What Are the Best Brands of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

There is now a large choice of different brands for the discerning buyer to choose from when it comes time for you to choose a new unit for your heating or air conditioning systems on The Gold Coast. Many people prefer ducted heaters and air conditioners because they are quieter, cleaner, less obtrusive and more aesthetically pleasing than many of the other types of air conditioning units available, They also have the advantage over other systems of being able to effectively circulate air to all areas in a room or building.

Ducted systems give a far greater degree of control of the temperatures in different rooms while removing dirt and dust and pathogens from the air.

But the question is which brand is the best so here are some of Australia's top brands and their unique benefits:

The Braemar Ducted Air Conditioner This leading brand of heating and air conditioning systems is Australian made with designs for residential and commercial applications. They offer an extensive range of home climate systems, including wall furnaces, reverse cycle air conditioning and ducted gas heating systems.

These cost effective systems meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and are compliant with the Demand Response Enabling Device feature (DRED).

Daikin The Daikin air conditioning system has been accepted by the Australian Asthma Council. They were one of the first manufactures to supply compressor inverter technology and now offer units with a very wide capacity limit, this means even in a very cold winter conditions and hot summers their air conditioning systems are able to run properly.

Daikin units are able to be retrofitted to any R22 system simply by replacing the outdoor and indoor units, while retaining and reusing the existing field piping. This allows for very cost effective upgrades to existing installations.

LG LG features a comprehensive range of air conditioning units with advanced anti-corrosive features and smart application features that even allow users to control and access their air conditioning units directly from their cell phones. LG has an extensive range of ducted air conditioners for commercial and home use. Their advanced surface coatings give an extended lifespan and protect from uses from pollution.

Mitsubishi Known for their superior performance, energy efficiency and user friendliness, Mitsubishi home and commercial heaters and air conditioners come with inverter technology that has been shown to be one of the best in the industry. Although it has a premium price Mitsubishi has a strong history of good customer satisfaction and value in the long term.

Toshiba Now known as a leader in energy efficiency Toshiba home and commercial air conditioners feature twin rotary compressors. These give a high powered operation while at the same time reduce energy consumption levels. Finding the level of cooling or heating you desire is made easy with their comprehensive climate control features while maintaining some of the lowest noise levels of any air conditioner on the market.

Deciding which brand of heating or air conditioner you require is a matter of personal preference, but this great range of high quality air conditioning units on the Gold Coast are available on the from your local supplier and installer to provide you with the ultimate comfort and features you need.

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