What Is Wrong with My Air Conditioner?

Out of coolent or not getting enough air across your coils

1. What if rain gets inside my Air conditioner?

No, water wo not hurt. In fact, it may even run a little more efficiently because the water will further cool the condenser coil. Do not scrap the old A/C! Chances are, a tech can do a thorough cleaning of the coils and make it run like a champ again!

2. Why isn't my air conditioner cooling?

Call your installer or a/c tech. From your information it appears there are multiple issues -- interior unit not blowing, exterior unit not chilling air. If it is blowing air constantly but not necessarily cooling the air, then you have an issue with lines freezing. This could be a result of inefficiency of your home, improper freon levels, dirty coils, dirty filter, etc.

3. My air conditioner is barely blowing any cold air out of the vents?

Does the unit have a condensation collector bucket ? Some models have them, and when the bucket gets full the unit will automatically shut down. In high humidity stipulations the bucket could ought to be emptied two or three times per day

4. air conditioner/furnace?

If you have central A/C then your furnace fan should come on when the A/C turns on. If you have a seperate A/C like a window unit, turn your fan switch on the thermostat to "on" and the furnace blower will run 24/7 until you turn it back to "auto". Running the furnace fan if you have a seperate A/C unit is good to help move air. Using a ceiling fan also helps. Close blinds and keep out as much sunlight as possible, (Light=heat). I even turn off my pilot light for the furnace in the summer to save gas and cut the heat signiture it produces

5. is a Rheem air conditioner a good unit?

Rheem is a middle of the road unit. The drawback to a Rheem, Ruud, Trane, American Standard or Goodman Outside unit is the sheet metal which protects the outside coils from damage. The louvered sheet metal exterior traps dirt and leaves and in a few years restrict air flow through the coils which causes the compressor to work harder and other components to over heat. As a result the life of the parts are abbreviated. The key to avoiding this is annual maintenance which if performed by a HVAC tech should be over seen by you. The sheet metal should be removed and the coils cleaned every 2-3 years. Carrier, Payne, Bryant do not have this issue. Also, proper installation of the new equipment is very important for proper operation. The outside unit should have 24" of clearance around all 4 sides. It should be placed on a level concrete foundation, a vaccum should be performed on the system, a liquid line drier should be installed and when placed into service there should be a 20 degree temperature differential between the return air vent and the further estts. Supply vents should be 20 degrees colder

6. Air conditioner contactor not staying engaged.?

If the compressor only hums and does not run, you likely need a new one, and the freon will be contaminated if it there was a burnout. Call your licensed HVAC expert

7. Air conditioner is running, but will not cool.?

the cost could exceed the price of a new one ,first did you change the filter and second you first have to run it on hi fan for 2 minutes before starting the cooling cycle... and you did not say if the unit was a 110v or 220v,but if its a 110v the capacitor could have gone bad preventing the power surge needed to start the compressor

8. Built-in air conditioner timer switch wiring

I tried hooking up a NO relay to the blue wires, but activating it did not seem to turn the AC on, even though I heard the relay activate.I just realized the AC unit has a continuous mode by turning the timer knob all the way to the side, so instead of modifying the timer switch, I am going to set the AC unit to on, and then power the unit through a relay. Thanks for all the help, appreciate it!.

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