Were There "table Phones" in the Past?

This was not common, but there were a few clubs that did this

1. Creating Table: On Mastering LaTeX

I totally agree with you on the benefit of making table by Excel add-in. It's extremely handy in the case you just need to create "normal" tables - not a complex-structured ones, but there is a bunch of them!Another great thing of creating tabular code from Excel is that, as doing research or statistics, many rows and columns are not raw material, they are the result calculating with different functions in Excel. If we want to create table Latex code by just writing, how can we deal with those calculated values?.

2. Problem with insert table of contents with hyperref

This can happen when you have a faulty .aux file which is corrupted during a previous compile that could have had an error in it. Remove the faulty .aux file, and recompile (at least twice)

3. Truth table to prove statements

Let $A$ denote "A did it."Let $B$ denote "B did it."Let $C$ denote "C did it."A's claim: $lnot B

ightarrow C$.B's claim: $(A land C) lor C$C's claim: $A land B land C$.Can you see that we can make the case that two are telling the truth, and the third is telling a lie. Whose the sole liar?

4. Help with Periodic Table Questions!?

what general change occurs in the atomic mass across a period and down a family the atomic mass generally inreases, as you go across a period, or down a family What pattern occurs in the number of energy levels in an atom when going down a family? with each level down, you increas the number of shells by 1 what can be generally said about physical and chemical properties of elements within a family? they act & react alike column 1A alkali metals .... react violetly with water producing an alkalil & hydrogen gas column 8A noble gases... quite unreactive column 2A alkaline earth... form alkalies when their oxides react with water... & they are found as part of some of the more common minerals on earth halogens 7A .... good salt formers, NaCl , NaF, NaBr, Na I good oxidizers, taking 1 electron

5. Truth Table - implies false

Your second table is correct. "False" is not a variable, so you can not assign it two different truth values. If the truth table was to be written for a proposition such as $ab implies c$, then you would have 8 rows as in the first table. But even then, the first table does not look correct. Consider the first row of the table. If $a=F, b=F, c=F$, then $ab = T$ and $T implies F$ is $F$. So you should have $F$ in the last column

6. Make a Minecraft Crafting Table

715 bytes, all 106 recipesTry it online!Handles all the specified recipes, including material variations.Creates a dictionary of all working recipes (with length 9).The shapeless recipes are included by sorting the input string, and checking those against the dictionary. Edit: Switched to string compression, and saved 7 bytes in the code thanks to notjagan

7. File names to database table

Do not write the type into the variable name. The type should be able to change without the variable having to be renamed. subfolders already tells you that it is a collection of subfolders. subfolder_names might be better, to make clear that it contains the folders' names, not wrapper objects for the file system.Removing the backslash from the beginning can prevent you from having to read up the code to make sure where the backslash is, at the beginning or the end. subfolder or subfolder_name implies just the name. So add the backslash wherever you concatenate the strings.That comment is obsolete, as it adds no information that is not already in the next line of code.Again, the comments are not needed, and instead impair readability. Instead of explaining with comments what the code does, improve the code to better explain itself. i can be acceptable as a loop variable, but whenever possible, use a more explicit name, like in this case subfolder_name. Then you get this more expressive code:Again the comment is not needed. What is complete? Give the user more info, e. g. "42 file names inserted into database."

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