone.I do not toss and turn as much as I used to, but it still takes me a little time to get comfortable.Some days I even make it to the center of . It was hard enough to find the right spot when I could guarantee your snoring would lull me to sleep.The nights did not feel so anxious and the silence did not feel so deafening.I miss listening to you talk in your sleep. When I am in , I long to see you in my dreams.Nah, I am lying.Dreaming about you makes me cry because I do not wake up to you anymore. I do not feel your beard scratching my face. I do not see your smile. I do not hear your voice. It's just me in . Alone.Why did My Puppy Pee On His Bed?he is a bedwetter,get diapers for him!Im still scared about my Daughters fall off the Bed last week...?Falling off a bed once is an accident and should alert the parent that more care needs to be taken. Fortunately in this case, the baby does not fall far. I think trying the bed rails are an excellent idea, or take the mattress off the box spring so she will just fall off the mattress.Pimple under my eye?helpp?Give it time, I had a cyst on the side of my face where my cheek is, I looked like a chipmunk for almost 2 weeks. I kept putting a hot cloth on it, ice pack, clearasil cream on it before I went to bed. Then when I woke up there was a head and I gently popped it and all this puss came out with blood. I never had anything like that before in my life. It could be a sty, so leave it alone since it is under your eye and its very delicateIS YOUR BED COMFORTABLE (rate from 1 to 10...with 10 being the most comfortable)? WHAT KIND IS IT?what is really weird is I am not comfortable on a normal mattress. i sleep on a cheapy $60 futon mattress folded in half. on the frame, the bars stuck through, so it did not work that way. ..... its four inches thick when inverted. everyone in my house say's its uncomfortable, but when i sleep on a normal bed, it takes me twice as Long to fall asleep, and i do not sleep as well..... maybe you just need to sleep on a hard surface...... it's good 4 ur back?? lol, am i so weird? i guess I would rate it about a 6 or 7. ... the 9 i know is my best friend's daguther's bed and went w/ her mom through college, so its about 14-17 years old.... the 8 i know is at my gramma's house, and is about 30 years old..... the only ten I've ever known was in the penthouse suit @ the Belagio in VAGAS!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!! I am evil, I've been there!!!! but just cuz i was a mother's help, but it was fun anyway.found BED BUGS! NEED HELP!?These websites may help you decide if what you found are actually bed bugs and how to treat them if they areBrown Dog tick Vs Bed bug? ?Probably a wood tick of some sort. Google both bugs and look at pics of them. Ticks have a very hard exoskeleton. You cannot smoosh them except by force of a pliers. Burn or flush them is the only way to kill really. I have never seen a bed bug, but from what I understand they are tiny tiny
Face Detection, Tracking and Recognition Algorithm Embedded Platform and 2 Megapixel Camera
Face Detection, Tracking and Recognition Algorithm Embedded Platform and 2 Megapixel Camera
Product description1. The world's leading dynamic face detection, tracking and recognition algorithm based on video stream is adopted, combined with high-performance embedded platform and 2 million pixel camera to accurately realize face detection, tracking and recognition and display on 5-inch screen;2. Support 1: n face comparison or 1:1 face comparison, dynamic binocular living body detection and anti-counterfeiting, and completely solve the deception of all kinds of photos and videos;3. 1: n mode can recognize 5 people at the same time. When the light environment is good, it can recognize the face at a distance of up to 3 meters. The face comparison takes about 0.1ms. It has good resistance to light and wearing glasses;4. The 1:1 mode comparison takes about 0.5ms, and the threshold (50-80) is adjustable.5. Rich hardware interfaces: Wigan, relay switching output6. Communication mode: RJ45 (TCP) network port communication; 4G is optional7. Perfect software functions: equipment management, personnel / face management, authority management, real-time monitoring, record viewing, attendance management, etc.8. Cloud server cloud storage cloud management9. Interface description can be provided for secondary development and docking of customers.10. Provide special web management platform: community management platform, enterprise management platform, etcFace algorithmFace algorithm technology: carefully built based on Hisilicon special AI chip and Shangtang face algorithmIn vivo algorithm technology: 2.5D in vivo detection technology based on monocular (color camera) and binocular (color infrared); 3D living body detection technology based on structured lightMulti face comparison technology: realize face recognition and search locally without networking. Up to 10000 face databases are supported. 10000 face databases, search for a picture (CPU 2G) recognition search time is about 500 millisecondsSingle face comparison technology: realize 1-to-1 face comparison locally. Compare the similarity of two people, which is mainly applied to face unlocking. Compare the faces on the two photos to judge whether they are the same person, and support binocular in vivo verification.Product parametersSpecification and model: fv05sHardwareOperating system LinuxMemory 1gStorage 8g EMMCImaging device 1 / 2.7 "CMOSCommunication mode LAN (4G optional)Bluetooth standardLens 2.9mmCamera parametersCamera, binocular camera,Support in vivo detectionEffective pixels 2 million effective pixels1920*1080Minimum illumination 1LuxSNR ≥ 41dbWide dynamic range ≥ 105dBFace performanceFace recognition height 1.2-2.2m, angle adjustableFace recognition distance: 0.5-1.5mThe viewing angle is 85 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees verticallyDiagonal 90 degreesRecognition time The function supports 10000 face comparison databases and100000 face recognition recordsInterfaceNetwork interface RJ45 100m adaptive Ethernet port, 4G / WiFi optionalWigan interface can support Wigan outputRelay signal no, com, NCGeneral parametersPower supply DC 12V / 3AEquipment power 15W (max)Operating temperature: - 15 ℃ - 60 ℃Working humidity: 5 90% relative humidity, no condensationEquipment size 200 (length) * 94 (width) * 22 (thickness) mmInstallation method: wall mountedMaterial ABSPhysical installation drawingFace access control
Is It Possible for a NYC Yellow (van) Cab to Move a Twin Bed Mattress?
Is It Possible for a NYC Yellow (van) Cab to Move a Twin Bed Mattress?
the cab driver may not be inconvenienced, but the problem is that even a twin mattress and box spring may not fit entirely into a minivan cab. you might want to see if ZipCar has anything big enough to fit (or maybe even Hertz on an hourly basis...)1. What's the best type of bed and mattress to buy for a 5 yr old? I don't like anything plastic, disney,etc...Bless you for banning that junky stuff from your house and not polluting your child with it! I had graduated to a regular bed by the time I was five. Because beds do not wear out, I would say go for the highest quality you can possibly afford, and plan to keep this bed forever, using it as a guest bed after your child is grown and gone. You will change out mattresses (also go for the best quality you can) from time to time, but if you choose carefully, you will be happy with the bed forever. While the child is small, you can do things to dress it up if you feel the need. Bed covers of course, but you could also put one or more hooks in the ceiling and hang something to make it tent-like. A five-year-old might even be mature enough to help decide what it should be and participate in the making. A little project! Have fun with this. Do not buy something your child will outgrow right away.2. i just got a new single bed mattress but now i want to get a double bed in my room what can i do?Sell the mattress, use the money to get full-sized mattresses and a frame3. How can I remove cigarette smell out of a bed mattress?sprinkle some baking soda leave it for a couple of hours, vaccum it4. How do I get my son out of the crib? And into a toddler bed, or mattress on the floor?I took my daughter to the store and let her pick out sheets and a blanket for her new bed. Just make it fun for him5. Can you fill a water bed mattress with air?You would have to keep it under pressure somehow. The rubber is too thick and heavy for a water bed to remain expanded with just air6. What is the best way to clean a Twin Bed Mattress, Young child sleeps on it.?My dog gave birth in the middle of my bed while I was at work. Needless to say it was a mess and I could not afford to run out and buy a new mattress. So I took it off of my bed..took it outside, layed it on my picnic table and sprayed houshold cleaner on it and blasted it with the hose. It came out cleaner than it was to begin with. It took an entire day for it to dry (out in the sun) but it was worth it. It was like I had a brand new mattress again.7. How long does it take to completely dry a double bed mattress?It was outside and got soaking wet, needs to dry?haha welll try blow drying it, cause it is gonna take forever for it to dry. i suggest that you keep a bunch of fans drying it for a while... and put a weight on it, so all the water inside slowly squeezes out.8. Can a MAGNETIC BED/MATTRESS PAD cure lower back pain?if you have a department store or drug store in your are you can purchase patches to place on your back. i am sure you have seen them on t.v. they smell like bengay but they work9. What is the typical price range for a full-size bed (mattress and box spring)?We have inexpensive, reasonable quality full size mattress sets starting at $169. This would be ideal for a child or light adult--175 lbs or less that is a back sleeper. If you are a side sleeper--$2-300 range for guys and $3-400 range for women. The difference being, most guys are pretty straight on the side, where women are more curvy at the waist/hip line. Women therefore require a thicker pillow top to absorb the hip and shoulder areas--to eliminate pressure points. Also, this allows a thick pillow top to conform to the waist region, thereby supporting the spine and preventing that lower back ache in the morning (in L4, L5 and S1 vertebrae).
What Your Nail Shape Says About Your Health and How to Treat It
What Your Nail Shape Says About Your Health and How to Treat It
What Your Nail Shape Says About Your Health and How to Treat ItIf you've noticed any changes in your finger and toenails recently, your body might be trying to tell you something. A number of nail changes can be harmless, but they can also signal an illness. Toenails and fingernails are made of a substance called keratin, the protein also found in skin and hair. Nails are a more hardened, pure form of keratin than skin or hair. Finger and toenails grow from the base of the nail bed, with keratin forming in layers. This cell growth generates from what is called the matrix, which is the base of a nail under the skin. The matrix is constantly producing new keratin and the cells are dead by the time they are exposed from under our skin, much like hair. Another component of nails is the cuticle, which is a thin layer of skin that grows at the base of the nail bed and protects the matrix from exposure to germs and foreign substances. At the bottom of your nails, you will notice a section that's lighter in color than the rest. This is called the lunula, so named for its half-moon shape. You may not see lunulas on all of your fingers and toenails, and that's perfectly fine. They are a part of the matrix, and can be obscured beneath your skin. Nail Abnormalities and What They Mean With a basic understanding of how nails are supposed to look, it's not hard to notice when something is not right. Healthy nails look clear and smooth, and are free of cracks and discoloration. There are a number of conditions that can cause nails to become unhealthy and they are not all as straightforward as you might think. Nail health deterioration can indicate health problems all throughout your body. Nail discoloration can be more than an unsightly annoyance. If you notice a dark streak or a growing dark spot on your nail, it could be melanoma. Melanoma is a very serious form of skin cancer that can spread quickly to other parts of your body. Early detection and treatment will ensure that it does not have that opportunity. On the other hand, your nail may have undergone trauma resulting in a splinter hemorrhage, which simply means some broken blood vessels beneath the skin and nails. If the line of discoloration is a splinter hemorrhage, it will usually require no treatment. Paronychia is another condition that can cause your nail to appear black, but usually also appears in a patch with tinges of green rather than a line. This discoloration is usually a sign of infection in the skin beneath the nail. Typically, the skin around your nails becomes inflamed and red in cases of paronychia. If you notice black or dark discoloration in your nails, visiting your dermatologist is highly recommended. Ruling out melanoma and other diseases quickly is important for both your health and your peace of mind. If your whole fingernail changes color, or if you notice the half-moon shaped lunula changing color independent of the rest of your nail, it can be a warning sign of a number of conditions. For example, blue nails usually imply a lack of oxygen in your bloodstream, which is often a medical emergency. If your nails are turning yellow, it might be due to painting them red without a base coat or an early warning sign of lung disease or rheumatoid arthritis. The fact that discoloration can result from so many different sources, erring on the side of caution is always your best bet. Lunulas turning blue could be a sign of some kind of poisoning, while red half-moons can point to all kinds of ailments ranging from arthritis to lupus and heart disease. Physical changes to your nails are very obvious and can cause extreme discomfort in some cases. Onycholysis describes the process by which a nail begins to lift up from the skin. This nail deformity is usually caused by a problem within the nail, like a fungal infection or psoriasis. Trauma caused by cleaning under your nails or an improper manicure/pedicure can also cause nails to lift. Pitting, which looks like the nail has been stabbed or picked at leaving behind dimples, is another physical deformity that should be considered a warning sign. Pitting can be caused by psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. Alopecia areata, a condition that causes hair loss in patches, can also cause pitting. Onychogryphosis (or "ram's horn" nails) is a condition that causes nails to thicken and grow much faster than normal. This gives them the appearance of horns, and can be caused by conditions like psoriasis or poor circulation. There is also some evidence that the disease is hereditary since people with family members who have had onychogryphosis are more likely to develop it themselves. If your nails indent or thin in the center, taking on the appearance of a spoon, you may have what is called koilonychia. This condition is usually caused by an iron deficiency, which is itself a symptom of diseases like celiac and other intestinal or stomach ailments. There are quite a few ways to treat misshapen or discolored nails, but the right treatment depends on the cause of your nail problem. Treating ailments localized to the fingers (such as infections, fungal or otherwise) is straightforward. Your dermatologist will prescribe antibiotics or antifungals which should clear up issues quickly. If pitting, discoloration or lifting up occur as a result of psoriasis, alopecia, or other general skin conditions, your doctor will attempt to treat the ailment as a whole. Topical or oral medications are usually prescribed to treat these types of diseases, and they work to relieve symptoms even in your nails. If your nails are discolored or spoon-shaped due to internal illness or deficiencies, treating the underlying health issue should restore nails to their healthy state. You may be given iron supplements to treat spoon-shaped nails. If celiac disease is to blame for your condition, you should see improvement with a gluten free diet. If a more serious issue such as lung disease or melanoma is to blame, treatment might be more difficult. However, as with any medical issue, the sooner it's detected, the easier it is to treat. With some of these nail problems, nail loss is possible, but unlikely. In the event that your nail is lost or removed as part of treatment, your dermatologist can recommend ways to encourage healthy regrowth. However, keep in mind that it takes at least half a year for fingernails to regrow completely, and toenails take around a year and a half to come back entirely. If your nails have changed shape, color, texture, or appearance, a quick diagnosis will save you a lot of trouble. Be cautious and call your New England dermatologist today to make sure your nails are not warning you about something worse.
Whats Your Signature Trick in the Bedroom?
Whats Your Signature Trick in the Bedroom?
Whats your signature trick in the bedroom?Going down on her. However... Back when I dated I was asked "How do you do that?" and asked to write a book and share. haha I only knew they liked it when they clenched their teeth, clawed at the bed sheets, every muscle in their entire body would tense up and flex, their legs started shaking (and continued to do so for a few minutes after the big O), held their breath groaning and moaning, twitching their cute little tummies and nearly bucking me into next week. On a near fall I had to make sure she did not get up and walk for a few minutes so she could get her wobbly legs back in order. *sigh* (Good thing there's a learning curve.) Trouble is they want seconds but they are too worn out and have to wait a few days. That's an issue I can not seem to gain an edge on. *sniff*— — — — — —How to dribble under legs?practice, practice— — — — — —My iguana has a bad leg?do not worry, if anything bad happens iguanas can regrow their legs— — — — — —Just had a baby and need help dressing this new body!?The pants pass over the go well with. Trust me. it might appear quite unusual to position them on beneath the go well with. I f their legs do not seem to be lengthy adequate, you additionally must pull up the pants lovely top and so they appear a bit dorky however it is SO lovable on a little one— — — — — —Girls: should men shave their legs to wear shorts? Turn on or turn off?turn off. it just doesnt look manly to me. hair on guys legs is just another thing that makes them distinctly male and shaved legs on girls make them look more feminine. i personally like guys more if they have hair on their legs:)— — — — — —Why can't spiders climb out of a bathtub but they can walk up a wall and across a ceiling.?their legs get slipperry. its like ice skatin gon pluto and— — — — — —Do employers regardless of profession like it if their employees are neat and clean in appearance?Pretty much yes, I would say, tho I do not think commanding women to shave their legs is appropriate at all— — — — — —What annoys you? Any pet peeves?when men spit outside, when they walk outside with their shirts off, the way they sit down with their legs wide open— — — — — —Why don't men shave their legs?There is no societal pressure. because society pressures them into it. If you go to parts of Germany, France, and other such European countries you will find there is no pressure for the females to shave their arm hair. thus they do not do it— — — — — —Club informationStandingsPromotion/Relegation Playoff Legs Primera División-Primera B NacionalThe 3rd and 4th placed of the table played with the 18th and the 17th placed of the Relegation Table of 2011-12 Primera Divisin. San Martn (SJ) remained in the Primera Divisin after a 0-0 aggregate tie by virtue of a "sports advantage". In case of a tie in goals, the team from the Primera Divisin gets to stay in it. San Lorenzo remained in the Primera Divisin by winning the playoff.— — — — — —What part of "keep your legs together" do pro choicers not understand?Since they can not think on their own, they want someone else to come and hold their legs together— — — — — —are wetlook leggings the same as (faux) leather leggings/pants?wetlook leggings tend to be more shiny/sheer material, whereas faux leather leggings will have more of a plastic feel/look to them. However, some designers make them to look the same— — — — — —Why do woman get offended when you tell them they are sexy?While you might not be hitting on them, they certainly think you are. And what is offensive about it to them is that you are implying that something so base as to tell them they are "sexy" is all it takes for them to spread their legs for you. And you might have noticed, that those that DO respond positively at that are often hookers. Does that explain their reaction?— — — — — —Why do women contradict themselves...?I would count beckham and ronaldo as muscular. look at their legs. Big is good, huge is just gross
Marquis De Sade Makes a Bed
Marquis De Sade Makes a Bed
The bed was soft. Soft yet firm, expansive, and white as snow. Decked with clean sheets and a fluffy comforter, the mattress stood four feet off the ground in the basement of the strangers house. A mirror hung directly above it. Whips hung from the walls. Chains. Leather. Hooks. Ball gags. Furry tails. And the cherry on top, a dozen LED candles glowing orange around the room.It would end up being the most comfortable bed we slept in across America and possibly the best bed wed ever sleep in, period. How did we get here?We had spent 13 days on the road the first 13 of more than 200. At times, wed thought ourselves simultaneously sadistic and masochistic, wondering why wed decide to submit ourselves and each other to anxiety, disgust, fear and painful blisters.But wed also experienced immense pleasure. Ice cream on the side of the road. Epic feasts laid by gracious hosts. Always a bed somewhere, somewhere to lay our heads and feet. Like the first day so daunting the first two weeks of our walk told us all wed need to know about the entire seven months: sometimes you have to suffer a little to know what sumptuous feels like.March 8Our second day on the walk was a breeze. We only had 11 miles to our next stop, a lovely, humble home in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, where Meryl, my former girlfriend and current colleague in cosmic exploration, grew up. Ironically, she wasnt there, but the rest of her family was: Elise, Meryls quieter, more mysterious twin sister; Nafi, their generous and opinionated father; and Nancy, the worrywart of a matriarch, sweeter than a Turkish delight, setting out a spread that made the rich offerings of Odysseus kingly hosts look like moldy cheese and stale bread. Though Natalie and I felt grateful for the hospitality after such an easy day, Nancy, the romantic, admitted disappointment: She wished she couldve hosted us a hundred or even a thousand miles away, when the weariness of the road had truly set in.March 9Day by day, New Jersey increased in beauty. The first day wed walked in the 30s, the second day in the 40s, and the third day in the 50s. The sun melted snow into countless rivulets as we strolled through quiet, pretty neighborhoods. Everything went perfectly until, as Natalie started pushing the buggy for the first time, a truck sped through a pothole filled with murky melted snow, raining black sludge all over us. Natalie was completely disgusted. Once I was sure she wouldnt cry, I died laughing.At the end of 14 miles, we arrived in New Brunswick, where we stayed with our first-ever Couchsurfing hosts. John and Martha were a young white couple, newly married and settled into an apartment with a view of the Freedom Tower glowing in the distance. Martha pointed out that shed just commuted from New York that very evening. After feeling so proud of having walked 42 miles from the city, I suddenly felt my pride deflating.March 10On the fourth day, Natalie and I narrowly escaped a rainy walk by leaving early and keeping a strong pace. The heavens started leaking just as we wearily wandered into a falafel shop in downtown Princeton. After lunch, we got ice cream at the Bent Spoon, famous for its offbeat flavors. I ordered one scoop of honey plus two scoops of earl grey like sipping on a cold cup of tea, a bit heavy on the cream.Our second-ever Couchsurfing host was a humble Finnish climatologist named Sampo, who conveniently lived in Palmer Square, right in the heart of Princeton. The size of the stairwell up to his apartment was equally inconvenient, but we managed to wrestle the buggy up anyway. The way it looked, we were to share the small single room with this strange man. Only then did we have some doubts. Though generally friendly, his bulky figure and awkward conversation (was that just cultural divide?) put us on guard.Im very particular about sounds, he said, before complaining to us about his noisy neighbors. Perhaps this was a warning to his two guests for the night.In the end, our fears were unfounded; it was our fortune to share his roof. Wed soon learn just fortunate, for under Sampos roof we experienced a new first: it was the first night we went to sleep not knowing where wed be sleeping the next. Our vague plan? Shoot for Washington Crossing, a state park whose campsites wouldnt open until the end of the month.March 11On the fifth day, we set a new record of 18 miles walked. Having secured another home for the night, we waited to meet our Couchsurfing host at the public library, basking in our achievement. Yes, we were only five days in, but our legs felt stronger than ever. The temperatures were rising, the snow was melting. Wed found hosts three nights in a row and we hadnt suffered any flat tires.Not everyone felt as we did. Earlier in the day, as we left a diner, one of the customers followed us out and asked, You guys walking?Yep, I said proudly. We made it from Brooklyn and were headed for San Francisco.Youll never make it, he scoffed.Thanks for the confidence, I smiled.Its just too far, he said, walking to his truck. Its a big country.What goes up, must come down. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. And, perhaps, for every pessimist who has zero faith in your plans, there is a bright-eyed optimist who wouldnt question your chance of success. For us, that man was named Jacob.A man of the land, Jacob was tall and burly with a broad torso, long limbs, and hefty hands and feet. The man was just plain big, and he had a big old beating heart to match. He didnt doubt us for a moment, not just because of his heart but because of his experience: Once hed spent a month biking the entire west coast from Canada to Mexico.Jacob picked us up in downtown Lambertville, brought us back to the farmhouse, and introduced us to his housemates, including two farmer bros, who relished our gift of beer, and Chrissy, a Waldorf schoolteacher. Their humanity was refreshing, a whirlwind of joy and energy spinning around the large kitchen cooking up a variety of veggies and rice. After Chrissy and I jammed on a couple Gillian Welch songs, Natalie and I showered, did laundry, and then joined the house for the biggest damn feast of the trip yet: roasted kale, carrots, nettles, beets, apple salad, and fried rice with red peppers, red onions, and broccoli. Once emptied, our plates gleamed like paintings.March 12On the sixth day, we left New Jersey for Pennsylvania. After a short, 11-mile walk, home for the night was Doylestown, where we met some characters.First: At the public library, an elderly white woman who plopped down into her chair, huffing and puffing after a little too much walking.Then: At a run-down pizza spot downtown, a white, middle-aged man, bespectacled and balding, who complained about the inoperative WiFi, then proceeded to stand up his tablet on the table so he could watch music videos by 1980s divas.In the same place: A black girl employed by the pizza joint, shocked and awestruck by this mans existence.Finally: In their home, Jason and Ruth, young white newlyweds who together attended a hip hop dance class, where hip hop means Bruno Mars. We were grateful to them for opening up their home to us, and for the tennis ball they added to our pile of stuff.March 13On the seventh day, we did not rest. Instead, we achieved several milestones:We completed 100 miles of walking.For the first time, we walked over 20 miles in a day.For the first time on the walk, we camped in our tent.For the first time on the walk, we camped in a state park.For the first time on the walk, we camped in a state park illegally.It was all we could come up with. We scouted Evansburg State Park, plowed somewhere into the woods, and crawled into our tent. Though we were glad to be settled, I couldnt say we were comfortable. For one, the forecast called for a 100% chance of rain starting at night and continuing well through the morning. And I wasnt confident about the campsite I wasnt convinced that we were invisible to nosy, rule-enforcing rangers. On top of everything, a big tree leaned menacingly over our tent.In short, I was stressed out. And tired. And scared.But I had my lovely lady at my side. We had completed an entire week on the walk. And the next day we only had 10 miles to Royersford, where my dads coworker presumably had a massive mansion awaiting us, complete with spa treatment, foot massages, and xanax. Big rocky candy mountain.March 14Warm and drowsy, I eventually suppressed my anxiety long enough to fall asleep, only to be disturbed a few hours later by the pitter-patter of raindrops on the tent. We knew it was coming, I consoled myself, and so dipped back into sleep and dreams and wakefulness and sleep and dreams andNatalie! I said. This rain wont let up. Lets go.Everything was soaking, sopping, soggy. Our fleeces, our jackets, our ponchos, our tent, our buggy, its wheels, our spirits. And then with only a mile to go, our front tire went flat.It was the most unfortunate 24 hours of the walk yet.But then Tina opened the front door. Here was a kind, caring, soft-spoken woman middle-aged mother of three kids, colleague of my fathers. She was thoughtful, leaving water and biscotti in the guest room as if wed paid for it in advance. She shared in our worries, driving us all over town to pick up new tubes for our tires. And, in the evening, she treated us to an Indian dinner. In short, she couldve been our mother.March 15The night previous, I watched Tinas husband Eric patch up the flat tire. By the morning, it was already flat again. With Eric gone for the day, I took it as a sign: Maybe you should make sure you can actually patch the thing yourself before getting on the road again. So, while Tina and Natalie looked on, one worriedly and the other doubtfully, I patched the damn thing myself.Six hours and 18 miles later, we arrived at French Creek State Park, our snow-capped campsite 800 feet above sea level. And the tire was flat again. And the flimsy bike pump wed purchased from Walmart had already broken. And, for the life of me, I couldnt start a fire. And so I started crying.Only music could help me forget the despair of the past 48 hours. Lying in the sleeping bag in the dark with Natalie at my side, I pressed play on an album that had just been released that day: To Pimp a Butterfly.March 16And on the tenth day, we rested.We found ourselves in a gorgeous state park with all the trappings of highly developed campsites: parking spaces, fire pits, picnic tables, bathrooms, hot showers, kitchen sinks, water spigots, electricity, cottages, yurts, playgrounds, an amphitheater, and on and on.Stretching across an area of 7,730 acres, French Creek State Park is the largest block of contiguous forest between Washington D.C. and New York City. More important to me, it was peaceful. No wind, no rain. Just the swaying trees and overcast skies. In the morning, the crows slowly cawed us awake. All day long, migrating geese honked. Occasionally, the goofy quacking of ducks broke in.Our first full day of rest allowed me this much-needed moment for reflection. Time to handle the flat tire, and more: To recognize that we had walked for nearly two weeks, nearly 150 miles. That we had met dozens of amazing humans. That I had learned how to unclog a toilet without a plunger and how to repair a flat. That I had written postcards to friends and family, finished reading Middlemarch, and begun Leaves of Grass, the timeless poetry of Walt Whitman:I celebrate myself, and sing myself,And what I assume you shall assume,For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.As I wrote my journal entry for the night, I lay cooped up in the cozy red light of my tent, a lovely lady drifting into dreams at my side and Kendricks new future jazz streaming through my cans. A bounty of ghetto blood and love, his wasnt just the sound of truth; it was the sound of the west coast.First journal entry on a rest day. March 17In the morning, I learned that I only half knew how to fix a flat. The small one had held strong but the larger one hadnt.FUCK.Somehow, with deflated courage and confidence, we walked on. First to Morgantown, then to Churchtown, then to Goodville, then to Fetterville, then to East Earl, and finally to New Holland. Amish country.The highlight of the day arrived in the afternoon: blustery as the wind blew, the sun pierced through fluffy little clouds, illuminating rolling hills of farmland, clopping horses, shuddering carriages, and children biking home along country lanes. Glorious and pastoral, this scene unfurled as I stepped out of Shirks Bike Shop, whose employees all men, all white, all ages, all busy, all kind, and all donning striking suspenders had just helped clear a spike out of the problem tire and repaired the tube once and for all.In a quaint hotel room, likely inspired by the traditionalist Christians all around us, I wrote a simple prayer in my journal:may the rough patch please. for the love of God. end now. Amen.March 18We walked 14 more miles to Lancaster, the biggest city wed encountered in Pennsylvania yet. The larger population meant places to stay, and for this night it meant staying with a young white couple, Ion and Janna. Ion was particularly excited to host us because he was planning his own cross-country trip on bicycle slated to start in May.We drank. We smoked. We watched someone magically turn the bottom half of a beer bottle into a glass. We slept well but not as well as we would.March 19On the thirteenth day of the walk, throwing out potential names for our future children, we strolled into York, the city of the great bed.The soft bed. Soft, firm, expansive, and white as snow. Decked with clean sheets and a fluffy comforter, several feet off the ground in the basement of a strangers house. Suspended from the ceiling? Mirror parallel to the mattress. On the walls? Whips. Chains. Leather. Hooks. Ball gags. Furry tails. And a dozen cherries glowing orange, LED candles strewn around the room·RELATED QUESTIONWhats the difference between flannel bed sheets and jersey bed sheets?which flannel sheet set is best for summer?
Need a Bedroom Set at a Discounted Rate. Any Suggestions?
Need a Bedroom Set at a Discounted Rate. Any Suggestions?
Need a bedroom set at a discounted rate. Any suggestions?Recently i had visited damro furuniutre store in rajajinagar for a new bedroom furuniture set.They showed me couple of bedroom sets which were all mordern designs but then i wanted Queen Bed 3 Door Wardrobe Dressing Table Night Stand Dressing Stool so i chose the set called yelena which cost me around 68,000 rs.Here is the snap of what i boughtYELENA 5 PIECE BEDROOM SET.— — — — — —How is the set of all programs countable?You say: "since for every real number, you can create a program that's prints out that number".This is not true, unless you allow programs of infinite length, and the set of these is uncountable— — — — — —Children's Book set about the alphabet?Try searching Google. Put in alphabet book sets & the year u think they were made. Hopefully the set will come up— — — — — —How to get those neat summation formulas when calculating area under neath curves using Riemann sums?Well, the first step is to understand what the summation notation means. For example, let's look at the first equation written in the link you posted. First, the reason that you use the Greek letter sigma (sigma notation) is because you are essentially performing a sum. At the bottom of the letter is written "i=1". This simply means that, when you are adding things up, you are going to start at i=1. You then keep going up (adding 1 each time) until you reach the number at the top (n). the equation to the right of the sigma is then the equation that you are adding repeatedly. To put all of this together, the first equation is a very short way of writing: 1234.(n-1)n Now the reason this is equal to n(n1)/2. This is probably easiest understood by looking at a smaller set then expanding. So, looking at the set of numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. If you want to add them all, you can add them in series, going 1->3->6->10->15->21->28->36 and you will get your answer; however, there's an easier way (at least easier for larger series) to add these. if you look at the two outside numbers (1,8) you will notice their sum is 9. Now you look at the next pair in (2,7), which also have a sum of 9. In this way, you can pair up every number in a series by simply knowing the ends of it. Now you can expand this to the case of 1,2,.,(n-1), n. By looking at the two outside numbers, we see they add up to (n1), and moving inward each term adds up to this same value. That gives you the "(n1)" portion of the "(n1)*n/2". For the n/2 part you just need to ask yourself how many times you need to add these (n1) terms. The answer, of course, is exactly half as many times as you have numbers in your set (n numbers in set, therefore n/2 times). Thus, n(n1)/2 is simply equal to the addition of the entire series from 1 to n. Rather than memorize these equations, though, I would suggest you learn how sigma notation works, then you can understand what they are all doing. **the others in the list are the same thing, except the addition of the sets, 1, 2^i, 3^i,., n^i,— — — — — —Union of disjoint countable sets is countable [duplicate]Hint: Identify $S_1$ with the set of odd numbers and $S_2$ with the set of even numbers— — — — — —How much would a bedroom set from the 1880s cost?You need to get it appraised by an antique dealer. It really depends on the set itself— — — — — —Shortest number of attempts to solve this issue [duplicate]Classic puzzle, you need 2You do this by Measuring a set of three versus a set of three. The set with the heavy ball is identified. Heavier on the scale, or the one left over if they are the same.— — — — — —How much did you pay for acrylic nails?I usually get pink and white acrylics and they are 25 for the set and then 15-20 for the fill— — — — — —How is $U=xin X | d(p,x)>r $ open?Let $X$ be some metric space with a metric $d$.Definition: An open BALL, $B_rx$ (or some similar notation) is the set of $y in X| d(y,x) 0$ so the $B_r(x) subset S$. These sets can be . all sorts of "shapes and sizes". Being open is a property.So for example: $(-infty, 1)$ is an open set. The point $0.9999999$ is has an open ball completely inside but $(0,1)$. If $r = .00000001$ then $y|d(0.9999999,y) 0$ then $B_r(1)$ contains $y$ that are larger than $1$. This will be true no matter how small we make $r$. So $B_r(1) ot subset (0, 1]$. So $(0,1]$ is not open.So what about $U= xin X|d(x,p) > r$ is that open or not. Hint:Let $x in U$. Then $d(p,x) >r$ Let $s r$Hint for THAT question: What is $d(p,x)$? What is $d(x, z)$ what is $d(p,x) d(p,z)$?
A Child and a Wooden Doll Crib
A Child and a Wooden Doll Crib
There is a saying "Like mothers, like daughters" and that holds true so many times. We as mothers have an awesome responsibility as our little girls watch and learn from our actions. The one thing that we as mothers do every day is put our little ones to bed and often watch them while they sleep looking so peaceful. Somehow, that instinct is universal to mothers and it does not just begin when one becomes a mother, but begins in early childhood as we mothers take care of our children.Every little girl deserves to be able to nurture that instinct in caring for her "little family." Dolls seem to be an early gift to a little girl but the next gift should be a wooden doll crib to let the child learn the responsibility and the habits of taking care of her little one.There are many types of doll cribs. They can be found in stores, online or craft and toy shows. The best ones are made of hardwood and some will come with blankets and pillows. These cribs come in a variety of sizes, designs and colors. Some will be solid wood while others may be looking like a 4 poster bed and others may take on design of a swinging cradle. The one that I prefer the best are the wooden bunk beds.Wooden bunk beds have advantages in the fact that many girls have more than 1 doll or perhaps there are two girls in the household and this bed can serve both of them. Also, when space is precious this type of unit comes in handy! Most bunk beds do separate which can perhaps benefit at different times. Most bunk beds come with ladders which every little girl will enjoy while walking her baby up the steps to go to dreamland.Wooden doll beds and wooden bunk beds come in different colors as well. Some are stained, some are painted and some are left natural. I prefer the natural ones as it seems to look the best but also for another reason. When purchasing a natural (non-finished) doll crib, you can have the pleasure of giving it the color you want to match your living decor. That is a plus!The wooden doll crib that I received as a child has been played with by my children and now is waiting for grandchildren to come and once again be played with, going through the cycle many toys go through.....getting passed on from one generation to another.Make your child proud as she "mothers and loves" her little one, buy a wooden doll crib.
Bunk Beds & Beds  Storage Unit to Offer You Maximum Chill and Comfort in Your Living Room
Bunk Beds & Beds Storage Unit to Offer You Maximum Chill and Comfort in Your Living Room
I am an artist and have a couple of questions for you. What type of art do you like. What type of art can you paint? Do a landscape triptych1. What color curtains should I pick for my living room?I would choose one of the tan shades from the walls. If you want to add an accent color do it with pillows, rugs, candles, throws, flowers etc. Adding some sage green would warm up the cool colors.2. Color to paint a living room?Definitely a warm soothing color like, a spice cantaloupe or melon. You would be amazed at how with a little low lighting, it will relax you greatly. Today we could all use relaxation3. any ideas on a paint color for my living room?light buttery yellow goes perfect with brown and blue4. What kind of television do you have in your living room?42" lcd sony5. Any ideas for an extra long living room using a country theme?A huge room with lots of potential. Assuming you wo not be hosting community gatherings, consider the following: Using screens or book cases, isolate the front entrance into a foyer space to add functionality. If you can, include a piece of furniture in which to hang coats as well as a table or desk for keys and mail. Country theme usually implies coziness or intimacy so separate the remaining space into specific areas -- a conversation area, a library area, a game area, a theatre area, perhaps a family dining area if near a kitchen -- spaces that fit your family's lifestyle. If the back exit happens to include french doors or sliding doors that open onto an outdoor living area (a deck or patio) leave it open. If it is rarely used, ignore the fact that it's an exit and try to make it visually disappear. If it is used regularly, isolate it. Choose mellow colors for paint and finishes. Avoid elegant and slick fabrics. Stick to rustic items -- baskets and the like for accent pieces. The space sounds wonderful. Good luck.6. Does this look good in this living room? (pictures)?I think it would look a million times better if the couches were black. Is there any chance you could cover the couches with something black? If not, I would paint the walls off-white, so the black and white pictures would stand out more. That way you could play around with the colours of the cushions, and accessory pieces and change them every once in awhile when you are in the mood for change.7. what colour are the walls of your living room?Beige marbley wallpaper that reminds me of a mausoleum. I am too cheap to change it right now8. Why does my living room stink of fish!?wash in between your legs please9. Does your living room actually LOOK lived in?I do not know about lived in, but maybe DIED in. : |10. Why do houses have both a living room and a family room?It is a hold back to long ago ( pre 50's) when you had parlors in homes. A parlor was the formal room in which you received guests usually just off the entry way. Now in more modern times we have a living-room which is used for adults to entertain and a den/family room that is normally for kids tv games etc. It is just a cultural thing. In addition there used to be a formal dinning room and a separate kitchen11. How would you punish some random hillbilly you found sleeping on your living room carpet?Force her to go without watching Larry the Cable Guy for a week. If this is not a joke, you are an idiot for duct taping her to the floor. She can claim rape, kidnapping, or worse, and you might have a hard time explaining why you taped her to the floor to the police. You have a fire alarm? Are you sure you do not mean smoke alarm? Just tell her to get the heck outta your house or you will call the police.12. Should I keep my home office/living room separate?A separate room is better as this would be necessary if you ever claim a home office deduction on your income tax
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