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China KingBird Home Furniture international Co,. Ltd. has been an unwavering advocate of quality and innovation so as to promote 3 seater sofa that highly complies with our advocation. In addition to the guarantee of quality, its materials have been proved to be non-toxic and are totally harmless to the human body. Also, the ambitious aim of our product is to lead the world in innovation and quality. Through the endless efforts of our R&D staff, we have successfully made our achievements in spreading Kingbird Furniture company brand reputation globally. To meet the increasing demand of the market, we continually improve and update the products and vigorously develop new models. Thanks to the word-of-mouth from our regular and new customers, our brand awareness has been greatly enhanced.We are on the same side with customers. We don’t facus on selling 3 seater sofa or the latest products listed at Kingbird Furniture manufacturer– instead – we listen to customers' problem and offer product strategies to resolve the root of the problem and achieve their objectives.
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Typical Application of Oscilloscope in Brushless DC Motor Industry
Typical Application of Oscilloscope in Brushless DC Motor Industry
As a "newcomer" in the motor industry, brushless motor is a well-known rising star. It rushes into high-precision control industries such as medical treatment, industrial control, consumer electronics and automotive electronics. Is "brushless" the development trend of the motor industry in the future? This paper discusses the brushless motor in the form of cases!In recent years, brushless motor is widely used in high-precision control industries such as medical treatment, industrial control, consumer electronics and automotive electronics. The performance of brushless motor largely depends on the motor driver. In the R & D stage, how can engineers quickly, conveniently and truly analyze the driver signal with the help of oscilloscope? This paper mainly introduces the zds4054plus data mining oscilloscope Typical test and case analysis of motor driver.1、 Introduction to brushless DC motorWith the development of power electronics and the emergence of new permanent magnet materials, brushless DC motor has developed rapidly. Brushless DC motor realizes the commutation of motor through electronic devices, replacing the traditional mechanical brush and inverter. It is a typical mechatronics product composed of motor body and driver. The stator winding of motor is mostly made of three-phase symmetrical star connection The method is very similar to the three-phase asynchronous motor. The rotor of the motor is adhered with a magnetized permanent magnet. In order to detect the polarity of the motor rotor, a position sensor is installed in the motor. The driver is composed of power electronic devices and integrated circuits. Its function is to receive the start, stop and braking signals of the motor to control the start, stop and braking of the motor It receives the position sensor signal and forward and reverse signals to control the on-off of each power tube of the inverter bridge and generate continuous torque; receives the speed command and speed feedback signal to control and adjust the speed; provides protection and display, etc. with the characteristics of low noise, long service life, high speed, small volume, good dynamic performance, large output torque and simple design, brushless motor is widely used in medical treatment It is widely used in industrial control, consumer electronics, electric tools, electric vehicles and other fields.2、 Working principle of brushless motorFirst, let's take a look at the block diagram of brushless motor driver, as follows:It can be seen from the above figure that MCU outputs six PWM signals through the configuration register, which is only a control signal, and its maximum voltage is only 5V. It can not directly drive the motor, but control the switch of the power tube to make the motor run. The driving circuit is generally composed of a drive axle composed of multiple MOSFETs and a motor drive axle power tube. The commutation of brushless motor depends on the detection of rotor position The inductive drive mode uses Hall sensor to detect the rotor position, and the non inductive drive mode infers the rotor position by detecting and calculating the changes of current, voltage and other parameters during the rotation of brushless motor, and then commutation.Commutation principleA Hall sensor is installed inside the brushless motor, which can give an output signal of 1 or 0 according to the distribution of different magnetic field directions at different positions of the rotor. The three sensors are installed evenly. There are 6 turnover levels at an electrical angle of 360 degrees, with a difference of 60 degrees each time. The position of the rotor is measured according to the signal code of the three sensors, which is a common inductive drive In addition, the inductive drive mode is to detect and calculate the changes of current, voltage and other parameters during the rotation of brushless motor, infer the rotor position, and then conduct commutation.Working principle of driving circuitSimplified diagram of driving circuitQ1 to Q6 in the figure are power field effect transistors. When AB phase conduction is required, only Q1 and Q4 transistors need to be opened to keep other transistors off. At this time, the current flow path is: positive → Q1 → coil a → winding B → Q4 → negative. The gate of MCU to Q1 is PWM signal, and the gate of Q4 is normally open signal, so you can control the drive by controlling the duty cycle of PWM signal at the input end of Q1 The effective voltage of the motor. The same is true for the other five-step commutation. The measured waveforms of each phase are as follows:Measured effect of voltage waveform of each phase
How Should I Arange My Bedroom?
How Should I Arange My Bedroom?
How should I arange my bedroom?Is your bed across one wall or along one wall? Either way, I often like to place my desk across a corner facing into the room, under/backed by a window facing into the room, or along the wall but facing into the room. Depending upon the amount of available room, I may aline the desk at a slant rather than just across a corner or up to a wall; the slant allows for access to the chair which pretty much stays in one place due to the desk. If there is more room, I often place a book shelf, white board, or storage solutions behind my chair and against the wall (or 1"-2" from the wall for air circulation). I often place low boy book shelf agains the back of the desk that faces into the room. I often have assorted shelves, storage solutions, carts, filing cabinets, or cardboard boxes functioning as the other types of storage beside and around my desk. - I discovered this arrangement when saving space but decided that I liked it. At the same time, once I sit down at my desk, I truely like to be able to have all the things that I might use within reach; also in the same place so that I do not even have to look when I reach for it.— — — — — —My bedroom needs "tidying" but I don't know what needs doing?okay. make sure your shoes are all lined up nice and neat or put nice and neatly in the box. make sure all your clothes are folded. put your makeup on top of the box and your nailpolish and nail stuff downbelow [ i put my nail polish in rows according to color ]. sweep your floor for dust, dirt, ect. put your boots away with your other shoes. put CD's in order [ ABC order - or - your FAVORITE CD's,dvd's,&videos first ] put your game boxes in another corner or stacked beside your 'unit'. stack your books neatly upon your desk. Put your homework and books on top for tomarrow. Put papers and folders and everything that isnt needed at the moment NEATLY into the desk. lol. [: okayyyy! ur done. turn the light off and close the door. hehe.— — — — — —Top 10 Under Desk Office Drawers and Cabinet (2020)Give your workspace a classic look with this desk with a file cabinet that fits beside or under any computer desk. This multifunctional desk has open storage space as well as storage drawers. Also, its compact and spacious desktop space can hold the weight of your printer or scanner. The desk stands on four wheels, which ensures easy mobility.— — — — — —What are some religious items?A cross, like hung up on the wall, a "Holy Bible", and maybe a picture of Jesus, lol- like one of him at the last supper, on her desk. It's a play, as in live on stage, right? So you want to get stuff that is big enough for the people in the back row to see, just like speaking your lines from the diaphragm, so they can hear you. You might also consider buying a necklace with a cross on it, as a sort of constant accessory, in case you have to stand up or be in another scene where youre not at the desk. I would also suggest taking out any piercings that are not in the ears, and wearing minimal jewelery besides small earrings and the cross pendant necklace. Christians dont like a lot of piercings. Tattoos should also be covered up, and try to wear conservative clothing- a skirt that goes past your knees, sleeves, a collar. Try to keep the colors low key, also. Feel free to wear colors, just not bright ones. Pastels, and darker colors are fine. nothing bright. Wear your hair in a bun, or braid it back. Be sure that all the hair is at least away from your face. It gives you a more innocent look. When your character gets mad (unless your character's role calls for it) dont get incredibly mad- just act flustered. Be prissy, too. Christian office gals are VERY prissy. Do your makeup and cross your legs frequently. =) HAHA OMG Wish I could see that play, hehehee Have fun, too. =)
Know About Bed Bug & Flea Killer
An Introduction to bed bug & flea killerIn the 10th edition of Systema Naturae, Carl Linnaeus classified the arthropods, including insects, arachnids and crustaceans, among his class "Insecta". True bugs and thrips were brought together under the name HemipteraCimex (shield bugs & bedbugs)Aphis (aphids)Chermes (woolly aphids)Coccus (scale insects) of bed bug & flea killerCimex lectularius bedbugCimex stockerus Chrysocoris stockerusCimex scarabaeoides Thyreocoris scarabaeoidesCimex maurus Eurygaster mauraCimex lineatus Graphosoma lineatumCimex arabs Edessa arabsCimex serratus Edessa serrataCimex stolidus Edessa stolidaCimex histrio, Cimex peregrinator Dinocoris histrioCimex littoralis Salda littoralisCimex rugosus Nabis rugosusCimex clavicornis Copium clavicorneCimex corticalis Aradus corticalisCimex betulae Aradus betulaeCimex erosus Phymata erosaCimex filicis Monalocoris filicisCimex cardui Tingis carduiCimex bidens Picromerus bidensCimex rufipes Pentatoma rufipesCimex marginatus Coreus marginatusCimex bipustulatus Leptoscelis bipustulatusCimex ypsilon Mormidea ypsilonCimex punctatus Rhacognathus punctatusCimex haemorrhoidalis Acanthosoma haemorrhoidaleCimex valgus Elasmopoda valgaCimex quadrispinosus Ricolla quadrispinosaCimex acantharis Heza acantharisCimex viridulus Nezara viridula, southern green stink bugCimex bipunctatus Stagonomus bipunctatusCimex sexpunctatus Hyrmine sexpunctataCimex griseus Elasmucha griseaCimex interstinctus Elasmostethus interstinctusCimex baccarum Dolycoris baccarumCimex dumosus Jalla dumosaCimex variolosus Dinocoris variolosusCimex juniperinus Chlorochroa juniperinaCimex caeruleus Zicrona caeruleaCimex lineola Largus lineolaCimex oleraceus Eurydema oleraceaCimex biguttatus Adomerus biguttatusCimex bicolor Tritomegas bicolorCimex ornatus Eurydema ornataCimex ruber Deraeocoris ruberCimex acuminatus Aelia acuminataCimex leucocephalus Strongylocoris leucocephalusCimex minutus Orius minutusCimex personatus Reduvius personatusCimex annulatus Rhynocoris annulatusCimex ater Capsus aterCimex gothicus Capsodes gothicusCimex indus Nematopus indusCimex hyoscyami Corizus hyoscyamiCimex equestris Lygaeus equestrisCimex apterus Pyrrhocoris apterusCimex aegyptius Scantius aegyptiusCimex andreae Dysdercus andreaeCimex kalmii, Cimex umbratilis Orthops kalmiiCimex pratensis Lygus pratensisCimex campestris Orthops campestrisCimex crassicornis Stictopleurus crassicornisCimex saltatorius Saldula saltatoriaCimex arenarius Trapezonotus arenariusCimex pini Rhyparochromus piniCimex rolandri Aphanus rolandriCimex nigripes Calliclopius nigripesCimex laevigatus Stenodema laevigatumCimex dolabratus Leptopterna dolabrataCimex striatus Miris striatusCimex erraticus Notostira erraticaCimex ferus Nabis ferusCimex populi Phytocoris populiCimex ulmi Phytocoris ulmiCimex sylvestris Ligyrocoris sylvestrisCimex bimaculatus Closterotomus fulvomaculatusCimex calcaratus Alydus calcaratusCimex abietis Eremocoris abietisCimex kermesinus Ugnius kermesinusCimex lacustris Gerris lacustris, common water striderCimex stagnorum Hydrometra stagnorumCimex vagabundus Empicoris vagabundusCimex tipularius Neides tipulariusCimex coryli, Cimex mutabilis Phylus coryliAphis ribis Cryptomyzus ribisAphis ulmi Tetraneura ulmiAphis pastinacae Cavariella pastinacaeAphis sambuciAphis rumicisAphis lychnidis Brachycaudus lychnidisAphis padi Rhopalosiphum padiAphis rosae Macrosiphum rosae rose aphidAphis tiliae Eucallipterus tiliaeAphis brassicae Brevicoryne brassicae, cabbage aphidAphis craccaeAphis lactucae Hyperomyzus lactucaeAphis cirsii Uroleucon cirsiiAphis cardui Brachycaudus carduiAphis tanaceti Uroleucon tanacetiAphis absinthii Macrosiphoniella absinthiiAphis jaceae Uroleucon jaceaeAphis betulae Glyphina betulaeAphis roboris Lachnus roborisAphis quercus Stomaphis quercusAphis pini Cinara piniAphis salicis Pterocomma salicisAphis populi Pachypappa populiAphis bursaria Pemphigus bursariusAphis urticae Orthezia urticaeChermes graminis - nomen dubiumChermes ulmi - Eriosoma ulmiChermes cerastii - Trioza cerastiiChermes pyri - Cacopsylla pyriChermes buxi - Psylla buxiChermes urticae - Trioza urticaeChermes betulae - Psylla betulaeChermes alni - Psylla alniChermes quercus - nomen dubiumChermes abietis - Adelges abietisChermes salicis - nomen dubiumChermes fraxini - Psyllopsis fraxiniChermes aceris - Rhinocola acerisChermes ficus- Homotoma ficus[Note Coccus hesperidumCoccus aonidum Chrysomphalus aonidumCoccus quercus Kermes quercusCoccus ilicis Kermes ilicisCoccus betulae, Coccus carpini, Coccus oxyacanthae & Coccus vitis Pulvinaria vitisCoccus ulmi Lepidosaphes ulmiCoccus coryli & Coccus tiliae Eulecanium tiliaeCoccus rusci Ceroplastes rusciCoccus salicis Chionaspis salicisCoccus polonicus, Coccus pilosellae Polish cochineal (Porphyrophora polonica)Coccus phalaridis [nomen dubium]Coccus cacti Protortonia cactiCicada (cicadas)Notonecta (backswimmers)Nepa (water scorpions) of bed bug & flea killerCicada laternaria Fulgora lanternariaCicada candelaria Pyrops candelariusCicada phosphorea Raphirhinus phosphoreusCicada noctivida Mitrops noctividaCicada lucernaria Homalodisca lucernariaCicada foliata Membracis foliataCicada fronditia Stegaspis fronditiaCicada squamigera Enchenopa squamigeraCicada crux Hemikyptha cruxCicada cornuta Centrotus cornutusCicada aurita Ledra auritaCicada ciliaris Hamaza ciliarisCicada quadrifasciata Cardioscarta quadrifasciataCicada bifasciata Planaphrodes bifasciataCicada fornicata Paranistria fornicataCicada stridula Platypleura stridulaCicada orniCicada repanda Pycna repandaCicada reticulata Aetalion reticulatumCicada tibicen Tibicen tibicenCicada septendecim Magicicada septendecim, periodical cicadaCicada violacea Pinheya violaceaCicada coleoptrata Lepyronia coleoptrataCicada spumaria, Cicada leucophthalma, Cicada leucocephala, Cicada lateralis, Cicada flava Philaenus spumariusCicada nervosa Cixius nervosusCicada albifrons Anoscopus albifronsCicada striata Psammotettix striatusCicada lineata Neophilaenus lineatusCicada interrupta Evacanthus interruptusCicada vittata Eupteryx vittataCicada aptera Halticus apterusCicada phalaenoides Poekilloptera phalaenoidesCicada lanata Lystra lanataCicada rubra Sphenorhina rubraCicada viridis Cicadella viridisCicada aurata Eupteryx aurataCicada ulmi Ribautiana ulmiCicada rosae Edwardsiana rosaeNotonecta glaucaNotonecta striata Sigara striataNotonecta minutissima Micronecta minutissimaNepa grandis - Lethocerus grandisNepa rubra - Nepa cinereaNepa fusca - Laccotrephes brachialisNepa atraNepa cinereaNepa cimicoides - Ilyocoris cimicoidesNepa linearis Ranatra linearis
Atheists: Do You Love Free Stuff?
Atheists: Do You Love Free Stuff?
Uh, I am in the middle of atheist and christian, but...I am pretty sure everyone loves free stuff as long as it's not stealing1. how can i get some free stuff like food or clothing?There are men who will buy you all kinds of pretty things and expensive food as long as you do them a "favour" That's assuming you are a woman. If you are a man, the same thing applies, just different " favours"2. Do people only like Bernie Sanders because he's offering free stuff like education, healthcare, etc.?No definitely absolutely not3. Do you really get free stuff in those internet ads?There's always something in the fine print or something general that is twisted. I would not take the risk. I mean, who in modern american society actually just gives stuff away?4. Who doesnt love free stuff? But where do you get it?people love unfastened stuff because of the fact, definitely, there are holes of their souls that are generated by the promoting industry. unfastened stuff works to temporarily fill in those holes till commercial transactions can ensue, accordingly greater suitable pleasing the opt to plug 'em up5. Why do people think "free stuff from the government" = "freedom".?We as Americans have progressively gotten worse at hard work, and gotten better at asking for free things. Its disgusting, because free things have no value6. What is the best way to retain customers in hospitality/ retail business without a need of giving away free stuff and perks?I am going to go with recognition and respect. One of my daughters works for an ultra-luxury hotel chain. Every morning, they hold a meeting to discuss any guest-impacting issues that occurred the prior day, how they fixed them, and how they will prevent them from happening again. They also discuss all incoming guests and their personal service preferences, which they know because they took notes the last time the guest stayed at one of their properties anywhere in the world.These preferences might include how the guest wants to be addressed, the type of room they prefer, pillow preferences, check-out time, minibar preferences, etc.This is easier to do in hospitality than it is in retail, but retailers should also take steps to recognize and customize their service for their best customers. This is why almost every major retailer has a card or membership device so that they can track who their best customers are7. Question about getting FREE stuff in Lush Cosmetic Stores?I've dropped about $100 in one of the stores once and I did not get any freebies either. But it HAS happened every time with my online purchases, so yeah. Order it online to get free samples! haha.8. can you sell free stuff on Craig's list?No, they do not charge you for anything on craigslist, posting of ads is free9. is there a site where you can really get free stuff?ahhh you mean on line what you get free is laughing after you get over being suckered you have more chance winning the local church raffle I came to answer your question with telling you there are groups in Yahoo that are cycle' stuff amongst members for free but I didnt realize you were asking about all those come-ons10. how do i get free stuff?-prizerebel -points2shop -or any other survey websites PS: these survey websites are bullshit if u dont have the following: ur own cellphone, a valid address, must be over 18 yrs old,11. Where can I get free stuff sent ?Here is a website and you just click a category and it gives you links to websites that offer free stuff. Like free emergency modern no battery required flash lights, emergency kits, free magizine subscriptions.. and all that good stuff. freestufftimes.com12. Free stuff for babies or mommy to be?heya hunni r u in the uk? join the pregnancy clubs for boots, toys r us and tesco, theyre great they send u offers, vouchers and freebies also join huggies and pampers online xx bounty should have free packs aswell xx congrats hugs and love x13. Will our the President be able to bring secessionists to his side by offering them free stuff?LOL. You might be right. Some moonshine and they would be eating out of his hand
Get a Huge Variety of Furniture From Online Home Furniture Showroom
Get a Huge Variety of Furniture From Online Home Furniture Showroom
With easy access to the internet and fast-paced lifestyle, it seems quite convenient to check out the furniture from an online home furniture showroom. Furniture is a big investment and hence, buying the same from an online showroom with hundreds of furniture types is nothing wrong. The best thing about shopping furniture online is an opportunity to check out the latest furniture from all major brands. Many people whenever, think of home renovation often visit such showrooms at an expense of a mouse click. Moreover, most people have no knowledge of different furniture materials such as plywood, solid wood, MDF, and much more. In an online furniture showroom, the materials used, the dimensions and all other essential facts are extremely clear. This makes a customer informed and in a better position to make a purchase as per his or her specific furniture requirement.Endless designs in coffee tablesWhile shopping home furniture, coffee tables are always a living room staple. If chosen rightly, it accentuates the decor of the same brilliantly. Customers nowadays find it easy to shop from endless designs of coffee tables featured on such online showrooms over the web. Moreover, one can find coffee tables of different materials to match your living room decor style i.e. contemporary, traditional, modern, etc. Some of the popular varieties in coffee tables are nested tables, tables with tray, shelves, or drawers. These are of course from some brands mentioned below.1) Baumhaus 2) Bentley Designs3) Home Style Furniture4) Mark Harris Furniture 5) Premier Housewares 6) World Furniture 7) Vida Living 8) Ametis 9) Chelsom Furniture 10) Greenapple FurnitureOf these, the Greenapple coffee table has emerged over the years with one of the most exciting designs. Primarily made up of glass, walnut, or marble, it comes in various shapes like an arc, rectangular, square, curved square, zed, spiral, and contour. Stunning Beds Ideal For Upgrading Bedroom Decor Available in wood, metal, leather, faux leather, aluminium and a variety of other materials, there is no dearth of stunning beds in online showrooms. However, some of the bed types that can surely upgrade any bedroom are as follows:1) Ottoman / Storage Beds2) Upholstered Fabric Beds3) Divan Beds4) Sofa Beds5) Day Beds6) Bunk Beds7) TV Beds8) Children / Kids Beds9) Guest BedsDining Tables of diverse shapes for Dining Room There is no need to visit an exclusive dining furniture showroom as online home furniture stores feature dining tables of varied materials and that too at an affordable pricing. The different shapes of available dining tables are the following ones:1) Extending tables2) Round Tables3) Rectangular Tables4) Square Tables5) Drop Leaf Tables6) Folding Tables7) Other TableSo, if you are looking for home furniture, visit Morale Home Furnishings, an online showroom that features furniture of more than two dozen brands and ensures fast delivery of ordered items. It has its own physical showroom too in Glasgow, United Kingdom RELATED QUESTION What do nurses think of surgeons? I think they are extremely intelligent, very needed and without them, people would suffer horrible deaths.They are dedicated doctors who work long hours at a time due to extensively long and difficult surgeries.They sacrifice their time with their family and friends to save lives. They are on call a lot, especially in small communities with limited surgeons. They come in for surgeries even when they aren't on call if they have a certain specialty that is greatly needed.I'm an RN and I have the utmost respect for surgeons, not just because I've had the pleasure of working with some as a home care nurse, but because I've had several surgeries. They need to constantly be educating themselves on the new medical equipment and surgical advancements that come out and they need to adapt to that
What Is an Appropriate Wardrobe for a Kindergartener?
Most schools do not allow flip flops or spaghetti strapped tops. Make sure they have good comfy shoes for playing outside at recess and PE1. Will some fashionable ladies help revamp a guys wardrobe?I love when a guy dresses nice. Like button up shirts, ties, no logos, nice shoes. It's very refreshing to see a man dress in something other than tee shirts2. First Day of high school wardrobe advice?Yeah, you should not look too normal but you should first figure out how other people dress so you do not look too out of place. Just wear something that would describe yourself, but, like you said, not too much fashion3. new wardrobe help! easy 10 points!!!?Buckle has extremely amazing iciness outfits. additionally look at Aeropostale, moist Seal, I dont comprehend if its on your city, yet Steve&Barry's, omg amazingly amazing outfits and heavily real looking.. I save on line besides4. Updating the wardrobe, suggestions please?$30 shipping on a $100 and fifty bill is slightly a lot yet sellers on ebay will regularly can charge $15 for one merchandise so each little thing is relative. If the website has a honest go back/replace coverage, i could bypass ahead and get what you've chosen except for the denims. except they seem a sort you've worn and know that they are going to in good structure you properly then that is continuously maximum proper to attempt denims on contained in the save for the most proper in good structure. sturdy luck!! : .5. How to completely change your entire wardrobe???Yup thrift save for particular or backyard sales. Yea, howdy, i understand..yet once you recover from it and look previous it it truly is not even something undesirable...a great type of folk only make it look like its undesirable yet hell despite if this is. i will certainly say, that I even have got here upon some truly, truly neat issues at the two backyard sales and thrift shops. denims, decrease than 5 dollars. Shirts, 2 dollars. truly great ones. you may desire to do what you may desire to do i advise it is why those shops have been made so why not save at them? I remorseful approximately unlikely greater usually. =P Yeah however do this6. Changing my style! Need help with the new wardrobe =)?Aha, I am the same as you, I used to live in jeans until about a year ago and now I can not stand wearing them :L Uhmm, you just need to get some pictures of the people you like their style of, and go around shops picking up things similar to their style. I recommend vintage shops for Marilyn and Audrey style dresses and skirts, however you might want to adjust things you buy from them so the lengths are more stylish, as a lot of skirts and dresses in their styles are a lot longer than what is fashionable today. Just go mad with the dresses really, and the skirts and feminine tops :).7. New Wardrobe!! HELP!i did no longer like the awesome blue bow on Heather's dress on Thursday. She frequently dresses very stunning nevertheless. i think of actual everyone seems to be overdressed in this teach. human beings do purely no longer placed on formals to artwork. maximum companies have long previous surprisingly casual. yet i think of Phyllis and Victoria have great wardrobes. Amber's is diverse and kinda loopy, even though it suits her completely. And Lily has the worst8. Who has a good wardrobe malfunction story?This one day, I dove into a swimming pool and swam underwater halfway down the pool. When I came up I realized that the force of the dive caused my boob to come out of the top. My boyfriend's 15 year old son just happened to be under the water with his goggles. At the same time, my boyfriend was yelling from the side of the pool "I see a boob!"9. Girls I need a wardrobe makeover, help!?well you look like you are gothic so mabe that will suit you and stay away from white10. Does this sound like a good enough wardrobe!?Yes,that's plenty actually.And sweet of you to share.Do not forget a nice winter coat and one light weight jacket oe vest,a hat and gloves
Five Application Ranges and Five Advantages of Buried Ball Valve
1. Fully welded ball valves are used in city gas: gas output pipeline, main pipeline and branch supply pipeline, etc.2. Central heating: the output pipeline, main line and branch line of large-scale heating equipment.3. Fully welded ball valves are used in heat exchangers: opening and closing of pipes and circuits. 4. Iron and steel works: various fluid pipelines, waste gas selective discharge pipelines, gas and thermal supply pipelines, fuel supply pipelines.5. Fully welded ball valves are used in various industrial equipment: various heat treatment pipelines, various industrial gas and thermal pipelines.The double blocking and discharging function of buried ball valve adopts spring pre-tightening floating seat. Whether the valve is fully open or fully closed, the upstream and downstream seats block the flow, and the retained material in the valve body is discharged through the discharge valve. The automatic pressure relief function of the buried ball valve can make the temperature of the retaining medium in the body cavity of the valve rise and cause abnormal pressure rise. It does not need to pass through the relief valve, but relies on the seat function to automatically relieve pressure, which is very important to ensure the safety of the valve when transporting liquid medium. Advantages of buried ball valve1. Sealing emergency grease injection rescue: due to foreign bodies in the media or fire caused by accidental failure of valve seat seal, grease injection valve provides a rapid connection with grease injection gun, the import pump can easily and quickly inject the grease into the seating part of the valve seat to alleviate leakage.2. Reliable stem seal and low operating torque: In addition to the standard sealing ring, O-ring is also installed on the packing cover, which ensures the reliability of the valve stem seal. The addition of graphite filler and sealing grease can reduce the leakage of valve stem after fire. Stem sliding bearings and thrust bearings make the valve easy to operate.3. Full-diameter or shrinkage: Full-diameter or shrinkage structure can be selected according to need. The flow orifice of full-diameter valve is the same as the inner diameter of pipeline, which is convenient for pipeline cleaning. 4. The valve stem can be lengthened: according to the need of installation or operation, the valve stem can be lengthened. Lengthened rod ball valve is especially suitable for buried pipeline laying occasions such as city gas. The size of the extended stem is determined according to the customers needs. 5. Flexible operation: The use of seat and stem bearings with small friction coefficient and good self-lubrication greatly reduces the operating torque of the valve. Therefore, the buried ball valve can operate flexibly and freely for a long time even without providing sealing grease
Knowledge About Bed Base | Music Video of Bed Base
Music video of bed baseThe music video was directed by Rasmus Laumann. It premiered on October 23, 2009. The video is mainly set in a closed room with the four members of Aqua seated around a table, amid a bed of dry leaves. Apart from the leaves, black and white dominate the clip.------Cacho Formation of bed baseThe Cacho Formation (Spanish: Formacin Cacho, E1C, Tpc, Tec) is a geological formation of the Altiplano Cundiboyacense, Eastern Ranges of the Colombian Andes. The predominantly sandstone formation with thin intercalated beds of shales dates to the Paleogene period; Middle to Late Paleocene epochs, and has a maximum thickness of 400 metres (1,300ft)------Markot of bed baseMarkot (Ruch Wychodzenia z Bezdomnosci - Movement Out of Homelessness) is a Polish social movement, aimed at helping homeless people across Poland. It was founded by Marek Kotanski, a charity worker and campaigner on behalf of disadvantaged people and was based on an idea from late 1980s and early 1990s. First center of the movement was opened in a village of Lutynka, another one was opened in Jeleni Ruczaj, then a School of Life was founded in the village of Wandzin. The movement was legalized in 1994, in the same year in Warsaw, a Center of Help was opened. It is estimated that in the 1990s, some 50% of beds for Polish homeless persons were administered by Markot. Marek Kotanski, leader of the movement, established Day of the Homeless (April 14) as well as an honorary title Friend of the Homeless.------Gobioclinus haitiensis of bed baseGobioclinus haitiensis, the longfin blenny, is a species of labrisomid blenny native to the western Atlantic Ocean including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. This species inhabits such habitats as reefs, beds of seagrass and near shore rocky or rubble substrates with plentiful algal growth. This species can reach a length of 7.5 centimetres (3.0in) TL. It can also be found in the aquarium trade..------Schistura gangetica of bed baseSchistura gangetica is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Schistura. It occurs in the Himalayas in Uttar Pradesh where it can be found in pebble bedded streams with a swift current and clear water.------Description of bed baseLithologiesThe Cacho Formation consists of white, yellow and reddish fine to coarse cross-bedded sandstones in thick banks intercalated with reddish and grey shales.Stratigraphy and depositional environmentThe 50 to 400 metres (160 to 1,310ft) thick Cacho Formation overlies the Guaduas Formation and is overlain by the Bogot Formation. The age has been estimated to be Late Paleocene, based on paleoflora studied by Thomas van der Hammen in 1957. The formation is laterally equivalent to the Lower Socha and Barco Formations.------Discography of bed baseErich Wolfgang Korngold - Op.1 Trio in D and Quintet Op.15Julius Rntgen - Sonata for Cello and Piano (1900), Godfried Hoogeveen, cello and Edith Grosz, pianoJulius Rntgen - Sonata for Cello and Piano in A, Op. 41 (1901), Godfried Hoogeveen, cello and Edith Grosz, pianoRoy Travis - Duo concertante (1973), Isidor Lateiner, violin and Edith Grosz, piano------Digital recreation of bed baseIn 2014, a digital model was made of the chase sequence trackways from photographs taken in 1940 by Bird. The photographs were used to create the digital reconstruction of the tracks as they were in 1940, before excavations. Though the reconstruction shows high variations in quality in different parts of the model, it provides a good demonstration of historical photogrammetry used to model deteriorated sites and specimens..------Little weed whiting of bed baseThe little weed whiting (Neoodax balteatus) is a species of ray-finned fish, a weed whiting from the family Odacidae which is endemic to Australia. It occurs along the Southern Australian coast, including Tasmania, ranging north to Cockburn Sound on the Indian Ocean side, and to north of the city of Sydney on the Pacific Ocean side. It inhabits marine and brackish waters, preferring sheltered areas such as estuaries and also on rocky reefs and in seagrass beds. It occurs at depths of from 1 to 22 metres (3.3 to 72.2ft) (though usually shallower than 15 metres (49ft)). This species grows to a length of 14 centimetres (5.5in) SL. It can also be found in the aquarium trade. This species is the only known member of its genus.------Research history of bed baseStrabo in his Geography mentions a "marsh called Lugeon" (helos Lougeon kaloumenon) which has been identified with Lake Cerknica, Lougeon being Strabo's Greek rendition of a local toponym, perhaps of Illyrian origin. It is Romanized as Lugeum. In November 1687 the Carniolan polymath Johann Weikhard von Valvasor described the lake in his letter to the Royal Society, an excerpt of which was published in the Society's Philosophical Transactions in December that year. He proposed a model of filling and emptying the lake, based on Cartesian mechanics. The first to accurately describe the functioning of Lake Cerknica was Tobias Gruber in 1781, followed in 1784 by Belsazar Hacquet.------Critical reception of bed baseTom Breihan of Stereogum called the song "gorgeously thrumming". Salvatore Maicki of The Fader described the song as "intoxicating and gritty", saying Rosala "whisks the deceptively simple production into a universe of her own with syrupy autotune and uncoy demands".------Bedoanas language of bed baseBedoanas is a minor Austronesian language of the north coast of the Bomberai Peninsula. Bedoanas speakers reside in the villages of Andamata, Fior and Furir in the Arguni District, Fakfak Regency------Di mi nombre of bed base"Di mi nombre" (stylised in all caps), also known by its full title "Di mi nombre Cap 8: xtasis" is a song recorded by Spanish singer and songwriter Rosala. The song was released on 30 October 2018 as the third single from her second studio album El mal querer (2018). It was written by the singer herself and C. Tangana. The track was co-produced by Rosala and Spanish musician El Guincho. It reached number one in Spain the same week the album was released, becoming Rosala's first number-one song in the country, and also making Rosala the first artist to reach, at the same time, the top position of singles, album sales and album streamings, being Aitana the second artist to do so weeks later------Symphodus doderleini of bed baseSymphodus doderleini is a species of wrasse native to the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea through the Sea of Marmara. They can be found in beds of eelgrass at depths of from 2 to 40m (6.6 to 131.2ft). This species can reach 10cm (3.9in) in standard length.------Schistura manipurensis of bed baseSchistura manipurensis is a species of ray-finned fish, a stone loach in the genus Schistura. It is a benthic species of clear, fast flowing hill streams with pebbly beds which is found in the Chindwin basin in the Indian states of Manipur and Nagaland, there have also been unconfirmed reports from the basin of the Brahmaputra.------Title of bed baseThe text is prefaced by a quotation from Sir Walter Raleigh:And then none shall be unto them so odious and disdained as the traitours ... who have solde their countrie to a straunger and forsaken their faith and obedience contrarie to nature or religion; and contrarie to that humane and generall honour not onely of Christians but of heathen and irreligious nations, who have always sustained what labour soever and embraced even death itself for their countrie, prince, and commonwealth.------Background and composition of bed baseMy Mamma Said" deals with emotions and considerations concerning the death of the narrators mother. The dominant instruments are the piano and the cello. Nystrom is the principal vocalist and her part concerns fears and reflections about her mother, while Rene Dif's part pertains to philosophical and scientific aspects of the mothers death.------Background of bed baseIn September 2018, the singer was asked by Spanish actor and internet personality Brays Efe about the album's third single in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. Rosalia responded that "it can not be revealed yet, I can't say anything by now." On 29 October, the singer finally revealed its name alongside the video's concept on her social media..------So Disdained of bed baseSo Disdained is the second published novel by British author, Nevil Shute (N.S. Norway). It was first published in 1928 by Cassell & Co., reissued in 1951 by William Heinemann, and issued in paperback by Pan Books in 1966. In the United States it was first published in 1928 by Houghton Mifflin in Boston, with the title The Mysterious Aviator.------My Mamma Said of bed base"My Mamma Said" is a song by Danish-Norwegian pop band Aqua. The song was written by members Sren Rasted and Lene Nystrm, and produced by Rasted, for their second greatest hits album (2009). It was released as the second single from the album, following "Back to the 80's".------Schistura reticulofasciata of bed baseSchistura reticulofasciata is a species of ray-finned fish, a stone loach, in the genus Schistura. It is found in streams with pebble beds in the Jaintia Hills in the Indian state of Meghalaya, India, part of the drainage of the Brahmaputra. It is traded in the aquarium trade and it is thought to be collected for this trade unsustainably and may also be threatened by habitat loss caused by deforestation..------Chart performance of bed base"My Mamma Said" at number eleven on the chart issued June 26, 2009 following the album's release due to strong digital sales. The following week it fell to number thirty-eight. On November 13, 2009 the song re-entered the chart at number twenty-three. In its fifth week on the chart, "My Mamma Said" peaked at number four. In January 2010, the song was certified gold by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) for sales of 7,500 copies in Denmark.------Clay of bed baseClay is a 2008 Hip-hop musical loosely based on Shakespeare's Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2. The central character, Sir John, is based on Falstaff. It was written and performed by Matt Sax. The first performance was at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.------Theater of bed baseKomt u maar (2010)Breaking The News (2012)Midsummer Night's Dream (2012)The Stone Bridal Bed (2013)The Wannsee Conference (2013)Vrijdag (2014, as Christiane)Tasso (2014, as Eleonore)Elektra (2014, as Chrysothemis)Polleke (2015, as Polleke)Three Sisters (2015, as Irina)------Career of bed baseIn 2015 it was announced that Harmsen would be co-starring with Robert de Hoog in a television series based on the American outlaws Bonnie and Clyde.Harmsen portrayed the female Replicant that was 'born' in the 2017 film Blade Runner 2049.------Modicus minimus of bed baseModicus minimus is a clingfish of the family Gobiesocidae. It is found on coarse substrates consisting of mixed shell fragments and gravel and on beds of brachiopods. Graham S. Hardy described this species in 1983 with a type locality of the channel between southern Rangitoto Island and D'Urville Island, New Zealand collected at a depth 5964 metres (194210ft)..------History of bed baseDuring a short run at Northwestern University in 2004, Eric Rosen of About Face Theatre saw Clay, later sending it to an About Face production in Chicago under his direction, and later the Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles. A year later, Clay was brought to Rosen's new theatre, Kansas City Repertory Theatre, before going to the Lincoln Center in New York.------Outcrops of bed baseThe Cacho Formation is apart from its type locality in Soacha, found in the Eastern Hills of Bogot, and many other locations in the Eastern Ranges up until the south of Boyac. The synclinals of the Ro Fro, Checua-Lenguazaque, Sesquil, Sisga, Subachoque, Teusac, Siecha, and the anticlinal of Guatavita are composed of the Cacho Formation.------Schizothorax curvilabiatus of bed baseSchizothorax curvilabiatus is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Schizothorax. It is found in the lower reaches of the Yarlung Tsangpo River and in Tibet where it is found the shallower areas of relatively fast-flowing streams and rivers which have stream beds of gravel or rock.------Music and lyrics of bed baseThe song begins with "gypsy-inspired choirs", which forms a hook throughout the song, and a simple backing of claps.Following the release of the song and its video, several listeners accused Rosala of appropriating the culture of Gitanos (Spanish Roma), believing she sings "el yeli" in the song, which is traditionally sung to brides at Gitano weddings. Rosala later clarified on social media that she is actually singing "ay ali", and said she based the song on the tangos of the 1950s Spanish gypsy cantaora La Repompa de Mlaga.
Potty Training a 3 Year Old (and 9 Mos) Boy...?
Definetly get him a potty.In fact let HIM pick one out and some underwear. I have 4 kids and my youngest has just been potty trained since she turned 4 in June..She wears pulls ups to bed (never wet..but for a caution lol) We tried at different ages and she just would not go. Dont push,because he will rebel.Make him sit on the potty before he gets in the bath.When you or your bf go,make him go and sit to.I even would go and make my daughter sit and hear me tinkle and then run the water and she still wouldnt go....2 mins later she would pee or poop in her pull up.But dont yell or anything.Just say....why didnt you go a minute ago on the potty.Tell him he's a big boy etc. But I would take him to the store and tell him you are going to get him HIS own potty and underwear.(dont buy loads of stuff just things for him).even if he doesnt wear them right away..HE chose them.Maybe get one of those potty books back in the toy dept. We tried with my daughter several times but you cant push them and certainly dont punish him.Eventually my youngest one starting going with my 9 yr old and basically just trained herself.Once SHE was ready....she was potty trained. Good Luck! All 4 of mine were totally different but the one thing they all had in common was.....they wont try if they are not ready.Dont push him...just encourage. Edited...I heard boys sit until they can stand and reach the toilet.My son used a potty chair and he sat to pee.Once he could reach the toilet THEN he went with my husband to learn to stand.1. Ladies do you prefer blue collar working men or?Who ever is better in bed!!!! ;)2. How to treat acne overnight?You can not clear acne overnight. it would take a week to see any improvement. All you can do is keep your skin moisturized, wash ur face morning and night with warm water, do not touch your face too much, keep ur blankets,sheets, and pillowcases clean 24/7. Drink plenty of water, get atleast 8 hours of sleep every single night. Do not smoke anything. Do not drink. Eat alot of green and orange vegetables, If you can, use pure aloe vera gel on your face about twice a week on your face before bed. aloe vera is very good for skin. Just make sure it's 100% pure and not filled with other chemicals. And the biggest thing you can do is.............BE PATIENT3. Should I Go To Bed ?You are really that dependent and helpless that you can not decide whether or not to go to bed for yourself?4. Am i overpacking for college?I do not think it's too much, you have all the neccessities and then some personal things which everybody has. I felt like I had too much last year too with about 5 of those plastic totes full and two other boxes but some people had even more than me. Though it sounds like you packed a lot of clothes.. trust me.. if you have a lot of 8am classes after like the first two weeks everybody stops caring and you will probably end up pulling yourself out of bed and going to school in your pajama pants a sweatshirt or hoodie, everybody does it.5. My husband and I fight everynight over our 2 year old's bedtime routine.?this is nuts,you are lettinga child run your house hold.rule 1,never ever let a child sleep with you,if they are sick go in their room.a child that age should be in bed by eight o,clock or nine at the latest. she seemed to be fine befor. once in your bed it is hard to get the child to sleep alone.this is not good for her or you.your fighting every night is bad also.she will learn to go to the one of you who gives her her way and play you guys against each to your doctor with your husband present.6. Is there anything i can put on my skin that will keep it..?Cetaphil is fantastic. You could also try InvitE vitamin e cream. It's nice and thick, and high in vitamin e, which will hold moisure in. Another great one is Palmer's Cocoa butter. I use their solid cocoa butter on my face when it's particularly dry, plus it smells great! It's a bit thick, but it will hold out. Also their shea butter is fantastic (actually, it's one of the few brands that has not inflamed my skin, so I am a fan of all their stuff!) Sorbeline cream is a really basic moisturiser/protectant, and most plastic surgeons recommend it after surgery. The good thing about sorbeline (apart from that it's cheap!) is that it not only moisturises, but it stays on your skin to help prevent dehydration. Try massaging a nice warming oil into your skin before bed... olive oil, avocado oil , or wheatgerm oil (all in supermarkets). This will help give you a good base for the next day. Drink heaps of water too. Also (although this is a longer term solution) try taking vitamin E, Evening Primrose and Fish Oil capsules. They kind of moisturise from within. IF you can get your hands on pure vitamin E oil, mix it 50/50 with Calendula Essential oil, and apply morning and night. It will help to moisturise and heal your dry skin. Good luck with it. And good luck with the exam! with the exception of the essential oils, everything i've named should be found in your local supermarket.
Interior Design: Nina Campbell's Guide to Decorating Your Hallway
The hallway sets the tone of the house and deserves to be considered as a space in its own right. In the 18th century, it was considered appropriate to make hallways as restful and tranquil as possible. The hallway would soothe arriving travellers after their hellish journeys, hence the traditional cool restraint of black and white floor tiles. Yet there is always a case to be made for a bold, dramatic welcome. The entrance hall is where you can stamp your personality or reflect the history of the house with a flourish. It is a well-used room, people walk through it every hour of the day, but nobody spends much time there, so you can afford to be daring. The important thing is to decide where (and what) the point of impact should be. Either you should make a statement with strong colour in a contained area, or perhaps use a lacquer finish for something more textured. Place mirrors along one wall to widen the space. A mirrored wall with a mounted half lantern or wall light, with a vibrant colour on the facing wall, adds richness and light as well as a sense of space. When decorating an entrance hall, you have to remember that it has other rooms leading off it, so you need a colour that will go with many others. How to get lighting right throughout the homeNina Campbell's guide to decorating with colourNina Campbell's dining room design tipsNina Campbell's kitchen design tipsNina Campbell's lighting tipsNina Campbell's bathroom design tips In a narrow hall, you will need a console table or a ledge, as you have to have somewhere to put your letters. A console table can make a dramatic statement as well as being practical. One fundamental rule is that you should always try to keep the entrance hall as clear as possible. Try to find a cupboard or somewhere to hang your guests' coats that is not immediately by the front door, as that can look a complete mess. I prefer to have a coat cupboard, as you can hide all manner of sins behind the closed doors. But if you prefer hooks, look out for beautiful Victorian brass or china hooks at antique fairs and mount them on a board on the wall. The other advantage to having a cupboard is that it relieves your own hanging space. You can store all your heavy coats there and it makes the process of leaving and arriving home much quicker. My hall cupboard has been completely taken over by the dogs and their paraphernalia. If your entrance hall follows straight into your living space, you should create some sort of junction between the two – in my home, I have placed a bookcase between the two to divide the areas. It helps generate a sense of arrival, instead of just passing through on your way to somewhere else. Always think about flooring. If you havewooden floorsor carpeting, a doormat at the entrance not only helps distinguish the space, but it also helps preserve the floor or carpet underneath. You should change your doormat every two to three years, which in itself shows you how much wear your floors get and how necessary a doormat is. Explore different floor options for your entrance, think about wood or stone and don't just opt for carpeting, which is harder to keep clean. You could also cover your hallway with a hard floor then carpet the staircase from the bottom step. This makes everything much easier to keep clean. Carpet will work better in an entrance hall apartment, as by the time you get there you have already got rid of the dust from your shoes. Good lighting is also crucial in an entrance hall. Install your lighting on two levels, as this makes for a more adaptable space. A picture or wall light gives more glamorous light when guests leave in the evening, while a ceiling light provides more concentrated light for the daytime. Think of your hall as a separate space from the staircase and light it from above rather than below. Hallways make great spaces for hanging pictures. If you collect art or prints, then hanging pictures in an entrance hall shows off your collection in a way you (and your guests) can enjoy. It's also important to incorporate what you already have in any scheme, but you do need to have an element of discipline when grouping together close-hanging pictures.
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