Where to Buy Cheap but still Chic Bedside Table in San Francisco?

I would check craigslist or your local newspaper for any upcoming yard/garage sales. you would be amazed at the deals you can find!

1. What's in your nightstand / bedside table???

alarm clock & glasses. empty cups.

2. Survey- What items might one keep in their nightstand/bedside table?

tissues, book, glasses, cell phone

3. what do you keep in your nightstand/bedside table?

nothing. i do not own a night stand. if i did though i would keep my wallet and that's probably about it. do not got anything else to keep in it. i would not keep a bible in it. thats what hotels usually do

4. Seniors: What Do You Have on Your Bedside Table?

My mom just got her first handgun at 70 years old. She lives alone and is frightened by all the violence against older people she keeps hearing about. Btw, the NRA is right. The whole assault weapons thing was a made up issue. The so-called "assault weapons" sold in the USA are not really assault weapons at all. They are semi-automatic look-alikes that function exactly the same way as my granddaddy's deer rifle. They just LOOK scary. Diane Feinstein and the other gun grabbers in Congress admitted on the record that banning these so-called assault weapons is just the first step toward eventually banning all semi-autos. It's the camel's nose under the tent.

5. Ladies and Men, what items do you NOT want to see on display in your bf/gf bathroom, bedside table, etc?

The bedside table is for a lamp, the alarm clock, a cup of water, and maybe some hand lotion. In the bathroom, unless it has to do with washing your face, washing your hands, rubbing lotion on your hands, or keeping your teeth clean, it should be in a drawer. Even fingernail clippers can be gross. (I use mine on my feet, and I a lot of others probably do too.) However, if a man has jock itch medication or a woman has yeast infection medication, well, the displayed medication is the least of your worries. Jock itch (which is a fungal infection in your crotch area) and yeast infections are contagious. Other medications you do not want to see on display: Valtrex or genital warts medications. May want to rethink the relationship entirely and get tested if you see those appear out of nowhere. I do not date men old enough to need dentures, and there are not too many men around my age who are balding. If they are, they seem to be dealing with it OK.

6. What things do you have IN your bedside table/nightstand?

Condom, my watch, passport, random papers, loose change, a beer bottle cap

7. Can I use Play Yard as bedside sleeper?

I think it will be fine as long as you buy the porta crib mattress to go inside the bassinet part and the pack and play part when the baby is older. you can also get a mattress cover and porta crib sheets. Go to babiesrus website first and make sure that the mattress will fit your pack an play. since you say it is not a large play yard I am not sure if it is a standard play yard. If it is then the mattress will fit fine. I would get a couple matress covers and a couple porta crib sheets for messes and spit ups. I think when you are using the bassinet part of the pack and play to use it only until your baby starts to move. When your baby starts to move near the side of the bassinet part then I suggest moving your baby to the bottom of the pack and play so that way if they do go up near the side they can still breath through the mesh part of the pack and play. Congratulations on you upcoming arrival!!!

8. G'night Poll: What do you always keep on your bedside table..?

A pic of you....lol j/k Phone, clock/radio, a lamp and of course the tv remote.

9. Do you prefer a bright bulb in your bedside lamp so it's not too bright after being asleep or do you use a?

Use a CFL as initially at switch on it is less bright

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