Wedding Registry Part II?

i think Macy's or target are good. you can register for anything from stuff for the house like sheets, bed-in-a-bag sets, toaster, dishes, furniture like coffee table, end tables, towels, decor you can get stuff for camping like tents, bikes, camping gear etc, movies, games, pretty much anything. have the price range starting at just a few dollars to how ever much you want. some people will want to spend $10, 20 or 50 and some people will want to spend $75, 100 or even more. DO have many items between $5-40. some people will only want to spend that much, if they want to send a lot more they can get you a bigger item or a few smaller ones. i guess do not register for make up, hair dye, tampons haha i guess stuff like that

1. How do I get febreeze off my coffee table?

I would try a damp microfiber cloth. My husband is a furniture refinisher (has been for 25 years), and he's always recommended that people use nothing but a damp cloth to clean wood furniture. The microfiber cloths really clean well, and ought to remove any residue from the surface. Plus, they come with a warranty that promises they will last at least two years. I've had mine for almost 3, and it still works like new!

2. I need help putting together a coffee table and don't know of anyone that can help me. Any suggestions?

I put tons of furniture together but i live in independence mo

3. what color rug that's light goes best with an off-white couch and dark wood tv stand and glass coffee table?

I would bring in some color, any color, light greens or blues and throw pillows of the same color and throws and add some brown into the mix to help the dark wood not stand out so much

4. What's on your coffee table? :)?

a frame of photo, of me and my bestfriend. from yr 7. im now at uni

5. Drunk 'friend' pissed on my coffee table, should I return the favor?

would like it someone pissed my table :)

6. How do I keep the glass top of my coffee table from sliding?

Use real silicone from a tube. Apply a dab on the corners of the frame and smooth flat with a wet knife. Let it cure and see if that works

7. How can I get my 5 month old puggle to stop bitting my wood coffee table and some other things?

For the wood table, there's a "Bitter Apple" spray made just for that reason. It has a repulsive taste. For a distraction, get him a lot of Bully Sticks and Pig Ears. Those were my saviours for a teething puppy. He craves something hard and chewey, like wood, but bully sticks and pig ears are irresistible. As for going outside, wait him out longer. If you catch him peeing, grab him immediately and say "oops!!!" and drag him outside. When he poops, take his poop and put it in the grass outside. He's already got his scent in the house, which is why he's repeatedly going there. Make sure you clean the spots well so he can not smell it. Feeding guides should be on the back of the bag. 2 big bowlfuls does not really help. How many cups are you feeding? Growing puppies need more "puppy formula" food because it's high in protein. Just follow those guidelines. He may seem like he's starving, but he's fine.

8. What are some great (recent) coffee table books of skydiving photos?

"If God had intended for people to stay on the ground, He would have given us roots."Note: Available at a lower price from other sellers but may not be the latest version.Skydiving is a Joy Beyond Any OtherThis book relates the author's skydiving experiences over the past 50 years, including his worst mistakes and close-calls as well as the joys experienced in the sport. It goes further than most instruction books on skydiving. It describes the lure of skydiving, what it was like to jump round sport parachutes in the 60s and 70s, and jumping squares up to the present.It describes the many benefits that skydiving has to offer, and why it brings us back for more. It includes suggestions on how to improve the sport.Written primarily for fun jumpers who want to gain from another jumper's experiences, the lessons learned are applicable to any level of skydiver.Skydiving: Full FlightWhat are some great (recent) coffee table books of skydiving photos?.

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