Where Can I Find a Glass/ Resin Cast Table with Thundereggs in It?

Cast your own

1. Biodegradable biobased epoxy resin from karanja oil

Biobased epoxy resin thermosets were synthesized from karanja oil (non-edible oil). The karanja oil was first epoxidized using H O and acetic acid. This epoxidized oil was then reacted with biobased acids, such as citric acid forming Bioepoxy CA and tartaric acid forming Bioepoxy TA These fully biobased epoxy resins were characterized by using spectroscopic techniques, gel permission chromatography, scanning electron microscopy, thermal analysis (TGA, DSC) and tensile strength. Thermogravimetric analysis data revealed that thermal stability of bioepoxy CA and bioepoxy TA resins were comparable with the petroleum based epoxy resins trimethylolpropane triglycidyl ether based (P1-epoxy) and bisphenol A diglycidyl ether based (P2-epoxy). The biodegradability test was conducted using bacterial consortium has revealed that bioepoxy CA degraded up to 82% in 69 days while the bioepoxy TA degraded 95% in 259 days against no biodegradation for P2-epoxy under similar conditions. The larvicidal property of bioepoxy resins was studied against mosquito larvae. Assays revealed that bioepoxy CA has 100% mortality in 24 h while the bioepoxy TA has 34% mortality in 72 h against petroleum epoxy (P1-epoxy) has 100% mortality in 24 h.

2. Coating a Lilypad in resin

Altho its not very strong, I have had great results with liquid latex. It can be found at costume shops and dries to a latex coating not unlike a condom.The coolest thing about it is if you need to modify anything it is easially peeled off and reapplied with as many coats as you think you require.In australia its about $8au for 30ml which has so far done 3 4 by 6" pcbs and 2 zombie costumes... hehe

3. does resin show up in a drug test?

Define resin - it may or may not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If it doesnt your clear. THC can take weeks to fully leave your system - even longer for habitual users. Its not exactly preformance enhancing

4. does weed resin smell as bad as normal weed?

Resin Weed

5. Easiest way to get resin out of bowl so I can smoke it?

scrape it out with a pocket knife Cheers

6. What brand / type of paint should I use with Polyester Resin Castings?

Painting Polyester Resin

7. What's the best way to get resin out of your bowl so that you can smoke it?

not a political question, but.. just keep hitting it with your bic, then you can get a buzz on the butane too?

8. Can a bullet pass through a 35mm thick plywood?

Yes.There are some very low-energy rounds that would have trouble penetrating 35mm of plywood, but that is a function of the propellant charge, not the bullet. For very weak rounds like a .22 lr fired from a pistol, it may or may not penetrate depending on the specifics of the plywood, the type of wood, the type of resin, and the bonding pressure applied. A very high quality hardwood laminate board might have nearly ten times the stopping power of a very cheap pine plywood. The . 22lr would easily penetrate the latter, but not the former.But that same bullet loaded in a .22 magnum and fired from a rifle would have no problem at all with the highest quality hardwood. It would lose some energy, of course. But it would go through.I don't know why anyone is still looking for better answers to this question. Can a bullet pass through a 35mm thick plywood?

9. What Is Epoxy Resin Matrix?

Forget the coating. Just make the primary lens out of clear lab corundum in the first place and you wo not worry about the tricky deposition process

10. Can you just pour resin over an object and have it lay about a quarter inch up with rounded edges, or do you need a mold for that?

The resin is liquid in nature, subject to gravity flow....Recommend you use easy-release masking tape, and fabricate a dam surrounding the object. Pour sufficient resin amount(and catalyst) , and wait for cure.

11. How do I clean my glass pipe on stove and save the resin?

use a little alcohol and maybe a toothpick. do it over a plate but not anywhere near your stove or cigerette or any flame. when your done you can dry with hair dryer or leave it overnight out of reach of little hands. scrape with razorblade. wa-la.

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