Why Is It Improper Etiquette to Put a Purse on a Dinner Table?

putting your purse on the table is showing that you do not care about where you eat because you are just putting whatever was on the bottom or side of your purse on the table where you eat! elbows are definetly not to go on tables!! that shows laziness and it also shows that you do not care to be there! leave your purse on the floor or in another room it does not need to be where you eat... EVER!!!

1. How do you stop a dog from begging for food at the dinner table?

do not be worried if she does not eat her food, she will eat when she gets hungry. adding a bit of cooked chicken to her food should help, too. In the meantime, you need to keep her out of the kitchen entirely while you are preparing meals & eating. It will keep the tempation of stealing food at bay, & you do not have to deal with the dog begging. She may not be happy about it, but you are the one in charge! She will get over it. (c: good luck!

2. how do i get my dog to stop watching me eat at the dinner table without making him leave?

Your dog should see you eating. It is dog language for "I am higher in the pack"

3. Dinner-table description of theoretical computer science?

Theoretical computer science is to computer science what mathematics used to be to physics

4. should i let my kids do this at the dinner table?

I am sure you would had received tons of advice about cons of smoking and I understand you cannot change your habits just by flip of a switch however if I were in your position I would certainly would like to eleminate or atleast limit smoking on dinner table. This is becuase of your middle son who wants to live healthy but is poisoned by second hand smoke

5. Poll: Do you eat dinner at the table with your whole family?

I take dinner with my wife..currently i have only her with me as my family :) :) :)

6. Good conversation starters at a dinner table?

the whole 'what 5 items would you take with you to a deserted island' saga gets a conversation for at least 15mins :)

7. how do you discipline your toddler at the dinner table?

The same way I would if he was not at the dinner table. Teach him manners, make him sit and eat like the rest of us. If he gets in big trouble, he goes to his room.

8. Do you have manners at the dinner table?

I can not put my elbows on the table when I eat I can not chew and talk at the same time I can not sing at the dinner table that I think?

9. Parents: Do you allow any electronics at the dinner table?

never.....i dont even let my boys have any toys at the table. and they dont play videos on a school night. My kids sit nice at the table, and talk and eat. ....no toys.

10. what does Polly shore say in encino man at the dinner table?

Not in my house!! No matter how the dynamics change, whatever working shifts my husband or myself are on, that's the foundation rule dinner on the table when he comes in. Even if that happens to be midnight!

11. At which time, when you are serving a meal, should you call your husband/family/boyfriend/guests to the dinner table?

He is not your guest. He is your partner, and he is being rude. Etiquette does not dictate that one must cater to rude and thoughtless "guests". Solution: Cook enough for yourself only

12. Help solve a dinner table discussion about a contract Hypothesis?

If the landlord found bottles of alcohol on the upper floor after the tenant had only been there for one month, it's a pretty easy case of fraudulent intent. The tenant read and signed the lease, so the terms are binding. Landlords can ban pets and they can ban alcohol and illegal drugs. If the bans were not in the lease, he would have a hard time prevailing on the alcohol ban. But it goes without that illegal drugs are banned.

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