When Tech Meets Table Tennis

"All the ingredients of today's tech bubble were there - venture capitalists, angel investors, and start-up founders wearing t-shirts with company logos. Amid discussion of scalable software solutions, Series Seeds, and Series Cs, one could hear the steady ping and pong of ball hitting table and paddle, the noise echoing through SPiN, a Manhattan social club that usually rents out tables for $100 an hour.As a hustling entrepreneur trying to make it in the tech world, I decided on a whim to join a ping pong tournament hosted by a venture capital firm.

I figured I would get eliminated in the first round, then take advantage of the opportunity to mingle with investors over free food and drinks. I went hoping to meet titans of the industry and learn lessons in building a disruptive business; instead I disrupted a ping pong bracket and met a titan of the table tennis world.I didn't have high expectations going into the 32-person singles tournament.

My game was pretty sharp at its peak in high school, when I played in my basement with friends on the weekends. But it was always basement ping pong. I never reached the next level of wicked spin serves and forehands so powerful that rallies took place standing 15 feet from the table - my basement didn't have that kind of space.Illuminated by purple neon lights, SPiN felt like a nightclub.

Sped-up dance floor hits pulsed through the hall and bartenders in tight black outfits served cocktails. It felt like a place I'd see people slamming tequila shots at the bar. Instead, they were slamming ping pong shots at tables.

I wasn't playing in my basement anymore.

My first opponent was a venture capitalist. It was clear from our first rally he was better than me, and I was worried my run as a competitive ping pong player would be over quickly. But I hung in there, hitting a steady stream of defensive returns and his balls started to sail long.

When his final slam missed the table, I couldn't keep a surprised smile from creeping over my face.I walked to the center of the room to report my result to the scorekeeper, a woman in hot pink tights with an accent I couldn't place. She wrote my name into the second round of the bracket, then laughed when I asked if I could take a picture of the whiteboard.

I didn't know how much longer this would last and I wanted to enjoy it.Next I was to face Dave*, the founder of a popular iPhone app. While we warmed up, he good-naturedly asked about my company.

In this world, to do anything less than "crush it" is to admit defeat. I told Dave we were in fact crushing it. After several months of hard work, my co-founders and I were seeing traction on our start-up, an online marketplace that connects people with jobs based on their skills. We have paying clients, investors and a few thousand users testing our initial product in private Beta.

But I was a small fish compared to the other players in the tournament, some of whom had sold companies for hundreds of millions.As Dave dropped a nasty serve that jumped sideways, he talked about his success raising multiple rounds of venture financing. I flailed trying to return his serve and felt like I didn't belong at the table or in the start-up scene at all.

But I played above my level, and fought to a 12-12 tie (the tournament games went to 15). I dug deep, thought about crushing it, and came away with a win. Impressed, Dave offered to introduce me to one of his investors, but I was too focused on ping pong.

I walked over to the scorekeeper, beaming. She gave me a thumbs up, seeming a bit surprised to hear I had won again, and wrote my name in the third round of the bracket.The Elite Eight brought Ryan, an intimidatingly handsome product manager for a sexy financial technology start-up.

Ryan's colleagues circled the table to cheer him on. I was playing in enemy territory. I blocked out the groupies and channeled my inner Reggie Miller-at-the-Garden. By the time Ryan realized I couldn't return his drop shots, he had squandered a three-point lead and I closed out the match with five straight service points.

When I reported my victory, the scorekeeper high-fived me and shouted "Final Four!"Next was Hari, the CEO of an open source database company that has raised several hundred millions. If I was trying to climb the tech ladder, Hari was already at the top, having sold his previous company for nearly a billion dollars. His game was as overwhelming as his net worth.

His backhand was as dangerous as his forehand. There was nowhere to hide and I had to hold on for dear life.A small crowd led by the scorekeeper began to root for me.

Perhaps they were amused that this founder of a start-up no one had heard of was hanging in with an industry titan. Perhaps they just liked that I kept taking pictures of the bracket. I fed off the crowd's energy and wore Hari down, winning 15-11.

He shook my hand and slipped away before I could give him my pitch.Suddenly I was one match away from the championship. I had somehow made it through the tournament without being exposed as the basement ping pong phony I was.

All that stood between me and the title was Sunil, founder and CEO of an online marketplace that had been acquired by Groupon.The thumping electronic dance music music shut off. The scorekeeper took the microphone and called attention to the center table.

Innovators and investors took a break from discussing volatile valuations to gather around the table and see what I had left in my basement-honed arsenal. I went up 9-6 and could taste victory. Then Sunil came roaring back. My palms grew slick with sweat as he bought himself four match points with a 14-10 lead. I went on a 3-point run, cutting the lead to 1.

It wasn't enough.

Sunil's tricky spin sent my backhand into the net and he took the crown, 15-13.I was devastated. Then the scorekeeper came around to boost my spirits. "Do you want to hit?" she asked. I had assumed she was the host venue's version of a boxing ring girl, an attractive assistant without much interest in the athletic action around her.

From our first rally, it was clear I was very wrong. She returned shots behind her back, with either hand, even with her eyes closed - the ball landing exactly where she wanted every time. Malin Pettersson was not just a scorekeeper.

She was a ping pong pro.

Malin, who grew up in Sweden, said she had been playing since she was 3, when she stood on boxes to reach the table. I asked if she'd ever won a national championship. She modestly replied that she had. "When was that?" I asked. "Well," she replied, "It was actually 14 times between 2002 and 2010.

"So there I was.

I hadn't met the entrepreneur who would give me eye-opening advice or the VC who would invest a few million, but I had met Malin Pettersson, the 14-time national ping pong champion of Sweden, and had disrupted the tech world with my basement ping pong skills


Does "" intentionally look like a ping pong table?

I always wondered about the same thing, but no, it's a coincidence.The characters (pu012bngpu0101ng) 'table tennis' are modifications of the character (bu012bng) 'soldier' and was just used to represent onomatopoeic expressions, basically the sound of something making "ping pang". In the Ming dynasty (from the 14th century on), it was first used as the sound of collisions during a fight.

In the original character , the little "legs" were actually depicting two hands () holding a battle ax ().Later, was used to transliterate the English game ping-pong. Interestingly, the Chinese word is not the origin of the English word for the game, but vice versa.

Does "" intentionally look like a ping pong table?"

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How a Ping-pong Table Changed My Life and Why You Should Never Stop Searching for Your Passion.
Dear reader, I want to introduce a short story of how I found my passion and to share findings that you might (or might not) find helpful in your life journey.A story where one day decided everything. And who would have known that it would be the day when the IT company I was working for purchased...a "ping-pong" table (ping-pong and table tennis are not the same! But this is a matter of a separate discussion).Past.When I was 14 there was nothing particular I really dedicated myself to. In most cases I was just exploring my capabilities: playing computer games, learning English (it's not my native language), mastering the guitar or surviving boring classes like everyone did.I went to quite a prestigious school so it needed to have a good team in every sports category to compete with other schools in the city. A bunch of my friends and I were invited for a test to see if we were able to learn and play table tennis. We took the test. We succeeded.In three years, we had three medals: two golds and one silver.Table tennis was never a passion of mine, but I was OK about having it in my life.I finished school, then went to university for 4 years and never had a single thought that I would want or need to play again. Still not really interested in anything, I was drifting through my life in the same old manner. Except that I got more social interactions which I did not value much anyway.In 2013, I started to work at a local IT company and managed to grow pretty rapidly since I was a kind of proficient in computers and English. In two years, I became a QA engineer at a successful international startup.One day, my company moved to a new office building and purchased a ping-pong table. And this is where everything started.I brought my personal racket (yeah, a 10 year-old custom racket saved since school days) and challenged the colleagues.It went smooth and I was able to find some good players in the company, but...I needed challenge. I started regular trainings with the company's second (next to me heheh) best player and, after all those years of sitting at the computer, I found myself alive.Fast forward a couple of months, I was playing local tournaments and it was when I figured out - this is exactly what I missed.Nobody would choke the fire in my eyes, and starting from the middle of 2017 I was exercising four times a week with one of the best players in our region, travelling to the nearby cities for tournaments and, later on, bringing my passion to even farther distances: other countries and foreign leagues.Present.I still work in IT, but currently it's only a matter of time (2 to 3 months) till I build enough money to stop wasting my energy and finally dedicate myself to table tennis. Money is secondary.Conclusions.One cannot foresee the future, therefore you never know when and where your skill will come in handy. It might as well become your passion in the future! Only that you don't quite understand how and when. Steve Jobs in his Stanford University speech was completely on point: connecting the dots.Do it passionately. Use every muscle of your body and every cell of your brain. Think about it, live it. I find myself thinking about game strategies or replaying matches in my head all the time, even when I am not at the table.Never lie to yourself. You see someone excel at something and you want to be like them? Try it. Didn't work? Continue cruising through ideas and someday you will be a lucky person who has finally found that exclusive thing of their own.There is no universal recipe for everybody in the world because you are unique. Define what "success" means to you. Is it wealth? Skill? Family?It is said, "Enough is as good as a feast". Everything in this world is good in moderation. How do you know when you're balancing just right? Well...try both ends and see·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the best ping pong table under $200?Buying a table tennis table is an expensive deal. Most people are under the impression that the Table with a less cost would be of inferior quality and that is somewhere true, but it is not the case with STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table.This Table costs under $200 and comes with great quality material and is very compact that it can be kept even in the room with less space.Here are more about the features and benefits of this Table-The looks of STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table are exquisite. This Table is immensely beneficial for people who do not have much space to keep a large size table.This Table has two independent halves, and the significant part of it is that they come pre-assembled. The players just need to unfold the legs, set the net, and start playing. This table is very easy to assemble and takes very less time to get fixed.STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table can be easily stored and transported. The dimensions of the Table are 71 X 40.5 X 30. This is smaller than the standard size, but the height and the surface that it offers is of good size and is great for playing.The notable thing of this table is that it has adjustable legs along with levellers, which means that according to the ground level, you can make the adjustments in the leg.STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table tennis table is made up of MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard ) which is waterproof, that means you can use it for outdoor purpose as well. To keep tabletop smooth, it is coated with silkscreen striping because of which the bounce on this table is pretty nice.Thus, this is one of the best tables which comes with great features at an affordable price. STIGA Space Saver compact ping pong table tennis table is one of the best deals one can get at a price under $200.Check my complete review of STIGA Space Saver, The Best Table Tennis Table under $200 here
Table Tennis Equipment Standards
A great deal of concentration and coordination is required in playing Table Tennis. The sport offers mind-body stimulation which enables the players to keep their brains sharp and their body fit.Like any other sports, it is vital to create a certain set of rules to maintain order. These rules or standards are for both the game and the equipment used.Standard rules in Table Tennis are established by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) whose responsibility is to give order and maintain fair and organized Table Tennis Competitions.Table Tennis equipment national standards applies on:Table MeasurementsNet MeasurementsBall FeaturesRacket/ Paddle FeaturesTable MeasurementsTable Tennis and Lawn Tennis have similar principles and both originated from the same ancient game of Tennis calle Jeude Paume. However instead of lawn, Table Tennis uses a Table.Table sizeITTF declares that the Table Tennis table should be rectangular in shape. The official height should be 76 cm (H-2.5 ft), official width should be 152.5 cm (W-5ft) and official length should be 274cm (L-9ft).If folded, the size of the Table Tennis Table would be 22 inches in width, 60.25 inches in length, and 65.75 inches in Height.22 inches (W) x 60.25 inches (L) x 65.75 inches (H)The thickness of 25mm (1 inch) should also be followed.Parameters of the tableWith the ITTF declaring the Table Tennis table size, it is round about 9 by 5 feet.Given its size, according to ITTF the table top needs to be 76 cm above the ground and leveled across the surface. It must also create a 23 cm high bounce when the ball is thrown from 30 cm height. The table can be made of any material as long as it produces the same results.Marking of the tableThe table should be in dark color with a white line, 2 cm thick, painted across all four edges.According to ITTF, standard table dimensions should be followed strictly on tournaments. However, this is not required for those which are used for recreational purposes only.Net MeasurementsThe table is divided by 2 equal portions, 13.7 m in length, separated by a net which is 15.25 cm (6 inches) high running across horizontally 1.83 m (6 feet) long. It should be dark blue or black in color with strips along the edge no wider than 15 mm thick. It is also said that the net and the table do not need to be the same color and net posts do not need to be affixed permanently on the table. Most foldable tables require the net assembly to be removed for storage.Ball FeaturesDespite the Table Tennis ball being seen as very simple, there are several specifications to be followed.It should be spherical in shape, made up of a celluloid. It is a plastic-like material of which a photographic film is made of.Before the year 2000, the diameter of a Table Tennis ball was 38 mm but was changed by the ITTF to 40 mm that year. The diameter of the ball must be 40 mm or 1.57 inches and a mass of 2.7 grams or 0.095 ounces.When dropped from a height of 30.5 cm on a steel block, the standard bounce of the ball should be approximately 24 cm to 26 cm in the air.The elastic energy which is left over after a single bounce is called coefficient of restitution. With the given standard of bounce, meeting it means the ball has a coefficient of restitution of 0.89 to 0.92.The celluloid plastic, making up the ball, should be matte finished and be colored white or orange. The colors are chosen to make the balls more visible during the game.An arbitrary standard was developed by manufacturers. With 3 stars indicates the best, the number of stars on the Table Tennis ball depicts the ball quality.Official competitions use ITTF approved balls with "ITTF" prints on the balls themselves.Paddle/Racket FeaturesTable Tennis racket has many names like Table Tennis paddle, Ping Pong racket, or Ping Pong bat.Rackets in Table Tennis are laminated wood covered with rubber on one or both sides depending on the player's grip style.The wooden part is called "blade." Based on ITTF standards, thickness should at least be 85% natural wood. It is commonly made out of limba, cypress, or balsa wood.A racket has an average size of 17 cm ( 6.7 inches) long and 15 cm ( 5.9 inches) in width.Different types of surfaces are allowed by the ITTF for each side of the racket. Table Tennis enthusiasts customize the racket surface based on their preference and play style.These standards by the International Table Tennis Federation are strictly followed and implemented to avoid conflicts and maintain order and fair tournaments·RELATED QUESTIONWhy do software engineers love ping pong so much?They do not.Remember when you were a teenager and grown ups cracked jokes and played music that they thought would be down with the teens?That.A ping pong table and a vague promise you can use it is a lot cheaper than salary. And it sends out the signal that 'Heck - you're gonna live here, you might as well play here as well as work here!'Doesn't happen much in the UK. And I suspect it fools no-one, really.I like some of the stuff like that in principle. I have sometimes used works pool tables for a bit and they actually do turn into good informal work meeting areas. You get to chat about what you're working on.But I wouldn't say that software engineers like ping pong particularly, as a rule.Why do software engineers love ping pong so much?
Beer Pong Table in the Making?
A beer pong table, that sounds interesting. You said a sick table, does this mean a cool, trendy table or does sick table mean when you have had to much beer you can go to the beer pong table and throw up on it, cause it really would pong after that. Ha Ha Ha ..............Cheers.................1. What kind of beer will Obama have at the beer garden?Beer garden? Beer grows on plants??? My dreams have been realized, at long last!!!!!2. What Major for Brewing Beer?i propose which you pay a pass to on your interior of sight homebrew save. purchase a replica of Charlie Papazians e book on homebrewing, learn the stairs in touch. start up undemanding with an extract batch of beer, take it from there. than purchase the mandatory hardware to brew your first batch. do no longer take short cuts. carry on with instructions on the recipie the optimum seen needed element is retaining your ferment temps cool at around fifty 5 to 60 stages. solid success and satisfied brewing3. Gourmet beer and cheese ... ??I just bought some of this. The beer can be found at Belchinfickenlagerstein Pub, the cheese at Cuttenwhiffengetz Cheese Factory. Das is goot.4. A beer in hand vs a beer in a handIn the right context, any of those could be used as there nothing specifically wrong with any of them.However, this looks a lot like the saying "A Bird in the Hand..." Which I have seen as both "A Bird in hand" and "A Bird in the Hand". "A Bird in a Hand" has a slight bit of ambiguity, as to which or whose hand, which makes it less than ideal5. Where can I buy a beer bottle opener?I was just at the liquor the other day. They had really nice keychain ones at the counter. Otherwise, you can buy them most anywhere - grocery stores, discount stores, dollar stores. Spencer's Gifts sells a Homer Simpson one that talks.6. Brewed Beer in PuneI would also add another place to the list. (In order I prefer to visit)7. Whats the difference between Regular Beer, Malt Liquor and Ice Beer?Alcohol content and marketing. Malt liquor is very strong beer marketed to poor people. Ice beer is slightly stronger than normal beers marketed to young people that think they are getting a bonus8. Is Budweiser beer Czech or American?Budweiser is an American Beer. The original recipe was based on a German Lager. The founders of Anheuser-Busch brewery (the creators and brewers of Budweiser) were an immigrant families of German origin. Anheuser was the owner of the Bavarian Brewery. When he bought it the business was failing. The product didn't sell very well. Anheuser brought his son in law into the business to help refine the beer. Adolphus Busch was a dealer of brewing supplies. He worked with a master Brewer from a local St Louis restaurant to refine the recipe.The company is now owned by InBev which is a world wide company. Their headquarters are in Belgium. I do believe they have associated breweries around Europe but I'm not aware if any brew the Budweiser recipe. Is Budweiser beer Czech or American?.9. What is a draft beer at a bar?Draft beer comes in barrels more commonly called kegs. They are metal. Bars also offer bottled beer, maybe some from cans. Bottled beers will be divided into domestic and non-domestic. u know, USA made or from another country10. Tylenol Half a beer?You will be fine just dont drink anymore :)11. Is there a way to tell if a particular beer is a wheat beer, a rye beer, or a barley beer, without it saying so?No. The beer has to be labeled correctly.If it does not say rye or wheat on the label, it is a barley beer, except for cheap macro brews, which can also be brewed from rice12. Is there ginger root in root beer?No, it's sassafrass13. Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Rum?If you are drinking to get drunk stick with the hard stuff. It is less filling and a quicker drunk. If you are looking to become a beer connoisseur then start with an amber ale, drink it slow, and let it warm up a bit. Taste the maltyness and bitterness
9 Best Ping Pong Table Covers in 2020
Do you own a ping pong tennis table? At some point, you may realize that your ping pong table begins to rust on some areas yet the product may still be new! It can be a bit discouraging and disturbing. If you are experiencing a big challenge of how to handle moisture and dust as you use your table, just stop there and pause for a moment! There is a solution for you. The ping pong table covers are available in the market to protect your table from harsh weather and dust. The processing of finding a suitable ping pong table cover may not be a walk in the park. You need the right details. The information in this article reflects the clear reviews of 9 best ping pong table covers in 2020. Let's get things underway. Are you an owner of a table tennis table and want to protect it from water and dust? If yes, then make use of Toodro Table Tennis Table Cover to give you a commendable service. This high-quality table tennis table cover consists of 210D Oxford fabric that is waterproof, windproof, and dustproof. The item is lightweight with a portable design of 1.22 pounds and measures 11.1 x 9.5 x 1.8 inches. However, the table cover gives you peace of mind as it protects your table from rust, mold, and dampness. You can place this table outdoors and cover this table with a cover protector, and the game is over. The heavy-duty and sturdy cover will guarantee you many years of service as a protector. What you only need to do is to take this outdoor protector out of your table, then immerse it in water as you dry it up in the sun. Since the tennis table cover is wind resistant, such product will keep and maintain your table in all seasons. Save your budget and acquire this product to enjoy a lifetime warranty. AlaSou Ping Pong Table Cover has a unique dimensional design. This table protector fits all international foldable rollaway table tennis table like JOOLA, butterfly STIGA and more. Its four corners have buckle straps which become an added extra stability. Furthermore, the product has a zipper design which is easy to use. The unique air vent will enhance circulation, therefore, keeping your table cool, dry, and free from mold and mildew. Moreover, it is easy to clean and fit this cover. You only have to place it on top of the table when folded, then rinse with water pipes and dry with a dry towel. The product has an excellent table design with an air vent. It will protect your table from the formation of molds because it is waterproof. The product's premium material construction is from a heavy-duty and water-resistant polyester and PVC as a new type of material. The cover will protect the table tennis table from dirt, moisture, and dust. This product is lightweight; hence, it will enable easy transportation. Its prices are reasonable with a warranty included. Linkool Outdoor Table Tennis Cover Waterproof measures 65x 27x 73 inch (L x W x H), offering all-weather protection. It has a unique design that fits all international foldable roll away tennis table, including JOOLA, STIGA, and more. Its cover is exceptionally durable, which is 420D Oxford, and an upgraded PVC backed Polyester fabric. The weight of 420D is two times as 210T. It sounds great to protect your investments against odd elements with a high- quality cover over a long period. Linkool Outdoor Table Tennis Cover Waterproof is an exceptional product that will give you maximum security. Its design will offer better protection to your ping pong table from dirt, dust, rain, ice, snow, and extreme temperatures. You know what? This outdoor table cover has click-close straps that can snap over the legs to secure a cover on the windiest days. Or even better, there is an all-round drawstring bottom with cord locks for added security. In any case, the product will not blow away in the wind. The prices of this product are low and come with a 1- year limited warranty. Classic Accessories Veranda Outdoor Ping Pong Table Cover features an elegant water-repellent fabric. What else? The protective water-resistant 6p- free PVC undercoating and a protective dark splash guard skirt. The presence of air vents will reduce condensation and wind lofting. There is a Padded handle for easy fitting and removal. This product is convenient as it fits most of folded up pong tables up to 60 inches Wide x 28 inches Deep x 63 inches high. Its design does not fully cover the legs. The product also consists of zippered access with rip and grip closure to the bottom. The Veranda Outdoor Ping Pong Table Cover has a durable material construction. It consists of woven Polyester fabric with special water-repellant and resistant undercoating. As you purchase this product, you will also be purchasing peace of mind all in one. The table cover will not only protect your tennis table from elements. The cover will also protect the buyer with the most comfortable warranty in the industry. JOOLA Dual Function Indoor Table Cover has a particular design that will give the tennis table all-round protection. The products work excellently to protect your table from dust, starches and it is also water-resistant. Besides, the net has a compatible design. It is unique with a custom fit; hence, it conveniently allows the net to remain on the table during the use of a table cover. The indoor table cover has a distinctive shape that is adjustable, thereby enabling you to cover not only the table but also the net. Due to its Velcro edges, the flexible cover fits the table in both storage and playing positions. The product is lightweight, measuring 2 pounds and 15.8 x 11.7 x 2.3 inches in dimension, and therefore it will enable you to carry around easily. Nevertheless, the table cover has proper material construction made of nylon material. This Nylon material is thermoplastic silky material that's is tough to withstand all weather conditions. This type of table cover has affordable prices in the market with a warranty to support you in case of failure. You do not have to observe damage on your ping for you to take action and protect it. The Covermates is there to help you prevent such a scenario from occurring before the situation graduates to worse. The Covermates comes with an excellent material construction made with thick 12- gauge commercial vinyl. Such a great feature alone will shield your table from spilled drinks, dust, and pet hair. The cover is both waterproof and windproof. The table cover makes it easy for you to put on and take off due to Polyester lining. The fabric has a reinforcement on the corners to prevent holes and tears from forming at a seam. The Covermates includes a unique design to fit up to 110W x 60D x 30H ping pong tables. In case you are covering an outdoor ping pong table, there is an inclusion of buckle straps and elastic hems for all four legs. The Covermates weighs 6.46 pounds which is portable in case you want to move to a different location. The prices of this product are reasonable, which comes with a 2- year manufacturer warranty to support in case the product fails to perform. The LYHNMW Table Tennis Cover is a product that comes from a reputable material construction made mainly of Polyester Oxford. This material is of high-quality and durable offering exceptional protection on your tennis table. Its dimensions are: L: 165cm (64.96inch) W (Bottom): 70cm (27.56inch) W (Top):65cm (25.59in) H: 185cm (72.83inch). Furthermore, the table cover is lightweight, which is 2.5 pounds. There is an adjustable strap and the included string to ensure the protective cover stays firm in a place on all commercially available table tennis tables. This kind of table cover serves both for indoor and outdoor use. In case you use it for indoors, it will prevent scratches, minor imperfections, and dust collections. The outdoor option keeps leaves and dirt off while preventing rust and discoloration from the sun. This table cover discourages the formation of molds since it is waterproof. The unique design of this tennis table cover will fit most tables in their storage position. The presence of elastic hems offers a snug fit to ensure it wo not slide off the table. Lastly, the furniture offers a one month return period with a 1-year warranty. Podinor table tennis table cover measures 65 x 28 x 73inch/165 x 70 x 185cm (LxWxH), and is lightweight (1.37 pounds) allowing an easier transportation. The design for this medium size seating protects your tennis table from wind, dirt, and weather. Similarly, the product has a wind resistance feature. It has an attachment with drawstring systems together with the cord stopper. That implies that the table tennis cover will resist the wind hence ideal protection for any weather. This Podinor table cover comes from a special waterproof Polyester Oxford with a PVC coating. Consequently, it guarantees high flexibility and extreme resilience to withstand dust, wind, water, and sunlight. Meanwhile, the material supports waterproof, tearproof, and resist cracking. The table cover has a tunnel compartment with a fastening cord. You can quickly pull up with the assistance of the fastening cord and such will require a little storage space when not in use. The product is durable and robust enough to withstand even a storm. The eyelets and the supplied rope ensures a stable effect. This product comes with a 1-year warranty at low prices. STIGA Indoor / Outdoor Premium Table Cover is a great accessory which can protect your tennis table against tear and wear. It's material construction comes from high-quality automobile covers. Such materials will offer exceptional protection for the tennis table. This table cover with a dimension of 66.5 inches Length by 61 inches Width can fit most of the tables in their storage positions. The availability of elastic hems offers a snug fit to ensure the cover wo not slide on the table. You can use this cover either outdoors or indoors. If you settle for indoors, the protection discourages dust collections, prevent scratches, and minor imperfections. You should not use this cover to store an indoor table outside. Caution is necessary to ensure that a table meant for indoor use should be kept in a climate-controlled space. Or else the moisture may cause the tabletop to warp. Alternatively, the outdoor use keeps the leaves and dirt off while preventing rusting and discoloration from the sun. This table cover is lightweight; hence, it is easy to carry around when you are relocating. Lastly, the product has fair prices that come with a limited warranty The journey of finding the perfect ping pong table cover can be easy if you utilize the details as mentioned above to purchase one. Ping pong table covers will cushion your tennis table against specks of dust, humidity and prevent molds and rusts from forming. As if that is not enough, the cover will ensure maximum cleanliness on your table; hence, it remains ever new. You can only enhance the life of your tennis table with the use of a table cover. Find the right features from the list of 9 best ping pong table covers in 2020 and settle for your favorite.1. The chairs in our reception site is in burgundy, will it match any type of orange table cover?yes orange, hot pink and burgandy can work in an indian, ethnic kind of way2. what table cover to use at wedding?Plastic=cheap. I would go with Linen
Clear Beer Pong Table Top Ideas?
Okay lets first discuss your options. There is acrylic (aka Plexiglas, Lucite, etc.) and polycarbonate (aka Lexan). Plexiglas tends to run a little cheaper from certain distributors and you can shop around for it but Lexan is an EXCELLENT option for the application you are wanting it for and can often be found in the larger sheets that you are looking for. Home Depot has clear acrylic sheets in your size for $99. Prices are going to be about that or a little bit more. Even a sheet of reinforced glass or glass squares will be way over that. Shop around though, with the information above, and you might be able to find a better price. Good luck!1. Students in lab measure the speed of a steel ball launched horizontally from a table top to be 3.2 m/s.?Hello Shae, the time to cross the vertical distance 1.90- 0.20 i.e 1.70 m after launching is got from S = (1/2) g t^2 Here S = 1.70 m and g = 9.8 m/s^2 So t = ./ *1.70/9. = 0.589 s 0.6 s With non changing horizontal velocity 3.2 m/s, the horizontal dist covered will be 3.2 * 0.6 s = 1.92 m So tin coffee can is to be kept at a distance of 1.92 m2. Leisure Sports & Game Room Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere Sports & FitnessSharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere,Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere Sharper Image Game Table,: Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere : Sports & Outdoors, Top Selling Products Online Shopping For Fashion Get fast delivery and lowest price. Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere Sharper Image. : Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere : Sports & Outdoors. : Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere : Sports & Outdoors. BRING TABLE TENNIS VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE. Our retractable ping pong set lets you enjoy the game without the need for the bulk of a full ping pong table. An ITTF standard regulation size net of 5 feet wide ensures your matches are as competitive as the pros. EASILY ATTACHES TO ANY TABLE. The sturdy spring action clamps allow the net to attach to any table, with a generous allowance of 2 inches. The net fits any table width up to 5 feet, and when you are done, revert it back when finished: a push of the trigger makes the net retract and collapse. INCLUDES EVERYTHING FOR A COMPLETE GAME. The tennis table set is ready for a match right out of the box, and includes two paddles, three ping pong balls, the retractable net, and a carrying pouch. CONVENIENT FOR TRAVEL. Portability at its finest! The retractable net is easy to store, and the carrying pouch can fit all of the components. Take the set with you on the road: it's perfect for camping trips, indoor and outdoor parties, picnics, and more! QUALITY MATERIALS THAT LAST. The components of this set are just as high quality as a full table tennis kit! The paddles boast solid wood and durable rubber faces, and the ping pong balls the appropriate weight for a truly pro experience. Table tennis - anytime, anywhereWith our retractable table tennis set, you do not need to bother with bulky ping pong tables. Easily convert your dining table, picnic table, or any other table with a width up to five feet into a DIY ping pong table!Easy to set up and take down - right out of the boxSet up and start a match in a matter of seconds! The net stretches up to five feet, but can be attached to smaller width tables. Simply extend the net to the desired width and use the trigger clamps to attach the net to the table, and you are good to go!Includes everything you need for a matchWith the included two paddles and three ping pong balls, you will be ready to play in no time! The retractable net is ITTF regulation height and width, so play like a pro.Conveniently compact for easy storageWhen you are finished, simply collapse the net and conveniently store the whole set in the included mesh bag. The compact size makes the set incredibly easy to store and travel with, unlike full sized table tennis tables that take up a lot of storage space, even if foldable or collapsible. Features: Full ping pong set ready to play right out of the box Collapsible net is highly portable and easy to store Takes seconds to set up and take down Turn any table into a table tennis court!Includes: Retractable table tennis net 2x ping pong paddles 3x ping pong balls Mesh carrying pouch Ready for a match? Click "Add to Cart" and it's game on! Equine Dental Superior Full Mouth Speculum with Leather Straps., Airacker Fingertip Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Batteries & Lanyard Pulse PR Heart Rate Monitors and Spo2 Reading Oxygen Meter.. Aramox Kicking Pad 15x7.48x1.96inch Double Clapper Taekwondo Kick Pad Striking Pad Kicking Targets Training Paddles for Karate Taekwondo Kickboxing Training. Medium 2pc Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 66, MRX MMA Grappling Gloves Boxing Cage Fight Traning Gloves, Rawlings Renegade Baseball/Softball Glove Series, HealthyBells Bungee Anchor Line Stretches from 14 Feet to 50 Feet 2,500 Pounds of Tensile Strength. Mauccau Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized Running Machine Portable Treadmill for Home Small Spaces Office Gym Walking Jogging Exercise Fitness Low Noise. Under Armour Mens Cotton Stretch V-Neck Undershirt 2-Pack, Comes with Neck Ribbon Prime 2 Gold Graduate Achievement Medal Award Graduation Medals, Uflex MACHZEROX18 MACHZero Engine Control Cable 18. Yiilove Adjustable Dumbbell Bench Deluxe Foldable Weight Bench for Fitness Training Multi-Purpose Home Gym Exercise Flat Bench, Reebok Womens DASHEX TR 2.0 Track Shoe. Find-MyWay Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 Band,Charge 2 Accessories Stainless Steel Bracelet Women Men Wristbands Strap Rose Gold Silver Compatible for Charge 2 Fitness Tracker. We Will Actively Solve Your Problem Within 12 Hours Of The Working Day. New Balance Women's Rise V1 Cushioning Running Shoe. you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns. Item model number: LF15249614KY4Y07RP16, MULTIFUNCTION: With Soft Polyester Back And Additional Internal Zipper Pocket To Store Keys. Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. 6 panel trucker with pre-curved bill, Customer Serivce: All SIMARI customers enjoy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and An One Year Warranty, Ideal for tough grinding applications where final finish is important. whole peppercorns that are 5 mm (1/4") or less in diameter. rounded hem and short sleeve for comfort and style, Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. Hand Wash Reverse Side And Use Gentle Detergent. orders due to slight color contrasts. Boys Dos Personalized Birthday Shirt Boys 2nd Birthday Shirt, Original Butterick Sewing Pattern for Doll Clothing for doll size 16 inches (Length). * Powder coated finish that protects against chips and scratches, Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. (5 1/2 x 4 1/4) * Packaged - Ready for gift giving, If you know your actual ring size then please leave the details in the message to seller box that appears when you place the item in your basket. it is delivered to you in a little jewelry bag for easy gifting or storage, Upgrade your order using these options:, Make your walls pop with this beautiful and modern 3D removable subway tile. Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. but will be the same great fabric. Blue Jade Faceted Bead Dyed Blue Jade Faceted Nugget 15mm, so you should buy more to decorate your DIY accessories. Over-dyed fabric with enzyme silicone wash. ABB S262DC C32 Circuit Interrupter, Sharper Image Game Table Top Tennis Retractable Go Anywhere. 2004 Dale Earnhardt Jr#8 Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Monte Carlo /24 Scale Diecast Car Hood Opens, through the swimming can strengthen the body.3. I need help locating the aluminum hockey puck looking hardware pieces a glass table top is fastened to?Totaly
Ping-pong Table Help?
complicated issue. search with the search engines. that can assist!1. Where can I find a beer pong table at?I have no respect for someone with a store bought bp table. build it yourself, or have one of your friends who know how to build something make one fore you2. Where can i buy an inflatable beer pong table here in the philippines?Inflatable Beer Pong Table3. What model kettler ping pong table do I have?thats a funny anecdote. you have the magnum4. How do you make a beer pong table?Beer Pong Tables Uk5. What paint should I use for an outdoor ping-pong table?There may be better people to answer this, but I have got a fair amount of experience with painting things, specifically wood. Also, a friend of mine builds model ships, and they sail, so they need to be waterproof.Spray paint (like Spray Mate) is incredibly hard-wearing. I would coat the entire board with an oil based acrylic primer, 3 coats, sanding between each. Then I would sand it smooth, and spray paint it the colour you want. After about a week or two, you can give it a thin layer of mat or satin finish polyurethane (outdoor grade). My friend with the ships has a good method, which I think might be better than mine. He paints the wood with about 4 or 5 coats of oil-based wood sealer. Then he paints with acrylic, I think, but you can paint with outdoor enamel paint as well. Another top-coat paint which works very well is waterproofing paint (the stuff you use to seal flashings), which you get in a choice of colours, and specifically green.The most important thing is to paint the entire board, back and front. I would seal any holes as well, and then get a cover for it (dirt will accumulate, so even if the paint is fine, the dirt will be a pain). What paint should I use for an outdoor ping-pong table?6. My new ping pong table has an 8.5 inch gap in playback position. How do I close it so balls do not fall in?A pc of card board, its free and will work7. I am building a beer pong table and i want to put a clear top in it like glass or Plexiglas any cheep ideas?Depends on what you call cheap? Plexiglass will work the best, but sometimes it can run like 60 buck for a sheet that size. You could also buy a gallon of clear varnish like Shellac, and paint several coats. The more you paint on, the more it will look like a hard glass finish - kinda like some old wood bars have. Ever see bars with baseball cards or other stuff under a clear glassy finish, thats basically the same coat8. On Which Surface Does a Ping Pong Ball Bounce Best On? floor board, tiles, concrete, carpet, ping pong table?hardest, most stiff (not mushy) surface PP ball is light and stiff and when it hits it bends and then springs back9. Best way to make beer pong table?Tape? Just borrow a ping pong table (like the pros) get cups and tape those to the bottom. Its that easy!10. how do i make a beer pong table?the song playing in the background is cool, the bottle caps are cool...the only concern is how the pong ball will bounce on the surface (if you play that rule) and cleanup between the bottle caps. quality looks good but as far as originality i've seen some mighty fine beer pong tables. ..your work is something to be proud of though11. I'm trying to pimp my garage. It's like a game room: ping pong table, dartboard, etc. I need ideas?PLEASE CONSULT with some interior decorater or sit alone and create self ideas which will more beautiful regards ivar12. which is a better design to put on a beer pong table?Nah, Dude save yourself time and money. Just purchase some cheap spray paint. Paint DO NOT VOMIT HERE on your table and everywhere else you DO NOT want puke. Your good to go! Good Luck Beer Pong Guy!13. Is this Ping-Pong table Good?I used to have a ping pong table similar to that one. If you do not play everyday, it is durable enough. If you do play everyday, then it might not last as long as you want it to last. Good luck on your quest for the perfect ping pong table.
Mike Matheny and Son Bond Over Poorly Crafted Ping Pong Table
This new of age of quarantining and social distancing seems to be doing some good after all. New Kansas City Royals manager Mike Matheny and his son have spent time bonding over the joint craftsmanship of a new family ping pong table. A tale of masculinity as old as time.Now, don't get me wrong. This is a good looking table, albeit with one mighty flaw...is that an wooden net I see? Mike, are you kidding me? What an egregious oversight in the construction of this table. Has Mike ever played a game of ping pong in his life. Every amateur ping pong player knows no better feeling than the skillfully placed net touch where the ball you've struck gently grazes the top of the net and falls fatefully on your opponent's side of the table absolutely unreturnable. Mike is robbing his children of this opportunity for the purest form of joy.People like to tell me net touches are just lucky. Oh, how they are wrong. If net touches are just luck of the draw than why did I spend countless hours during my youth in my garage practicing lightly hitting the top of the net, huh? Riddle me that. Any skill can be trained and net touches are no different.This is also why I will never apologize for profiting off said net touches. I see professionals in both ping pong and tennis that throw up the fake apologetic hand whenever they win a point as the ball dribbles over on to their opponent's side. Now, me? Absolutely not. And why. Well, like I mentioned earlier I've spent countless hours practicing hitting the top white tape of the net in order to guarantee points. So in reality I'm merely executing a shot that cannot be returned. You play to win the game.Circling back to my man Mike. The net touch is now non-existent at the Matheny household and that's a damn shame. Now his kids just have a solid wood wall staring at them in the middle of the table. No room for skillfully placed net shots and maybe some luck from time to time. The kids deserve better·RELATED QUESTIONWhich are the best table tennis rackets for spin and defence?The main equipment used in table tennis is the table and ping pong paddle. While choosing a ping pong table is quite simple, this is not the case when it comes to a ping pong paddle. Ping pong paddles have numerous features, which you must make sure are of good quality before you decide to buy the product. You need to look at the comfort, control, and durability as well as whether the ping pong table you are about to buy has a great spin.As one of the best table tennis rackets for spin and defense, I sugestThe MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong PaddleThe set has two paddles, and this makes it perfect for singles.Crafted to deliver great spin and control, the MAPOL 4 Star Ping Pong Paddle Set is without a doubt a must-have for any aspiring ping pong player.Here you can check the price and find more info: Best Table Tennis Paddles 2018 (Table Tennis Racket)Additionally, its paddles are made of a 7-ply wood blade, so they can provide the much-needed durability. These paddles also have comfortable flared type handles that make them soft and great in hands. Plus they come with a portable fabric carry bag to ensure easy storage.If you want to compare this product with other similar products popular on market, watch the Video. If you want more updates and reviews, then you can subscribe the following YouTube channel - ZoomRankerWhich are the best table tennis rackets for spin and defence?
The Catalyst Program, My Agent of Change
In front of the door that leads to the offices of The Shortcut there is a ping-pong table on which, for many days, lay a yellow book with the catchy title Crushing it! Every day, for four days, as I entered the office in the morning and left it in the early afternoon, I kept looking at that book and thought about taking it home with me. On Friday morning, unable to control the urge, I grabbed it and put it in my backpack, not before I told a few people about it; I am no thief, just a keen bookworm. I could not wait to get home and in bed with Gary Vaynerchuk.In case you do not know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, and I did not, so I googled him, he is a 43-year old entrepreneur, who became an internet personality after growing his family wine business with the help of social media platforms. He told it all in his first book Crush it!, which is next on my reading list, as you may have guessed.The reason for my interest in him and his books is the Digitalization edition of The Shortcut's Catalyst program, where I am currently acting as volunteer/participant. As a 41-year old I have had many misgivings about joining a startup, where most people are at least 10 years younger than me, but my fears are slowly being alleviated as I dive more into the exciting world of The Shortcut.The new and improved program, with an emphasis on digitalization, gathered on the 20th of May around 30 participants from various countries, and set about building them up toward a career in the startup ecosystem. To guide us, we have a group of amazing people, who work tirelessly to offer us the best possible tools and a propitious environment in which to flourish.One of the things that I liked most during this first week (the program is around 70 working days long), is its structure. After getting to know each other and, very important, learn each other's names, we set about rediscovering ourselves and the paths we want to follow. Not only that, but we practiced selling our skills and found out who among the others is the person/persons from whom we want to learn. I was happy to discover that I was not the only humanist in a pool of tech-oriented people. Moreover, my skills are needed, and people appreciate me. On Thursday and Friday, we learnt how to network with ease and flair, but most importantly, with a purpose, so as to cultivate meaningful and lasting connections. Last but not least, there was this story telling session, which is the culprit behind me writing this blog post.So far, the most difficult exercises were the ones requiring us to expose ourselves and our fears to the others: speaking up/out, participating actively and respectfully in a team, showing confidence or the lack of it, telling our story. We are all grown-ups, and we have all joined the Catalyst program with our own individual expectations. For my part, I have already started to find ways of getting involved and using my skills. Hopefully toward a promising start up·RELATED QUESTIONWhat did you notice during an interview that made you not want the job?This answer is going to make me sound like a spoiled brat, but here goes...I wasn't actually looking for a new position, but I was contacted by a company for a position in a company about 5km from my house. The company was in the most beautiful office park, and I often commented that I wished the company I worked for would move there. Close to home and beautiful. There was a lake with ducks and Egyptian geese.So when they asked me to come in and have an interview, I agreed.The first interview turned out not to be an interview at all. They just wanted me to write a test. I suppose they wanted to make sure I could do the job before offering me the position, which is fine but I wanted to make sure the position was something I wanted first anyway.The second interview, was more what I wanted. After answering all of their questions, I got to ask mine.Mel: Do you have flexi-hours?Interviewer: No, but if you travel from very far away, you can start at 7am and leave at 4pm rather than the usual 8am - 5pm.Mel: Can I work from home at all?Interviewer: No. Never.Mel: What makes this a nice company to work for?Interviewer: We have a pool table. Sometimes after work we will play pool. Also the directors are really nice and we aren't afraid to talk to them.Mel: Is that all?Then I told them about the company where I currently work.We have a pool table and 2 ping-pong tables, and a foosball table, and a dart board. Also Jenga, Chess, Pictionary, Scrabble and various other board games. We play sometimes after work, or during lunch, or when the company decides to host a tournament, or that time when there was a power failure, or when a director has challenged you.We have flexi-hours. I can start work at 6am and leave at 3pm and miss all the heaviest traffic. I also get to work from home 2 days a week.One day a year, we can spend doing work in our community. Some people work at a school, in an impoverished area nearby. Some of us go and work at an animal shelter, in that same area. The company arranges it for us, and our pay gets affected, not at all. And volunteer work is so good for the soul.The company pays a catering company to make lunch for everyone at work, every day. They also provide bread for us to make ourselves breakfast, if we want. With the bread, they also provide margarine, jam, peanut butter and other such things.On Fridays, at 2pm, we can buy beer and cider at cost (actually rounded down) from the company and drink it at our desks.And as far as having directors that aren't scary, ours sit with us at lunch.I told you, I'm a spoiled brat. No way would I go and work for that company when I'm already working for such a great place.Sure, sometimes I get grumpy about how hard we have to work. Especially since we are geared towards being able to work from home, it means that even when you're home and relaxing in front of the TV, you could get a call to log on and fix some urgent defect.It's still worth it. I bet the people at that other place have to work hard too, but they don't get to sip on a beer while sitting at their desks on a Friday.
Best Thing to Cover a Beer Pong Table With?
shop up adequate bottle caps to thoroughly conceal the table. if your feeling fairly creative you would be able to desire to apply silver caps for many the table and purple for the triangles and strains1. Where can i buuy a beer pong table?Usually people just buy plywood and put it on top of a table. You can custom paint it if you want. Another thing that some people do is to just have Sharpies for their friends to sign the plywood or draw stuff. It's pretty cheap to do2. im building a beer pong table and have it all painted and everything but i want it to look really shiny?Really shiny varnish? If not, you can ask around in a paint store3. How to make a folding beer pong table?if you set up the hinge right the weight of the table should support itself in the middle, otherwise you can have a peice of wood that slides out once the table is set up to add support, and slides back out of the way so the table can fold. I would use t-strap hinges since they are big and can hold a lot of weight4. Looking for a cheap ping-pong table?i do not thing a department store will sell them as cheap as like Ebay. I think your best bet is ebay. You would prolly spend about 200-300 on one when you might be able to get one for 100-200. It would save you alot of money5. How to Setup and Install Your New MyT Series Ping Pong TableThe day has finally come! Your brand new MyT ping pong table has arrived and now it's time to get setup so you can start UnPlugNPlaying with friends and family. There's no need to stress out, these tables are amazingly simple to setup and you can go from box to playing in as little as 15 minutes. The following gifs should help you get going in no time and explain how to setup your new ping pong table. How To Setup Your New MyT Series Ping Pong Table Each of our tables is the regulation 9' long and 5' wide, but you will also need space to move around when you play. We recommend you give yourself about three extra feet on each side and five feet on each end of the table for optimal play room. However, you can get away with less if space is at a premium. It's ok, because while professional players tend to use all the space available to play, most other players usually do not move around near as much. You will most likely be ok if you have only a few feet of free space around the table. Lay the box flat on its largest side and use a box opener or some other sharp object to cut all the taped seams. Lift off the top layer of cardboard and protective packaging and discard. Have friend help you lift each table side out of the box and you are ready to attach the legs. The T-shaped legs come with the casters already installed. All you have to do is attache them to the table. Simply lift and extend the base frame from the table and slide the legs into each slot on the frame, making sure to align the red arrows. To help with orientation, the legs will point at the players, not the side of the table. Using the included wrench, insert and tighten the bolts to secure. After installation, with the legs extended and locked in place, have someone help you rotate the table so it is top-up and resting on its new legs. Repeat for other half of table, placing both halves together to prepare for net installation. If necessary, use the built-in levelers on each of the four outer legs to level the table. Unfold the net and simply insert the metal pin into the net and slide the pin/net into the post to secure. Then, depending on your net type, you will either clip it or hand screw it on to the seam between the two table halves. Use the string/beads to tension the net once fully installed. The net should be taught and without sag in the middle. We do not think you will need directions here. But if you want to brush up on the rules of table tennis, or need some tips to improve your game, we are always here to help! Just drop us a line, give us a call at 866.577.5291 or use the online chat to ask a real human expert some questions about the game or your new MyT Series ping pong table.
General Election 2017: a Fishy Tale.
Once upon a time there was a big fish in a British pond. She was the leader of all the little fishes.Some of the little fishes were scared and angry that the pond was getting too crowded with exotic fish from the open sea. The big fish didn't really agree with this at first, but she was determined to respect the will of the little fishes after they mostly (although narrowly) said they wanted to cut the pond off from the sea.Most of the senior fish were on the big fish's side, but the big fish had heard that she could get even more senior fishes on her side if she asked the little fishes to choose new senior fish to represent them. She had a massive lead over her opponents, after all!She wanted to be the strongest and most stable fish!So she called an election, hoping to get what she wanted.She had her two of her senior fishes draw up a strategy for her to appeal to the little fishes and gain their support. Only she could provide the strong leadership that the little fishes needed. It was all about her and her plans for the pond's future relationship with the open sea. There wasn't much detail in those plans, but she thought it wouldn't matter as the little fishes just wanted her to get on with cutting off the pond from the sea.Unfortunately, the strategy started to unravel when it turned out that the big fish didn't look quite so strong or stable up close.By then it was too late. Her opponents were on the attack. It didn't help that the big fish changed her mind on the funding of care for older fishes (while pretending she hadn't) and refused to argue her case against her opponents in front of all the little fishes. Many of the younger fishes in the pond were tempted by her opponent's plans instead.The final guess at the result showed the battle for leader was a lot closer than anyone expected.It turned out to be correct, and the big fish discovered the hard way that it takes more than simple slogans to get the little fishes behind you.The little fishes woke up to find that the big fish had even less support than she did before!There will be questions asked about what went wrong and what it all means for the pond and the future of all the fishes.And it may not be long before the little fishes see the back of their slightly smaller big fish. But that story has not yet been written.(Illustrations are from the mobile game 'Magikarp Jump' by The Pokémon Company.).·RELATED QUESTIONWhere can I buy a good quality ping pong table in the South Bay/Pensinsula area?I asked this question originally and ended up buying this one online from Amazon Prime (free shipping):basically just read reviews of the various tables online in order to make my decision. I felt like this one was a good middle of the road choice. I've had it for 3-4 months as of this answer and have been very happy with it. The main reason I wanted to buy it locally was to try and have it delivered and assembled. Amazon took care of the delivery obviously and I ended up paying a handyman to do the assembly which did actually take a solid 3 hours.Where can I buy a good quality ping pong table in the South Bay/Pensinsula area?
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