Study Guide: Applying the Overhead Squat Solutions Table to the National Academy of Sports Medicine-

Here is the official NASM-CPT Study Guide.Question: What is the most efficient strategy for passing the NASM-CPT exam?Answer: Master the Anterior-Knee-Moves Inward row of the Overhead Squat Solutions Table (OSST).Why: Because valgus collapse (knees moving inward) is most often initially observed among sedentary clientele. Also, a row is a microcosm. To follow it, muscle origins, insertions, and reciprocal actions are understood too.Rationale: This study strategy follows from Occams Razor, shorthand for the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) principle.Domain 2: AssessmentDuring intake, perform due diligence: Is there a medical red flag?NO. Client performs overhead squat. Trainer circles compensations on OSST paper. Trainer follows instructions in the corresponding rows.Domain 3: Program DesignNASM follows the 5 stage OPT model. How many reps-sets per stage? How long until client achieves Goal X, Y, and Z?OK. Create chunks (i.e. undulating periodization, microcycles) Week 1, Week 2, etc, etc.I recommended Google Sheets, or pen and paper to manage and share data.

Domain 4: Exercise Technique & Training InstructionFollow the OSST row instructions. Plus, regression-progression & cuing. Can you perform the exercise well? Can you name the steps?Domain 5: Client Relations and Behavioral CoachingSMART Goals. Feedback. Dont fidget. Ask good questions. Take good notes. Stay in touch. Laugh. Sweat.Domain 6: Professional Development and ResponsibilityWork hard, be nice, lifelong learner (i.

e. CEUs 2/2yr.




How to pick up and rack dumbbells safely?

For bench press, kick the dumbbells into place while sitting onto the bench, then reverse the process to get up.For squats and overhead press, I'd power clean the dumbbells to my shoulders.For deadlifts, I'd deadlift each dumbbell into place one at a time. Because of height issues this would unfortunately more closely resemble a round-backed squat.Starting Strength is a barbell program. It is very difficult to modify that program to use only dumbbells. You might get better mileage out of a dumbbell-only gym by incorporating single-leg work like one-leg deadlifts, lunges, and rear-foot-elevated split squats. It's simply not possible to get the same load in the same position without a barbell

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