What Is an Ac Condenser and How Much Does One Cost?

The ac condenser looks like a radiator and normally stays in front of the radiator.. in my car cost $150 the only thing that can go wrong with is a leak.. but before changing a mechanic need to check everything on the ac system to make sure the leak is not from somewhere else. Consider this when buying a used without the ac working THERE IS NO AC and expect to have to replace the whole system and spend over $1000.00 if the seller is claiming is the condenser have him replace the condenser and spend about $400 doing it so and you pay him extra for the repair if he does want to do it that off $1200 the asking price otherwise is not worth the time and money just find another car.

1. Is it bad to use the A/C in my car with a AC condenser leak?

a condenser is cheap to replace if you have a leak your ac will not work only blow warm air

2. How much is to fix AC condenser in FL?

Adriana, this is a shout out referring to the other question about your a/c not working well in your condo. You were very nice to give me the nod of best answer, but you commented that you did not think you could manage getting into the air handler. I understand.... Are you in Florida now? -or are you asking this question for a relative? I am in north Texas. If you are in reality anywhere close to me I will be happy to do the required service to your unit. If it needs parts & materials, you cover the cost. I figure doing that for ya I would consider a random act of kindness. I know there are aot of kooks in this world. where I was an assistant instructor for 2 semesters. He will be happy to identify me by my avatar. That should put your mind at ease.

3. Using Bars Stop Leak on a ac condenser?

i've talked this over with several A/C guys [ all very experienced and none trying to sell me anything or repair anything. all said not a good idea and more likely to make things worse

4. What is an ac condenser and how much does one cost?

a/c condenser is located in front of the radiator (and kind of looks like a radiator too). Through the use of cool air flow provided by the engine fan, the condensor cools the hot gas and converts it to liquid.com)

5. how to locate an AC condenser and fix a refigerant leak?

Two completely different problems. One is the "coolant failure" warning which is for the engine cooling antifreeze/water mixture. Also you say the AC is not working and you suspect a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is R134a which is a gas at room temperature and pressure. Coolant is a liquid. Better see a mechanic instead of messing with something you do not know and asking friends.

6. auto ac condenser repair.?

yes,depending on if that hole can be welded seal you might not need a replacement,worse case scenario is to look at an actual replacement condensor to gauge whether you have the wrenches to unscrew the old one,i think you can do it

7. What do you do after you hook up a new AC condenser?

You need to replace the desiccant air dryer, after that get it recharged

8. I have a carrier ac condenser model number 24acb342a300 please can you tell me what ton is this unit? it takes 208/230voltage?

Cars & Transportation > Maintenance & Repairs Your in the wrong category

9. AC condenser fan will not turn on.?

go in the attic and check the drain pan under the unit, if it has water in it then you need to unblock the drain and also unblock the main drain on the cooling coil that is blocked because it only drains into the pan if the main drain is blocked up. the reason the unit is not working might be because there is a float switch keeping it from running and overflowing water all over your ceilings. if the pan is dry then take the thermostat off of the wall and touch the red and yellow wires to each other, if the outdoor unit comes on then your thermostat is bad.

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