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1. A 2. C 3. B 4. A - you lose the point if you place your hand on the table at any given time 5. B - the ball cannot be cupped inside your hand 6. B 7. C 8. B - 9 x 5 according to ITTF rules 9. C - your clothes can not match the potential color of the ball - i've almost gotten disqualified at a tournament for this already 10. C 11. B 12. C 13. C? Not too sure about this one 14. C (1988 in Seoul) 15. A 16. C 17. A (the official ITTF rules is a best-of-7 match, where each set goes to 11 points) 18. A? 19. A 20. C (it's called a net)

1. Is it possible to achieve an international or national level in table tennis in 3 yrs? I am 17 & can play at a zonal level now. I live in India?

It depends upon multiple factors: your training, your trainer, your practice partners and your exposure to tournaments to name a few! I will strongly suggest it you love the game do not quit it! I was doing pretty well when I was district champion from Varanasi, but then I got side tracked, depressed & quit the professional circuit. I still rue the day, bcoz when I took my first job, there was a separate facility at the office for Table Tennis. The good good players are super stars in these environments bcoz most people learn to play at the office and any one with a professional touch is hot property. As a result I got a lot of friends & more popularity at the office than my managers courtesy TT. Even if you do not make it big in nationals or state level, you will find it extremely useful in your life. So, whatever you do, do not quit your game!!!!Is it possible to achieve an international or national level in table tennis in 3 yrs? I am 17 & can play at a zonal level now. I live in India?.

2. Is there any great table tennis player having great skills and talent but still remain as unappreciated?

Werner SchlagerSomehow when we talk about great table tennis players, Werner Schlager's name rarely pops up in the discussion.I am not entirely sure why that is so. First of all, we are talking about one of the best servers in the history of sport. Short sidespin, short overspin, high ball toss, low ball toss, reverse pendulum, lightning fast long service... Schlager had it all. Secondly, his overall game was much better than people usually think. Sure his playing style might look somewhat 'rough' and he was definitely not the fastest player out there, but he was a solid two-wing attacker, with great backhand, solid forehand and pretty good blocking game.And with great wits. I think that in terms of strategy and adaptation during the game, Schlager was definitely one of the best. Finally, his career was much more successfull than people think at first. Here are some of the highlights taken from his Wikipedia page :4 times Pro Tour winner in singles7 times Pro Tour runner-up in singles11 times Pro Tour winner in doubles7 times Pro Tour runner-up in doubles2000 Olympic Games quarterfinalist in singles and doublesNaturally, all these Pro Tour titles would be meaningless were it not for the greatest success in Schlager's career - World Championship in Paris 2003.His win of the World Championship title can surely be considered as one of the greatest surprises in history of all sports, not just table tennis. I still remember the thrill, the excitement and the drama of his quarterfinal and semifinal matches against the Chinese.Against Wang Liqin in the quarterfinal, Schlager was down 3-2 and 10-6, and went on to win the match after amazingly saving 4 match points.Against Kong Linghui in the semifinal, Schlager also saved a match point. The result was 12-11 in the deciding 7th set in Kong Linghui's favour, and Schlager daringly hit a winning flick when Kong's serve drifted slightly high. He went on to win the match in a nail bitting finish.His win against Joo See Hyuk in the final was "easy". To this day Schlager remains last non-Chinese World Champion.Is there any great table tennis player having great skills and talent but still remain as unappreciated?Is there any great table tennis player having great skills and talent but still remain as unappreciated ?

3. Table tennis - can I remove rubbers from a blade and put them on a new blade?

If you want to spend large and get something decent that lasts..get one of the Tibhar Carbon blades.. not to pricy and good for hard hitting.. the sweetest sound :) Medium weight etc.. check it out :) And for the red rubber..Nimbus VIP..and backhand... Tibhar Genius. Weight will even out then as blade and rubbers are made for each other with this match. but if you jsut want a blade.. one of the tibhar carbon ones are perfect. Hope i heloed and good luck.

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Who Should Serve/receive First in the Beginning of Every Game/set in Table Tennis?
How to Determine the Serve in Table Tennis Before you start a game you need to decide who will serve first. Pinging for serve just wo not cut it for one of the newest Olympic sports! The sooner you learn the real rules, the faster you will be enjoying the real game. Here's How: 1. There are a couple of common ways to decide who serves first in competition. The official way is for the umpire to flip a coin and have one of the players call heads or tails while it is in the air. 2. When there is no umpire (or coin) have one player hide the ball under the table in one of their hands. Make sure the arms are spread out far enough so there is no chance for a quick switch! 3. The second way is to play the game Paper, Rock and Scissors. An open hand is paper, a fist is a rock and two fingers are scissors. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissors beats paper. 4. Now hopefully someone has won the serve. Actually, what they have won is the choice. They have four options. But they can only choose one. 5. They can choose to serve first. 6. They can choose to receive first. 7. They can choose the side of the table they want to start on. 8. Or they can make their opponent choose first and then take a separate choice. 9. Do not forget to shakes hands before the match, it's what the Pros do to show good sportsmanship! Tips: 1. Take the serve first if you like to start strong and want to build a lead. Make sure you are warmed up well before the match so your serve is not broken right off the bat. 2. Do not save your best serves for the end of the match. Use them early and often to build a lead. 3. Check the lighting on both side of the table before the coin toss to see if one side is better than the other.1. Is Rockstar Games's Table Tennis for only XboX ?It's only for XBox. I do not think they are going to release it for any other system since its been out for a while now. You can look online for an emulator to play it, you can go out and buy the game, or you can rent it. Those are the only suggestions i can give you about playing that game.2. If B gets knocked out by a smash by A in tennis, or table tennis, or any "battle" non-combat sport, who wins the game?A wins the game. If B is knocked out, it is equivalent to him getting injured and not able to continue further. Hence B has to forfeit. I do not think it matters whether it was unintentional or deliberate. Players do not usually do it deliberately as it is against the spirit of the game. Players getting knocked out in table tennis and badminton is highly unlikely. If it happens in volleyball there's always a substitute player to replace him and the game will continue. It can happen in tennis though. I have seen smashes hit to the feet and body of the opponent (especially in the doubles game) so that it will be difficult to return the ball. Though the intention is not to injure the opponent it can be dangerous sometimes. Players who play near the net get a lot of balls that will hit their body but its the part of the game. The players have every right to hit the ball directly at the opponent's body. In cricket, batsman get injured while facing bouncers. This has not stopped bowlers from bowling bouncers as it is all a part of the game. Fielders get injured fielding in the Short Leg position and a few players have even died. So speaking by the rules, the player has every right to deliberately injure the opponent but it is definitely against the spirit of the game.If B gets knocked out by a smash by A in tennis, or table tennis, or any "battle" non-combat sport, who wins the game?If B get knocked out by a smash by A, in tennis or table tennis or any "battle" non combat sport, who win the game?3. Whats so gay about table tennis?i dont think its gay at all! :) it takes skills to play that too!
Table Tennis Equipment Standards
A great deal of concentration and coordination is required in playing Table Tennis. The sport offers mind-body stimulation which enables the players to keep their brains sharp and their body fit.Like any other sports, it is vital to create a certain set of rules to maintain order. These rules or standards are for both the game and the equipment used.Standard rules in Table Tennis are established by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) whose responsibility is to give order and maintain fair and organized Table Tennis Competitions.Table Tennis equipment national standards applies on:Table MeasurementsNet MeasurementsBall FeaturesRacket/ Paddle FeaturesTable MeasurementsTable Tennis and Lawn Tennis have similar principles and both originated from the same ancient game of Tennis calle Jeude Paume. However instead of lawn, Table Tennis uses a Table.Table sizeITTF declares that the Table Tennis table should be rectangular in shape. The official height should be 76 cm (H-2.5 ft), official width should be 152.5 cm (W-5ft) and official length should be 274cm (L-9ft).If folded, the size of the Table Tennis Table would be 22 inches in width, 60.25 inches in length, and 65.75 inches in Height.22 inches (W) x 60.25 inches (L) x 65.75 inches (H)The thickness of 25mm (1 inch) should also be followed.Parameters of the tableWith the ITTF declaring the Table Tennis table size, it is round about 9 by 5 feet.Given its size, according to ITTF the table top needs to be 76 cm above the ground and leveled across the surface. It must also create a 23 cm high bounce when the ball is thrown from 30 cm height. The table can be made of any material as long as it produces the same results.Marking of the tableThe table should be in dark color with a white line, 2 cm thick, painted across all four edges.According to ITTF, standard table dimensions should be followed strictly on tournaments. However, this is not required for those which are used for recreational purposes only.Net MeasurementsThe table is divided by 2 equal portions, 13.7 m in length, separated by a net which is 15.25 cm (6 inches) high running across horizontally 1.83 m (6 feet) long. It should be dark blue or black in color with strips along the edge no wider than 15 mm thick. It is also said that the net and the table do not need to be the same color and net posts do not need to be affixed permanently on the table. Most foldable tables require the net assembly to be removed for storage.Ball FeaturesDespite the Table Tennis ball being seen as very simple, there are several specifications to be followed.It should be spherical in shape, made up of a celluloid. It is a plastic-like material of which a photographic film is made of.Before the year 2000, the diameter of a Table Tennis ball was 38 mm but was changed by the ITTF to 40 mm that year. The diameter of the ball must be 40 mm or 1.57 inches and a mass of 2.7 grams or 0.095 ounces.When dropped from a height of 30.5 cm on a steel block, the standard bounce of the ball should be approximately 24 cm to 26 cm in the air.The elastic energy which is left over after a single bounce is called coefficient of restitution. With the given standard of bounce, meeting it means the ball has a coefficient of restitution of 0.89 to 0.92.The celluloid plastic, making up the ball, should be matte finished and be colored white or orange. The colors are chosen to make the balls more visible during the game.An arbitrary standard was developed by manufacturers. With 3 stars indicates the best, the number of stars on the Table Tennis ball depicts the ball quality.Official competitions use ITTF approved balls with "ITTF" prints on the balls themselves.Paddle/Racket FeaturesTable Tennis racket has many names like Table Tennis paddle, Ping Pong racket, or Ping Pong bat.Rackets in Table Tennis are laminated wood covered with rubber on one or both sides depending on the player's grip style.The wooden part is called "blade." Based on ITTF standards, thickness should at least be 85% natural wood. It is commonly made out of limba, cypress, or balsa wood.A racket has an average size of 17 cm ( 6.7 inches) long and 15 cm ( 5.9 inches) in width.Different types of surfaces are allowed by the ITTF for each side of the racket. Table Tennis enthusiasts customize the racket surface based on their preference and play style.These standards by the International Table Tennis Federation are strictly followed and implemented to avoid conflicts and maintain order and fair tournaments·RELATED QUESTIONWhy do software engineers love ping pong so much?They do not.Remember when you were a teenager and grown ups cracked jokes and played music that they thought would be down with the teens?That.A ping pong table and a vague promise you can use it is a lot cheaper than salary. And it sends out the signal that 'Heck - you're gonna live here, you might as well play here as well as work here!'Doesn't happen much in the UK. And I suspect it fools no-one, really.I like some of the stuff like that in principle. I have sometimes used works pool tables for a bit and they actually do turn into good informal work meeting areas. You get to chat about what you're working on.But I wouldn't say that software engineers like ping pong particularly, as a rule.Why do software engineers love ping pong so much?
How Was Table Tennis Invented?
hard problem. look at yahoo. that can assist!1. most elements on the periodic table are:?D)solid metals2. Dogs and table food what is ok?Chocolate and grapes/raisins are the big ones. Onions and garlic contain a chemical that can cause health issues if given in a large enough dose or over repeated exposure (onions are worse than garlic). It does take quite a bit to cause a problem. Avocado are the same way. Small amounts, not too bad, but too much can be bad. Dogs should also avoid excess fat, salt and sugar. I do not give my dogs any processed food. I will given them things like apples (cored since the seeds cause a small amount of toxin, not enough to hurt but still should be avoided, particularly if they regularly get them), carrots, asparagus, etc. I use all natural peanut butter because the regular stuff has added sugar and shortening.3. Can i be a table?Ya if you flatten yourself enough4. Are cheap table saws functional?Yes, it should work great and last this project and many more. Make sure it has a good rip fence that locks securely5. What finish is on this table?this is most likely a product meant to show the beauty of the old barn boards == it has been sitting in the sun for way too long and now it is trash .... start over and find another medium to cover for a coffee table6. How to Center a Table in PowerPoint?By default Power Point will add a table in center of presentation u can test it yourself, click on an empty area in slide, then insert a table using the top bar, it shall add it in the center7. Tilt Table Test (TTT)?It is highly unlikely that a tilt table test will induce an irregular heart beat in you. All that is involved in a tilt table test is that a nurse checks your blood pressure and pulse with the table flat, then they elevate the head of the table and lower the foot of the table gradually, rechecking your blood pressure and pulse with the table at different angles. If your blood pressure drops too low or your heart rate rises too fast, then that is a positive TTT. ..there's no reason to push it further until you actually faint8. Replication or Sharding for a huge table?If I understand the question, I presume that your growing table needs all 14 million current rows. If not, why not archive what is not needed during non-peak times?9. Insert a table in GmailYou can copy tables from Microsoft Word into an email from Gmail. Simply design the table on either Microsoft Word or if using Excel (Copy/Paste it into a Word document). Then copy the table from the Microsoft Word document into your "Compose Mail" window.10. Fit long sentence into tableYou need no pbox:However, the number all alone in that big space is rather ugly.Here's another possibility, without vertical rules11. Picnic table or a blanket on the ground?Picnic table. To many bugs and ants crawl on your blanket when it's on the ground12. Representing Chronological flow in a tableSince we are just 'borrowing' each others' ideas (great discussion by the way, and I think it really helped me to reach my own conclusions), this is what I think:Would like to see how it all looks when put together, because it might just end-up being a 'Frankenstein design' that does not work at all13. Is There Room For Me At The "Kids Table" ?sure always room for one more.whatd ya bring?we all bring somethin,filling,rolls,greenbean casserole,Ill provide the turkey and potato filling14. Is a table of contents an "index”?You left off the rest of that meaning:index noun 2. a sequential arrangement of material, especially in alphabetical or numerical order. The verb meaning that seems to match your question is:21. to enter in an index, as a name or topic.But that is not appropriate for a Table of Contents until you notice the earlier meaning:19. Obsolete a. a table of contents. b. a preface or prologue. So you could use the verb index to refer to adding something to a Table of Contents, but it's obsolete at best and I think likely to be misunderstood.
Question About Table Tennis in School?
Students: Ping Pong is a less serious sport and therefore students can have much more fun with their friends and coaches. Ping Pong can be a great way to meet new people and build friendships. Its also very competitive so all the Jocks like my self who do not have a sport during that time will love the competition. Parents: Ping Pong is relatively inexpensive. The only expensive part about it would be buying a couple of $99-$400 tables. You can purchase paddles anywhere from under $5 at walmart, or if you are more serious like myself, you can purchase more high end paddles from $30-$300. ($300 dollar paddles are the paddles the professionals use, they are heavily customized and i am sure no highschool/middle school students will pay that amount of money. Lastly, it is probably the safest sport you can play that supports healthy competition. School: The cost is inexpensive and it is a safe sport so the school will not have to worry about insurance or legal issues. Space can easily be provided, ping pong tables can be stored away and brought out into a cafeteria or gym. Community: As for the community, ping pong is not the most famous sport. However, there are many ping pong tournaments in different cities where teams and individuals can compete at a higher level. Another huge aspect of the game that would be great for schools is that it can be played by everyone. Do you have any students in wheelchairs at your school? They can play ping-pong. People with back problems such as scoliosis can play. People who usually would not be able to compete in a school organized sport will be able to compete against other teenagers/children. Ping Pong is a sport of opportunities for those who love it, who are looking for something to do in their off-season, and for those who can not play sports in which put a heavy toll on the body. Please let me know if I can help anymore.1. What is the best table tennis blade under 2500 rs in India? I am going to use Mark V on both sides.To answer your question, it's Joola Carbon (Buy Joola Carbon Table Tennis Blades Online at Low Prices in India - Online Shopping: Shop Online for Mobiles, Books, Watches, Shoes and More)2. Please list all table tennis rules?The Table v The playing surface shall be rectangular. Dimensions- 274cm long x 152.5cm wide, and shall lie in a horizontal plane 76cm above the floor. The playing surface shall not include the vertical sides of the tabletop. v The playing surface may be of any material and shall yield a uniform bounce of about 23cm when a standard ball is dropped onto it from a height of 30cm. v The playing surface shall be uniformly dark colored and matte, with a white side line (2cm wide) along each 274cm edge and a white end line (2cm wide) along each 152.5cm edge. v The playing surface shall be divided into 2 equal courts by a vertical net running parallel with the end lines, and shall be continuous over the whole area of each court. v For doubles, each court shall be divided into 2 equal half-courts by a white center line (3mm wide) running parallel with the side lines; the center line shall be regarded as part of each right half-court. Net assembly v The net assembly shall consist of the net, its suspension and the supporting posts, including the clamps attaching them to the table. v The net shall be suspended by a cord attached at each end to an upright post 15.25cm high, the outside limits of the post being 15.25cm outside the side line. v The top of the net, along its whole length, shall be 15.25cm above the playing surface. v The bottom of the net, along its whole length, shall be as close as possible to the playing surface and the ends of the net shall be as close as possible to the supporting posts. Definitions Rally- the period during which the ball is in play. The ball is in play from the last moment at which it is stationary on the palm of the free hand before being intentionally projected in service until the rally is decided as a let or a point. Let- a rally of which the result is not scored. Point- a rally of which the result is scored. Racket Hand- the hand carrying the racket. Free Hand- the hand not carrying the racket. Strike- the action whereby a player touches the ball in play with his racket (held in the hand) or with his racket hand below the wrist. Obstruction- A player obstructs the ball if he, or anything he wears or carries, touches the ball in play when it is above or traveling towards the playing surface and has not passed beyond his end line, not having touched his court since last being struck by his opponent. Server- the player due to strike the ball first in a rally. Receiver- the player due to strike the ball second in a rally. Umpire- the person appointed to control a match. Assistant umpire- the person appointed to assist the umpire with certain decisions. v Anything that a player wears or carries includes anything that he was wearing or carrying, other than the ball, at the start of the rally. v The ball shall be regarded as passing over or around the net assembly if it passes anywhere other than between the net and the net post or between the net and the playing surface. v The end line shall be regarded as extending indefinitely in both directions. Good serve v At the start of service the ball shall be stationary, resting freely on the flat, open palm of the server's free hand, behind the end line and above the level of the playing surface. v The server shall then project the ball near vertically upwards, without imparting spin, so that it rises at least 16cm after leaving the palm of the free hand and then falls without touching anything before being struck. v As the ball is falling the server shall strike it so that it touches first his court and then, after passing over or around the net assembly, touches directly the receiver's court; in doubles, the ball shall touch successively the right half court of server and receiver. v The ball and the racket shall be above the level of the playing surface from the last moment at which the ball is stationary before being projected until it is struck. v When the ball is struck it shall be behind the server's end line but not farther back than the part of the server's body, other than his arm, head or leg, which is farthest from his end line. v It is the responsibility of the player to serve so that the umpire or the assistant umpire can see that he complies with the requirements for a good service. v If the umpire is doubtful of the legality of a service but neither he nor the assistant umpire is sure that it is illegal he may, on the first occasion in a match, warn the server without awarding a point. v If subsequently in the match a service by that player or his doubles partner is of dubious legality, for the same or for any other reason, the receiver shall score a point. v Whenever there is a clear failure to comply with the requirements for a good service no warning shall be given and the receiver shall scor3. Calculate advantage of Serves in Table TennisWith this information, you could set-up the following for every match you have data for as follows: $$textlogit P( textplayer i text wins point ) = theta_i - theta_j beta times [ 0.5 - 1textPlayer i text does not serve ],$$ where $i$ indexes the first player and $j$ indexes his/her opponent. It does not really matter, which of the two players you call $i$ and which one $j$. For any particular match, this can take two values: $textlogit pi_ij1 = theta_i - theta_j 0.5 times beta$ when player $i$ serves and $textlogit pi_ij0 = theta_i - theta_j - 0.5 times beta$ when player $j$ serves. The parameters $theta_i$ indicate the strength of players (higher = more likely that that player wins a point).If you then assume that that winning a point follows a binomial distribution with the probabilities $pi_ijk$. It seems reasonable to ignore the effect of getting slightly more or fewer serves depending on how the match goes.You could also try to account for how the strength of the players may vary across matches by making the $theta$s random effects or estimating separate $theta$s for the same player for different matches.
Table Tennis Club in Chennai - in and Around Anna Nagar,Thirumangalam?
Well, if you cannot find one, then you create one. Buy a table tennis table and other equipment. Make a billboard and advertise. You can do it!1. Which is the best table tennis acedemy in Delhi?AGA Table Tennis Academy, Yamuna Sports Complex East Delhi in my opnion is a really good place to learn table tennis for kids, youngsters and adults.AGA Table Tennis Academy2. can i use table tennis shoes to play tennis?your table tennis shoes will be good for this week. but it is imperative to get tennis shoes. tennis shoes are made so that players can stop quickly and have sudden sprinting bursts. are your table tennis shoes, shoes like nike shox? if they are, be very careful! wearing shoes like those make it VERY RISKY to roll an ankle on the court.3. Does anybody know how to build a table tennis robot?Linear Algebra 101. Also, try finding the person who wrote "pong". I am sure there is at least one prototype already in existence somewhere.4. Need help on a table tennis shot / counter?The objective is to keep the ball low, so he can not slam over the net. Putting spin on the ball will have limited success since he can counter that, and if he hits the ball very hard the spin will not affect the flight of the ball. Back spin is the safest thing to do, and if the ball is low, he can only return it, and can not slam.5. I have a friend who works hard to play table tennis well. But no matter how much he tries he can not progress. What could be the reason?I along with few friends did not played table tennis in our life until we joined a company after graduation. After office hours, we started playing for fun/de-stress and able to learn in a month or two. So I guess I can answer that.When we started playing table tennis, we use to watch hours how others play. Speak to them about how few shots to be played. Play/Challenge with them. Sometimes they use to get irritated as we were just like school kids into the play. But we did not give up. Few more friends joined us after sometime, and started playing after office hours. Everyday started playing from 6PM - 11PM sometimes 12PM continuously as there was no restriction in office and our home nearby. Then we decided to play TT tournaments (FPL - Friendship Premier League :)). As in IPL (Indian Premier League - Cricket), bidding was done and 2 players were taken by each Team owner (our Friends only :)). We gave prizes for 1st and 2nd place (my team got 2nd place in FPL1 and FPL2). We started playing/challenging with the people who are very good and playing from school days. By this I can say, Only through practice we can learn TT. Go ahead, make friends who do not know playing TT but ready to learn, make a group, play tournaments among yourselves, play with experts6. Is Aerobics a cardio exercise? can table tennis be HIIT? how can i reduce my workouts for when school comes?Table Tennis7. Who has the best backhand in table tennis?Talk about backhand, talk about Michael Maze! But due to his injuries he is not that consistent in playing Table Tennis.Now a days it is Fan Zhendong who is trashing his opponents by his sensational backhand. He's just a 17 year old Chinese boy and he's ranked #3 in the Mens age group globally!8. Is it okay to make my table tennis racket using two different rubber brands?Of course. It's fine. All the top players in the world play with different rubbers on both sides. In fact, in my opinion, it's better as your forehand would need as faster rubber as you get more power on your forehand whereas your backhand needs more power which is why you need a faster rubber. Ultimately, it's entirely your choice. It does not really matter.9. Table Tennis doesn't have a section?!?geetha : stop copypasting people's post will you well you can email the yahoo moderators and petition for a table tennis section. There are many sports still not included here like ummm.. chess hahaha
He Told Me He Plays Table Tennis Well. Why Didn't He Use Played
I play table tennis well. [original utterance] He told me he plays / played table tennis well. [indirect reported speech]He could have used "played". This is all about something called 'backshift'. Backshift with verbs of reporting that are in the preterite is perfectly normal.The use of a non-backshifted report ("plays") is possible but subject to the condition that it must be reasonable to assume that the original utterance is still applicable and relevant. Only if this condition is satisfied are both backshifted and non-backshifted versions in principal possible. Thus in your example, which uses "plays", we have to assume that he still plays tennis well1. where can i buy a Sriver killer anti table tennis rubber?Haha the answer to this question is very funny. We are talking about Sriver Killer, a product that has not been produced during the last 20 years. It canot be bought at a random shop that sells cheap chinese tt rubber. Maybe someone in a corner of the world has a forgotten box of Sriver Killers in a dusty basement. Or maybe not2. Who would win a game of table tennis between Terry Crews and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, if they had to use their pectoral muscles in place of paddles?The rock has legit pecs but Crew's pec seem to be a little more nimble and ambidextrous.Who would win a game of table tennis between Terry Crews and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, if they had to use their pectoral muscles in place of paddles?3. Who should serve/receive first in the beginning of every game/set in table tennis?How to Determine the Serve in Table Tennis Before you start a game you need to decide who will serve first. Pinging for serve just wo not cut it for one of the newest Olympic sports! The sooner you learn the real rules, the faster you will be enjoying the real game. Here's How: 1. There are a couple of common ways to decide who serves first in competition. The official way is for the umpire to flip a coin and have one of the players call heads or tails while it is in the air. 2. When there is no umpire (or coin) have one player hide the ball under the table in one of their hands. Make sure the arms are spread out far enough so there is no chance for a quick switch! 3. The second way is to play the game Paper, Rock and Scissors. An open hand is paper, a fist is a rock and two fingers are scissors. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissors beats paper. 4. Now hopefully someone has won the serve. Actually, what they have won is the choice. They have four options. But they can only choose one. 5. They can choose to serve first. 6. They can choose to receive first. 7. They can choose the side of the table they want to start on. 8. Or they can make their opponent choose first and then take a separate choice. 9. Do not forget to shakes hands before the match, it's what the Pros do to show good sportsmanship! Tips: 1. Take the serve first if you like to start strong and want to build a lead. Make sure you are warmed up well before the match so your serve is not broken right off the bat. 2. Do not save your best serves for the end of the match. Use them early and often to build a lead. 3. Check the lighting on both side of the table before the coin toss to see if one side is better than the other.4. what are the items used in table tennis,football,volleyball,bowling,badminton,carom board and pool?why do u have a pic of selena gomez and demi lovato as ur background5. Is there a hardcore Wii table-tennis (ping-pong) game?Wii Ping Pong Game6. Does anybody know how to build a table tennis robot?In my opinion Build a table tennis robot by your own is not a good idea. Because the multiple working function that the robot must have is the best and most things to concern about. Of course good working function of robot is better build by table tennis robot expert teams.
A Regulation Table Tennis Ball Has a Mass of 2.9g and Is 42mm in Diameter?
moment of inertia I is moment of inertia in kgm I = cMR M is mass (kg), R is radius (meters) c = 1 for a ring or hollow cylinder c = 2/5 solid sphere c = hollow sphere c = solid cylinder or disk around its center c = 1/12 rod around its center, R = length c = for a rod around its end, R = length c = 1 for a point mass M at a distance R from the axis of rotation I = (2/5)(0.0029)(0.021)1. Why are there no Ball Boys/Girls in Table Tennis?table tennis uses a small ball in a small area, the player can just take a few steps to grab the ball. In actual tennis the ball could go anywhere and it would take a lot of wasted energy and time to get to it everytime2. Is there a hardcore Wii table-tennis (ping-pong) game?What about Wii Play's pping pong3. does it really matter what table tennis bat you buy?Yes it does. It might affect your abilities or outcomes in the match. Hope this answers.4. In Table Tennis, since when is it legal for the player to hit the ball around or under the net clamps straight onto the opponent's court without the ball ever traveling over the net? Is this a new Rule?Great shot in attached videoThis is not a new rule. It's based on simple physics. Extreme angle shots can pull you wide, such that to return the ball towards the opponent's court, it can not possibly go over the net. Only highly skilled players can return high angle shots so it's not surprising you are astonished by this rule. It's like En Passant in chess. . basement players, whether ping pong or chess, often do not know about either of these special rules. The worst is when they say, "I've been playing for many years and I never heard of it, so it can not be true. This must be something new." How do you politely say, "Clearly you've never read the rules of the sport you've been playing all the years. You should try it sometime. You might learn something. "PS: Remember, the ball must hit the plane of the table, not the side5. When in a smashing rally, why do table tennis players often appear to hit the ball toward their opponent?Jim Coombe reveals a favorite tactic against players who play close-to-the-table. But, IMO, you usually don't get into a smashing rally when both players are playing close to the table. So what I believe you are asking is why does the player smashing the ball hit it right at the player defending against the smash (usually by lobbing or fishing), who is far back from the table. If this is the correct scenario, I would say that the defender is in many ways dictating to the smasher where to hit the ball by how his/her return is placed on the table and with what spin. Good defenders instinctually know what options the other player has to hit their return based upon years and years of experience. Almost as soon as they determine where their return will land on the table, they're already reading the opponent, and positioning themselves at the area where the smasher is most likely to hit the ball. Good attackers can often deceive the defender with a quick change of direction or a drop shot, but these shots are often at less than maximum force. I, like so many other players, really enjoy hitting the ball as hard as I can when the opportunity presents itself, which often is only for a few points each game, if at all. So the defender can take advantage of this proclivity by correctly predicting that is what the smasher will do and positioning themselves correctly to return the smash. You may also be referring to some points where the two players are intentionally hitting the ball to each other to prolong the rally and heighten the suspense of the point. As an experienced player, I can spot these exhibition points a mile away, but if you aren't an experienced fan of the sport, it may look like any other point. Often these exhibition points are played when one player is far ahead and has demoralized the opponent, who has essentially given up. So they play a few exhibition points to complete the match and provide some good fun for the spectators.When in a smashing rally, why do table tennis players often appear to hit the ball toward their opponent?
The Plastic Ball & Its Impact on Our Game - OOAK Table Tennis Forum
Now the younger kids attack EVERY ball regardless of whether they were successful previous balls. Older kids loop lower and setup for kill balls. A lot of counter-hit serves in plain sight or disguised. Almost no one seems to have the patience for push game !!! Pips-out and Anti players getting creamed on the 3rd or 5th ball attacks. Kids are BH looping Pips-Out returns.The best luggage for kids: kids travel bags they will loveThe best luggage for kids: best ride-on luggage for toddlers, best toddler backpacks and kids luggage on wheels. When you travel with kids, one of the most important pieces of gear to get right is luggage, for you and for them. The best travel bags for kids are strong, spacious and easy to carry but truly hit the jackpot if they tick one more, very impotant box: children approval! Over the course of the years, we have tried several kids luggage brands and styles and now we have our firm favorites. In this post, we are going to look at: • Our favorite ride on luggage for toddlers • Our favorite backpacks for toddlers and kids We will also try to answer the following questios: What is the best kids luggage? Is a ride on suitcase for toddlers a good investment? Is kids ride on luggage more or less comfortable than a backpack or a wheelie bag? We hope you find it useful! Please note: this post contains affiliate links and, should you make a purchase though them, we might make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This quick chart is a summary of our top picks in children travel bags. Click on the links for prices and specs or scroll down this page for additional info on each. Please note: as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases Below you will find our pocess and criteria to select the best bags for traveling kids. The best luggage for kids: what type is best? Kids ride-on luggage pros and cons of a ride-on suitcase for toddlers Toddler ride on luggage is a hit with most kids and a surpringly good and versatile solution for parents too. The one we used and loved is Truki (full review here). • They are quite spacious inside.You can find exactly how much they contain here • Great size for plane travel: they can be brought on board as children carry-on luggage and they just about fit under the seat in front of you • They close well and have a key securely attached to the strap • The strap makes them fun for the kids to pull: my kids are always more willing to walk if they have Trunki with them as they can pretend they are their little dog on the leash! • They are exceptional for road trips as they stack nicely in the car • They double up as a good toy box so storage when not travelling is easy They are quite bulky so while they are great if your child cooperates and accepts to pull them, they are uncomfortable if you have to carry both them and your toddler! It is very tempting to think that trunki could substitute a buggy for older children but, personally, I do not think this is the case. Trunki works well as a temporary child seat but pulling your child along on it is not recommended by the manufacturer and it is not particularly handy for the parent for more than a couple of minutes. Riding on it requires some legwork that a tired kid could get grumpy about (majour understatement for: epic meltdown) Overall evaluation: we findtoddler ride on luggage excellent and we do recommend it as children luggage, especially for road trips and plane journeys that do not require quick airport transfers. I am a fan of rucksacks and for my own travel I choose backpacks whenever I can. A good quality pack will evenly spread the weight on your back and will keep your hands free, which I find invaluable especially when travelling alone with kids and need to hold two little hands! I also find them useful for kids, especially for short trips. • They are less likely to be left behind as you can easily keep them on while waiting in airports, stations etc (be very careful with the weight of your child backpack, make sure it is light and appropriate in size) • They can be easily strapped onto your own if your child gets tired of carrying them • Great plane carry-on choice as easily stored under the seats • Usually smaller than suitcases, even a very light packer like me find kids backpacks only useful on very short trips • If not chosen with care and packed properly they might hurt your child back - choose good quality ones and be extra careful with how much you put in and how (find important info about this here). • Accessing objects at the bottom can be annoying so make sure you pack toys or anything you think your child might want to reach out for on top. Rolling luggage for kids: are kids suitcases worth it? Before I had children I thought wheeled bags were the best thing in the world. I did so many trips with them and found them so handy they were the first thing I bought for my kids when we started travelling with them. However, they did not prove quite as handy for family travel or at least, not in all circumstances. • Easy to pull for your child and easy to stack on top of yours if needed • Easier to pack than a backpack especially if you have odd shaped objects (toys) • Easy access (especially if compared with a traditional backpack) • Depending on size, they might not fit under plane seats, forcing you to get up every time your child needs anything from it (if your children are like mines, about 10 times per minute!). • Unless you have priority boarding you might be forced to check them in last minute - with kids, under seat storage is by far the best, I believe • Handles and wheels can break easily and it is worth investing in a good quality bag that you can use over and over again. Overall evaluation: I believe rolling suitcases are a great choice for older kids or if you do not like or cannot use backpacks. The best luggage for kids: kids travel bags top picks You can find our full list of toddler daysacks here. The one below is a selection of our favorites. With a Kikki Deuter you get: • Perfect as a day pack and weekends away I am a fan of Osprey backpacks and the one that is working best for our kids is the Osprey Daylite. This is an excellent day pack for children and works perfectly on weekends away too, thanks to its good size and sturdy materials. My daugher uses the smaller one, which is super handy for school, while my son has 'graduated' to the 18K one. They are both excellent: the large padded shoulder straps sit nicely on theor shoulders and the chest strap makes the backpack sit securly on their backs. Both models have good quality zips and great pockets - the 18K one also comes with a backpack cover which is super handy. RELATED: if you are interested in children travel backpacks, we have handpicked the best ones in different sizes here Best kids luggage on wheels: American Tourister Kids Luggage on wheels American Tourister kids luggage on wheels is the top selling brand on Amazon for both their soft-side and hard-side bags. Hardside luggage is particularly popular because of the added protection it offers and it is also great on road trips as it stacks nicely in the trunk of the car. Kids usually love these bags as they come in several colors and styles, inlcufing many with their favorite characters. • Printed polyester with vinyl front with a large selection of characters • Side-mounted skate wheels for mobility • Easy pull-handle/ • Large mesh pocket on interior panel. • Cross-straps. Cabin max bear children luggage carry on trolley suitcase comes with a clever addition: a seat for the teddy! (Please note: the teddy in the photo is not include!). As the name suggests, this is a great carry on travel bag for kids that you can keep in the cabin plane with you with all children essentials. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Travel Rolling Luggage Backpack has the same lovely characters as the kids backpack we recommended above but are a handy rolling kids suitcase. This is a lovely travel bag for small kids that they can keep with them as use for all their daily essentials. So, after these pros and cons, what is the best luggage for kids? Each of my trips see a different set up but this is our most usual setup: • Weekend in Geneva, me alone with the kids: One travel backpack for me one small backpack per child • 10 days in Rome: Backpack for adults trunki for the kids one backpack per child • Three weeks in San Francisco: travel backpacks for adults one trunki for our younger child one wheeled bag for older child one travel backpack per kid I hope you my picks for the best kids luggage handy. Happy shopping! Loved this post? 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Oh yehhhhh and another one maybe a bit obvious u cant hit the ball on the full u must let it bounce And also its no longer up to 21 i used to play up to 21 but from watching the Olympics this year its clearly changed in fact i think it changed a fair while ago. I think its best of 5 sets up to 11 points (per set/ game whatevs u wanna call it) and u must win by 2 points. Example: 11-9 or 12-101. Where can I buy table tennis paddle in Veneto region, Italy ?you can get it from the nearest sport store2. Red and black side of table tennis raquetAccording to the official rules (referenced here):Rule 2.04.06 The surface of the covering material on a side of the blade, or of a side of the blade if it is left uncovered, shall be matt, bright red on one side and black on the other.The reasons for this rule are described here:The Two Colour RuleSince 1 July 1986 the rules of table tennis state that one side of the racket shall be bright red and the other side black.This rule was introduced because of the increased use of "combination" rackets in the late 70s and early 80s.Players were using the same colour rubber on each side of their racket - but each side was a different type of rubber - and this made it very difficult for the opponent to know what type of spin was being imparted onto the ball.So if you are planning on taking part in authorised table tennis events, make sure that you buy the correct colours.Another article suggests that:In table tennis the two color rule is used to ensure that the opponent has a fair chance of telling which side of the bat has been used to hit the ball. Before the two color rule was introduced, any color could be used for table tennis rubbers, and players were using combination bats with the same color on both sides and twiddling the bat, making it very difficult to tell which side was hitting the ball.This was considered to produce table tennis which was not spectator friendly, since it was difficult for uninformed spectators to understand why players were making seemingly simple mistakes.It seems that the rule was made to make competition more fair - it would give opponents a chance to determine the type of spin that was being imparted and also to make the game more fun to watch.3. Can I use my hand to hit the ball on table tennis?Yes, you can use your hand to hit the ball, but only if it is your racket hand and below the wrist. A quote of the rules state:A proviso includes - Your hand is only your racket hand if it is holding the racket, so this means you can not drop your bat and then hit the ball with your hand, because your hand is no longer your racket handIt is illegal to hit the ball with your free hand.There is a good summary of the rules here.4. How can I learn table tennis on my own?Table tennis is like a technical subject. You need to clear your basics like holding the Tt bat and returning any shot. You must watch videos to learn the basics and practice shots accordingly. You should also play the game with the person of same level of skills.5. If a table tennis champion and a gorilla got in an argument...?i like to think it would =]6. Rate and Evolve Xtreme Table Tennis, Bust or Must?I would be embarrassed to be seen playing a sport like that. If you can even call that a sport....FAIL!! I prefer playing a REAL tennis. But w/e floats your boat.7. Should Ping Pong or Table Tennis be a high school sport? Why or why not?i dont see any reason why it shouldnt except for the fact that to start a team there has to be other schools that are willing to do the same, which is usually difficult. plus it costs money to get a program like that started which is something all highschools hate lol
TTX the More Playful Table Tennis
IntroductionTTX is the new form of Table Tennis marketed by ITTF.This is what TTX promises to be like:Simple and funUnpredictable outcomeFor young people and youthful peopleComes to you instead of the other way aroundConnecting exercisers with sports professionalsNew equipmentThis differs from conventional Table Tennis:Bigger and heavier balls, to enable outdoor play as wellBats with no friction (no rubber), to make spin less importantNew rulesThese rules differ from conventional Table Tennis:2 minutes sets (games), that is, time-bound sets with sudden death if necessary — as long as the serve is made before the buzzer, the point will be consideredIf a player gets 10 points within the 2 minutes, he or she wins the setThe winner of the last point will continue to serve until they lose the pointThe player who loses a set will start to serve the next setFreestyle serves allowed, so serve as you like — there are no set rules for how to serve — but the ball must still bounce once at your side of the table, just as in conventional Table Tennis2 points for a "winner", that is when you win without the opponent touches the ball at the receive2 points for "wildcard", that is when the server shouts "wildcard" before service, and wins the ball (only one "wildcard" per set allowed)4 points when "wildcard" and "winner" are combinedIn the event of time-wasting by any player, the umpire may award any number of points to the opponent, at his/her own discretionSpecifically for doubles:Server can serve from/to anywhereAnyone from the opposite end can choose to receiveDiscussionMy first question was — will TTX even be adopted at bars? But then I reconsidered — perhaps TTX will be perfect for schools and youth leisure centers?And what about Table Tennis? Will TTX really bring more people to the conventional Table Tennis training halls?Will we get TTX competitions and TV shows comparable to the WCPP sandpaper ping pong games?What do you think about TTX — good or bad? success or failure?Main referenceTTX Table Tennis XTable tennis, but not as you know it. We are bringing the game to you anytime, anywhere. ttx. world.Has tennis lost it's charisma?Tennis lost it's charisma a long time ago. Much like most professional sports, the majority of the big name players are more concerned about their public/corporate images than letting the fans see/hear what they really think. Watch any cliche filled interview on the sports channel of your choice for proof. It's hard to pick a big name in any major sport that really speaks their mind or plays with their heart on their sleeve the way the old John McEnroe types did. When the corporate $$ disappear if you do not toe the line, it would appear as though you toe the line. Mens tennis in particular has been ruined by the advent of high tech equipment resulting in far too many matches being decided because one player can serve a gazillion mph every time. No one wants to watch an ace-athon which is why women's tennis is more entertaining than mens. The skirts help too. LOLTennis quotes for team shirt/sweats!?Well I dunno if its what you are looking for but Rafa Nadal once said: "I need defeat to add value to my victories"help getting a tennis scholarship with no ranking?It is very tough for players who have junior rankings because of the dearth of scholarships for programs and the recruiting oftentimes is focused on the tennis academies, where players attend classes, practice the game at a world-class level and participate in the top junior tournaments. And most programs do not hold open tryouts/tournament for walk-ons to possibly gain a spot on the team. Again, there just are not that many slots open on collegiate teams. Tennis section games - PART 6! :) ?Well im not the biggest fan of running..But since it is sprinting then we got it. Im pretty fast, and its only a short distance so Novak wont get tired. Are outfits are lime green ahahatennis racquet?you couldnt get more wrong i play tennis in a leage in norwich and i use the prince ozone 7 and i think its a great bat with incredible success
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