What S the Difference Between Cool and Dry on a Window Type Air Conditioning Unit?

That's unusual. It sounds like it can operate as an air conditioner or dehumidifier... pretty cool. Anyway, an air conditioner dehumidifies the air as it cools the air. Great if it is 90 degrees or otherwise just plain hot. But it can be 80 degrees and very muggy, making it miserable. If you set the A/C to cool the air down to 75 degrees it will do that but it wo not run enough to dry the air. It sounds like your unit can be set to dehumidify - the air coming out is not any cooler but is a lot drier - to make it more comfortable, then you can switch to cool if it is still too warm. Car air conditioners do both simultaneously - they always dry the air but the temperature can be set to any comfort level

1. In an air conditioning systems when is a return blower needed?

All systems will need one if the space is closed. Otherwise you will be creating positive force inside the rooms which could make it difficult closing doors!

2. what causes a central air conditioning unit to freeze up?

happens to me all the time, but it's because I always forget to change the filters !! Only once was it due to low freon ... check the filter

3. Air conditioning problems? Help?

Sometimes, when the Freon levels inside the air-conditioning unit is too low, it can easily freeze up after running for a long time. Additionally, there is a drain line that comes out the side of the air-conditioning unit inside the house that can get plugged. Because you were running the air-conditioning unit for a long time it could have built up a huge amount of water that is not allowed to escape. This can cause the unit to freeze up. Turn the air-conditioning unit off. Give it a few hours for it to naturally thaw out on its own. Turn the unit back on to an appropriate temperature. There is no need to turn it all the way down just to make the house cooler. Air-conditioning units simply work as "on or off", and are regulated by the thermostat. Turning it down colder does not make it produce air that is colder. If it happens again, a technician will need to evaluate the system to determine the root of the cause. More than likely it is a dirty air exchanger, low Freon coolant gas, a plugged drainage line or an inefficient blower fan. It was not your fault that the unit froze. This problem would have happened at some point in the future, had you not turn down the unit last night.

4. Do you agree with feminists who claim air conditioning is sexist against women?

Hmm, could be. Since their only real advantage is leveraqing their sexuality, forcing them to wear more practical clothing disadvantages them

5. Are House Cats OK in the heat with no Air Conditioning?


6. what is "Fan Coil" air conditioning system and how does it work?

Fan Coil System

7. truck air conditioning is giving me problems?

You need to take this truck in. Low refrigerant is only one thing that go wrong on this truck, and since it's a 1984 it's going to use refrigerant 12. This has not been made since 1995. Converting it to 134a is going to take more than a $30 kit. If you are serious about getting this working, you should take it in to a mechanic, or purchase the parts required to do the conversion right. Sounds to me like the compressor needs attention in any case

8. Will my basement apartment be ok without air conditioning?

Philly gets very muggy and you are not below grade enough to not overheat. You could try using a dehumidifier but a small window AC would be your best bet

9. Please resolve this ongoing argument re: air conditioning

You don t say if your a man or woman "DISCUSSING THIS" w/ which spouse but I vote w/ you lol Yes windows up it s less drag on the car w/ windows up.they act as a parachute type drag

10. Should climate activists be using air conditioning?

World climate has been wrecked. We are apparently at 2 C above global average temperature since 1750. Activists have been warning of the problem since the 1970's, but now temperatures are pushing toward frequent 'wet bulb' temperatures, that can kill people who do not have access to A/C. We are pushing toward a point when heat prostration becomes a common cause of death. Wet Bulb Temperature Soon to Become Leading Cause of DeathI use as little in the way of AC as I can, but every big SUV that rattles past my home has more than wiped out whatever virtue I've created by sweating

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