What Is This Sound Coming From the Air Conditioning Vent?

Need to know the pressures and temps but it sounds like high pressure leaking into the low side through a bad valve or flapper

1. My school doesn't have air conditioning!?

Oh for the love of God. What the hell do you spoiled brats think we did before air conditioning???? Get over it. Put your big girl pants on and live without pampering.

2. Do fighter jets have air conditioning like vehicles do?

Yes indeed they do have air conditioning, and it is far better than anything you will find in any auto. When operating from a hot desert base and then flying up to 35,000 feet/10,668m, the range of the outside air temperature will be from a positive 110F/43C to a negative 60F/-51C!That is a change in temperature of 170F or 110C. That is why WW-II bomber crews with marginal air conditioning needed to really, 'bundle up'. In the F-14 that I flew, I always wore just a light weight standard flight suit. And I could regulate the air conditioning from so hot that I could not stand it for more than a second or two, to blowing ice crystals out of the air conditioning ducts... and anywhere in between. Also the ejection seat cover even had hundreds of tiny little air ducts to cool one's ass too. From the manual:2. 30. 2. 1 Temperature Management"The pilot can control cockpit temperature by selecting either a manual (MAN) mode or automatic (AUTO) mode with the TEMP mode selector switch (Figure 2-79). In the AUTO mode, temperature (60_ F to 80_ F) is selected by the pilot with the TEMP thumbwheel control. This desired temperature is maintained by a cabin temperature sensor in the forward left side of the cockpit. In the MAN mode, the TEMP thumbwheel control maintains airflow and temperature.""If cockpit inlet airflow temperature (in either AUTO or MAN) exceeds 250_ F, a cockpit over-temperature switch closes the hot-air-modulating valve.""The conditioned air entering the cockpit is divided forward and aft, with 50 percent of the air going to each cockpit. A CANOPY air diffuser lever on the right console in each cockpit individually controls the percentage of airflow through the cockpit diffusers and the canopy defog nozzles. When the lever is in CABIN AIR (full aft), 70 percent of the air is directed through the cockpit diffusers and 30 percent through the canopy defog nozzles. In DEFOG, 100 percent of the air is directed through the canopy defog nozzles. "Do fighter jets have air conditioning like vehicles do?

3. Air Conditioning: Too cold in bottom floor?

My answer has to do with attic space also.....do you have attic space....is there a space between your upper floor and roof, even if it is not an attic....my neighbor has none, via the original owners if you can believe that. ..(very dumb). ......if you have access to it, you may do a couple of things....check to see if there is any insulation between the rafters (wood beams), check to see if you have Vents on both sides of the house for air flow....there is an exhaust fan you can have installed, like a wall mounted fan facing the outdoors to pull the heat out of that space. ....if you have an attic, check that first, and keep posting here, lots of do it yourselfer's everywhere, you may get even better ideas, lord knows A/C is expensive, saving money and not freezing is a plus!!! Good luck

4. Can parakeets travel in air conditioning?

He can travel in air conditioning. The important thing is not to let him get in a draft (moving air). He can get sick very quickly if you let air move over him, however you can cover the cage with a cloth to protect and use the air conditioning

5. Do I have air conditioning or just heat?

there are different ways to address this , are you sure your setting your thermostat for cool .It sounds like air only. also you could have someone look at you system to see whats up.

6. Air conditioning problem?

did he check the inside coils they may be dirty ......your a/c should have fuses that may have burnt out... i would start with small stuff before calling repair man. ........6. 00 and 20 minutes may save you money 6. 00 to buy coil cleaner . ..let cleaner set on inside coils for 20 minutes then rinse let dry 2 hours then turn a/c back on

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