What Is the Purpose of a Coffee Table?

I am not sure where it originated from but your table sounds absolutely charming

1. The glass top on my coffee table broke. Where do I buy a cheap replacement piece?

you can get it replaced at any hardwere store or window store

2. I currently have a dark wood coffee table and I would like to repaint it?

I am not sure if you want to repaint it or re-stain it. I think you mean stain. I will explain paint first, because it's easier. Since you already sanded some, now put on a primer and paint it. Since you may put drinks on it, use a high gloss paint. Now, I think you mean re-stain. I am glad you want to go dark, because it will be easier. Stain on stain makes an even darker stain, and if the table is pine, I've been told you may not be able to remove all of the previous stain. If your sanding job is even, you may consider finding yourself the stain you like. You can put this over what is left of the old stain (again assuming that it's evenly stripped everywhere, and not spotty). Since there is stain left, it will be a little darker than expected. If you do remove the old stain completely, all the better. You could try a chemical stripper, but you will need to sand afterwards. Once you've put on your new stain, you can put on a polyurethane. You will put it on once, let it dry, lightly sand it with a 220 grit sandpaper, than put more poly on. You may want to do this 3 times or so to get great protection. Read the cans you buy for the best directions, but make sure you do not shake the poly can the way you would paint. It will make air bubbles that will then go on your coffee table.

3. Whats the best way to keep the razor blade from scraping the paint off my coffee table?

dont put it on there

4. Long couch...how big should coffee table be? HELP!!?

Get a roll of that brown craft paper and cut out different shape and sizes until you come up with one that suits you. Or use newspaper taped together

5. I am building a coffee table using 3/4 oak plywood. How do you make rounded corners using solid oak ? cjd?

If u r going to use solid oak 23/4on 2 sides and 23/4 on the 2 ends. decide the size u want the table top, minus 5 1/2 " for the length , and minus 51/2" for the width. the 51/2" is from the 2 pieces 2 3/4" oak . the 2 pcs 23/4 width should cut the length exact length the size u want. glue all 4 piece solid oak to the plywood, when the glue dry, drill 2 holes 1/4" x 31/2" deep on each corner where cross joints is. get a 1/4" dowel cut the dowels 33/4" long ,put glue in holes and the dowels, drive the dowels in with a hammer,Make sure u spread out the glue, Now put on ur radius ur wanted, then cut ur rounded corner with a jig saw. Now u can use a router do ur decorative edges

6. How to Style a Coffee Table - 6 Ways to a Beautiful Design Tidbits&Twine

A coffee table is typically a large, flat surface that is just begging to be decorated! Whether you use it to display a collection, showcase your heirlooms, display a plant, or tie together all of the colors in your room, how you style a coffee table is important. When seated in a living space, the coffee table becomes a focal point and there's noting like a beautiful vignette to help set the tone of the room. So are you ready to learn how to style a coffee table? Let's talk about: Tips for styling your table at home! There are limitless options as to how you can style your table, but I've taken some of my favorite examples and categorized them into 6 Style Approaches based on the premise used to create the design. The premise of this approach is that all four corners of the coffee table are weighted equally so that the entire surface feels balanced. All four corners can be styled differently, but their visual weight is the roughly same. Sometimes, one corner might have a bit more "pop" than the other corners, especially when flowers or another similar organic material are used. There is also sometimes an added element in the center of the table. Grouping together a collection of dissimilar items and placing them in a beautiful serving or decorative tray creates cohesion to the display. This type of approach is particularly good if your coffee table has an uneven surface (for example, like that of a tufted ottoman) or if your items do not show well when placed directly on the surface of the coffee table. This is just as the name implies because sometimes, less is more. Simplicity of design allows us to focus on other elements in the room and also allows for a bit of breathing space. Plus, depending on how you use your coffee table, this might be the most practical approach! In my home, my son likes to do his homework at the coffee table so I have to keep things simple in order to give him ample room for his papers, books and mounds of eraser dust. As with any vignette, variety helps to create interest, and styling the coffee table is no exception! A grouping of items with varying heights, textures, and shapes creates a beautiful display. Tip: Try using something tall (like a vase of flowers), something short (a small sculpture or stack of books), something hard (like glass or ceramic), and something soft (plants, flowers, or another organic material). When grouped together, the items take on a somewhat organic and undefined shape. Rectangular coffee tables in particular can be styled with beautiful symmetry using a repetition of objects that runs lengthwise. Look for a commonality among the objects used, such as shape or color, so that no one object competes with another. This approach can be independent of the others or can build off of any of the five previous with the addition of one element that is larger and/or more colorful than the other items. This item then becomes center of attention! You can easily use any of the other five approaches for every day use and then add that something extra for holidays, special occasions, or even just because! You can of course mix and match the approaches above to create a unique look! For example, you could use The Four Corners approach and combine it with The Contained Grouping by using a tray on one of the corners. Or you could combine Long & Linear with The Center of Attention, as shown below. Which approach you choose will depend on: The other elements in the room The amount of functionality you need The items you choose to display Once you've gathered together the key decor items you want to display on your coffee table, decide which approach is best for you and then see if you need any other "filler" items, like books, candles, or small accessories. And remember, an easy way to change up the look of a room and give it a fresh feel is to simply change out your coffee table decor! Which approach do you use in your home?

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