Why Would My Cushion Regarding the Futility of Women Shaving Their Arm Pits and Legs Be Removed?

Wow. Your mind is more screwed up than mine. Wanna go play on the Merry-Go-Round?

1. Which material is better for a cushion fill?

Polyester fiberfill comes in several varieties, one of which is an ultra-soft one. That one's really nice. It's washable, too, just like the regular fiberfill. Both are relatively inexpensive. Cotton balls and cotton wool are highly likely to mat if you ever tried to wash your cushion. Feathers would not be washable at all. They are not nearly as soft as the fiberfill, anyway. Fiberfill tends to hold its loft very nicely.

2. Is it okay to use a floor cushion pillow as a dog bed for my Frenchie?

sure why not....my dog loves regular pillows to rest her weary head upon :)

3. is it safe to use a cushion stuffed w feathers for my dogs delivery &her & her new pups bedding?

UHHH... Yeah it would be pretty good.... Its ok if your willing to get the cushion all dirty and ruined, if you do not want that to happen, I think you should stick with towels and old shirts and stuff that is soft and yeah god bless and good luck with the delivery!!!

4. What do you think of what this lady said to me about my baby?

That is the most annoying thing people can do. God, I hope I am not like that when I get old!! I had a lady stop and look at my baby in Wal-Mart one day. She was in hercar seat attached to the stroller asleep. She said "Aww so cute! You need to prop that lil' baby's head up with something! She's all slumped over!" I chuckled and said she's fine. My daughter, no matter how hard we try, will slump her head wehn she sleeps. No amount of cushion, rolled up rag/blanket/towel/head rest works for her. She simply slips off of it into the position she wants! Then the lady kept trying to give me more advice. I just said thanks and kept walking. I would be offended a little but continue to do what I was doing. I am my baby's mother, and unless I am throwing my baby around and being rough with her, get over it lady!

5. Walking and running (even very slowly) on treadmill seriously hurts my lower back, is this normal?

It could possibly be if you are holding on to the handles while you are walking or running. It could be changing your form. If your not wearing shoes try with them on. They help cushion especially if your landing hard on your heel. Stretching the lower back could possibly help. Thats all I can think of! Hope it helps!

6. How would i make a end of bed cushion? I explained it in details! Shows picture! Please help!?

Yes. Just paint the chest and cover a piece of foam you buy from a fabric store with the fabric you want You need intermediate carpentry skills and tools. If you do not have them, you can not

7. Safe to wash & dry couch cushion covers?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Safe to wash & dry couch cushion covers? The cushions on my durapella sofa/couch are dirty and I want to zip them off the cushions and wash them in the washer...and dry them...I'm just afraid that I wont be able to get them back on the cushions after doing so. Do you think they will be safe in the wash...and dryer...or should I hand...

8. I hung my cat like a criminal because she scratched mom's cushion and Im happy about it....?

We just give our cats dry food and make sure thee bowl is full all the time.....if you give them wet food it should be half a tin in morning and half at night or a sachet in morning and one at night ect if that's what you do you maybe want to give him/her dry food aswell and always have that full because cats do not eat if their not hungry so it's very rare for cats to get overweight x

9. Where do you get a new couch cushion, the inside foam part?

maybe like a craft store that sells fabric

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